Tuesday, February 26 of 2013

Daily messages

It pleases Me to know that many of My Servers make an effort every day to love My Redeeming Love. I am able to know in the depths of your beings what is the dimension of your unconditional love for Me. This love that matures and grows through true experiences of love, I distribute it in the hearts that have been without love for a long time.

Now, in a time of great changes My Redeeming Love must be lived, known and contemplated through your union with Me in the Eucharist. By means of the Sacred Communion I will be able to straighten and harmonize you in life, in the day by day, even in your feelings and thoughts.

But today I come to remind you again of the commitment that you have with the Unfathomable Source of Peace and of Mercy. Today My hands bless those who work in this time to have a pure and wise heart, a heart surrendered to My precepts and designs.

I want to be the sign, the visible and living mark in your little souls so that those who will cross the path may be able to recognize Me through your love for Me, though your sacred devotion for My redeeming Task.

My brothers and sisters,

I Am here in Spirit and in Consciousness opening the Doors of the Heavens in order to redeem, convert and liberate the hell that many live today. Delay no longer to step into My Boat of the New Time. The Shepherd and Fisher of people has prepared precious designs for those who may live the sacrifice, the adoration to My Sacred Heart and the prayer of the heart.

The Navigator of the Universe will steer the new Ark of Noah to discover in the humble hearts the gifts that were given to the ones who once said yes to Me without restrictions. I feel the love of each one of My children, this sincere love without possessions, that relieves the pain that My Heart feels for this sleeping humanity.

You, My friends, awakened to the new time, must carry in your hands the torch of My Liberating Fire. I hope to enlighten the deepest spaces in the consciousness of those who for a long time have been in eternal obscurity.

My Light comes to enlighten what is dark.

My Love comes to give life to what is dead.

My Mercy comes to the world to rehabilitate it before God.

My Faith comes to stand up those who have fallen.

My Redemption comes to purify those who are blind and deaf.

My Eternal Glory comes to seek My companions, to go soon to Paradise, to the Earth Promised by My Lord.

I told you once that I could not bring you with Me to where some time ago I went, and now after so much that the world has been through, I come to call you: Wake up, My soldiers of the Divine Mercy!

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to My words!

Christ Jesus.