Within places in nature, where silence is expressed, as governor and regent, the most elevated aspects of God establishes contact and, in this way, humanity may find Him in this silence.

Colombia has spaces very similar to the Amazon in which the sacred attributes of the Father manifest. For this to be possible, those spaces are sustained by universal epicenters of cosmic energy where activity is carried out concurrently with the surface.

Colombia has many treasures that will serve in the development of the New Humanity. For this reason, the spiritual cause of its social or political imbalance is to prevent these relics from coming to light and into the knowledge of all.

Colombia must be in the heart of those who, beyond forms and appearances, believe in the emergence of a new period for the planet, in which the treasures of God will awaken the consciousnesses and cause them to face reality and the reason for being here, in this world.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Within the most elevated lands of Colombia, there are sacred and inner spaces that are spiritually consecrated to the intelligent and profound activity of the enclosures of the Heavenly Brotherhood.

These spaces are protected, and only the heart that is of pure intention will be able to access them, avail themselves of the spiritual and cosmic energy that these enclosures emanate, so as to collaborate in the elevation of the human consciousness.

To know the treasures that are held by Colombia of the Andes, as Colombia of the seas and of the Amazon holds, this should be a part of the interest of all seekers of the enclosures of the Brotherhood; in this way, they will come to know Colombia in its true essence rather than in its appearance.  

Colombia is still to be discovered, not by exploiters or merchants, but by all those who love and aspire for universal life, so that this greater life may be more conscious in the human being who walks toward redemption.

The sacred enclosures will take you, in attunement and in love, into discovering within yourselves the essence of the Purpose.

Colombia has been placed in a completely mistaken and dense image.

Colombia is one of the places where your Lord will appear, because I will come to meet those who are humble and who love Me.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts! 

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


They not only want the Amazon to disappear, but also, with the social crises, they want to unbalance the nations of South America and of Central America by means of ideological plans that are now being applied in which, up until today, there is no fidelity or transparency on the part of the leaders toward the peoples.

For this reason, the Sacred Hearts, with the extraordinary assistance of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, will be preparing, in the Celestial Planes, to enter again into the nation of Colombia, which others also want to unbalance, through a condition of hostile creation and thought. 

In truth, the maximum Hierarchy of the Universe will be mobilized after the important meeting in Manaus, Amazonas, to give spiritual assistance to three Andean nations: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; as in these recent times they have been the scene of manifestations and social rebellion, which only move toward tragedies.

Venezuela was the doorway so that South America, as a future cradle of the New Humanity, would be brought into imbalance.

For this reason, the Divine Hierarchy appeals to all beings of goodwill who believe in the Celestial Father and in the concretization of the Divine Plan, to become mobilized, within all of South America and beyond it, to materialize the next Pilgrimage for Peace in Colombia; as after the last 8th of August, the work as a whole has taken on attending to and aiding in planetary situations rather than regional or local situations.

So that this wave of imbalance in South America, generated by the exploiting countries of the first world, not end in a continental situation, I come to ask you for your collaboration, and I will also come to ask Colombia to become consecrated to the King of Peace so that an extraordinary Grace may appease the future anguish and desolation of the Andean peoples.

As from now, I am thankful for the adherence and the awareness of all.

For this, the Most Holy and Pure Mother, Queen of Chiquinquirá and Lady of the Apocalypse will also come to ask you for the re-consecration of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

If Her request is not attended to, worse and bloody happenings will come, which will be seen by the entire world.

There is still time to stop it.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


At this moment, as Christ the Redeemer, I bless all of Brazil so that, after the important impulse that was given through the Marathon of prayer in Manaus, all the Brazilian people may cotinue awakening and protecting the sacred Amazon so that, not only Brazil, but also the whole world may continue to count on the great green lung of the planet.

Even though the projects in the Amazon may continue moving forward, do not worry. Place your consciousness in all that is spiritual and that comes from God, because the same Kingdoms of Nature will defend themselves in the face of any intent of submission and exploitation from the human being.

The preservation of all of Brazil is also fundamental, for it is the sacred land chosen to take forward an important mission of rescue, along with Argentina.

The stability of nations depends on the true prayers of the children of God. Thus, peace will be established, as well as the continuity of these nations, together with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Do not forget to place in your hearts the sacred forest of God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The Meeting of Mercy has finished, the spiritual Hierarchy withdraws from the Amazon, having been able, not only to transmute and free the suffering of the lower Kingdoms, but also to protect and safeguard the spiritual treasures that this sacred forest holds within itself.

In this way, the original peoples and their roots of wisdom and of brotherhood will also become more strengthened over time, so that the indigenous consciousness may continue to be the guardian of the treasures and relics of the Hierarchies.

Thus, the Amazon must now be more present than before, not only in the consciousness of Brazilians, but also in all those that, beyond what is material, understand the significance and the meaning of the Kingdoms of Nature being part of the spiritual, mental and material evolution of human beings and that, without their presence, human evolution would remain unfinished.

For this reason, all those who pray must have the practice of caring for and protecting one of the Kingdoms of Nature, be it mineral, plant or animal, so that, through such loving service, the spiritual reprieve may continue to expand the Divine Grace that will manage to compensate for the grave errors that the human being commits against all ecosystems of the Earth.

Remember and never forget that your service to the Kingdoms will be in the name of the Amazon and that it will also benefit the rest of humanity.

I thank you for moving forward with initiatives of peace!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Due to the beginning of the synod of Bishops for the Amazon and this meeting of prayer, which is taking place in Manaus, the Father has granted the world a spiritual reprieve, which in these coming hours will mark the closing of the cycle of that Grace.

This is why all the angels are attentive to the inner decisions of the souls so that, through this decisión, the planet may receive a last Grace that would place it in a rescuable condition.

Therefore, My children, a way to give a response to the Divine Plan is to assume it and with responsibility carry it forward, beyond circumstances and facts.

If souls really place the Plan first, before themselves and before the spiritual reprieve ends, they will allow millions of souls to be considered by the Celestial Father for the arising of the coming Kingdom upon the Earth, which will be free from evils, exploitations, and human and social injustice.

The decision is in the center of the heart of each being, and the Universe will be attentive to the spiritual movement of souls because this will also have repercussions in the Church of My Son, which will need to be redeemed and purified.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message for the 75th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, received on October 3, 2019, in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Like this sunny afternoon that illuminates you, My Mercy descends upon the world and especially in this sacred place, where God could manifest the expression of His most deep Love for humanity.

The Amazon must be a place revered, loved and respected by all.

There is nobody on the surface of the Earth that understands what exists here, because it is not only natural but also spiritual.

What God deposited for South America through the Amazon is something very important; a revelation that will come during the end of times, something that will manifest overnight, without any person, population or government being able to control it.

Therefore, your consciousness must be in the preservation of what you have, not as an ecological nor as an activist measure.

You should love the Creation because for some reason, you are here, on this school planet. For some reason you came here to learn and to be redeemed, to be able to experience the love and forgiveness that you need for this crucial moment.

You know that the world in imbalanced and also that the human consciousness is also imbalanced. For this reason, I have gathered you here, all of you, those present and not present. I have gathered you here in the Amazon, in spirit, not only to pray for peace but also for Divine Grace to protect and support the Lower Kingdoms of Nature.

If you could feel their suffering or their agony, humanity would feel it miles away, because what the Lower Kingdoms experience here, only the Kingdoms through their group consciousness understand and grasp.

Humanity of the surface was not made to subject that which God created in His image and likeness. Not only the Universal Laws must be respected, but also the Laws of Nature.

This is the time to take emergency measures, because otherwise all of humanity will regret it and I Know that those who believe to be more powerful, those who believe to be above the others, those who believe to have more freedom and action about things, they do not care.

But no one knows the coming of the Universal Judgment. No one can boast the Law because it does not belong to them.

All existence was made with a perfect equilibrium and harmony. Therefore, it must be respected and loved so that you also may be respected and loved by your neighbor and even by the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Amazon is a treasure that must not extinguish, it is a gift of God that must not disappear due to ignorance or to the power of those who place their hands in that which they believe they own.

No one upon this planet knows the force of the elements or the power that they have. Everything that has been manifested is for living in the good and in peace. But many laws were trespassed throughout the times and the years, this is why I have decided to gather you here and come here to support and protect what is spiritually within this place, as well as the Lower Kingdoms, which are part of the life of each human being, although it may not seem so.

If the Kingdoms of Nature were not in this ecosystem, on this planet and in this humanity, the Creation would be incomplete and the evolution of the human beings would not be fulfilled. There can be no spiritual or material advancements without the presence of the Kingdoms of Nature. It is like skipping learning schools.

