Dear Children:

As the Immaculate Conception, I come on this day so that I may go with you on pilgrimage to Lourdes, so that, virtually, we may go to gather the Water of Life that will purify the planet and all human consciousness.

With the Water of Life, the Mother of God will purify souls, so that they may recover the innocence that is so necessary and that is disappearing from the world.

Dear children, I will take you by the hand to Massabielle so that, like Bernadette, you may wash your faces with the healing water of Lourdes, because by washing your faces you will be washing away the sins of humanity and the offenses that the planet receives.

My children, your Heavenly Mother returns to Lourdes to pray for the sick planet and for the dissociated human mind, so that the creatures may recover peace and goodness, the inner communion with the Divine Laws.

I come once again to Lourdes to make known to the world the way of reconciliation and to remind My children that inner healing is possible. Thus there will be a more peaceful and less vengeful world, thus there will be a more fraternal and less indifferent humanity.

I will pray in Lourdes for the healing of those who have not yet experienced it, because it is My desire as a Mother that all may have the Grace to be healed and redeemed.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose o Peace

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Lord of Shambhala, the Light of God that has always shone in the East, the Light that initiated many consciousnesses into the sacred path of ascension and transcendence.

Behold the Sacred Light of Shambhala, which reverberates throughout the times and generations, the Light that inspires and awakens religions, for a favored union with Creation.

I Am the Lord of Shambhala, who impelled, on the inner planes, the unity between peoples and cultures, from the East to the West.

Behold the Star of Light of Shambhala, which perpetually shines on the inner planes of the Sacred Gobi Desert; the Light of the Star of God, which guided the great masters of the East, which consecrated many yogis and consciousnesses to attain the path of self-transformation and liberation.

Behold the mysterious and unknown Light of Shambhala, which instituted, from the beginning, the Spiritual Government on the planet, which opened the doors to the self-knowledge of beings, and manifested the Wisdom and Compassion of God.

Behold the return of the Lord of Shambhala, who announces His Return to the world for all generations and peoples; who will come to unite, through inner communion, all cultures and religions.

Behold the Lord of Shambhala, who writes with His own Hand the Law of Creation, who forges, from the human heart, the true warrior, the eternal server, the one who is capable of giving their life for Me.

Be welcome to the Kingdom of Shambhala, to the Infinite and Cosmic Wisdom that impelled and awakened the first peoples of the East of the planet to enter into communion and unity with Creation.

The mysteries of Shambhala reveal themselves for the peacemakers of the Lord of Shambhala, for those who know how to identify in themselves the Signs of God.

Behold the Lord of the transmuting Light of Shambhala, Who will eradicate the incorrect laws of the Earth and replace them for the Divine and Cosmic Laws, because the Spiritual Government of the Lord of Shambhala is approaching, and the consciousnesses are touched by the Light of the Sacred Kingdom of Shambhala.

Just as it was in Israel, the Light of Wisdom and Compassion re-emerges from the East, and many, many who were consecrated in the past, who always followed the footprints of the masters, will again find in this time the reason and cause for serving the God of Creation in the end of these times.

For this reason, remember, remember the Light of Shambhala, the Eternal Mystery of God that was unveiled in the Gobi Desert, and has guided and conducted many peoples who have faith in what is immaterial.

Today, sacred forms emerge from the Heart of Shambhala and express their sublime creative geometries to replace the matrix of evil of this world, convert, transmute and liberate it, until it becomes the archetype that the Celestial Father needs for this Project.

I Am the Lord of the Heavens of Shambhala. I come to announce the New Time. I come to grant the last opportunity. I come to remind you of your origins, preciously held in the stars.

Behold the Lord of the Temple of Shambhala, which is not visible to the physical eyes, but which is visible to the eyes of the heart. The soul that intuits the Light of Shambhala, sees itself before this Sacred Temple, which has been founded here on this planet, from the beginning of the Earth, to institute spirituality in this world. This is one of the seven mysteries of the Source. As the seals open, the Light of Shambhala is gradually revealed through the Lord of the Desert.

The Lord of Shambhala gathers again His disciples, after many schools and experiences lived on this planet so that, at this culminating moment of the Earth, the disciples and followers of the Lord of Shambhala may make their spiritual synthesis, and so that, through the center that rules the heart, the fiery currents of this universe, the sublime impulses of the Source, through the rays and currents, may reconstitute this planet on a spiritual level.

But it will not be through confrontation and battle that evil will be dissipated from this humanity, but rather like the great monastics and yogis from the East, who, with their heads on the ground, recognize the Light of Shambhala and the time of compassion that comes to heal the human heart, and comes to liberate the spirit of each being from the marks of the errors from the past, dissolving the shackles of perdition, cleaning and purifying the paths and pathways of each one of My disciples. Thus, before the great Portal of Shambhala, which unites today all religions and peoples of this planet, may the Grace be granted to start this Sacred Project of humanity from scratch.

Therefore, the Kingdom of Shambhala comes today to meet you, to meet each heart that has faith in the Divine Light, to meet each heart that perseveres in its ascension and transcendence.

The Light and the Lord of Shambhala come to meet those who strive to be consistent with the Law of the Universe and with the Law of Earth, so that peace and harmony may be established in this time of pain.

I promised I would return. Behold the Face of the Lord of Shambhala, who reveals Himself through the prayers of His children and consecrates those who have defined themselves to follow the steps of the Master among masters.

Shambhala returns to present itself to the world for the last time. The Light of Shambhala comes to prepare the coming movements of the Spiritual Hierarchy in this last phase of the second semester of this year.

The Light of Shambhala will come, as it does today, to reorganize the Laws of Manifestation and internally impel the establishment of the Government of Christ. Although this may seem premature, it is not so, because the Light of Shambhala is original in its Wisdom and in its Science.

Many consecrated monastics and disciples have contacted it. From the extensive deserts to the high mountains, from the Gobi Desert to Tibet and from Tibet to India and beyond that nation, the Light of Shambhala has manifested itself through the masters.

Thus, We make you return to the beginning of the Origin, because those who have decided to follow Christ the Redeemer, and have taken the step to consecrate their lives to the Law, will imperiously need the inner guidance of the Light of Shambhala.

Behold the Solar Son of Shambhala, who, through this new Marathon of prayer, opens the doors for the next cycle, after the last August 8.

Many will be the works to accomplish, perhaps few will be the self-summoned, but do not forget to serve the Lord of Shambhala out of love and for no other reason.

May the inner strength of each one emerge from the love that you have for the Wisdom and Compassion of the Great Kingdom of Shambhala, which always has the task of guiding the Plan of Manifestation in the different spheres of consciousness.

I rejoice today for those who work in this world for the causes of wisdom, peace and compassion and, even more, work giving their lives for the presence of the Higher Love in this world. Because without Love souls die, without the Love of Shambhala souls precipitate into uncertain decisions.

Behold the Heart of Shambhala, which presents itself as a teraph, permeated by the pure, innocent and inoffensive experience of many of My disciples of the past, from the East to the West.

May these Words strengthen you, encourage you to follow the steps of the Lord of Shambhala, knowing that there will be a lot to do for this humanity in this time of harsh purification.

But do not forget something: the  Light of Shambhala, which is radiated by the Love of the Creator, will always triumph, will always win in those who have faith in it.

May this Marathon be a re-encounter with the wisdom of the East so that you may be sustained in all works that you will carry out in these months, building the Plan of Manifestation of God in this humanity.

From the Sacred Gobi Desert, who blesses and encourages you, your Master,

The Lord of Shambhala

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace. 

Marathon of Divine Mercy
O My Jesus
O my Jesus, forgive us our sins,
save us from the fires of hell,
lead all souls to Heaven,
 especially those in most need of your mercy.   
 (three times)



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And you will see the Light come on the worst night of the world, when all seems to be lost.

The Light will come to the world to save it, to redeem it, and, thus, rescue it.

This Light will bring understanding and wisdom, it will re-establish the Laws upon the planet, guide lost hearts so that all, absolutely all, may have the Grace of again finding the Promised Land.

But this is still to be done, because the nations of the world, that is, the peoples, have made their decisions about the steps to take, decisions that are not united to God, in many cases.

Therefore, I will come as this Light on the darkest night of the world to bring to consciousnesses the re-establishment of Love and Peace, of the power that God has given me from the beginning through His Mercy and His Compassion.

I come with this Message and at this hour to prepare you. I cannot tell you more than this today, companions, because in these definitive times nations and peoples make their decisions, and this does not correspond to God, but to the choice of souls, choices that are conscious before the universe and that, sooner or later, have repercussions in all of humanity.

Therefore, in this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I call on you, more than ever, to retreat, to silence your minds and ideas, to silence your words and to consciously enter the universe of prayer so that the Law of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy may work in this world and, even more, dissolve the events that are approaching in the next cycle.

