Wednesday, March 11 of 2020

Daily messages

Worldwide Communication to all the Followers of the Redeeming Work of Christ on Earth


Responding to:

  • the celestial decisions of the Eternal Father and trusting absolutely in His Universal Divine Will
  • due to the harmful effects on humanity for the end of these Times
  • as an unrestricted compliance with the Universal Laws and as a consequence of the laws of the Earth and all its nature
  • as a scenario of the planetary Armageddon and for the common and spiritual good of all souls

In the Name of God, I declare the temporary suspension of the great and last event called "Sacred Week" so as to avoid humanitarian complications and, above all, complications of the order of the law of the Earth for those who prepare this event with so much love.

Therefore, in absolute obedience and resignation to the Divine Father, I invite you to follow this decision in trust and adherence, a decision that is part of a preventive and planetary measure that includes this Work and all its participants.

It is also to avoid disobedience and judicial and health outcomes that could compromise the continuity of the Community of Figueira.

So that the last events of the Sacred Hearts may be carried forward, I invite you to place your minds and hearts in God and humbly fulfill that which the nations and international health organizations dictate.

This decision is a divine strategy that will try to tear out the root that globally generated this paranoid global situation worldwide.

For this reason, the event of the Sacred Week will be postponed until the month of August, when the Spiritual Hierarchy will have a clearer vision of the possibilities.

I know that many of those who keep faith in My Messages have already scheduled their trips to this Sacred Meeting; I want each one of them to know that the Sacred Week will be postponed and it will be carried out in the month of August when a greater global diffusion of it will have been achieved.

I only ask you to trust and to understand that, above any humanitarian situation, the Hierarchy is protecting you and teaching you to comply with the Law of God.

All the meetings of the month of April will be retransmittions, except the vigils of prayer, which are very import events of planetary intervention, as well as the novena of preparation for the Sacred Week.

During the month of April of 2020, the meetings of the Sacred Week of 2019 will be transmitted. In this way, and from wherever you are, you will be invited to relive the passion of Your Master and Lord.

All these preventive measures will also protect you from being kept isolated for some reason and from not being able to return to your nations of origin. Before this happens, I invite you to withdraw and pray because the long days of darkness are coming for the whole world.

I bless you all and tell you to prepare for the month of August when we will together  live the last Sacred Week.

I thank you for adhering to My Plan of love.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus