Tuesday, February 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

I Am the Source of Light for the world after My Blessed Son.

I Am the incandescent Star of Bethlehem that lights with peace the heart and with light and love each soul.

I Am the Celestial Shield that protects the blessed children of God from all ambush.

I Am the Sun of the Universe that pours rays of conversion and redemption.

I Am the Spirit of Peace that traverses the continents in order to rekindle in the hearts the Love of God.

I Am the Sacred Mother of Trust because in My Immaculate Heart your life may rest and in My most holy fullness you will find the comfort that you seek so much; you will find in My silence the healing for your heart and the light that you need to dissolve your problems in peace.

Today I approach your heart and your life, so that you may open to Me the door of your interior and once again, before the Celestial Father, trust your life and your existence to the Sacred Universe.

I come lovingly to encounter you for this special Monthly Apparition, because twice My Maternal Consciousness will descend from the Portals of Heaven in order to solve worldly difficulties, to lift to the Kingdom of Christ many souls that are imprisoned and, primarily, I will descend in order to transmit My Maternal Love to all of those who have said yes to Me.

For this, I Am the Lady of Light, I Am the Woman covered by the Light of the Universal Sun, I Am the one who announces, through Her sweet stars of gold, a coming time of peace and of conversion.

But before, as I have promised before My Savior, the Almighty God, the Mother and Queen of Peace will traverse the greatest number of nations, to awaken in time those who sleep in the illusion and those who have become blind of spirit because of the modernities.

The Light of My Sacred Sword of Love will cut the roots of evil and impunity, the divine power of My Faith will illuminate in Supreme Light the path of all of those that call Me.

I Am the Lady of Eternal Light, I Am the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer.  I Am the Star that vigils day and night the steps of the self-convened.  My Powerful Heart will always be the relief for the sinners.  The Grace of My Spirit will be the water from the Source that will wash your stains.

I ask you, My dears and beloved ones: Surrender! Surrender! Surrender to the Love of My Heart! I do not want to harm you, I only hope that you accept Me as Your Mother; now and always I accomplish the eternal commitment of bringing you to Heaven.

And even though confusion and chaos are embracing the life of many, affirm your faith and do not believe what you live; you must believe in the life of the Great Spirit that accompanies you and protects you.

My feet will stomp on the head of the cunning serpent and My celestial glance will guide the steps of the servers.  A new time will shine in the interior of My children and the Supreme Forgiveness will be the cure for all evils.

When the time of Peace has come, the soldiers will lift the flags of Mercy and in love the Almighty will listen to your call and surrender.

I am among the most simple and meek, My Holy Universal Light comes to help all.

Trust what I say to you, I love you and I contemplate you in sacred devotion.

Thank you Venezuela for opening to Me the door to liberation!

Peace and Mercy for all!

Mary, Lady of Light