Sunday, May 20 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear and beloved children,

Before anything that happens in the world you must irradiate the absolute peace of the heart which is coming to life in each one of My children through the daily coming of My Immaculate Heart for your lives.

That today, My children, may harmony prevail in your hearts so that the peace of Christ may settle in them. It is necessary to have much bravery for this time, a bravery that brings you to donate yourselves to God so that the plans of My Peace are fulfilled throughout the world.

Today I call you in a special way to convert yourselves into a point of prayer and devotion so that in this way the angels may help in the salvation of many souls. For this dear children, I place you close to the Kingdom of the Lord and thus your hearts will participate in the inner communion with My Son.

Today I also invite you in obedience to live from prayer, as a primary instrument that will quench the thirst of the spirit and will allow you to meet with My Son, who awaits you in love and in forgiveness.

For this dear children, open the doors of your hearts so that My Heart of Peace may sow itself in your lives and thus you may see the purpose of the Creator. Through absolute trust in God you may accompany step by step, My plans of salvation for each one of the souls.

Awaken in your lives that which My Son has left you as a legacy: the Good News and live them as precious precepts for the transformation and the consecration to God the Father.

May the Holy Spirit be the guidance for each one of My children. Start this day in prayer because you know that I support you above all things.

I love you. Be in My Maternal Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.