Therefore, you must be quite strengthened and, through this spiritual retreat that I offer you, your souls will have the chance to consciously prepare for what will come.

You must consciously strengthen yourselves, seek, more than ever, an alliance with God, position yourselves every day before the Flame of Divine Purpose and ask yourselves:

What am I doing?

Do I collaborate with the Plan?

Do I work for peace and for the good?

Am I aware of all that I receive from the Universe?

Do I consciously respond to all that I have received as Grace?

In this Marathon of Divine Mercy, My dear companions, you should reformulate the attitude of your lives through these questions because sooner or later, to each one of you, the moment will come to take the great and final step so that the indifference, meanness and even ignorance of this humanity may be dissolved once and for all, through conscious and awakened beings that understand internally and beyond material life, in other words, participate and respond to the Plan of God.

Therefore, I ask you to pray for those who will not take the step. Do not wait for humanity to be consistent with the Divine Plan, do not delude yourselves nor have expectations. Do not seek fulfillment in the material life. Seek fulfillment along the spiritual path so that your souls may be within the Christic pathway, awakening gifts and virtues, the sacred impulses that Christ will send to all His apostles of the final times.

Therefore, take an immediate attitude, a consequent and responsible attitude, which may give signs of understanding and not of incoherence, of a spiritual maturity that the Hierarchy needs from everyone, knowing that the world is fully suffering and that few are the Islands of Salvation on the surface of the Earth.

Therefore, decide, once and for all, to no longer burden the Spiritual Hierarchy, but rather may your lives be a living solution for what the Plan needs to concretize and carry out.

Therefore, plan your lives according to the Plan of the Hierarchy. While you maintain the Plan of the Hierarchy in a secondary way, you will not understand it and you will have great difficulties to live it and carry it out.

Therefore, resize your priorities, and thus begin to resize your attitudes and all your preferences, because the great dark night will come to the world and not many years will pass before this happens.

Today, with My Gaze toward the ground, with My Face toward God, with My Spirit in retreat, I make you understand and feel the seriousness of these times, because today My heart cannot be ablaze. Many are the sins and faults of the world. Great is My Mercy for souls and few are those who decide to live it.

My Life on this planet had a great significance. In these times, value the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, so that the souls that have condemned themselves may have the opportunity of redemption.

Do you now understand, My companions, the moment and step you are being called to live? The school has changed, did you notice that? Did you understand that? Are you living it?

The Hierarchy will not stop. Many are the challenges in the end of these times, great are the sufferings that exist in this humanity.

Who will appease all the pains of the world, together with Christ Jesus, through a life of surrender and love?

I come to make you mature as My apostles, and this is no longer just words. I need it to be a reality within you. I need instruments of peace and good, because few are the good instruments that I have upon the surface of the Earth.

Do not allow the Fount of My Divine Mercy to close. Do not allow the world to parade Divine Justice, because it does not know it. Great is the ignorance of humanity, and great is the suffering of many hearts. There is still a lot to do for this world and this humanity.

Who will take the Sacred Crown from My Hands, the Crown of Thorns of Jesus, and make it a part of their consciousness, to mature in these times with Me and live the true planetary task that the Father calls on you to live?

Think for a moment about all that I Am telling you.

The world seeks to live in uncertain doors, to submerge in the ocean of illusion and even forget God. This is why, more than ever, beginning with yourselves, you must reformulate your lives, you must define the path to go by.

My Heart is always open for all, for those who seek peace.

May this meeting be a moment of reflection, rather than just one more Message. May it be the spiritual basis that all need in order to take the step, because I offer Myself to the Father for you once again, so that you may be instruments of My Mercy, peace-bringers of Christ the Redeemer.

Lastly, I would like to tell you that there is no longer time. You must strengthen yourselves in Me, regardless of what may happen or of what you may see. Your hope must not be emotional, it must be strengthened in Me through the Fire of Love that I offer to you, to someday make you free from yourselves and from the wickedness of the world.

I thank you for listening to Me and for being conscious of all this. Receive in your hands and, above all, in your hearts, the keys that I give you for this planetary transition so that, more each day, you may be more mature in Christ, because it is necessary and urgent.

Do not allow the pillars of the Work of God to disappear from the surface of the Earth.

I promised you to return to the world and I will do so. This is why I prepare you for this great moment, so that you may cross the dark night and find My Light in the abyss, the Eternal Light of God’s Love, which does not change, does not transfer, but rather multiplies in Grace, Unity and Wisdom in all souls.

Do not forget that I Am thirsty. Quench My thirst in this Marathon.

Now, the moment has come for Me to truly see you gathered and united in the Purpose, in spite of the distances and the events.

This is the hour of your great test, for you to be with Me or not to be with Me. Today, this is My Truth for those who aspire to live the Christic school, even if they do not understand it, although they accept it.

I give you My Peace and, through My prayer. I bless you in the next prayerful journey of Mercy. Do not forget My Words, through them I left you the next step, the next path to go by.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I Am the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal, and today, after such a long time, I Am here to give continuity to My Message after it was neither heard nor accepted.

But this Message that I once brought to Garabandal, to this blessed place of God, keeps resounding, keeps reverberating within the hearts that believe in Me.

Because you know, My children, that My intention is to guide and lead you toward God. My intention is not to cause you fear nor any disturbance. My intention is that you may be aware and responsible, that you may be capable of recognizing the Call of God and fulfilling it, just as I once tried to do here in Garabandal.

After these important events that the visionaries experienced here with Me in this village, your Heavenly Mother returns, at the request of Christ, as the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal, so that a divine and inner union may take place between souls and God, between Heaven and Earth, between what is known and what is unknown.

This was the main intention of your Heavenly Mother, not only to warn the Church of the imminent danger that it was going through at that time.

The Warning of God was so that it could awaken you and, when you became awakened, you could correct it, but many denied it because they did not have the heart nor the door open to hear Divine Truth, which stirred many hearts of the Church, to the point that they wanted to bury My Presence here in this place.

Now that, throughout the times, the Message of Garabandal has become known and must keep being known by many more hearts of the whole world, this is the reason why I Am here, because it is urgent for Me that this Message be fulfilled, a Message that calls you to repentance, to a true correction, not only of life, but also of the feeling of the heart, a call that brings you the impulse toward ascension, toward the discovery of the Immaterial Laws that, in this humble place of Garabandal, acted and avoided many things.

For this reason, the events in Garabandal were so impactful and, as I told one of My visionaries, this contrary movement that took place here, of denying the Presence of the Mother of God and of the Archangel Michael, and also of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, would bring to many consciousnesses the energy of denial, even after having seen all they had seen.

It was something similar to what My Son lived when, at the doors of Jerusalem, He was received, honored and recognized just for a moment; as many of those who recognized and glorified Him then denied Him afterward, hurt Him and even spat on Him.

Do you now understand, beloved children, the feeling of the Mother of God, what Her Immaculate Heart feels about Her children who, having lived the events of Garabandal, left them behind, forgotten and lost in time and space?

For this reason, I Am here to relive the Message, and, although the events in the world have changed since 1961, there are situations that still have not been solved within the Catholic Church.

The attempt of correction has been made many times through the intervention and help of the current Pope, who also had difficulties to revive this Church, as it has been marked and hit by the last events of these times, which were also announced here, in Garabandal, by the very Lady of the Star of Carmel, and which, at that time, were neither heard nor recognized.

Can you now understand how My Heart feels?

I Am the Mother of the priests, of all priests throughout the world, not only of the Catholic priests. Priesthood is something vaster, not only in Theology, it is something deeper within the spirit, in the true consciousness that knows how to reconnect with God.

A consciousness that prays, a heart that adores, a soul that communes with the Body and Blood of Christ lives an exercise of inner priesthood, and this is why this exercise is  persecuted so much, and hit by My enemy.

Through Garabandal, and above all through My last Message that I left here in Garabandal, that if true repentance were not to come to be within the Church, a division would take place. This is nothing new for God, and I believe that it is nothing new for any of you.

I do not come with a Message to create division, dissent or separation, I come to tell you what is truly happening so that someone may internally take charge of this, because My Son has asked me for this, and it is not sufficient for this situation of the Church to be transmuted or liberated with only the current Pope.

Those who claim to be more consecrated to the Heart of My Son, in the different degrees of consecration and union with God, are those who always need divine help the most. For this reason, I Am here, once again in Garabandal, so that My Voice may be heard, My Presence may be recognized, My Love may be felt by all.

And now that the times urge, and that the Message of Garabandal has been fulfilled by a lack of more repentance, I invite you, My beloved children, to place this situation in your prayers, because My enemy wants to continue hitting the priestly life throughout the world, to the point that he also wants to hit and interfere with the devoted hearts, faithful to My Son, who live their inner life through the priests, because then, in that case, they would lose faith in the priests, because what is lived in priestly life is disproportionate to what truly happens in the hearts of My priests.