You must learn to perceive reality. You must love all that you have, all that God has given you in His great and infinite sacrifice.

What is left in this moment is only to pray, pray from the heart, not to pray out of duty nor out of obligation. Prayer must abound in all spaces so that at least an Island of Salvation may remain protected and supported by the Universe. An Island of Salvation that encompasses all the Kingdoms of Nature, a part of humanity, the life of God expressed in each element and in each Kingdom, as in the human being itself.

But I know that the laws keep being altered, only the Divine Mercy of My Heart and the supplications of My companions sustain the movement of the pendulum, the pendulum of the Law, because if the pendulum of the Law moved, many things would already have ended.

Only love will place you above the lower realities that the human being itself commits, day by day, oftentimes without thinking nor perceiving it.

This is the time to put the planetary situation in the heart and to do something for this situation, not only for the Kingdoms of Nature but also for humanity, for the existence and continuity of this race so that the Project does not become a failure. No being on the surface of this planet knows what a failed or aborted project means.

These are times in which spirituality must be protected and where this spirituality must be true in each being, free from alliances with other currents that are not of the light so that the true culture of the humanity of the surface may be safeguarded, like the spirituality that is lived by the native peoples, who have been a culture and a civilization hurt and exploited.

Humanity by itself is dissolving its own roots and the roots of the native peoples who still guard the essence of contact with the Hierarchy, of a contact that has kept them united and firm to express the Plan of God.

The roots of wisdom,  understanding, intelligence and of good cannot dissolve from the consciousness of the human being because this is happening and you know it, companions.

Now is the moment to place upon the scales that which really matters. It is time to place in first place that which is really important for all of humanity and the planet. An example of this is the Amazon. Humanity could never live without nature, although those who govern think otherwise.

No one can challenge the Law because they do not know it, it is so far from the human reality that humanity of surface does not even know what the Law means. This is why you should respect it, love it and revere it, although it is unknown, because the Law exists for a reason, for a motive and an end, which is to maintain Universal Order among all planes and all consciousnesses.

But if the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature is transgressed, this Law is interfered with, unity is broken and souls begin to suffer the consequences of what they decide and what they do.

I tell the whole world to no longer blame God, and become responsible for your decisions.

Just as you must learn to evolve, you must learn to not deceive yourselves. You must be real with yourselves, true, you must be simple because in this way you will understand life, manifestation, and you will be under the order of the Law and of its powerful currents that direct this Universe and others, and in this way you will be in brotherhood, not only with the life of your neighbor, but also with the Kingdoms of Nature.

What happens today here in the Amazon is a consequence of human corruption, of a social vulnerability that can no longer hide from everyone's eyes. Therefore, think and meditate upon who you elect, because the promises of men are made with castles of sand.

The promises of God have their foundations in spiritual and non-material treasures that are eternal and that will always give you an impulse toward change.

Therefore, this Marathon of Divine Mercy is very important, it will not be just another meeting of prayer, it will be an opportunity to make an internal decision, between yourselves with God, and with His Plan.

Knowing that it is necessary to assume the situation of the planet and of its humanity, and not to ignore it nor reject it; to be willing in an unconditional way to serve and assist where it is necessary.

It is no longer you who must live upon the surface of the Earth, it must be Me who must live within you so that you may know how to represent and express Me as Christic Love.

May the power of your prayers reach the Heart of the Father and open the doors of the Heavens, not only for the Kingdoms of Nature of the Amazon, but also for those souls that are lost and obsessed by the riches of this place, may they also be considered by the Mercy of the Father so that hearts may be redeemed and receive forgiveness, so that all of humanity may be rebuilt and the force of Light and of Peace may triumph over evil.

Be consequent with what I ask of you and you will always know where to walk, because the time will come in which your love for Me will be the direction, the path and the guide that will lead you  towards My Heart, during the times of Armageddon.

I thank you for listening to Me and for making the Plan of God a part of yourselves.

May the suns shine above darkness so that the Divine Light may expand in the world. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Today I bring you My Heart of gold and silver so that It may be sown in the spiritual consciousness of the Amazon, so that the native peoples may again find the path to the portal of El Dorado and, in this way, essentially reacquire the sacred value of their traditions which, with harmony and light, throughout times has allowed protection and shelter for the sacred Eden of God.

I bring you My Heart of gold and silver so that the essence of the minerals that are exploited and sold may not be lost, so that the blessed green soil of the Amazon may continue to shelter the inner treasures that it holds, and that which no human being will be able to attain.

May My Heart of gold and silver remind the indigenous consciousness of the possibility for returning to its sacred origins so that, from children to the elderly, they may enter through the golden doorway of My Heart to the spiritual and divine city, a place where nobody will any longer take away their roots or their lands.

I leave My Heart of gold and silver so that the more remote native peoples may meet with the Sun Child Who comes from the stars to bless them.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



Dear children,

With joy, I can tell you today that your prayers for the beloved Amazon are like flowers of light that are deposited at the Feet of the Creator in order to give Him the offering and the response of the human consciousness, for this precious project.

Thus, I am accompanying the offerings of all of My children, and with love I receive them in My Heart to then be able to pour them out as graces and healing upon humanity.

In this way, dear children, all of the spiritual, mental and material needs begin to be provided, and souls have the opportunity of becoming aware and of awakening.

Therefore, see the powerful effect of the prayer that is born from the heart, a prayer that grants and allows the fulfillment of the Divine Plan in its different stages.

Today the Amazon is once again magnetized by the light and love of My children, of those who love the Lower Kingdoms, and of those who will always seek to restore and alleviate nature so that someday the destructive human being of the surface may perceive that, without the presence of nature, they would die from not having the life nor the shelter of the Lower Kingdoms.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A Heavenly Brotherhood is established within the proximities of Manaus, and your Master and Lord congregates, from different places of the Earth, the great angels and devas of the elements; water, earth, fire and air, as well as the ancient elementals of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica and of the Arctic so that, united to the Creation and under the Law of Love for life, the great Amazon Rainforest may be restored in three stages: spiritual, mental and material.

It will be through the powerful pillar of the divine and unfathomable Mercy that your Redeemer, together with all of the Heavenly Brotherhood, will work from spiritual planes to prevent the continuous projects of devastation as well as the ideals that are mentally against the evolution of the lower Kingdoms and of human beings.

For this reason, I am coming, and with my humble and poor feet, I will stand upon the sacred soil of the Amazon. I will also impart My Solar Grace to all the native peoples so that they can feel relief and divine protection.

In unity and in love, all the servers will gather, from all places of the Earth, to offer their simple but loving prayers for the Sacred Eden of God.

I thank you for keeping My aspirations in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

After the Meeting of Music yesterday, Amazonia has been prepared so that, through the Grace of the Divine Son, it may receive all the Light of the Universe that it will need in order to go through the end of times, as a Kingdom.

Aside from that, dear children, today your Divine Mother will prepare, by means of the prayers of Her beloved children, to enter into scenes of humanity where the suffering of the most little and innocent ones becomes worst, day by day.

For this reason, the Mother of God, the Sun of Life, will reach all the little and innocent ones, in different parts of the world, to help them and rescue them from this spiritual, mental and material condition in which hunger, persecution from war, exploitation of children and also undue trafficking of organs are carried out by a part of adult humanity that has completely lost the sense of discernment and the value that family represents.

My children, I not only will go towards those who despair, in these conditions of survival, but also, as Mother of the spiritual healing of humanity, I will come to hospitals and institutes where bodily suffering retains the departure of the little innocent souls that cannot manage to be freed from their incarnation.

Today, by a special Grace and by the sincere prayers of all servers of the Earth, I will concede immediate relief for this inhumane situation.

Therefore, My children, your support and participation, by means of the Vigil of Prayer, will contribute to and grant that the most innocent may find the relief and rest they so much need.

I will also come to the inappropriate and hidden spaces where the future mothers decide, by the interference of the enemy, to remove from their wombs the lives and love that God gave to them.

Within the coming and awaited for meeting, in the Marian Center of the Child King, on September 25th, I will come to ask all the collaborators of this Work of Love not to forget to help and serve the children, adolescents and youth that are in the Community of the New Earth, because they are the reflection of this part of humanity that needs healing, love and understanding.

I will be very grateful if the Planetary Light-Network groups visit and participate periodically and actively within the group and service life of the Community of the New Earth.

In this way, you will consciously be allowing other service groups in the rest of the world, to be able to assume the relief of suffering of other children, adolescents and youth.

May this vigil be the vigil of the heart and of self-surrender.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, with their pleas, My praying children weave the green mantle of light of Mother Nature, and this spiritual mantle gives shelter to the group soul of each one of the kingdoms present in the Amazon and in the world.

