First weekly Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

My dear children,

My Maternal Grace expands in the silence of My Heart. This way, I can arrive into the world and, through the sincere prayer of My children, I can reach and help the souls that need it the most.

This is the time of Grace. This is the time of Mercy.

All My children should reach the Fountain of Graces; all should feel their inner affiliation with Christ.

My Maternal Grace comes to help the lost humanity.

My Maternal Grace comes to awaken the sleeping consciousness of the human being.

My Maternal Grace comes to withdraw from the illusion those who accept Me and receive Me as their Spiritual Mother; thus I will be able to help the world even more; thus I will be able to pour my Graces into the empty and solitary hearts, into the hearts without God.

The moment of inner conversion and of the conversion of life has arrived.

The time has come to open the inner senses to listen to God and hear His Message.

We are now in the time for Love to win again, just as the Love of My Son won on the Cross.

I thank you for accompanying me! 

Who always blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear child,

Fully confirm in your heart that I will always be your Mother and that a good mother never forgets her children.

A good mother feels the despair of even her smallest child and she also feels their joy.

A mother who has given birth to her child knows everything and her heart never fails, because in spite of the distance or wherever her child might be, a good mother, through her feminine intuition, feels everything that her child is going through.

So trust that a good mother will always understand you and console you. Because a good mother is capable of giving her life for her children, just as she did when giving birth to a new being.

In the maternal womb it is held the whole story between mother and child. The times of joy, the times of pain, as well as the happiness of bringing a new life into the world.

A good mother waits patiently for the love of her children. She cries, in silence, the sorrows of her heart, because a good mother always wishes good for her children, beyond everything.

A good mother is a tireless warrior of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A Good Mother - Part I

A true mother is able to give everything to her children, no matter if her children correspond to her or not.

A true mother does everything in silence, and in this silence many times she is silent in order not to challenge the contrariness of these times.

A true mother shelters the suffering of the others and makes it part of herself.

A true mother knows the immaturity and stubbornness of her children, and even so, a true mother will always show the reality and the good side of the history and of the whole experience.

A good mother does not complain, but yes she indicates; she does not submit nor control, but warns, suggests and guides, because her maternal and feminine heart will always dictate many things.

A good mother will always give good to her children, and a little more.

A good mother is one who always says yes and who cries in her solitude. 

She waits for her children will find the way to maturity, kindness, and transparency.

A good and true mother fears for the perdition of her children, and when her children do not listen to her, it grieves her heart.

That is why the Father gave you a mother, no matter if she is right or wrong. God gave you an earthly mother and a Spiritual Mother.

These mothers expect that their children never forget them, to carry them engraved with fire in their hearts, because a mother is the intermediate thread that will unite them to God, in Her feminine aspect.

All those who, in the consecrated life, had the grace of having a spiritual mother, is to recognize her, especially the youth. Because in these moments to be on the lap of a mother will be like being in the Arms of God.

A lot of humility and confidence is necessary to understand, feel, and realize what a good mother feels for her children.

I invite you to relive the hearts of mothers, for all the mothers of the world who agonize day and night because they cannot help their children. 

God gave you His greatest universal treasure: to have a mother close to you, just as Jesus had Me, so that in the most difficult and arid moments I would support Him.

A true mother always has a place for her children, because her children are the first reason for her existence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


Enter into My Heart of Peace so that your steps to God may be safe.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that I lead you to that perfect Will that the Creator emanated by thinking of your little heart.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that there is peace in your little life, and the conflicts, obstacles and difficulties are dissolved.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I teach you to be a peacemaker on Earth.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I transform you into an announcer of the Presence of Christ in this world, a living witness of His Eternal Presence, and of His coming return.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I may teach you, in My silence, many things and may My Love supply you and nourish your spirit, so that you do not seek in the world or outside of yourself, what only God can give you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a sincere prayer, in a true prayer, in a confession between Mother and child, because, as your Universal Heavenly Mother, here I am to listen to you, to understand you, to correct you and to shelter you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a true dialogue with Me, because I love you, My child, and I hope that your heart returns to the safe harbor of My Spirit, where I can sustain you, so that you, in a permanent service and in donation, sustain others, who could not manage and did not know how to reach Me.

Do not forget to enter into My Immaculate Heart of Peace, do not forget to be in Me. In My silence, I have the answer and the encouragement for all of your doubts and difficulties; in My embrace, I have comfort for your spirit and renewal for your soul.

Do not remain in the world hopeless and without peace if you have a Heavenly Mother who has been given to you by God, at the Cross of His Son, at the height of His Love and His Mercy.

My Child, when everything seemed lost to the companions of Christ, who saw Him suffer on the Cross, He gave them an eternal and kind Mother, and in the same way, He does it again, when souls are lost for forgetting that they have a Celestial Mother who will support them whenever they elevate their eyes to the Heavens, and their hearts to God.

I simply wait for you to call Me and pray with Me.

The world, My child, will go through greater difficulties and tests that will seem insurmountable. Thus, learn today to enter into My Heart of Peace; build today the path that leads to My Mantle, and when this world is most in need, you will be a guide for lost souls, for you will know the way to find Me.

With love in My Heart and Grace in My arms, I extend them into the world to speak directly to the heart of each one of My children: enter into My Heart of Peace and find Me there, so that I may tell you what I most want from you in this time, and help you to fulfill your mission.

On this day I bless you, and thank you for listening to My Words and entering without fear into My Heart of Peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While My son prepares Himself for the planetary work of these next days, His Heavenly Mother follows Him in silence, as it was two thousand years ago.

The event of the Passion of the Son for this planet is repeated, along with the accompaniment of His Mother, in inner silence.

The whole scene is being prepared, and in the same way the present forces of chaos are being called to penitence and surrender, to witness the new triumph of Christ within the hearts of the simple.

Once more, the history of redemption of evil repeats itself, but this time, the most chaotic darkness, the darkest kingdoms are dissolved and, thus, they will witness the glorious spiritual coming of the King.

Although everything is agitated, the new triumph of the Redeemer is approaching, and nothing invisible will be able to avoid seeing this sacred victory of Jesus, He who will bring in His right Hand the Scepter of the Light of God, and in the other, the Sword of Saint Michael, the one that will dissolve all darkness into the Light of Emmanuel.

Therefore, follow My Beloved Son in this mission. Allow that His inner suns light up with the event of the celestial victory.

May every principle, as well as every visible or invisible creature, surrender to the arrival of the Master of Love, because the Kingdom of God is approaching, and once again, Love will win.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Silence of Mary

During the Passion of My Son, the key that opened the door to Grace was silence.

Silence made Your Mother invisible, because God and all of His manifestations are present in the silence. Your Mother not only had a sorrowing Heart, but She also lived as a silent Heart; this allowed the deep doors to be closed to evil.

The enemy does not know what silence is, because he lives through conflict and disorder. Silence penetrates the consciousness as a spirit of serenity and harmony. It is this inner and mysterious silence that carried forward all the Redemptive Work of My Son during His Passion. Silence bore all martyrdoms, because His Divine Consciousness was united with God and His Great Purpose.

Evil is overcome through silence, and becomes disoriented because it cannot find any doorway into conflict. This silence was what prepared Jesus during the forty days before He began His public life. Silence designs in the spirit a state capable of transcending the most resistant conflicts in the consciousness. To reach this state of silence, neither arrogant nor introspective, means a task of detaching from forms and ways that can interfere in the awakening of each soul.

Silence is more than remaining quiet or not speaking words; the true silence of the universe is achieved through inner connection with prayer, which is the first step to gradually dissolving the human roots that generate disorder in material life.

At this moment, the planet is very far from true silence. This is why Your Mother teaches you that silence is an act of prayer capable of traversing to levels of consciousness where peace reigns. Silence is also healing; it is a powerful spring which in these times will help to safeguard the spiritual path of the consciousnesses that accept penetrating that state of union with the Creator.

Silence brings light, brings wisdom, brings serenity, and renews the spirit so that it may have the impulse of continuing in Divine work. The complete silence of a part of humanity could reverse all the causes that take advantage of noise and disorder to generate world conflict.

Silence is like a remedy against verbiage that causes debts and constant faults. Silence liberates without a struggle.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who carries you into inner silence,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the apparition of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, trasmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the visionary Sister Lucía

Enter into My Peace to discover the truths of Heaven and to know the most ancient mysteries of the heart.

Enter into My Peace, so that your heart may become quiet and find a secure path to follow towards My Son.

Enter into My Peace, so that your consciousness may understand My Presence and your heart recognize My Spirit.

Enter into My Peace, so that your souls may draw near, and your spirits may live united to your heart, helping you to consolidate the steps of consciousness.

Enter into My Peace, because only within it you will know God and His Celestial Kingdom.

Enter into My Peace, because within it you will be free from all tribulations of the world, and your heart will not get involved with what lives outside My Heart.

Enter into My Peace to be under My Mantle and, from there, to be the intercessor of the souls most in need.

Enter into My Peace to know silence. Enter into silence to know My Peace.

Enter into My Peace, the one that My Presence deposits in the hearts and radiates throughout the world.

To be in My Peace, you must be in My Presence and, to attract My Presence, you must be in perpetual prayer.

Be in My Peace by living in prayer. Radiate My Peace by living in prayer. Be My Peace by being the prayer.

My children, to be in peace is a great need in the world, because peace has died in the hearts of human beings and I count on the fingers of My hands those of My Children who today can experience eternal peace, because they experience eternal prayer.

Therefore, pray, pray a lot. Dissolve in prayer the afflictions of your Heart and the afflictions of the world. Remove from your heart the pain through the joy of living in God and fulfilling His Divine Will.

Place at my feet, day by day, that which hinders you from experiencing peace, and through prayer, strengthen this peace in the world and radiate peace to the consciousnesses.

No longer raise conflicts, criticisms, judgments; do not unite with your neighbor to feed evil, to judge, to destroy, to attract discord among the hearts.

Cut the evil impulses that live in the human cells, do not feed the mundane forces that live in the hearts, but rather, as Marian Soldiers, experience the first battle, which is within yourselves, to remove evil and implant peace.

Pray, My dear ones, pray a lot, because the world needs it.

Do not allow yourselves to emit a word that does not build Light, and if the will to do so is greater than the power of peace in your hearts, be silent, be silent and enter into prayer.

It is time to create with consciousness, it is time to experience love among creatures. I invite you to dissolve in My Heart all that you have been until this moment, to experience My universal Purpose of Peace.

As in Fatima, I awaken the hearts of the world so that they may be reborn in My Eternal Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

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