A Tribute to the Teacher of Love

My children,

It has been a year today since the soul of My son, José Trigueirinho, rose up to Heaven to continue his trajectory in precious schools of service and of expansion of consciousness.

After his departure, many events came forward, not only in the field of service, of instruction and of prayer, which Figueira itself was able to express, but also a great need for humanitarian help on worldwide and international levels appeared.

In this way, the Sacred Tree of Figueira, which was cared for, pruned and protected by My son, José Trigueirinho, during the last thirty years, launched new seeds of instruction and of service, which up to recent times continues to sprout and provide infinite opportunities to all those who may want to avail themselves of this Grace of living an absolute giving of self.

After thirty years, when the fertile soil of each heart and disciple was lovingly cared for by My son, José Trigueirinho, the time has come for the virtues and the talents to emerge, to be at the service of the Plan of God in order to alleviate all pain by means of love.

This is the time in which all the disciples of José Trigueirinho must take their places within the Plan and commit to the Heights, to support the Islands of Salvation that, with such love, My son José Trigueirinho protected and safeguarded with his humble consciousness.

This is the time for all members of the Light-Network, as good, dedicated and  tender servers, to take up the care, the safeguarding and the maintenance of the Light-Communities, and to be more present and active, knowing that the Communities and the Light-Nuclei will be sacred spaces for the receiving and welcoming of humanitarian situations. 

Now is the time to put into practice all of the legacy received and heard during the last thirty years. It is the time to bring continuity to the Work, that which the spiritual Hierarchy sowed through the Community of Figueira.

In this way, My children, you will make it possible for the Hierarchy, upon the surface of the Communities and in the Light-Nuclei, to have spaces lovingly consecrated and donated so that the Hierarchy can continue instructing and guiding souls, so that it may continue to sow seeds of light within hearts that are awakening to the great summoning.

Let us thank the Eternal Father for having sent a humble and serving Instructor to the world, who safeguarded and protected each of His children and disciples.

I thank you for having responded to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Without you having expected it, today I have come according to the expresed Will of My Father, to tell you that I will be returning to give you My daily spiritual impulses beginning today, March 20, 2019; numerically special for the Universe of God.

All of the Spiritual Hierarchy is attentive to the great spiritual and inner needs of humanity.

But in this cycle, in which My Word must be put into practice, I will impel you and guide you with new and precise instructions so that your inner worlds and your souls may feel guided.

For this reason, the Father has asked Me, by the infinite merits of My Passion, to offer My Divine Consciousness to those who will continue working daily for their transformation and redemption.

Thus, as from today on and for an undetermined period, I will be returning with all the Glory of God to accompany humanity in this critical and decisive time in which it is going through.

And I will specially come, at the request of My Mother, for those who deserve and cry out for the merits of My Divine Mercy.

I will come in this cycle to continue to reveal the Truth to you and, above all, to avoid the substitution of faith and Christian teachings with worldwide and religious idolatry and fanaticism.

During the next Sacred Week, I will sow the last seeds.

I thank you for keeping My impulses in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Divested of the world, walk with confidence towards the encounter with Christ and come before the Master with all of your flaws and imperfections, because he will do something with all of this and transform the sorrowful Earth.

Before the Lord of the Universe, yield and surrender into His Arms; thus, your mind will not wander, but rather will find the answer it needs to follow the steps of Christ.

Transform according to the times and the cycles. Do not try to resolve something that will take you months or years; just trust in the divine purpose that touches your heart.

Rebuild humanity with the ardent spirit of living in God and leave behind tepidness or the belief that you will not be able to respond.

Through your faith, overcome all barriers and transcend all cycles.

Just open up to know the seed of peace within you, which was once planted by Christ Himself.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part IV

Within the lands granted to the Center of Aurora, on the surface, in the areas of Redención 1 and of Redención 2, the system of cultivation must be expanded.

First, within the spaces that will be dedicated for this conclusion, a process of preparation of the land must be generated through a plan of agroforestry, a method of recovery and of increasing awareness about the care of the soil so that, in a true ecosystem, the water may find a channel and a way to nourish the land.

It is already time for the members of the Light-Community and the Monasteries, as well as the collaborators, to learn about the care of the soil and the preparation of the land for future cultivation.

In this sense, bringing in new knowledge and applying it to an awareness of group life, the role of the Light-Community, in its mission and purpose of self-sustainability, will expand and be strengthened.