It is thus, dear children, that the green mantle of light, woven by each one of My praying children, not only covers the Lower Kingdoms, but also the great angels of the Amazon, the devas, the elementals and the luminous consciousnesses of sacred nature, which are suffering the terror of disappearing and of becoming extinct from their habitat due to the activities of humankind.

Today, sacred nature receives a spiritual relief, as it has never received it before. And this is possible because at least a part of human beings respond to the needs of the most inoffensive beings, of all the creatures that are part of the sacred ecosystem of the Amazon.

As from now, I want to thank My children for having dedicated this Sunday to the prayerful rescue of the Kingdoms of Nature, and I hope that another thousand Hail Marys can be offered in the future for the one and great lung of the planet, for our dear and sacred Amazon.

I thank you for having responded to My call!

Today, in gratitude, I receive your deepest prayers.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


If the Amazon region is totally devastated, as it has been happening throughout the recent years, and if the government continues forcing its ideas and projects upon Creation, the Brazilian people will witness events that will reach beyond the communication media and the newspapers.

Nothing can stop the trial and justice that the head, who was chosen to govern this country, will face, because no creature on the surface of Earth will be able to modify or deter the powerful action of the Universal Laws and, above all, the Universal Law of nature itself. This punishment can only be stopped with prayers from the loyal devotees of My Sacred Heart.

When I asked you to pray for the reconsecration of Brazil, it was so that at this moment you might be strengthened before all the unimaginable, which will show up overnight.

I want you to understand, companions, that never should anyone dare to challenge the Law, as many men and women do, because their lives will not only be unhappy, but sooner or later they will be converted into a disgrace, impossible to be hidden from anybody.

In the same way, I have come to ask you to pray for the reconsecration of Argentina, for the Argentines to be protected.

If within Brazil the harmful projects against life and against nature are not deterred, you will see not only fire, but also a lot of innocent blood flow, like rivers, and this will be similar to what happened in Kibeho, Rwanda.

If at this same moment the Brazilian government does not stop and listen, although it does not believe in the divine existence, many will cry more than hundreds of raindrops that fall from the sky.

I come to avoid a national and social catastrophe. Therefore, take My Message to the world, because if you do not do what I am asking you, South America will experience the consequences, a drought as it has never experienced one before.

There will not be a new flood, but rather rain will fall from great and unknown stars that will end a part of humanity.

I call you to be conscious.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus 



Many of My followers in South America and in the world would like to hear the word of the Hierarchy concerning that which our dear and subjected Amazon region is going through.

This is proof of the indifference of human beings and of the unconsciousness of those who take advantage of Creation and of the great regions of the planet that are exploited for the benefit of few and the poverty of the majority.

Humankind itself will realize too late all that it has transgressed and all that it has lost.

Therefore, what happens today in the Amazon region is an answer to the uncontrolled corruption and the excessive and sick exploitation of those who govern the nations, as well as a harsh consequence for those who have elected them.

In summary, all that the Amazon region is going through is not a punishment from God, it is a responsibility of the same humanity that believes to be powerful before the lower Kingdoms and the elements.

Yet, while humanity continues hurting the Amazon, the world shall know, even more, the fury and the indignation of the Kingdoms of Nature because the Law, which is stable and secure, cannot be transgressed.

Therefore, the groups of prayer must place the entire situation of the Amazon on another level of consciousness and not remain in the coordinate of judgments and of commentaries, for this strengthens the harassments of the adversary in the minds of the governors, in which he works in a hidden way.

Ask the Heavenly Father for only His Will to be fulfilled and do not hesitate even for a moment. Put your faith in the Lord and all shall pass.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I am The Aparecida of Brazil…

On this holy day, dear children, when your Heavenly Mother is honored on the altars of the Sanctuary of The Aparecida, I wished to address My words and My maternal message to all the pilgrims and devotees of Brazil.

It is for this cause and for this holy celebration that your Mother The Aparecida is the patroness and spiritual guide of the Brazilian nation, which has suffered so much in the consequences of colonization and slavery.

For this reason I am the Black Virgin, I am the Mother and Queen of the ancient slaves. I am the one who is in Brazil to protect it from domination and from the chaos of these times.

I am in My beloved Brazil to protect its natural and spiritual wealth; I am in Brazil to teach souls to live their redemption and their moment of forgiveness.

Here, in these lands, I have appeared to give testimony about freedom and shelter the entire black race, the original race of this humanity, which was decimated by the white race.

I have come to Brazil as the Black Virgin to be able to unite the peoples and nations through culture, language and divine spirituality.

The Virgin of Aparecida comes to heal the past and close the doors to the slavery that took place between Africa and the Americas.

Today I come to save those who are marginalized and exploited in this time; this is why I am the Black Virgin of Brazil.

I have appeared in these lands to present to My children the spirit of equality and justice. I come to sever the chains of mistakes that are experienced in this people, and I come to guide consciousnesses toward the Grace and Mercy of God.

I am the Black Virgin of Brazil, because I want to teach all of My children that they can see human beauty without contempt for the type of race, but rather through the likeness that God has instituted between Himself and the human being.

I am the Mother of all the blacks and of the slaves.

I am the Comforter of human suffering.

I am the Universal Judge of all the peoples.

I am the Advocate of Brazil.

With My Maternal and Marian Spirit, I come to ask all Brazilians that you take care of and protect your nation from the destruction of nature in the Amazon and of all the native life that flourishes here.

I am the Guardian of the natural beauty of Brazil, therefore, I implore all My children, that you protect this precious Eden that is Brazil.

I ask you to no longer pursue that which is innocent, I ask you to protect peace in the Eden of Brazil.

On this day in which all the pleas are directed to My Immaculate Heart, I would like to see faces of joy on all My children from Brazil so that, along with you Lady The Aparecida, we may have the Plan of God triumph in this dear nation.

I am grateful for the sincere devotion of this people, and because of that I return on this day so that, during the Vigil of Prayer for Peace, this impulse of joy and of devotion may bathe the entire world.

Brazil is the green and devoted heart of the Americas; here the Father has deposited a Purpose, and today I teach you to live it with love, charity, and awareness.

Open your hearts even more, and at the feet of the altar of your Lady The Aparecida say: “Little Mother, Lady of Brazil, here I am to serve you in honor of Your Beloved Son.” 

I thank you for responding to My call. 

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Brazil


Announcement to all the favored children of the Immaculate Heart

Under a just and evident cause, for reasons that show a reality that deserves attention and care, and above all, so that this work may continue in the midst of this spiritual and planetary transition, after a special reflection on some of My children, Your Mother of Heaven announces that She requests the withdrawal of Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón and Friar Lucas del Monte Sinaí, during the next three months, so that they may go on a profound retreat of restoration and absolute recovery from the last trip and pilgrimage to Colombia, Venezuela and in the northern part of Brazil.

It is for this reason that, as Your Heavenly Mother, I make use of this daily message to announce to all My dear pilgrims that the tasks and the monthly meetings will continue in the Marian Center of Aurora during the next three months, under the company of Sister Lucía de Jesús; period that encompasses the end of this month of November, 24th and 25th, and the months of December, January and February.

I would like to tell you, dear children, that the result of the pilgrim task in Colombia, Venezuela and in Amazon led to a considerable attrition both of the human resources and of the spiritual and material ones.

By the Law of order and harmony, these children of Mine will go on a retreat and will dedicate their time to reconnect to the spheres of contact with the Kingdom of Aurora; they will dedicate this time to ingress again in the integral healing of life, as they need it so.

The process of healing, which has been offered to them these days in Aurora is considered little and insufficient. This is why the task of recovery will be extended to the next three months.

Dear children, regarding the Vigil of Prayer and the monthly meetings, they will continue, as well as the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, which will be held as it has been so far, and you will have the Grace, on each 5th and 6th days of each month, of reviewing the instructions that My Son delivered to you in the previous meetings. The visionaries who are going on retreat will receive reserved apparitions on those days, as in the Marathon and on the day of The Sacred Call.

I dedicate this special attention to the instruments elected by Your Mother because the processes of transmutation, as well as the physical and mental tiredness during the trips, have produced evident repercussions on their health condition.

As the work of the Divine Messengers must go on in these times of planetary crisis, we lovingly request that all those who pray, place these children of Mine in their prayers, so that they may soon join the mission once again. From March 2016 on, My children will go back to their public task.

I thank you for the union of each one of your hearts in this important moment of healing!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


After twenty-six years of preparation of the spiritual foundations for My long awaited Return, through the work and life of the Light-Communities of My Heart; today I come to announce a special Grace that in critical times will try, above all, to spiritually elevate the life of humanity through the sacred values that it must express to all universal Creation.

It is for this cause that My merciful, glorious and living Heart grants to the International Humanitarian Federation, in the name of My living Heart, the divine and autonomous permission to spread all the works of fraternity, service, healing, instruction and prayer that all My selfless volunteers carry out.

This will mean to your Master the unique opportunity that, through a space in the channel of communication Misericordia María TV, you companions, lead the world to know this Work of redemption, love and Mercy that has been carried out for twenty-six years with the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms. 

In the name of the ultimate Creator who governs everything, I wish you to relieve My Heart outraged by the disasters and punishments that the Younger Kingdoms and also the Human Kingdom have received.

If the world knew the Work of service and rescue that is carried out through the union of all Associations of the Fraternity, this would widely help all the human beings, that are not interested in the Kingdoms of Nature, to find out the value, the reverence and the compassion that the younger brothers and sisters of nature deserve. 

After My last visit to northern Brazil to spiritually work in the Amazon, an atoning door was opened to this part of the world. That is why your Master, joining you in this mission to value life and Creation, lovingly requests that several spaces dedicated to the diffusion and knowledge of life and of creation on the planet, manifested in all the Kingdoms to be included from now on within the calendar of meetings with the Divine Messengers, in the schedule of Misericordia María TV.

I wish for humanity to come to know what a mineral is and how it lives spiritually. I wish every human being of the surface to know what a plant is and what an important mission it fulfills. I wish for you to love the Animal Kingdom as you love your own lives. For this, you must know why God created them and what they exist for.

I also wish the world to be motivated to serve their neighbor through the spirit of charity, so that the majority may step out of themelves and there be no longer borders or languages, only the profound language of your hearts.  

If in a short period of time My request were put into practice, the world could suffer less from purification. If millions of human beings placed their interest in the Kingdoms and made works of restoration of all evil that is done to them, there would be no third world war. I will give inner and humble powers to anyone who is willing to offer a great reparation to God. 

Companions, today, before the Creator and the celestial choirs, I open this door for you.

I wish the International Humanitarian Federation and the life in the Light-Communities, as well as the appreciation of the Kingdoms and the healing of all beings, to be known. This will placate the actions of evil in the world and My Sacred Heart will grant some more time of peace.

It is for this purpose that today a spiritual and material union is instituted among Misericordia María TV, the International Humanitarian Federation and all those who would lovingly like to be part of this diffusion of the creative life of the planet. 

From Heaven We expect humanity to deeply value and love what God has given you since the beginning.  

Under the glory and the Grace granted by all these things, be blessed.

Who always loves and supports you,

Your Master, the Glorified Christ Jesus


Companions of Mine and favorite children of My beloved Father,

Today I am here with you for a higher and spiritual reason that I am going to explain to you. Today I am in this city and over this region to help it, but I have come here especially because I have heard from Heaven the voice and the faithful petition of My children.

Dear brothers and sisters, children of My Father, servers of My Mercy, this nation has lost the consciousness about the true existence and purpose of all the Plant Kingdom.

At the request of all the Celestial Universe, and through the supplications of all the angels that take care of the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom on this planet, I have decided, along with the divine authority, to descend in Glory and Piety over all this region that conforms one of the most important creations of My Father for the material universe: the Amazon.

There, just as in other places of the world, exists the spiritual sustenance for life of all the beings of the planet. The Amazon is the cradle for the New Humanity. It is the sacred epicenter of the whole Plant Kingdom.

It is for the suffering and annihilation that the Plant and Animal Kingdom live there that My Father has granted Me the Grace of coming to prevent a disaster with world consequences in this entire sacred area, an area that is subdued by humankind in a perverse and materialistic way.

The reality that the Amazon suffers is a weight for humanity: a reality that generates, as a result, the illnesses, the wars and the lack of peace and of harmony in the humanity of the Earth.

My Merciful Heart did not want to descend in a city of the Amazon not to commit, neither to generate oppression in those who perpetrate so many works against the balance of Creation.

If in truth the planet were loved and respected, humanity would never have to undergo a great purification.  It is for this that the Son of God incarnated in an ancient humanity to avoid the self-destruction.

Here in Boa Vista I found hearts willing to lovingly help Me and to pray with Me for the sublime action of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

Thus, companions, I have asked the consciousness of all the members of this nation to come here, to Boa Vista, to work with Christ for the redemption of the Amazon. I hope you have understood Me.