For this reason, I invite you to pray with greater fervor so that, in spite of the sorrow of the Mother of the World for what Her own eyes see at this moment, may this situation be healed and relieved, may the souls of the priests and of the believers be strengthened so that they never lose true union with God.

For this reason, your shelter and refuge will always be in the Sacraments and especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, in which your hearts, souls and spirits will be able to empty themselves on communing with Christ through a true Confession that may purify your hearts, so that the planet may be purified and those forces of evil, which dominate the planet and the human consciousness of the Earth, may be liberated at this moment, and the doors of the Light may keep opening so that souls  may cross them and, thus, become a part of the Kingdom of God.

In Garabandal, since 1961, the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal has come with the aim of avoiding this situation that is taking place today because from the moment that My Word and My Presence were denied, an obstacle was put for the Mother of God, which was not an impediment for Me to carry out My task, but rather it was the great moment, beyond what happened in this humble place, so that each one of My children might hear My deep silence, so that, through the silence of My Heart, they might realize that they were far from God.

For this reason, what exists here in Garabandal, in its simplicity, but also in its beauty, remains alive through the light of the hearts that come here to pray with Me and that keep in their memory all that was lived in Garabandal, which is not limited to this place or this village, but rather the impulse brought by My Universal Heart have opened great inner, angelic and divine doors, so that assistance might come for humanity.

I aspire that someday Garabandal may keep flourishing as the Marian Center that it represents, and so that more souls can come to receive the Laws of Healing that your Heavenly Mother left deposited here with the loving and obedient assistance of the angels.

For this reason, when you come to Garabandal, or when you unite to Garabandal through the prayer of the heart, wherever you may be, know that you will be received by the angels so that your souls may live the healing that they so much need and the reconciliation that they so much expect.

Today, I come here in a modest way. Today, I come here in a simple, humble way, close to My children, because these are the times of emergency.

My arrival in the world, through the different Apparitions, has a greater cause, and Garabandal must not be just one more Apparition on this planet, because the Divine Hierarchy and all the universe do not waste the impulses of the universe, especially those that come directly from the Divine Source.

Do you now understand the vastness of the task of Garabandal, which has not finished being concretized nor being carried out?

It will always be through the pilgrim hearts, through the simple and humble souls, that the Message of Garabandal will remain alive in the inner worlds, and this will grant that the task of Garabandal may keep being fulfilled, that the Angels of the Mother of God and all Her Celestial Hosts may keep intervening and helping humanity, from what Garabandal represents for the whole world.

If anyone, at this moment or in this crucial time, needs to make a decision that might change their life, let them feel the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone is before an obstacle without a way out, with an unresolved disease, in a vast, arid and painful crisis, let them feel in their heart the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone has still not managed to recognize within themselves the simplicity of life, the necessary humility and unconditional service, let them feel in their heart the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone has not yet understood the Message of the Divine Hierarchy throughout the times and if their mind is an obstacle or a prison, let them feel within their heart the Light of Garabandal. Because Garabandal, just like other holy places that I have visited, will lead you not only to peace, but will also lead you to cross the portal of forgiveness and reconciliation that the world needs.

If your hearts position themselves before Garabandal in penance, I assure you, My children, that Garabandal will work through you and the Angels of God will help you.

May the Stars of the Virgin of Carmel illuminate your paths so that you may always find the truth within, and thus your lives may be the extension and the living expansion of the Message of Garabandal.

Be brave and follow the path of the Call, for all those children of Mine who do not do so nor live it, especially for those who deny the Mother of God.

I leave you My blessing, and invite you to be forerunners of the Message of Garabandal.

You do not know how much I thank you for this moment, for all those who unite to this moment in spite of the distance, because this allows My Immaculate Heart to triumph internally and keep as many souls as possible under My Mantle.

Let the Light of Garabandal always shine in those who believe in it, because by loving the unknown, you will someday be blessed to receive the revelation of Garabandal, which must still be fulfilled.

Go in Peace, in the Peace of My Son, so that the Message of Garabandal may be fulfilled within you, and the reconciliation of souls may be a reality on the surface, so that reconciliation, repentance and penitence may justify the grave errors of the world, especially those that take place through wars, through those who are displaced, who are oppressed, the elderly people, those forgotten, the miserable and those who are discarded throughout the whole world.

I thank you for responding to My call, you who are filled today with the blessing of Garabandal, of the Lady of the Star of Carmel.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

From Heaven, I come to this ocean, I come to this sea, just as I did more than two thousand years ago, as a fisher of hearts. I come to invite you to again come aboard My Boat so that, in faith and hope, we may cross the oceans of consciousness, in which God lives, in which His Creation is latent, in which His Peace dwells.

A short time ago, I called you to step upon these oceans with your feet. Some have done this spiritually, but I still await those who have not done so, for those who have not dared to overcome the limitations of their minds and their consciousnesses in order to enter the mystery of Higher Life, of infinity, of the universe.

Today I come as this fisher of hearts, as That One who was at the banks of the Sea of Galilee to call upon the first apostles.

Today I come here, to meet My companions so that they may hear My voice and feel My Heart, so that they may receive My Love and My Peace, because we must cross the oceans of the end of these times.

From the great oceans of the planetary consciousness, the urgent needs of humanity and of the Kingdoms of Nature emerge, because the planet is on the verge of living its great birth.

The movement of the Earth is continuous. The changes bring events to an earlier moment. Everything becomes premature and the majority of souls are still not ready.

Just as I invite you to cross these oceans with your feet, have faith, because, in this way, your feet will not fail, and you will walk, like Peter, upon the waters, without being conscious of yourselves, but rather being conscious of the Truth of God.

My Father has delivered a Message for all of you and for the whole world.

My Merciful Heart, in spite of the suffering I see in the world, feels joy and bliss because Our Celestial Father has communicated with His children once again, just as He did many times with the ancient people of Israel.

Its descendants and its tribes must still prevail throughout the times, although this human civilization has sufficiently learned to self-destroy and wound itself.

Who will come aboard My spiritual Boat to cross these oceans and help your Master to launch the nets of salvation and planetary rescue into this universe of needs, of demands and emergencies?

When I formed the first apostles, more than two thousand years ago, I not only formed consciousnesses in surrender and in willingness to serve the Project of My Father, but I also founded the first missionary consciousnesses in humanity through service, charity and the Word.

These three pillars: service, charity and the Word. will be that which will heal humanity when the majority of My companions, especially those who still do not accept Me, understand that fidelity will always keep them in the Light and in the Truth because My enemy still keeps weaving his adversities and evil plans throughout the world.

Souls become stuck in his nets of capital sins, of ambition, of power, of lies.

Do not surrender to these projects of evil nor allow your brothers and sisters to be dragged or pushed towards the abysses of illusion.

As I told you at the beginning, these are times of emergency, these are times in which each one must serve Me wholeheartedly so that I can work and fulfill the aspirations of the Father.

My instruments in the world, that is, the souls that serve Me, must be these very nets that I can launch over the oceans of the emergencies of this world so that, not only may souls awaken, but they may also again find the truth they have lost, the inner truth.

Meanwhile, I wait for you here, in My Boat, on this ocean of the world, in which I am today, and I will be very attentive and open to receive your true and not fleeting offers.

I know it is not easy for the majority to surrender their lives for My Plan, and, above all, for My Will. I have seen that many made the effort, and few have managed to do it, and this should not be a reason for guilt or disturbance. I only ask you to give Me what in truth each one of you can give Me, because, in this way, I will not only be able to launch the nets of salvation, but I will also weave a net of Light, of Power and of Peace through the brave and available hearts.

You already know that the world agonizes at each moment that passes, at each day that goes by and is fulfilled, and the material necessities, and also the spiritual ones, grow.

Many souls have still not understood the Message that I delivered to you more than two thousand years ago through the Gospel. I invite you to study the parables again, because, in such simple and essential Teachings, you will understand everything I tell you.

During this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I invite you to pray for the expansion of human consciousness so that, beyond the material limits and the spiritual prisons that many souls in the world live, all hearts may receive the Grace of the expansion of consciousness so that they can transcend and overcome themselves, to the point of attaining higher degrees of love and service.

The great key of this time for the service of souls is missionary life, because, in missionary life, you will not only step out of yourselves, but you will also surpass yourselves by means of absolute self-giving and unconditional surrender, and, even more, companions, you will know, just as I know, the pain of the world, the indifference of souls, the cruelty of many hearts, the deprivation of many people, social and global injustice.

But I do not ask you to serve as missionaries of peace and fraternity only to see these things, I impel you to the missionary service so that you may heal the spiritual deprivation of this humanity. The more souls serve, the less will be the effects of the planetary purification, the less will be the consequences of the climate and even of global warming.

Today, I do not send this Message through a religious message, but rather I send this Message through My Divine Consciousness, which is the emanation of the Consciousness of the Truth of God, because I also know that many of My apostles, of My companions, have felt ashamed in the face of what they have seen in My Church upon the surface of the Earth.

I do not ask you to believe in them, I only ask you to believe in Me, because I will never fail you, and I am fulfilling My Word, that I am returning to the world, more each day, with greater power and consciousness, with greater determination and spiritual strength.

From My Heart the Government of the Heavenly Father will emanate so as to again raise this sick and wounded, destroyed and self-annihilated humanity.

I will take the false scepter of power from the hands of those who govern, and, with your own eyes, you will see that no stone will be left upon stone.

If you see, in these times, that the planet expresses its rebellion, its agony and its pain, do not fear, this is the sign of the final time of the Armageddon, because, somehow, humanity must be purified of all it has done throughout the times. Everyone will receive what corresponds to them by Law, nothing will be out of place, although many put everything out of place and believe they will come out unaffected by the events of the planet.

I will remove the monarchy from this world, a corrupt and indivisible monarchy for those who believe they live it, because this human project is unique and will be fulfilled with those who, by faith, service and hope will repopulate the Earth with new attributes of evolution and love.

Because the Return of your Master will not only place in order the whole chaotic planetary situations of the peoples, nations and even of nature; the Return of your Master and Lord will be very similar to two thousand years ago, when I was able to be closer to Mine, to instruct them, to strengthen them, to ignite the flame of Christic fire in the human heart. This is what I most expect and this is what I most aspire to experience during My Return.

It will not only be a universal and planetary order, it will be the moment when I will invite you to physically board My Boat, so that you may know Who God is, because I will tell you so.

I only wish to have in My Arms those who have so much asked Me for this, in these times. I only wish to place My Hand upon the anguished, disturbed and desolated hearts, upon the hearts that lack peace, that have lost faith, that no longer believes in anything nor in anyone. 

My Love will transform the wounded hearts and re-establish union with the universe, of all those who lost it due to the injustice and shame of the men of this world, and even of My Church, because I will cause My Spiritual Church to spring up from the hearts of men and women of the Earth, of the children, of the youth and even of the elderly, and it will no longer be necessary for them to live bodily disease due to spiritual disease.

Hold on tightly to My Mantle and, in this way, I will not only protect you, but I will also sustain you with My Presence, which is the Presence of the Father, to go through, with courage and bravery, the end of these times.

From these oceans, I bless, renew and reconsecrate you to My Heart of Love so that the one thousand years of peace may be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Humanity must still learn how to search and find the Light, the true Light that comes from the Source and not from other places.

In this Light, you will find the synthesis of all Creation, the life of all the universe.

As long as you do not aspire toward this Light, evil will keep being active within humanity and in the nations. There is no other key for this time. You must only place your consciousness in the Divine Light because there all will be solved.

The souls of today move away from this Light, from the Light of the Source, and they seek other paths, they seek other experiences.

I need you to keep this in mind, at this moment, because the Light will always triumph.

The Light of God will lead you to peace, to the peace that you need, to the peace that many hearts do not have today due to different circumstances.

It is in this Divine Light where your consciousness must remain, as long as possible, even though you live material life.

Although you go through the experiences of life, the tests, the deserts, adversity and chaos, your consciousness must be merged into the Divine Light so that your inner faith may be nourished; and thus you can go through the end of these times.

In this way, you will understand why these times develop in this way.

In this way, you will know why humanity has moved away from the Law.

Being within this Divine Light is so simple and profound, but souls often do not do so, they rather seek their own fulfillment or even their own light.

Yes, God has left Light within everyone, but it is towards Him that you must go, and not towards yourselves.

Therefore, companions, do not be confused. Do not let yourselves be deceived at the end of this year, when many spiritual events are promised to humanity, which are the reflection of a fantasy, of an illusion and of adversity.

If you are in the Light, you will learn to be in the Law of the Hierarchy and you will not open the doors of your hearts to be invaded by ideals and spiritualities that are different from those of God, because the world is full of many gods, of many idols.

Your reference, companions, is only in the Lord, because His Light is eternal, It is invincible, It is unchangeable and It will never perish. In fact, the life of the world could perish, but the souls that are in the Lord and that seek this Light will never perish because their inner worlds will be nourished by faith, and faith will give them strength and provide them with understanding and science.

The world offers many options in this time of despair, in which souls seek solutions and seek to have many experiences in order to find a way out, a solution.

But everyone must live what corresponds to them, that which is written. And that which is written may change if their adherence to the Heights is always true and does not change due to other events, due to other options.

At this moment of humanity, the situation is dizzying, and it is quite definitive.

The moment will come and it will correspond to each one to know where they should place their consciousness, in which path they should insert their consciousness so that they may be truly led and guided.

Behind the stimuli that the world sends to the spirituality of this time, there are many intentions that are deeply unknown to you.

At this moment, your refuge is in prayer and in the active participation in prayerful life, to be in communion with Me and with the universe so that your lives may someday be a sacrament, a representation of the living Love of God, testifying through your redemption and your conversion.

You must only aspire for this and remain in the higher spheres of the Divine Light and not in others.

Your inner worlds do not wish for nor wait for your life experiences, the various stories that you can create along the path of spirituality that the world offers.

When I came here, to humanity, it was to found one path that is the Christic Path, a path of service and of selflessness, of simplicity and love.

If you leave these pillars and abandon them for other offers that the world makes you, what will be made of My Project in you and in your brothers and sisters? How many doors could you close to Me, preventing Me from continuing to work through your hearts and essences?

At each step that humanity takes, it falls towards the abysses of its own consciousness, and that is when the angels of God work most so as to be able to rescue souls from hell.

Today I speak especially to all those who follow My path, to all those who participate in this Work that I founded many years ago, and that I have waited for many years to reach here, to touch your consciousnesses so that you may live this moment with Me, this event that is preparatory for the Return of Christ.

I only need you to be within the constant void, because if you are not in the void, companions, in the void of experiences, I will not be able to give you My treasures. Because My treasures are spiritual and wait to be given so that souls may fulfill themselves in the Spirit of My Love and My Truth.

You must not let yourselves be deceived by all that the world offers you at this time.

You must not confuse your spirituality or the paths that, with effort, you try to build in order to come toward My Heart.

You could not imagine what it is that I feel when souls move away from Me.

In this time, I am trying to bring you the knowledge of the universe, true cosmic life, so that your gifts and virtues called lineages may awaken and be at the service that prepares the Return of your Master and Lord; because, companions, chaos keeps advancing throughout the world, in the nations, in the peoples, in those who suffer the most and have nothing.

If you place your consciousnesses on this level, you will understand how what you choose hurts My Heart, because you close a door to an opportunity of Mercy, which is necessary on the other side of the world.

The apostleship that I offer you is of fidelity, but it is also of demands, of loyalty, of sovereignty and transparency.

I do not expect that you will be perfect in three days; because your imperfection will be transformed when you love more than I loved the world, when you serve more than I served the world.

Your daily overcoming and transcendence will be the proof and the justification before My Celestial Father so that I return soon to the world and not continue on waiting.

I want you to take this Message as a reflection, as an opportunity to grow inwardly and not externally, of not letting yourselves be dragged by those spiritual forces that are against My Project and make of the world a scene of horrors and suffering.

I come to tell you this, refraining from saying what I must tell the world because it is the last time that I can do it, companions.

I need you to understand that My Call is not fleeting nor transitory, that My summoning is not a moment of emotion nor of fanaticism; because what I bring to the world is a truth, but it is also a commanding need that the New Christs may awaken.

My Words come to be able to purify you and so that within the purification you may find the Divine Light that I bring today from the Source, a Light that will always consecrate you, a Light that will always elevate you and allow you to be removed from this coordinate of chaos and adversity that is lived upon the surface of the Earth due to stepping out of the Law.

From the beginning, God promised eternal happiness to this race and yet it chose to live free will.

Do you now understand, companions, that you have been living in a parallel world since ancient times? That you live in an alternative time that is not real but rather created by yourselves?

But the Hierarchy will bring this Real Time so that, beyond that which is material,  you may see with your own eyes that which exists in the universe and the active life that is lived in the stars.

When that day comes, you will understand Creation and the meaning of this Human Project on the surface of the Earth, and you will realize how much time humanity has lost due to neglect and indifference.

Only allow the true Divine Light to awaken within you, and not the supposed light that the world offers to you in its spiritual inventions and or in its ideals.

God does not get entangled in these things, neither does the Law, let alone the Hierarchy.

The impulse of the Hierarchy is constant and eternal, it is rhythmic, it is dynamic, it is real, and it will always direct you so that you can take a new step and not stop, so that you do not become complacent, so that you do not become indifferent.

Do you perceive now what is real and what is unreal?

Your souls must not lose this opportunity, how much longer will you wait?