Natural and organic cultivation within the Light-Communities will be the main basis for survival during the most critical cycle of the planet since 90% of humanity makes use of and digests toxic plant foods which, in current times, represent the reason for an 80% lack of health and low quality of life.

In Aurora, it will be necessary to organize a space and an infrastructure to keep a seed bank that can provide 95% of the living food which comes from vegetables and fruit trees.

In order for that aspiration of the Hierarchy to become a reality, amongst the residents, the consecrated and the collaborators, a group of support and work must be created to gradually bring this aspiration into materialization, term by term.

It is important that all members of the Light-Community and of the consecrated life of Aurora learn about the agroforestry system and about the cultivation since, at the end of times, it will be essential that any brother or sister know how to recognize the conditions of the soil in order to be able to sow and later to harvest.

Organic and non-genetically modified food is a mission of the Light-Communities in order to preserve not only a quality of life but also the natural principle through which foods were created.

Each region where there is a Light-Community must develop the system of cultivation and care for the soil, according to environmental and ecological factors.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages
Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The Return of the Mother of God 

Silent as the breeze and brighter than the Sun, the Mother of the Sun, the Morning Star will also return.

First, children, it will be My silence that will prepare your hearts and let you mature and live those experiences that confirm your spirits in adherence to the Plan of God.

Before everything happens and the triumph of God manifests, you will see within yourselves the fruits of the last years of Graces and of teachings, and the very expression of your lives will be the testimony of this Work and of the Divine Presence that has guided, led and instructed you for so many years.

The day will come when Our Sacred Hearts become silent, so that the prophets, the apostles, the saints and the Christs of the last days and of the new times may manifest themselves.

Our Hearts will become silent because it is part of the Plan of God that you can grow for yourselves and make the seeds of Grace and Love bear fruit.

Just as God became silent in the Heart of Christ for Him to manifest Love and Christification in His human Heart, so will God become silent in the hearts of those who listen and respond to His call today.

But this is not to punish you, My children, this is so that there may be born within you a unique love, which arises from the human potential when it faces a great need of love.

Before Our Hearts become silent, we will have given everything to humanity, and nothing will be lacking for you to fulfil the Plan of God.

The silence of God will have a time and during this time it will seem eternal and painful. You will look for the Father within and outside yourselves and you will seem not to find Him, even though He will always be there.

His silence is the symbol of the dark night that the whole planet will experience, because it is necessary.

There must be night so that the sun may rise again.

There must be darkness so that light may have meaning, and so that daytime can exist.

So children, do not fear, but have faith in the new promises of Christ and in the revelations of your Heavenly Mother.

When the night comes upon the world and silence and solitude take over the hearts of humankind, remember what I will now tell you: brighter than the Sun, a Star will be born in the firmament, which will be the announcement of the return of the day, of the physical and spiritual day, which will illuminate again the inside and the outside of beings.

This Star will bring with it a deep feeling of peace, of support and of hope; it will bring the relief that hearts need to go through the last and most intense moments of this dark night.

It will remain silent in the sky until the Sun can be born again, until the Son of Man has the permission of His Father to return to the world and, as the Great Farmer, to seek the fruits that were born in the hearts of beings, and multiply them.

The Morning Star, which announces the arrival of the Sun for this moment will remain silent. But, after everything is fulfilled, My Feet will also touch the Earth and, with My Son, I will come to concretize the Plan of God and reveal My true Face to you.

The mystery of My return, My children, is to finish uniting peoples, races and religions and to bring toward My Immaculate Heart those who through ignorance denied My universal Motherhood.

I will return to receive from My Son the most lost souls, I will wash them in the Fountains of Grace and lead them so that they may have a new destiny and may receive a new opportunity.

The return of the Mother of the World will happen to seal the union between Heaven and Earth, between the different Faces of God and His creatures.

And there, My children, will be revealed to you all the truths that are hidden today, because I will cause to reflect in the mirrors of your hearts the true story of Creation and only then, when everything is fulfilled, will you understand the true meaning of this experience on Earth.

From that moment, the Scepter of God will be placed upon Earth, and a new world and a new being will be established.

Feel the Grace of My words and awaken your faith in the new and eternal Prophecies of God, for they will be fulfilled as, from the beginning, all that the Creator said through the prophets was fulfilled.

