Friday, February 17 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Today I invite you to remain in the sacred serenity of My Heart. For this, dear children, I want to teach you how to live in a serene and peaceful heart. The talent of serenity is necessary for the world because it harmonizes the other hearts.

Dear children, once you live the serenity of the heart through daily prayer, you will find peace in the soul. Serenity will lead you to recognize silence. Once you are in silence and in prayer the world will see itself favored, as silence will neutralize the constant noise in which humanity lives day by day.

For this reason, My dear ones, My Immaculate Heart wants to make known to you these talents that live inside the hearts of all humankind, but that the daily life of the world causes to be lost. I want to invite you to walk through this path, dear children, so that you may not waste time. When you are in prayer, it will strengthen you in the communion with My Son. This will allow you to be close to the sacred serenity that My Heart wants to teach you to live in the present.

When the majority of hearts live in serenity and in prayer, silence will penetrate the consciousness of the entire world and many will see that it is necessary to be silent and pray. So that the world may be relieved from suffering, all the hearts must give their time, dedicating it to prayer and to the union with the Heavens and with serenity, which will begin to express itself in the silence of the heart.

The Lord is calling you, not only to live eternally in the faith that Christ in His Mercy gives to you, but He also calls you to observe in the heart the awakening of serenity. In this way, the world will be able to reach peace in the heart, in life and in the families.

Everything begins in the union of each soul with prayer. It will take you towards My Son. In this way, dear children, the reality of the world will be able to be something else, when all unite to one another in fraternity. To initiate the path of serenity, first you must live in hope so that prayer may take you towards peace and silence.

It is time that your hearts speak through prayer so that silence may be established in each moment of life.

Let us pray for the world with a pure heart.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity