Friday, December 18 of 2020

The Sacred Call

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Humanity must still learn how to search and find the Light, the true Light that comes from the Source and not from other places.

In this Light, you will find the synthesis of all Creation, the life of all the universe.

As long as you do not aspire toward this Light, evil will keep being active within humanity and in the nations. There is no other key for this time. You must only place your consciousness in the Divine Light because there all will be solved.

The souls of today move away from this Light, from the Light of the Source, and they seek other paths, they seek other experiences.

I need you to keep this in mind, at this moment, because the Light will always triumph.

The Light of God will lead you to peace, to the peace that you need, to the peace that many hearts do not have today due to different circumstances.

It is in this Divine Light where your consciousness must remain, as long as possible, even though you live material life.

Although you go through the experiences of life, the tests, the deserts, adversity and chaos, your consciousness must be merged into the Divine Light so that your inner faith may be nourished; and thus you can go through the end of these times.

In this way, you will understand why these times develop in this way.

In this way, you will know why humanity has moved away from the Law.

Being within this Divine Light is so simple and profound, but souls often do not do so, they rather seek their own fulfillment or even their own light.

Yes, God has left Light within everyone, but it is towards Him that you must go, and not towards yourselves.

Therefore, companions, do not be confused. Do not let yourselves be deceived at the end of this year, when many spiritual events are promised to humanity, which are the reflection of a fantasy, of an illusion and of adversity.

If you are in the Light, you will learn to be in the Law of the Hierarchy and you will not open the doors of your hearts to be invaded by ideals and spiritualities that are different from those of God, because the world is full of many gods, of many idols.

Your reference, companions, is only in the Lord, because His Light is eternal, It is invincible, It is unchangeable and It will never perish. In fact, the life of the world could perish, but the souls that are in the Lord and that seek this Light will never perish because their inner worlds will be nourished by faith, and faith will give them strength and provide them with understanding and science.

The world offers many options in this time of despair, in which souls seek solutions and seek to have many experiences in order to find a way out, a solution.

But everyone must live what corresponds to them, that which is written. And that which is written may change if their adherence to the Heights is always true and does not change due to other events, due to other options.

At this moment of humanity, the situation is dizzying, and it is quite definitive.

The moment will come and it will correspond to each one to know where they should place their consciousness, in which path they should insert their consciousness so that they may be truly led and guided.

Behind the stimuli that the world sends to the spirituality of this time, there are many intentions that are deeply unknown to you.

At this moment, your refuge is in prayer and in the active participation in prayerful life, to be in communion with Me and with the universe so that your lives may someday be a sacrament, a representation of the living Love of God, testifying through your redemption and your conversion.

You must only aspire for this and remain in the higher spheres of the Divine Light and not in others.

Your inner worlds do not wish for nor wait for your life experiences, the various stories that you can create along the path of spirituality that the world offers.

When I came here, to humanity, it was to found one path that is the Christic Path, a path of service and of selflessness, of simplicity and love.

If you leave these pillars and abandon them for other offers that the world makes you, what will be made of My Project in you and in your brothers and sisters? How many doors could you close to Me, preventing Me from continuing to work through your hearts and essences?

At each step that humanity takes, it falls towards the abysses of its own consciousness, and that is when the angels of God work most so as to be able to rescue souls from hell.

Today I speak especially to all those who follow My path, to all those who participate in this Work that I founded many years ago, and that I have waited for many years to reach here, to touch your consciousnesses so that you may live this moment with Me, this event that is preparatory for the Return of Christ.

I only need you to be within the constant void, because if you are not in the void, companions, in the void of experiences, I will not be able to give you My treasures. Because My treasures are spiritual and wait to be given so that souls may fulfill themselves in the Spirit of My Love and My Truth.

You must not let yourselves be deceived by all that the world offers you at this time.

You must not confuse your spirituality or the paths that, with effort, you try to build in order to come toward My Heart.

You could not imagine what it is that I feel when souls move away from Me.

In this time, I am trying to bring you the knowledge of the universe, true cosmic life, so that your gifts and virtues called lineages may awaken and be at the service that prepares the Return of your Master and Lord; because, companions, chaos keeps advancing throughout the world, in the nations, in the peoples, in those who suffer the most and have nothing.

If you place your consciousnesses on this level, you will understand how what you choose hurts My Heart, because you close a door to an opportunity of Mercy, which is necessary on the other side of the world.

The apostleship that I offer you is of fidelity, but it is also of demands, of loyalty, of sovereignty and transparency.

I do not expect that you will be perfect in three days; because your imperfection will be transformed when you love more than I loved the world, when you serve more than I served the world.

Your daily overcoming and transcendence will be the proof and the justification before My Celestial Father so that I return soon to the world and not continue on waiting.

I want you to take this Message as a reflection, as an opportunity to grow inwardly and not externally, of not letting yourselves be dragged by those spiritual forces that are against My Project and make of the world a scene of horrors and suffering.

I come to tell you this, refraining from saying what I must tell the world because it is the last time that I can do it, companions.

I need you to understand that My Call is not fleeting nor transitory, that My summoning is not a moment of emotion nor of fanaticism; because what I bring to the world is a truth, but it is also a commanding need that the New Christs may awaken.

My Words come to be able to purify you and so that within the purification you may find the Divine Light that I bring today from the Source, a Light that will always consecrate you, a Light that will always elevate you and allow you to be removed from this coordinate of chaos and adversity that is lived upon the surface of the Earth due to stepping out of the Law.

From the beginning, God promised eternal happiness to this race and yet it chose to live free will.

Do you now understand, companions, that you have been living in a parallel world since ancient times? That you live in an alternative time that is not real but rather created by yourselves?

But the Hierarchy will bring this Real Time so that, beyond that which is material,  you may see with your own eyes that which exists in the universe and the active life that is lived in the stars.

When that day comes, you will understand Creation and the meaning of this Human Project on the surface of the Earth, and you will realize how much time humanity has lost due to neglect and indifference.

Only allow the true Divine Light to awaken within you, and not the supposed light that the world offers to you in its spiritual inventions and or in its ideals.

God does not get entangled in these things, neither does the Law, let alone the Hierarchy.

The impulse of the Hierarchy is constant and eternal, it is rhythmic, it is dynamic, it is real, and it will always direct you so that you can take a new step and not stop, so that you do not become complacent, so that you do not become indifferent.

Do you perceive now what is real and what is unreal?

Your souls must not lose this opportunity, how much longer will you wait?

The step depends on you and not on the universe. The universe can always help you, give you an impulse and assist you, but the door to Christification is open to the brave, to those who say ‘yes.’

Be consequent with what We have given you and the Divine Light will not be lacking for you in your evolutionary path, because when the moment comes for the stimuli of the world and the offerings that humanity itself makes, you will realize that they are not real.

No one in this world understands what the alignment of the universe or of the planets means, or even the activities of the stars themselves.

The science of this Earth cannot understand this meaning, let alone those who do not know about science.

How is it possible for you to believe in something that they promise to you and that they do not know about?

Open your inner eyes, open your inner ears, open your hearts and live My Word, so that I am in you and you, someday, may be in the Father, as the Son is in the Father and the Holy Spirit is in the Son.

I leave you My Word as a balm of consciousness and of light for the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.