I bless you and thank you for listening to My words and responding to My call!


You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I surrender My Heart for you to contemplate it.

I surrender My eyes for them to illuminate your paths.

I surrender My Life for the life of each one of you.

I surrender My Soul to intercede for the souls of each one of you, and I do not get tired doing it, because above all I love you as you really are and I do not love you neither for your appearance nor for your mistakes.

I have mercy for all those who ask for it to God and thus I can make each life a redeemed instrument in the Hands of God.

Therefore, I even surrender My Spirit and all My Divine Consciousness in a humble donation, to be able to teach My children that in love and for the divine Love all is possible.

Do not get tired until you live in the Fountain of this Love that restores everything, liberates everything, that forgives and transmutes everything.

I surrender My Divine Being for it to be the portal of the non-redeemed, for the seed of unity and of love among creatures to be born in you.

This is My mission in this world.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses and absolves you by the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children, may this new cycle be the birth of new fruits in the consciousnesses of all, to see these fruits grow and mature over time, and from them, may new seeds emerge.

The fruits that were born in the consciousnesses represent the result of the action of grace in your lives. Until today, you have received much, as impulses, instructions, graces and blessings, so that with perseverance and inner peace, you may be prepared to go through the times that have come. 

This new cycle will be marked by the birth and maturing of these fruits, for which each one must be responsible. This means, children, that you must care for the garden of consciousness with your own hands and prepare, for the new time, the seeds that you will plant in the soil of the Earth.

This cycle will demand more effort and dedication from each one of you for your own maturation. It will be the moment in which the consciousness must be confirmed on this path and make its own personal effort to remain on it.

Up until now, we have been supporting and giving impulses to many of those who committed themselves to Christ, but who had still not matured, within themselves, their own potential to take steps in their evolution and stand on their own feet, in their own inner fortitude.

Therefore, the time has come for disciples to recognize the truth about themselves in every sense: may you face that which must be transformed and sustain yourselves through your own potential for inner maturation. It will be a transition between spiritual adolescence and adult life when the consciousness becomes responsible for itself.

Those that will wake up at the last minute will also be led - by grace - to take their own steps and enter the same cycles of those who, for some time, have walked on the evolutionary path. I speak to you of an inner maturity, in the consciousness, and not in the material bodies, because matter will always need to be trained to express its inner world.

Children, care for this cycle as if it were the last, taking advantage of each day and each instant to find the Truth and express it. May the conscious effort of all to be more and more in the Divine Purpose be permanent. 

After this cycle, in the cycles to come, it will be time to put into practice what you have learned, for the currents that will descend on the planet will no longer wait for you to be ready for them to act upon the planetary consciousness. These currents will sweep away those who are tepid of heart, undecided and outside the Greater Purpose.

May this cycle be marked by the effort of each being. May all assume their posts, and just like a young person leaves their home to take up their own life, may each one take up their own transformation, their own surrender, the building of that which you truly hope to be able to offer to Christ one day.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To all the youth gathered for the first time at the Youth Festival for Peace:

Praised be Christ, dear children!

After the last months of preparation and of having faced tests and challenges, finally, My request is fulfilled and a new phase in the planetary rescue will be accomplished through the integration of the youngest ones within My Campaign for Peace.

I would like, My children, to thank the unconditional support of Association Mary for having opened the doors to the youth and, mainly because some consecrated ones offered to fraternally collaborate in the awakening and in the maturation of the consciousness of the young founders of this spiritual impulse that is being born concretely today for everyone.

Many of the youth present today in Florianópolis, as well as the youths from different Light-Communities, will be able to create this bond of fraternity and service with the Higher Plan of the Celestial Father.

Thus, dear children, this first meeting is the redeemed seed of light that is just sprouting and showing all its potential.

On this day on which there must be joy, love among brothers and sisters and enthusiasm for complying, I invite you to give the best of yourselves and a little more, so that, willing to learn, you may come to know your inner virtues and discover that everything is possible by willing and serving.

This first Youth Festival for Peace has been considered by the Hierarchy as preparation and, at the same time, as a spiritual and material decoupling of all the human ties that My adversary creates among good souls.

This first impulse of the Festival in Florianópolis promises to be the incipient cycle in which new doors will open for the youth that wants to assume its mission for the end of times.