The step depends on you and not on the universe. The universe can always help you, give you an impulse and assist you, but the door to Christification is open to the brave, to those who say ‘yes.’

Be consequent with what We have given you and the Divine Light will not be lacking for you in your evolutionary path, because when the moment comes for the stimuli of the world and the offerings that humanity itself makes, you will realize that they are not real.

No one in this world understands what the alignment of the universe or of the planets means, or even the activities of the stars themselves.

The science of this Earth cannot understand this meaning, let alone those who do not know about science.

How is it possible for you to believe in something that they promise to you and that they do not know about?

Open your inner eyes, open your inner ears, open your hearts and live My Word, so that I am in you and you, someday, may be in the Father, as the Son is in the Father and the Holy Spirit is in the Son.

I leave you My Word as a balm of consciousness and of light for the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the solemnity of the consecration of new adorers, standing before the doors of the Celestial Church, in the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His holy angels, we will listen to the "Pater Noster" and join this angelic procession that descends from the Universe to the Earth, beside the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

We continue with an instrumental.

We salute Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and revere His Eucharistic Heart in union with all the adorers of the world who implore at this time for the Mercy of Our Lord for the whole world.

Today, within My Celestial Church, I have prepared a simple but profound ceremony, very significant for your lives at this crucial moment of humanity.

On this day, the center of the celebration in My Celestial Church is My Eucharistic Heart, so that It may be honored and adored, so that the Love of the Living God may be recognized and accepted by all the souls of the Earth, in order that through the Adoration they may achieve the spirit of redemption and elevation of the consciousness.

The great task of all the adorers of the world has just begun. Since the first day that the Corpus Christi was instituted up to the present, everything has been a preparation for this end time.

Each adorer commits to be a warden of My spiritual Relics, so that those Sacred Relics, which are born of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, may be available for all souls, and the merits of My Merciful Heart can be poured out in the world.

The Adoration that in this end time you will be able to offer Me will not only unite you with My Celestial Church, you will not only be able to continue doing it in silence to contemplate the silence of your Lord, but also, you will be able to know many more mysteries of My Heart, that have not yet been revealed to the world.

The Adoration that My Adorers can offer, in this end time, will be significant and important for Me, not only because of all that the Hierarchy has already said throughout the ages, but also because the great moment has arrived for your lives to be the eucharistic miracle of the Adoration. And those are not only words, they will be acts, it will be something more than a testimony and more that an experience or a spiritual practice, so that you may learn to support the end of times with Me.

The Adoration is a law instituted spontaneously in the beginning times of Christianity by the souls devoted to My Merciful Heart, by the first Christian communities that understood the occult meaning of the Presence of Christ on Earth, more than two thousand years ago.

Do you understand what it means that a Divine Law has been attracted from the Source by the souls of Earth? When souls on the Earth must live the Law, what is it that allows that spiritual and profoundly inner miracle? It is the Adoration, throughout the times and the generations.

The souls that adore in this time have already adored in other times. Through the deep connection with My Heart, they are not only wardens of the spiritual treasures of the Redeemer, but through the Adoration, their spiritual life is changed and redeemed, forgiven and absolved of the errors of the past.

In this end time, Adoration modifies the human genetics, transubstantiating and redeeming it in each practice of Adoration.

The science of the Earth could never explain this. But if souls in times past were capable of drawing to themselves the immutable Law of Adoration, what more could happen in this end time if more souls commit to truly adoring the relics of their Master and Lord through the Eucharist?

It is for this reason that I need your lives, in this end time, to be the eucharistic miracle itself through Adoration. 

It is something more than being in Adoration at My Eucharistic Heart; it is learning to penetrate the mystery of the non-material universe that presents itself in the science of the Eucharist through the intervention of Divine Laws, which allow Eucharistic miracles by means of the Holy Spirit.

The souls that will be consecrated today will not only be sealing a commitment to Me, outstanding and definite, but they will also be doing it for all the souls that do not adore Me and that do not love Me.

Today, the Celestial Church, through this special ceremony for the Adorers of Christ, is working with the indifference of humanity, with the omission of the Commands of Heaven.

Through Adoration, I will erect you as the new Tree of Life, and your lives will be able to express the Treasures of Christ, the fruits that come from gifts and virtues, and your task of Adoration will not be personal; it will be an essential task of your souls with Me, your commitment to Me, your transparency with Me.

In this way, I will be able to renew all things, just as I can renew all those who come, and who, at any level of consciousness, place themselves at My Feet to be torn apart by My Love.

The next step of each of your lives is to allow yourselves to be rent by My Love, from the inside out, so that all may be removed, so that the treasures of your Master and Lord, present in the Eucharist, enter into your consciousnesses so ta you may learn to be different consciousnesses, and thus live the Will.

In the Celestial Church, Adoration is permanent; it is an eternal state of awareness that the angels constantly venerate, so as to give tribute and honor to the merits that your Master and Lord achieved through His sorrowful Passion.

The power of the Eucharist is still unknown to humanity. Its power will come in the end of these times as a great visible sign in the skies. When your Master and Lord is returning, there will not only be signs in the sky but also in all Tabernacles of the Earth that have been correctly adored and revered by souls. I will demonstrate to the world that Christ is not a religion, It is a state of consciousness that belongs to the children of My Father, surpassing any religiosity or dogma.

In this moment of your lives, if you have correctly adored your Master and Lord in the Eucharist, you will be able to be the shrine itself. And in this way, in this time and at this hour that is approaching, the Law will be fulfilled.

In the Sacred Eucharist of the Celestial Church and in all the tabernacles of the Earth there are the five Powers of Christ: liberation, transfiguration, transubstantiation, redemption and Mercy.

In the Eucharist is the synthesis of My whole Life and experience with humanity; it is the testimony of the Presence of the Living God.

Now you know My five Powers, seek them, contemplate them, adore them, and you will achieve them

If souls knew what I left them through the institution of the Eucharist, humanity would already be different, and it would no longer be a debtor, but rather, worthy of all the Graces of Heaven.

Thus, each adorer repairs the offenses that your Master receives, amends the contrary actions that are committed by humanity, so that Supreme Grace may descend and hearts have an opportunity.

May the center of your lives from now on be this mystery.

There will never be a question without an answer; everything is in the Adoration, inside and outside of the consciousness.

Today, the Celestial Church offers a reparation for many souls for their indifference, outrages, and omissions of the Holy Eucharist, from religious life to ordinary life, and this is possible, although unknown, because of the offering of adoring souls.

But before blessing those who will offer themselves to support the planet with Me until the end of their lives, in this solemnity of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, through the Celestial Church, together with the angels of Heaven, we will bless the monstrances that were brought to this altar, so that they may serve not only for Adoration, but as inspiration, as fortitude, and as healing for souls.

Let us stand.

Let us accompany this blessing, in union with our Guardian Angels, solemnly intoning: "Kodoish."

We will wait for the angels to enter so that they may indicate the moment of the consecration.

Let us sing.

We breathe in.

Let us go back to the "Pater Noster."

Now our brother and sister postulants will make their inner offering to Our Lord, to consummate this consecration in the silence of the heart.

The Lord listens to you.

We receive this Grace by making the Sign of the Cross.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us request of Our Lord, for these brothers and sisters, the Grace of perseverance in this sacred task of adoring the Eucharistic Heart of Our Lord, for the peace and the good of humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen (in Portuguese).

You may go.

(The second group of postulants comes up).

Let us ask of Christ, for this task, the Grace of perseverance in this sacred practice of Adoration of His Eucharistic Body.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You may go in peace.

We return now to the instrumental of the beginning so that we may carry out this consecration. And in the same way that the adoring souls offer themselves to Our Lord, in constant union and love with Him, we will ask through the Celestial Church, in the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that His Eucharistic Heart, the powerful Monstrance of Light, wake up and inspire the souls that have not yet found Christ, so that they may feel His Love and His Mercy.

In this hour, we offer ourselves to the Celestial Church, just as we offer these elements of the altar, so that they may be blessed once again.

Let us place ourselves at the moment of the Last Supper, when through the elements, Jesus taught His apostles what He would live for us up to the top of Mount Calvary on the Cross.

That was how Jesus, after having blessed His companions, took the bread, lifted it up and thanked the Father for the sacrifice that He would live so that it could be transubstantiated into His Body. He broke it and offered it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
(in Portuguese)

The form of Light of the Eucharistic Body of Christ entered into His companions, just as today It will enter into us so that we may commune of His Peace.

He then took the Chalice and lifted it up, giving thanks so that it could be transubstantiated into His Blood. Then, with a Loving and Merciful look, He offered it to His apostles, saying to them: "Take and drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the eternal and new Covenant, which will be shed by your Redeemer for the forgiveness of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
(in Portuguese)

The Body and the Blood of Christ.

May those who avail themselves of this Sacrament for the redemption of humanity be happy.

