Thursday, November 3 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy
O My Jesus
O my Jesus, forgive us our sins,
save us from the fires of hell,
lead all souls to Heaven,
 especially those in most need of your mercy.   
 (three times)



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And you will see the Light come on the worst night of the world, when all seems to be lost.

The Light will come to the world to save it, to redeem it, and, thus, rescue it.

This Light will bring understanding and wisdom, it will re-establish the Laws upon the planet, guide lost hearts so that all, absolutely all, may have the Grace of again finding the Promised Land.

But this is still to be done, because the nations of the world, that is, the peoples, have made their decisions about the steps to take, decisions that are not united to God, in many cases.

Therefore, I will come as this Light on the darkest night of the world to bring to consciousnesses the re-establishment of Love and Peace, of the power that God has given me from the beginning through His Mercy and His Compassion.

I come with this Message and at this hour to prepare you. I cannot tell you more than this today, companions, because in these definitive times nations and peoples make their decisions, and this does not correspond to God, but to the choice of souls, choices that are conscious before the universe and that, sooner or later, have repercussions in all of humanity.

Therefore, in this Marathon of Divine Mercy, I call on you, more than ever, to retreat, to silence your minds and ideas, to silence your words and to consciously enter the universe of prayer so that the Law of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy may work in this world and, even more, dissolve the events that are approaching in the next cycle.

Therefore, you must be quite strengthened and, through this spiritual retreat that I offer you, your souls will have the chance to consciously prepare for what will come.

You must consciously strengthen yourselves, seek, more than ever, an alliance with God, position yourselves every day before the Flame of Divine Purpose and ask yourselves:

What am I doing?

Do I collaborate with the Plan?

Do I work for peace and for the good?

Am I aware of all that I receive from the Universe?

Do I consciously respond to all that I have received as Grace?

In this Marathon of Divine Mercy, My dear companions, you should reformulate the attitude of your lives through these questions because sooner or later, to each one of you, the moment will come to take the great and final step so that the indifference, meanness and even ignorance of this humanity may be dissolved once and for all, through conscious and awakened beings that understand internally and beyond material life, in other words, participate and respond to the Plan of God.

Therefore, I ask you to pray for those who will not take the step. Do not wait for humanity to be consistent with the Divine Plan, do not delude yourselves nor have expectations. Do not seek fulfillment in the material life. Seek fulfillment along the spiritual path so that your souls may be within the Christic pathway, awakening gifts and virtues, the sacred impulses that Christ will send to all His apostles of the final times.

Therefore, take an immediate attitude, a consequent and responsible attitude, which may give signs of understanding and not of incoherence, of a spiritual maturity that the Hierarchy needs from everyone, knowing that the world is fully suffering and that few are the Islands of Salvation on the surface of the Earth.

Therefore, decide, once and for all, to no longer burden the Spiritual Hierarchy, but rather may your lives be a living solution for what the Plan needs to concretize and carry out.

Therefore, plan your lives according to the Plan of the Hierarchy. While you maintain the Plan of the Hierarchy in a secondary way, you will not understand it and you will have great difficulties to live it and carry it out.

Therefore, resize your priorities, and thus begin to resize your attitudes and all your preferences, because the great dark night will come to the world and not many years will pass before this happens.

Today, with My Gaze toward the ground, with My Face toward God, with My Spirit in retreat, I make you understand and feel the seriousness of these times, because today My heart cannot be ablaze. Many are the sins and faults of the world. Great is My Mercy for souls and few are those who decide to live it.

My Life on this planet had a great significance. In these times, value the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, so that the souls that have condemned themselves may have the opportunity of redemption.

Do you now understand, My companions, the moment and step you are being called to live? The school has changed, did you notice that? Did you understand that? Are you living it?

The Hierarchy will not stop. Many are the challenges in the end of these times, great are the sufferings that exist in this humanity.

Who will appease all the pains of the world, together with Christ Jesus, through a life of surrender and love?

I come to make you mature as My apostles, and this is no longer just words. I need it to be a reality within you. I need instruments of peace and good, because few are the good instruments that I have upon the surface of the Earth.

Do not allow the Fount of My Divine Mercy to close. Do not allow the world to parade Divine Justice, because it does not know it. Great is the ignorance of humanity, and great is the suffering of many hearts. There is still a lot to do for this world and this humanity.

Who will take the Sacred Crown from My Hands, the Crown of Thorns of Jesus, and make it a part of their consciousness, to mature in these times with Me and live the true planetary task that the Father calls on you to live?

Think for a moment about all that I Am telling you.

The world seeks to live in uncertain doors, to submerge in the ocean of illusion and even forget God. This is why, more than ever, beginning with yourselves, you must reformulate your lives, you must define the path to go by.

My Heart is always open for all, for those who seek peace.

May this meeting be a moment of reflection, rather than just one more Message. May it be the spiritual basis that all need in order to take the step, because I offer Myself to the Father for you once again, so that you may be instruments of My Mercy, peace-bringers of Christ the Redeemer.

Lastly, I would like to tell you that there is no longer time. You must strengthen yourselves in Me, regardless of what may happen or of what you may see. Your hope must not be emotional, it must be strengthened in Me through the Fire of Love that I offer to you, to someday make you free from yourselves and from the wickedness of the world.

I thank you for listening to Me and for being conscious of all this. Receive in your hands and, above all, in your hearts, the keys that I give you for this planetary transition so that, more each day, you may be more mature in Christ, because it is necessary and urgent.

Do not allow the pillars of the Work of God to disappear from the surface of the Earth.

I promised you to return to the world and I will do so. This is why I prepare you for this great moment, so that you may cross the dark night and find My Light in the abyss, the Eternal Light of God’s Love, which does not change, does not transfer, but rather multiplies in Grace, Unity and Wisdom in all souls.

Do not forget that I Am thirsty. Quench My thirst in this Marathon.

Now, the moment has come for Me to truly see you gathered and united in the Purpose, in spite of the distances and the events.

This is the hour of your great test, for you to be with Me or not to be with Me. Today, this is My Truth for those who aspire to live the Christic school, even if they do not understand it, although they accept it.

I give you My Peace and, through My prayer. I bless you in the next prayerful journey of Mercy. Do not forget My Words, through them I left you the next step, the next path to go by.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.