My children:

Pray, pray much so that in each moment of your day God may listen to you and thus, His Magnificent Spirit of Love may work through all creatures.

Dear children, pray, pray much so that your souls and the souls in the whole world may receive the comfort and mercy that they expect.

Pray, and do not tire of praying, because in prayer is found the strength and the loving dialogue of your hearts with God.

Pray, pray for the time of change that will come, so that each heart of this world may listen with humility to the loving requests of My Immaculate Heart.

Pray to open the Doors of the Heavens and so that the Angels may be be present with their love and service upon Earth, and so that this may allow the hearts of many consciousnesses to change. When you reach a harmonious and loving prayer, you will be treading the path toward the contemplation of the Most High, and your beings will be like sparks of light in the universe.

Pray for those who do not pray. Pray for those who do not love. Pray for all of humanity because the prayer of the heart will guide you as a Mother guides her little child.

Therefore, dear children, My Maternal and Devotional Heart is among you to teach you to walk upon the path of prayer and conversion.

Throughout these last months, you have come to know the Face of the Queen of Peace, the Mother of God, but still, My children, you must love daily prayer until your hearts recognize that the prayer of all groups will change the world.

In Lourdes, when I called for penance, I was calling the world toward reflection, toward the awakening of consciousness before actions.

In Fátima, I called the world to daily prayer so that souls would weave, by means of the rosary, a new network of peace and redemption that could help the world.

In Medjugorje, I called for fasting and prayer, just as in Aurora, where for five years now I have been asking humanity for a little more sacrifice and effort so that it can balance itself before the events that are outside the Law of God.


Blessed are those who live and proclaim My Faith because they will be called converted children of God.


I come this morning to announce to you that the Morning Star, the Mother of the Universe, announces the glorious coming of Her Favorite Son.

After the splendor of the Great Star of the Lady will come the Glory of the Son, as bright as the sun, to pour the Light over the consciousnesses in redemption.

For this moment your hearts must be open to the new time that the Morning Star will announce. Rejoice in My Glorified Heart so that My Holy Heart may be able to be visible as a sign before humanity.

Today I leave for you My Merciful Compassion because as humanity you will need to reconcile yourselves with the Most High Lord. The Father loves all of His Creatures but many of His children still do not love the One and Only God.

I Am present among you to be the bridge that may lead you through My Sacred Heart towards God the Father, towards His Kingdom of Love and of Unity.

Dear servers,

Never lose the aspiration of imitating My Path and of encouraging yourselves to consecrate your consciousnesses to My Divine and Sacred Heart. If you did like this you would relieve the sores that the actions of the world open in Me day by day. As the Redeemer I give you My loving absolution and My Peace for all.

Under the Infinite Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you, children, for lovingly receiving Me during this morning!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 


Children and companions of Mine:

I love the bravery of those pilgrims that with faith in the Higher and the heart surrendered to the Lord accomplish the celestial call of the Divine Mother from Heaven.

In this first special Apparition, together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I want to pour over you My Blessing; especially to all the pilgrims of My Holy Mother who, on this 25th day of February, in conditions of effort, prayer and sacrifice have corresponded to the divine call of Our Father.

Today I say to you My Companions, that the merciful rays that sprout from the Most Holy Heart of Jesus have been able to touch the heart and the essence of many souls that suffered agony in the hells of this world.

With this I want to say that the Merciful Christ embraced your sincere offer of prayer and of ascent to the Hill of Salta during these two past days, and the day of today has culminated with the divine accomplishment of the redeeming task of Christ before the souls in agony and perdition.

The Heavens, My children, will be touching with love your hearts, because I will pour My Graces over those who today, during the peregrination of the heart, gave Me an absolute yes. I share with your souls My Gratitude and Divine Graces, because you have received for this task the absolution of the possible offenses that wounded the Most Holy Heart of Christ.

Out of Love to the One and Only Father, the Divine Mercy is in this moment pouring itself victoriously not only over you but also over those who, condemned to hell and to purgatory, have received liberation and the tablet of salvation.

For this I say to all: “By their fruits you will know them and by them you will be saved, because they will be called servers of Christ…”.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed by My Restoring Love.

Thank you for answering and for listening to the divine call!

Christ Jesus


I want that My Heart be the shining sun in your hearts.

I want to satiate My thirst for good souls through your surrender to My Heart.

I want to be the star that guides you during the night.

I want to be the victory of the redeeming love in your lives.

Every day I aspire that you save for Me a special place in your lives so that the Shepherd may guide His sheep.

I want that you feed your spirit with good feelings and actions.

I want to make you distant from the temptations that the world offers, a world that promises illusions to My Children and that misleads them until it makes their hearts get distance from My Heart.

For this, as I have said to the Apostles, “wake up and pray with Me!” Today again I say it to My New Disciples. Who prays, vigils, but who vigils and prays with the heart will protect themself from the arts and from the mirages that are used by the cunning of the enemy.

But if you do not only vigil for yourselves, for your thoughts and attitudes, but also for those who still do not manage to vigil themselves, you will be serving in love all those who, for lack of consciousness, get distracted and fall into the traps of the enemy.

If you vigil, pray and serve you will be awakening in your beings the three aspects of My Lord that are named as the Holiest Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Father, as a gift, you will find in the permanent vigil, in attention to all that moves itself in the surroundings. The Son you will find in prayer, in the state of elevation of the word and of the sacred word which is what represents the prayer of the heart. And the Holy Spirit you will find through the service to your neighbors because the Holy Spirit of God manifests itself in the word for that which it has to express; in the thought for that which it has to discern and meditate, and in the action for that which it must do through the gift of science and of intelligence.

In this way you will find the true approximation to the Holy Trinity because even in the good works, in the warm and loving prayers, as in the vigil of walking towards the Divine Purpose, Father God presents Himself to all men and women through the hearts of His Beloved Children.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving the Holiest Trinity in the heart!

Christ Jesus.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.