For this, I thank you for the presence of those who are here today to pray in union with the Heart of Jesus.

The suffering of the Kingdoms of nature is caused by the lack of love and care towards the Creation.

God created the Minor Kingdoms to help on the evolution of humankind of surface and, throughout so many cycles and centuries, humanity has done everything wrong, everything has always been outside the Holy Law.

However, as My Mercy is unfathomable, I have come to Boa Vista to implore together with you for the Mercy of God to descend over all of humanity.

For this reason, this next Marathon will be dedicated to all the Minor Kingdoms; all the praying people and devotees are called by Jesus Christ to pray for them.

Thus, they will permit humanity to heal and redeem its main spiritual illness: the destruction of that manifested Creation on this planet. This is the root of the whole chaos of humanity and of the events that precipitate, each day more, over the world.

May this Marathon represent an awakening of the consciousness of each creature that has lost love and the notion of what the Minor Kingdoms mean.

If most of humanity took care of and prayed to revert the causes that harm the seas, the continents and the Kingdoms of nature, there would be no planetary transition nor would there be an Apocalypse.

I thank you for the interest on the part of all the praying Brazilians for the reality of My beloved Amazon.

In the name of Truth and of the Divine Consciousness, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Heart,

Glorified Christ Jesus

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Caracas, Venezuela to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

To My children consecrated as Children of Mary and to all of the pilgrims of the entire world  

Today, before the universe, I have the joy of having My Heart of a Mother be widely accepted by all My children of Venezuela, who today are enduring the consequences of a worldwide food crisis.  

During My important visit to this nation, I received the deep and true call of each one of them, just as in other moments I received the inner call of each pilgrim.

It is for this just and worthy cause that the Most Sacred Hearts, in a special way and under Their Spiritual Will, are sending the entire missionary group to the Great Savanna of Venezuela, so that the Sacred Center of Roraima and all Venezuelans have the opportunity to receive very important assistance from the Spiritual Hierarchy. 

This will require the missionary group to travel throughout all of the territory of Venezuela, in prayer, up to the Great Savanna, just as My Son explicitly requested. Which will mean carrying out a special mission of reconversion of hearts, of  liberation from the webs of evil and, mainly, of awakening and confirmation of the spiritual mission of each child of Venezuela.

Through this labor-intensive task that the missionary group will carry out, it will prevent South America and all of its inhabitants from being conquered by an ideal of restriction and oppression. Children, in truth I say to you that you could not imagine Latin America in such a reality. It is for this reason that the Heavenly Hierarchy contemplated the need of Its children, as It did in Colombia, and Heaven responded to the request of all of the groups of the Light-Network of Venezuela.

So that the Americas may be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, all of the groups of the Light-Network must be closely accompanied, because it will be through each group that some events will be avoided.

This mission to the Great Savanna of Venezuela will involve the fraternal transfer of the Marathon of Divine Mercy of the 5th and the 6th of November of 2015 to the city of Boa Vista, in the State of Roraima, Brazil.

It will also be in this way that the Christic energy of the Merciful Christ will be able to penetrate the consciousness of this whole region and, especially in all of the Plant Kingdom of the Amazon, which is rapidly disappearing.

If the Amazon should come to disappear, the planet would lose one of its great natural lungs.  It is for this reason that the angels will also intercede for the whole of the angelic and devic consciousness.

I ask each child of Mary for the Grace of understanding and of acceptance in total trust, maturity and in the operation of a rescue as a task for all of the servers of the Plan of God.

Children, each place that the Divinity visits is unique. There, in those moments, many doors that repress the souls of the world can be closed.  As you will see, My children, the planet and all of its consciousness are suffering.  If the Divinity were not to suddenly carry out these spiritual actions, which break the control over the material and monetary life, certain realities of the world would succumb overnight.

Dear children of Brazil, I ask that you, who together are responsible for your nation and of the Amazon, support the next Marathon of Prayer in the city of Boa Vista, which will attempt to restore many situations. 

I wish to especially say to the groups of the Light-Network of the south of Brazil that I will be present with you on the 12th and 13th of November of 2015, in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil.  Venezuela waited a long time for this opportunity and for this Grace; it is time that you mature in fellowship and in cooperation, because the planet and its sacred centers belong to all of humanity.  

I thank you for the inner union of all the groups of the Light-Network because My hands work through them for all of humanity.

In hope and in the Plan of salvation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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