Our Father (in Portuguese and in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word and I shall be healed.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee
the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ
present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth,
in reparation for the outrages,
sacrileges, and indifferences by which He is offended.
And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg the conversion of poor sinners.


For some seconds, let us adore the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, for the peace and the healing of humanity.

Celestial Father,
Who leads us all,
accept our offer of surrender to You.
Guide us through the path of Love
so that Your Will may be done.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We close this transmission by contemplating the Heart of Christ within us.

Thank you all. 


How to maintain peace and calm in times of chaos?

Do not look for perfect feelings and sensations, child, in the times of transition. What you should look for is to be in inner balance, sustained by your faith and the certainty of a new time, in the certainty that each test comes to purify humankind according to the Laws of God. And the only thing necessary to be done is to not lose sight of Love and the Divine Plan.

May your eyes be fixed on the Purpose of your Creator; may your consciousness always keep in mind the Cross of the Lord, because He is your model for going through the calvary of these times.

The fortitude of Christ was not in this world, rather only in the Heart of God. While His Mind, His Heart and His human Body endured, suffered and entered into profound sadness and pain, His Soul and His Spirit remained in the Heart of God, with His Eyes fixed on the Purpose of the Creator, which was the renewal of love and forgiveness, and the institution of Mercy and redemption through this love.

In these times of calvary, what you will see around you and within you will many times not allow you to be in peace and feel the calm that you used to feel. But do not cling to the feelings and sensations that you may experience with your body, mind and heart. Fix your consciousness, your soul and your spirit on God so that, beyond the circumstances of the Earth, your soul may be above the chaos, above the pain, the sorrows and the imbalances.

It will not be something easy to achieve, but for this, you were called, for this, you have felt so close to the Love of God, in a perfect union with the Son, just as He lived it with the Father.

Everything was given to you in order to get past the obstacles and to be within God. So do not look for perfect circumstances on Earth. Do not look for peace in your human aspects, but rather place your soul and your spirit in the Peace, the Grace and the Love of God and, in this way, He will triumph within you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today I pray that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may provide shelter to the lost souls that cannot find meaning within their lives, that are confused and do not know the reason for their existence, that do not know the Love and the Grace of God.

Today I pray that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may take in the fragile souls that struggle to be faithful and give way to the temptations of the world,  becoming lost in vices, which yield to chaos and evil.

I pray that the souls that cry out for help see the arms of the ever-Virgin Mother of God reaching out to the world. May you take those firm and delicate hands, which cross the universes and the Heavens, in the face of the Law of Justice, and they pour out Mercy upon the world.

I pray that the Immaculate Heart of Mary may be known, that souls may know how to revere the Love of a Mother that deters the Laws and the Anger of God, and cries out for Her most lost children.

In times of transition and definition, children, I pray that souls understand that the Love of the Virgin Mary goes beyond all human understanding. She takes even the most lost souls by the hand and leads them to the Son, Who leads them to God.

Know how to pray with the Most Holy Mary, not only for peace, but also for forgiveness, for hope, for the salvation of the greatest sinning souls, because it is She, children, Who cries out to the Firstborn to place His attention upon the water that must be transformed into wine; She is Who supports the cross of Her children, Who perseveres beyond sorrow, Who remains standing; it is She Who teaches you to serve in silence, to manifest and perpetuate the Plan of God, even when God seems to be absent. She teaches you to be in the Father, in all circumstances, making of your own lives the doorway to the Kingdom of God.

For this reason, I pray, so that today She not only be honored but, above all, you may live in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Wherever there may be a heart that prays sincerely, there God will be.

Wherever there may be a heart that steps out of itself to serve others, there God will be.

Wherever there may be a heart capable of freeing itself from its own will and aspirations to fulfill the Will and aspirations of the Celestial Father, there God will be.

Wherever there may be a heart capable of obeying higher designs and setting aside its own beliefs and ways of manifesting in life, there God will be.

Wherever there may be a heart that, in spite of its imperfections, loves its neighbor unconditionally and, above all things, the Creator, there, children, the Lord will live and dwell, will express and speak with humankind through His children.

Seek union with God in the small things; a union that must be constant, not only when you pray, but also when you live under His Laws and make of your lives a prayer.

Allow yourselves to be shaped and corrected, and do not fear suffering or loving, but rather, children, fear to be ignorant and blind to your own miseries.

Live in the Presence of the Lord, opening a space for Him in your lives, through the forgetting of self and the love for your neighbor. In this way, it will be Him, your Lord and Creator, Who will transform you and shape you according to His Will, silently, through each situation in your lives.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

To be in the Heart of the Hierarchy and remain there, you must, above all things, live unity. A unity that is built with transparency and with love; a unity that is built knowing to first listen, and then speak; a unity that is built by being capable of perceiving the real value of each being and how others are an indispensable piece in the Work that God is carrying out in the human consciousness.

To be in unity is to know how to relate to others, aware of the Divine Presence in this relationship; to know that, while you speak, think, feel, act, the Eyes of God are upon you, His Presence blesses you, His Laws guide you.

To consciously place oneself in the Presence of God, in each instant of life, will be that which will distance you from the stimuli of the enemy and stop the most human aspects of yourself from being that which governs your lives. In the Presence of God, those aspects will gradually transform and be sublimated, and it is your souls and your spirits that can guide the expression of your beings.

Being in the Presence of God, you will have your heart in His Kingdom, and that Kingdom will enfold you, protect you and always safeguard you. For this reason, children, this is the great secret for remaining upon the path of the Hierarchy: to always be in the Presence of God, under His Gaze and within His Heart. 

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


XIV - The Expression of God Within the Heart

A soul that loved God and His Plan, but that was full of themself and their own will, tried each day to empty their heart in order to live the Divine Laws. This soul was preparing themself for the critical times of the planet, in which they knew that only unconditional love and obedience would be the foundation for the transformation of the old human being into that one the Creator expected.

Praying one day to the Lord, and asking Him for guidance for the end of times, this soul said: "Lord, it is difficult for me to become empty of myself, of my ideas and concepts, of that which I believe to be correct and the best for You; it is difficult for me to silence my voice in order to hear Yours and trust when You become manifest through my brothers and sisters. Tell me, O God, what I can do to live in Your obedience to You, in Your Love and in trust, and to remain in Your Will for the times that will come."

And contemplating the sincerity of this soul,the Lord responded: "Little soul, I created you and I know your strength, a strength that must be surrendered in order to make room for My Power, which is still unknown to you, because you make more room in your heart for yourself than for Me. For each one of My children, I have inexhaustible gifts, the potential not only to lead a life on Earth with wisdom but to transform universes.

However, My children are imprisoned within themselves, within all that they have mistakenly conquered and learned throughout their evolution on Earth.

They have learned that to grow is to constantly affirm and re-affirm themselves in their own will, and they miss all the wonders and true gifts that I grant to those who are empty of self.

For this reason, little soul, recognizing your ignorance is the first step; silencing and refraining your impulses is the following step; in prayer, be observant of all of life´s gestures of life, and only give your opinion when it is requested. Before disagreeing with another's will, first, live in obedience. Do not want to place your will above those of others, without first accepting what they ask of you. I forge your consciousness and transform your human pride through those whom I sent so that they may serve with you. Therefore, practice unconditional obedience and expose your feelings only when they open the way to you.

Discover the flow of the laws and, while you do so, you will be within My Grace, and it will flow over you like a stream of wisdom when something is given to you to lead. Meanwhile, little soul, experience trust, obedience and love, and for you they will become a source of transformation and surrender. And you will reach Me and you will represent Me in the world and beyond it, for I will empty you of yourself and make of your heart My dwelling."

May this dialogue inspire you to live in obedience and love, so that you may make room for God to express Himself within your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



The only thing that God expects from you is that your life be permeated by transparency and truth.

That when you pray, you do so in truth, pronouncing each word with all your being and that, even though you do not understand the celestial mysteries and the Divine Laws that move within a sincere prayer, you simply do it because of knowing that the world needs it.

That when you sing, you do so in truth, emanating each note with the simple intention of praising God, as the angels and the archangels do, who do not sing for themselves nor for the harmony and the good feelings that are generated when singing, but simply because of knowing that singing opens the Portals of Heaven and draws the neediest creatures toward God.

That when you serve, you do so in truth, recognizing your limitations, but always willing to overcome limits, so that each day you may discover that you are capable of giving a little more of yourself and, in this way, in this constant overcoming, you may discover the true potential of the human being.

That when you strive to transform something, may your striving be real, and may the result of your transformation not matter but rather your true striving in the correct direction. If you do it in this way, it will be Divine Mercy Itself that will enter into you and transform that which seemed impossible to you. In this way, you will know what it is to be a child of Mercy and live in permanent Grace.

That when you look to the universe in search of your origin, you do so in truth, opening your consciousness to the unknown, and not limiting existence to your small human understanding. In this way, you will be allowing a sublime reality to be revealed to you and to the world.