Therefore, you must sustain this first impulse of the Festival until the next six months come to an end, when in the month of January of 2017, the second Youth Festival for peace will bring twice as many people as there are present today.

I invite all the founding youth to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy does, in a cyclic and paused form, so that the true fruits may be able to emerge and mature through the task.

The next six months will be, among prayer, service and diffusion, the preparation for the second Youth Festival for Peace, which will have more social and public importance,as its spirit is, through music, art and the elevation of consciousness through service to the Kingdoms of Nature, to separate from vices all the youths who are submerged in them.

Be aware that, in the meeting of today, My Heart will be with each youth, hoping that the seeds of love and peace may sprout in each being that is present there.

I thank you for responding to My call!

United to each young heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


From the invisible levels of the Earth emerges all darkness that has been hidden. The souls that have been in pain and suffering for many centuries raise their arms asking for the light and forgiveness of God. Evil no longer hides its actions because Good is also expanding and announcing its triumph.

It is a great battle between the duality of this world, because the time of definition has come for the entire human race; it is time to live the absolute unity with God or be taken to primary scales of evolution, to start over.

In many parts of the world, the Sun seems to be hidden by the clouds of pain and suffering.

In the East, what was once a sea of graces, has become a sea of terror and despair through the indifference of humankind. But that does not mean, My children, that My Heart will not triumph.

In the heart of the Americas, the light begins to expand and the Sun of a new time arises, as the Aurora of dawn. The fire that emanates its cosmic light comes from the love of awakened hearts.

Human beings are discovering their likeness to God through prayer, and the truth descends on Earth with the same power of Mercy emanated a long time ago by My Son on His Cross.

To all who hear Me, I will say not to fear but to feel in your lives the triumph of My Heart. My mantle expands beyond the continents and I grow the seed of new life that I have planted in the Americas in the hearts of all those who, anywhere in the world, accept to respond to My call.

There will be no tribulation to knock down My soldiers, because they will be sustained by the strength of My maternal and infinite Love. Not even the greatest of beasts that rises against My little ones will make them falter, because the truth impressed in their pure hearts will bring them the certainty that reality dwells only in the light and consciousness of God, and all that is outside of Him is part of an ancient illusion, which ties consciousnesses to the damnations this world.

Children, even though the darkness that emerges in and outside of you, and in many parts of the world, seems to be infinite, do not fear and remember My words when I tell you that the potential of the Sun of God in your hearts will defeat any night and any darkness. The darkest night announces the clarity of a day of renewal and Graces.

For a thousand years of peace to happen, there must be in each heart and each  consciousness the choice to live love and unity with God.

Once the seed of love is planted in the consciousness of all those who have made a commitment with My Son, it will be enough for the triumph of the Creator because Christification will only fully flourish in an entire race, when light prevails on Earth and - consecrated with another name - enters the new time, the real time.

Little by little the veils fall from the eyes of My children and everything that has been kept in holy books as tales and illusions will take their place in truth, and will depose the reign of indifference and numbness.

Beloved children, despite the terror that you see in many parts of the world, I want your hearts to never lose the certainty of the triumph of My Heart, because just as purification has begun suddenly and unexpectedly for many, the light will  also emerge suddenly and be consolidated in the consciousness, without you realizing it.

Pray with the heart and when you least expect it, My Son – who reigns in the universes –will reingn in each particle of your being and will begin to build, within each one of you, the New Jerusalem, the race of the redeemed by Christ.

I love you and leave you My Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the souls in the world get lost I make them find the path towards God through My Love. Redemption establishes itself in the hearts that ask for My help and also in the hearts that ask for their brothers and sisters so that My Plan of Peace can be established in humanity; thus I close the door to My adversary, who corrodes the souls spiritually, places obstacles in their lives, and leads them to perdition, mainly, to the absence of love.

I have come here, dear children, to meet you under the Unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Trinity has sent Me in this cycle and in these times to prepare you for what is going to come. I need that your hearts establish My reign in this world. I need you to fulfill with Me the Plan of peace that the Lord so much awaits.

The world is still deaf and blind, but your hearts are open for Me, and you, dear children, know that it is so and that I need your hearts to fulfill My designs without caring for how you are like and how imperfect you are before the eyes of the Universe.

