Saturday, October 26 of 2013

Daily messages

My Heart of Light visits every home on the Earth and It remains alive with love and with peace when the dwellers open to Me the door of their lives so that I may be able to enter.

For this time I come in the search for those who have once said yes to Me. Now has come the time to unite yourself perpetually with My Heart and to surrender yourself  to My Invincible Love.

Today My Spirit of Truth and of Love descends to heal the wounds that are still open in many of My ones. For this I call all to live the great opportunity of life. I Am pouring My Grace upon those who must take the steps towards My Heart and that now will recognize Me as a One and Only King of the Heights.

I ask you that you give the permission to trust absolutely in My Consciousness. In this way I will show you the path of your redemption and the questions in your lives will be dissolved. You only must trust that all that you life has a reason for God and whoever unites themselves to Me in prayer will elevate their consciousness and the divine laws will heal them entirely.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Words in the heart!

Christ Jesus