Live each instant of your life inspired by truth, breaking away from lies and human illusion, consecrating your spirit, mind and heart with transparency, with striving, with valor and humility, always willing to move beyond obstacles and, at the same time, always open to receive the help that comes through many ways and forms sent by God.

If you did everything in truth, you would remain within Divine Truth and, even in a time of craziness and uncertainties for humanity, in which chaos permeates the world with clouds of confusion, while humankind is blind because of the darkness, your eyes will be beyond the clouds, seeing the sun that hides above the shadows, and knowing that light always remains far beyond that which seems to be darkness.

For this reason, child, keep your heart in truth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús for the 81st Marathon of the Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I have come in a moment when humanity is still hurt. I have come in a moment when everything seems to be lost, when the faith of many of my companions in the world weakens, in a moment when nothing makes sense. I have come at this important moment for humanity, although it is difficult for millions of souls in the world.

Through My Heart, I bring you the presence of the Heavens and the Universe so that you may notice and feel that I am here with you, even though the moment of My Return to the world has not come yet.

I bring you everything that each one of you needs at this moment. This is not material or even spiritual, it is something profoundly internal that is deposited in each one of your essences so that you learn, as I have said, to go through the end of these times. The peak has not yet come and you can see that.

It is time to follow, with much obedience, the divine Law, so that each one of your souls may be protected under the Love of God. It is time to multiply the love in the hearts that suffer the most because this is the scene of the end of times, humanity does not know how it will conduct itself. 

Because of this, I offer you, at this moment, the divine Laws of God, from the known Commandments of Moses to the new Commandments that I have brought to you through the years, which I call Beatitudes.

I need you to apply these rules in your lives because this way the essence of humanity will be protected, even if the majority do not do so and do not comply with this. In a small proportion of the human race, these rules and Commandments will be fulfilled and will push other hearts and lives to not only reach the beatitudes but to also persevere in faith and in trust in God.

If God were not with His eyes upon this planetary moment, he would not have sent His Son this afternoon. What sense would it make for this humanity?

The Love of God is above all things and all situations, the souls must turn to God at this time and this can not take long. Because it will be in this Love of the Father that your lives will be renewed and thus you will renew everyone around you.

What are you waiting for to do so? The door of the great summoning is still open so that the souls may be driven to live the apostolate of Christ at the end of these times, through the impulses and the gifts that the Holy Spirit brings.

Attention, companions, listen to what I am saying because they are not just a few more words. I need you to be aware that My task with you is coming to an end. And when this happens, you should give testimony and lead by example that I have been here, just as I am in each one of your hearts every time you allow Me to be so. Because that is where the truth will prevail, and the wisdom and the understanding that you need in these times.

Even if the planetary situation seems difficult or impossible to reverse, do not lose faith, renew your vows and commitments with the Eternal Father. He also has the Fountain of His Divine Mercy open, His Ocean of Love and Mercy is empty. Everyone is invited to submerge in this Ocean of Love, an immaterial and eternal Love.

Today I am at peace because of your response to this meeting of prayer, because you realized, by yourselves, that it is necessary to pray, pray and pray so that a new opportunity may descend to the world, beyond what the Earth and humanity must purify.

With everything you have learned from Me, companions, live your apostolate consciously, may it not be a theory, but a practice. May you be able to go beyond yourselves for humanity and the planet, may you make the Love of My Heart triumph in the world and upon those who suffer the most, in the great solitude of these times.  

I will always come to fill you with everything you need. My Love has no end or shape. Therefore, I am here, as a response to your commitment with Me, knowing that this is the time of the great decision.

Jesus has just opened the Book of the Wisdom of God and a very strong Light came out of this Book, where the Wills of God are written. Let us contemplate it and recognize it, to understand and comprehend why Jesus has brought it. 

The prophets and the great patriarchs knew something about this book which is in My Hands today, the Book of the Wisdom of God, that which humanity must achieve to realize that not only must it be redeemed, but also, it must reconcile with the Original Project that has created it. As long as this does not happen, there will be hard times. But they will not be times that last forever, because I will come, I will return and, within My Hands, I will bring this Sacred Book of God, just as the angels will bring the Ark of the Holy Covenant. 

The Great Revelation has not come to the world yet. My true Face was only known by a few of My Apostles and you know this. When My Face soon reveals itself to humanity, everything will happen. I do not speak of chaos, catastrophes or even of suffering, I speak of the great moment that each one of your lives will have before My Eternal and Cosmic Presence. 

Because at this moment and at this time, when each one of you will be before the Gaze of God, to give Him a definitive answer. And for a few seconds, the entire world will be aware of what they have done during their lives; the whole story of their incarnation will pass through their minds, they will recognize each one of the scenes, and they will be before their judgment. 

But at this moment, the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, will already be praying, not only for the whole world but for each one of Her children, under the authority that the Father has given Her as a Faithful Servant. She will send many of Her angels to inspire the souls and strengthen them in this decision. 

It will be at this time and this hour that God, before His Son returns to Earth in glory, will open the Book where the Will for this planet is written. For a moment humanity will be aware of it, but also of all its sins and mistakes made throughout times, as well as the aggressions toward the Kingdoms of Nature.

Many hearts will feel the cry of the center of the Earth. The depths will open and the hidden will be shown. And then, before this vision and this consciousness, God will show His Face to those who will know how to recognize it and love it, and before the archangels, their souls will be able to write within this Book the answer that God has so long awaited for. 

The world will seem lost because of its illusion. Hundreds of shooting stars, great consciousness of the Universe, will descend to the Earth, and everyone will recognize them, even if they do not know their origin. 

God, before His own Will and the culminating moment of the planet, which is not far away, will prostrate Himself so that the Source of the Supreme Divine Fountain may humbly grant a universal Grace to the planet and to all Creation, and everyone will hear within themselves the Echo of the Father. And even the most closed heart in the whole world or the biggest atheist of humanity will also hear this, because God will grant His last Grace for the souls, the hearts and the people,  so that they may reconsider their lives and surrender themselves, this will be the hour of My Return to the world. 

Everything that I give to you today are not only My last words, but also my last revelations, because there is still a part that humanity cannot know them. 

Treasure these moments. Honor these meetings, because you will need them.

God sends me to the world to raise it up. It is urgent and necessary so that the prophecy of conversion may be fulfilled. 

I come to ask you, once again, for the repairing Communion for each day of May, especially the spiritual Communion, so My last impulses and words may embrace more people throughout the world. There is still a part of humanity that must know that I am here to receive you, to hear you, to absolve you and to give you My Mercy, the one which will restore and heal your lives.

All the souls who have died, through this pandemic in these recent days, have found a place in the intermediate planes of consciousness, where they no longer suffer, because your prayers, on this day, have achieved Mercy for each one of them. 

Even the deepest Mercy of My Heart continues acting by means of the Easter that happened this year. And even though a few weeks have passed, the Source of My Mercy is open for souls to plunge into the ocean of My Love. We are in the time of the last reprieve, value it.

Let us celebrate this moment with the joy of finding the Truth, the Way and the Life. Let us offer this moment to repair the Heart of the Eternal Father, offering each one of the prayers and songs for this current planetary situation so that the Grace of healing and science may inspire the scientists and doctors in the world to find the answer for this situation.


We can bring the altar. 

"Lord and God of the Universe, Who listens to the prayers of Your children, who renews and consecrates the souls and the lives of people; serve Yourself, Eternal Father, of this moment, so Your fathomless Mercy and Love may descend to the most needed places of humanity. Amen".

May God grant the Grace, at this moment, of us deeply living this Sacrament, so that more Graces and impulses of Light arrive in all hearts through this offering of the repairing Communion and the spiritual Communion with our Lord.

We invite you to stand or kneel. 

May the legacy of Love, Eucharist and the Blood of Christ fill, as a balm of Light, humanity, and our planet. Amen. 

When I was gathered with the twelve, just as I am gathered with each one of you, beyond the distance, I make you unify to Me so that you may be unified to the Father and also to the Holy Spirit, Who works at this moment through its Gifts and Gratitude.

I took the bread, raised it, and gave thanks to the Father for what He was offering Me. Afterward I broke it and gave it to the apostles saying: Take it and eat of it, because this is My Body, which will be delivered by humankind for the forgiveness of sins".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless you.

I took the Chalice, and making the same offer from My Heart, I offered it to the Father so it could be transubstantiated. Then I offered It to the apostles saying: "Take it and drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be poured out by humankind for the forgiveness of sins. Do this is My memory".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

The Body and Blood of Christ.

Be happy, our Lord said, to those who are called to serve from the Lamb that was slain and resurrected to give you eternal life, life in abundance. 

Let us pray the prayer that Christ has taught us, to consummate this consecration.

Our Father

Our Father (we repeat in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth and may it be within each heart.

