Saturday, February 3 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Children of My Father, I come here so that, through your sincere prayers, I may meditate upon the next steps of My Plan for this entire world.

This is why I have decided to be here so that, together with Me and through your prayers, you may prepare the important task of the Lord in the next Sacred Week.

I want you to know that here will be the last Sacred Week, at this sacred place, which has opened its doors to Me so that the Master could announce His Words.

For this reason, companions, all, absolutely all that you have lived with Me throughout the times is taken into account in the Kingdom of the Heavens, and especially at this important moment, when at the doors of Lent, souls are called to faithfully do penance, to meditate on each one of their acts, to repair each one of the wounds that have been caused.

In this next Lent, souls are called to surrender at the Feet of the Lord, so that your Master and Lord may have the authority to intercede for this world, which needs it so much and so urgently.

This is why, through the next Marathon of Divine Mercy, I would like you to keep very much in mind this Message of Mine. Because in this way, consciously and united to My Sacred Heart, you will be able to help your Master to bring back the fiery bases of Heaven that will re-found the planet, and correct the Human Project after the time of purification.

I would like to feel, in each one of you, the expectation for the coming of the Lord, throughout all these meetings that you will have with Me. Because I have told you once that My task is coming to an end in the Time of the Lord.

Therefore, do not miss any opportunity and moment. Because in the end of times you will have to render an account of all that you have received, each one of the gifts and virtues that I deposited in you. Because although this may seem to you an unknown mystery, your souls do know what these gifts and virtues are.

Because this is what I come to seek in the last apostles so that, with each passing day, you may learn to live My Will, learn to fulfill My Will and learn to concretize it.

In this Lent, which is drawing near, a preamble to the next Sacred Week, I invite you to meditate and in truth ask yourselves a question:

What is the Will of the Lord for my life?

Listen to your hearts, and you will obtain the answer. Pray and ask the Heavens, because everything awaits in the Kingdom of the Heavens to descend upon your lives and consciousnesses.

What would the Will of the Lord be in the time of the preparation for His Return to the world?

For I await this great moment, when the Lord of the Universe will put an end to wickedness in the world, closing the doors to evil and attracting to My Heart, a safe place for each being, all those who are lost and suffering in this humanity.

In this Marathon of Mercy, I would like you to assume, through your sincere prayer, one soul in the world who is in need of help, although you do not know them.

Pray, placing this intention during the days of the Marathon of Mercy, that those who have been oppressed and punished may have the opportunity and Grace to raise their heads and find a safe space of hope in this world.

In truth, I tell you that all the meetings of prayer would not be enough to amend the errors that the world commits today. But it is the sincere offerings of souls that prevent situations from worsening in humanity and in the nations. Have this very much in mind, companions.

Your voices should never tire of praying and supplicating, because the voice that prays and supplicates to God is a mirror of the Kingdom of the Heavens on Earth. This is what I  invite you to become: that you may be mirrors of God’s Love on Earth, free from the capital sins, free from all division or judgment, open of heart and mind to alleviate the suffering of those who truly suffer in these times.

This is the time of spiritual assistance to humanity, because while everything happens in the world, there are still projects and ideas that are contrary to the Father, which are executed in this humanity and mainly in the nations.

However, I do not call you to battle against evil. I call you to be a mirror of Love, because it is Love that dissolves evil and all injustice in the world. For the Love of God will always give you science and wisdom, even in the difficult moments of your lives and the lives of your brothers and sisters.

Because while I Am here, contemplating each one of your difficulties, which I neither judge nor condemn, the Lord of Mercy contemplates the great needs of humanity, which are many in this time.

Who will offer to help the Lord wherever and however necessary, to placate chaos in the world?

This is the time for you to be true warriors of the Light. In this way, I will avail Myself of your consciousnesses and souls, and be able to renew all things.

I want you to have these Words of Mine very much in mind, so that, when you pray in these coming days of meetings, you may try to internalize and receive in your hearts, the impulses that I leave for My last apostles.

Behold the Lord of Peace, who comes to a world in chaos and suffering, and seeks, in the good and consistent souls, the response to the Great Call of the end of times.

Therefore, remember once again: what is the Will of the Lord for my life? Ask your inner worlds, there is still a little time left.

Because you must know that, just as it is written, the time of Justice will be fulfilled in the world and, before this time comes, which is not far away, I would like more souls to have the great joy of redemption.  

Live these days with Me for all those who cannot live or experience them.

Live these days with Me for all those who are desperate and suffer, who are submerged and imprisoned in wars, persecution and death.

Live these days with Me for all those who do not have the Grace of being born and for all the children and youths who are prisoners of human trafficking.

Do you now understand the reasons for living these meetings with Me?

Thus, I invite you to come out of yourselves, so that you may give of yourselves, even for those who you do not know and who cry out for a drop of Light in the world, for a rain of hope, for a kingdom of peace that they do not have today.

May My Words make you sensitive. May My Word help you to give of yourselves, because the self-giving of souls is very vast, it is an infinite and unknown dimension, which all those who dare to serve Christ can live.

Service in the world is needed to placate the errors that are committed in humanity, so that the doors of Grace may not close, so that as many souls as possible may attain redemption.

As your Master and Friend, as your Lord, the Lord of Israel, who deeply knows the Project of His Father for all of this humanity, I come to ask you to meditate upon My Words, to submerge yourselves in My ocean of Instruction, so that you may be ready, available, surrendered to Me in the last times, the definitive times.

May the channel of Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, which souls will be able to open through their prayers on these days, radiate and permeate the spaces that are in darkness, not only within consciousnesses, but also outside of them.

May the Light of Mercy renew you, bring you peace and the hope of seeking a just and fraternal world. Let us pray for this.

Upon My dear and sacred Hill of Apparitions, I have left the Holy Grail, the spiritual teraphim that again united Heaven and Earth, souls and God, in the institution of the Sacred Eucharist.

Keep this Sacred Instrument very much in mind, precious Relic of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which, from South America, will be radiating to the world until the last day of the next Sacred Week, until the day of the Glory of the Lord, when the Christs of the New Time will be able to drink from this spiritual Chalice to live the same commitment lived by the holy apostles, that of being peace-makers on Earth.

I thank you for being here today and in advance I prepare you for the next Sacred Week.

Live Lent with an open heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.