Thursday, November 21 of 2013

Daily messages

In the hour of Mercy My invincible and powerful Heart comes to the world to heal souls and to raise again towards Heaven all who have fallen from it.

In this time of Graces I call you to meet Me and to walk in trust by My Side because the Lord, Your God, hopes that His Children look again at Him in the eyes and tell Him: “Eternal Father, I trust in You”.

Only through the channel of My Heart will you be able to find the necessary strength to go ahead without interferences or pains.  I hope in the silence of My Spirit that you surrender to Me all that separates you from love and from truth because there is no Superior Grace than living the greatness of My Love and of My Truth.

A truthful heart will never fear showing itself as it is. A truthful heart will never fear being found in fault and being judged because truth must spring from the Love of God and the Love of God is the wise science that will allow you to understand all things.

I only ask you to drink from My Blood and to eat from My Body in absolute trust because in this way you will receive for this remaining time all the infinite merits achieved by Me on the Cross.

I leave in your memories the joy of serving and of loving your fellow humans because in spite of the indifferences that exist among the consciousnesses there exists the powerful Truth of God which will demonstrate to you the path of humility and of emptiness of oneself.

Walk now towards the new life, free from sufferings and from swords of battle because in My Christic Love is found your possible redemption.

Under the humble love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus Eucharist