We announce Peace.

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word, and I shall be healed. 

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word, and I shall be healed. 

We repeat in English.

When I no longer come to the world to speak to you or instruct you, you will have My New Gospel to find comfort and strength, but especially, you will have My Body and My Blood, to feel Me, so that you can renew yourselves. 

In the Beatitude of the Grace of God, this afternoon, I bless all those who share this moment with Me, which I have engraved within My Heart, as a fire of love for each one of the brave and persevering hearts. I pour My trust upon them.

I bless you and I thank you. May peace be on Earth so that peace brings healing for all humanity. So be it, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We end this transmission thanking our Lord Jesus Christ and everyone who is present.

To end this transmission, let us give thanks:

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us. In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.



When hearts unite in a sincere clamor, they unite Heaven and Earth and, like a fountain of light, Grace and Divine Mercy descend, washing and purifying all that was dark, lost, separated from God and His Laws.

When humanity unites to manifest a Celestial Purpose and their hearts are truly in unity and love for God, all Creation contemplates the Earth because the Light of the Infinite, of the deepest Love of the Creator for life, emerges from His Sacred Heart and crosses the dimensions, reaching the Earth.

This is how not only sick bodies are healed but sick hearts, souls and spirits also receive healing.

Those who had their essences lost in the abysses of the world also receive help. Those who cried because they had no hope are relieved. Those who suffered from the injustices and imbalances of the world receive a ray of peace in the depths of their hearts.

Every time humanity prays more deeply, the deeper is the reach of the Grace and Mercy of the Creator; the deeper are the levels of the planetary consciousness where His Love can reach, because His children have opened the doors to Him, they have said yes to Him.

Prayer is the great door towards the redemption of the world, it is the path through which Divine Laws come to help this corrupt planet and make it return to the Thought of God.

The hearts of humanity do not know the power of prayer, but today I tell you, children: pray, and do not stop praying with sincerity and truth because this is how you will unite the times, heal the essences and walk along the path of return to God.

You have My blessing for this

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To understand and love the Justice of God, child, first you must open your heart to know God Himself -pure Love, Mercy and Compassion - Who with tenderness awaits the return of His children to the Celestial Source.

With your prayer, through your dialogue with the Creator, with meditation upon all the holy words that He has sent throughout the centuries, with the adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, with contemplation of His Sacred Face, with silence, with your own life, know God and deepen your contact with Him.

Seek to know who He is, so that you will then know that His Love exceeds all limits and even hides in justice and in the corrections that His Laws express in universal and planetary life.

Know God, and you will know that His Love, My child, is always present, is upon you through the fixed Eyes of God within your heart. Let this gaze protect you. You too will find the Sacred Face of your Creator and unite with Him through the gaze that finds His and transforms, merges, dissolves into this Divine Presence.

All this is achieved, not only with faith, but also with a constant striving, with an ever more inner, deeper surrender of the more hidden spaces of your consciousness.

Each day surrender more to God and you will know how much He also waits to surrender Himself to your heart.

The Love of God is a mirror that is reflected within you so that you go deeper, so that you learn to love. And the more you open to receive the Love of the Father, the more this Love expands and transforms you.

Ask for the Grace to know Him better, of providing more space for His expression, His Voice, His Life, His Love within you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Let your heart not fear the things of the world but rather fear to be distant from God.

It is up to you to follow the laws of Earth but also to announce Divine Laws to the world through your own life.

For this reason, pray, child, so that your heart may propagate peace rather than fear; let your heart be a fount of wisdom rather than of ignorance.

Let your soul radiate the love that you constantly receive toward the human consciousness, in this way, stopping the seed of fear and of mental and spiritual confusion that humanity enters into ever more deeply.

Contemplate the purification of the planet, just like your Lord contemplated Calvary, and know how to find an opportunity behind each test to unite with God, assert your faith and deepen your surrender, making the apparent human defeats the triumph of Love and of Divine Mercy.

Let this be a time for entering into your own heart and finding God. Remember that you are crossing the desert of Lent, where temptations come to be defeated; where your soul contemplates the steps of Calvary to prepare for the renewal of Easter; where the Christ within you is born, grows and matures; where love and truth gain space in your whole being.

Live, child, sustained by Truth rather than by ignorance; sustained by Divine Laws, with a foundation based upon wisdom rather than naivety.

Know that these are definitive times, times of surrender, times of the cross; but also know that the true meaning of the cross is the triumph of the Love of God rather than that of human suffering.

Establish your bases in love and be a victory of Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Kingdom of God begins to manifest on Earth through the hearts of humankind. Within them, they hold the perfect bridge to the Heart of the Father, the path for the expression of His attributes, virtues, gifts, universal and divine Laws.

Through the children of God, spiritually created in His likeness, His Kingdom becomes a reality upon Earth.

Way beyond the sublime dimensions and invisible realities that co-inhabit this world with humanity, children, you are the Kingdom of God upon Earth. Through your actions, thoughts and feelings, you create and recreate life.

When your spirits are aligned with Divine Purpose and can express peace, everything around you transforms.

When your hearts are aligned with God and can express love, the Plans of the Creator are realized.

Be aware that it is not enough that the Time of God is united with the time of this world. It is not enough to see with physical eyes that which was always invisible to you, because what is essential for the Kingdom of God to be expressed is that each being discovers themselves as a living part of this Kingdom.

The new life already exists. It is new because it is unknown to you, but it exists since the beginning and it is alive within each one of you.

My children, be the living Kingdom of God in this world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

DAILY MESSAGE OF SAINT JOSEPH, TRANSMITTED DURING THE journey from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina to Los Angeles, United States, TO THE VISIONARY SISTER LUCÍA DE JESÚS

God strengthens the hearts that respond to His call through tests and challenges, battles and difficulties, which forge fortitude and faith within.

It is in this way, children, that in the light of so many Graces received, the laws are balanced and those who receive everything from their Creator are called to give everything for Him.

God does not want to see you suffer, but He does need to allow the laws of this world to be fulfilled and that they guide you so that you may experience an ever deeper surrender of your lives.

In the face of the chaos of the world and the inner chaos, seek the spirit of peace and allow your consciousnesses to be focused outside of the dimensions of conflict that confuse the minds of humankind.

Through peace, your hearts, in times of such confusion and imbalance, will be able to attract Divine and Universal Laws and live the wisdom and discernment of the Spirit of God.

And so, children, do not forget to understand that the laws are fulfilled and all abundant Grace is balanced with sacrifice.

However, in difficulties, you can choose how to experience them. You can be in peace and united with the Divine Consciousness, and, in this way, not only keep your own consciousness in God, but also provide a service for this world that is confused and lacking balance and harmony.

I bless you. I place you under the protection and the peace of My Chaste Heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Cross and the Sword

It is in this time that there are children of Mine who fight with the cross and others that fight with swords.

There are children that carry the cross of the world, while other children fight with their swords, generating world chaos.

Those children who fight with swords will receive the blow of the swords. Those who fight with the Cross, with intelligence, will receive the Grace of Peace.

Evil tries to awaken within the hearts of the innocent ones and lead them into the rebellion and protests of these times.

There is indignation in all that there is to see and experience in the nations of the world, but My Son has told you once that the one who fights by the sword will be wounded by the sword.

There must not be opposition or confrontation in these times. My enemy wants to generate the most severe and saddest war in the heart of humanity, but you must have the prayer of the heart as a defense weapon so that the light of Grace may descend upon all events.

This is the time in which everyone will be able to build their own strength based upon the values of faith, solidarity and good; of ones own contact with the Divine Laws, beyond the laws that human beings impose, which are not clean laws.

I call you to fight by means of the Cross of My Son, so that His Blood that was shed may have the value and the power that everyone should give to it. A Blood that was shed to justify your errors, the errors of all generations, all cultures, all religions, the errors of all times.

If you value the powerful Cross of Christ, the human consciousness will allow for its expansion and will, someday, recognize that the way out is not in the fight, the way out to find true justice, because the justice of the Earth is also corrupt due to the lack of transparency and compassion.

There is no other way than the one that My Son has taught you, even while seeing, day by day, the conflicts of the nations and the events that are created, always by the same ones, in order to disrupt the planetary psyche and the emotional plane of the people.

This is the time for each one to live the Cross, the Cross of spiritual and material freedom that Christ attained for each one of His companions and for each one of His enemies.

Receive this Cross instead of the swords so that the essence of peace and love may build, among beings, that which up to now was inwardly destroyed, due to the absence of compassion, understanding and consideration.

The Cross will no longer be heavy for you. The Cross of Christ will bring you the Light of truth and the meeting with universal Peace, a Peace that will awaken confidence in you and, above all, awaken wisdom for you to be able to act according to the principles of Christic Love, a Love that in this time will protect and conduct you to the Promised Land.

I thank you for responding to My call, to the call for praying for Peace in the Nations.

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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