I do not come here to search for your indignation, your indifference or omission. I come to search in you for what really exists in the depth of your beings and that is called God; it is in this God that you must live in this time for all those who do not live it. And remember God, dear children, each new morning in which you wake up, because God is forgotten in this time by the hearts that have not understood Him nor accepted His Will that is not the inferior human will.

I need to set up here, dear children, a Kingdom that would be impossible to be established in these times, but that is possible when your hearts open themselves to hear My call each time that I announce it to the world.

I have come to Cataluña to bring you the mystery of My Love, as I have already brought it once when I previously met you in this same city to renew the vows before the Celestial Father. And I would like, dear children, that at this time you strengthened these vows, not only for yourselves but for your brothers and sisters that are on this path and also for those who are not and have forgotten God, the Father of Love and Unity. If love and unity live among you, and you work for this love and for this unity, My Plan will triumph in this humanity.

It does not matter what happens around you, because I will be among you to impel you to walk and follow the steps of Christ, steps that at this time are offered to everyone to take for humanity and for the planet.

Dear children, you still do not know My profound pain for this race, for all the souls. You still do not know what it means to sustain the gravity of these times, and a race submerged in its ignorance and blindness.

As the Mother of Goodness and of Mercy, I open the doors for all those who do not deserve it, because the Christic seed is in you and in your brothers and sisters; a seed that will never disappear and that nobody will be able remove. It is the seed of unity and love that I come to water from time to time with My prayers, My words and My supplications for you before the Celestial Father. It is the seed that can never dry nor should get out of sight. It is the Christic seed that My adversary fears even not knowing it, because when it sprouts, flourishes and bears fruits, it is invincible.

Dear children, today I come to make you recognize your filiation with the Celestial Father, a filiation that is unique for each one of you, it is precious and also mysterious for many. Consider yourselves worthy children of God and the whole of humanity will be a worthy child of God for the steps you take in this time towards My Son, towards His Sacred Heart.

I do not come to ask you, dear children, for what you cannot give Me, but rather for what you really can donate Me with the heart, with your lives in each act of the day, in each example of charity and of goodness towards your fellow being. Thus, dear children, I invite you to share the miseries of the world and to support them with Me by prayer, service and sacrifice. I know that many fear sacrifice because they think they will suffer, but I do not come to bring you suffering, but the Peace of the Celestial Kingdom perpetually lived by angels and archangels in each moment of the Divine and Spiritual Universe. I open to you the doors towards the sacred knowledge that is called Celestial Universe.

I want you to be conscious, dear children, of this very important task of merging Heaven and Earth in one sole unity. Thus the doors of the hells of life will close and little by little the hearts will lose their ignorance, because the veils will fall from their consciousnesses and they will recognize that they have forgotten God and will encourage themselves to return to the path of My Son, that is the path of love and forgiveness.

Go ahead in spite of what happens and remember that I consider you My columns of light and peace in this unfaithful world. Make My Heart triumph in your lives and live it fully, because the time has already come and it is time to fight for this Plan of peace in the world, a world that each one builds day by day with their attitude, their thought, their feeling and their prayer.

United with you and together with each one of your spirits My Plan triumphs, and My adversary loses the war that he wants to fight so much. It is already time, dear children, for you to be bearers of My Peace and that you transmit it to the world, this is My main task with you in these times.

Now place in My Merciful and Immaculate Heart your intentions. I open My Heart of Light for you to place your supplications, your invocations, your requests to the Great Universal Father who loves you profoundly and never forgets you. Deposit these intentions in the silence of your hearts.

Now extending My arms and approaching My hands towards you, dear children, I will pray for Spain shedding My Graces upon it:


Holy Father, Blow of Spirit,

Shed Your Light upon the consciousnesses,

May they never be discouraged from searching for You

May they be able to find Your Peace and Your Truth;

Strengthen each spark of Your Spirit

That has congregated around My Immaculate Heart

To revere Your Presence and Your legacy with all Creation.


Angels of Heaven, Higher Consciousnesses,

Guide the souls on the good path

And fill the emptiness of love that many feel in their hearts;

Shed the Divine Spirit of My Son

So that they can live in Your Sacred Heart

And be in this time as a star that, from the universe, lights everything.



I bless you, dear children, and I bless everything you have brought to My altar in reverence and love. I bless the union with My Son that you search for every day without forgetting Him, your Master, your true love. Bring Me here the offering of the Eucharist for My Angels to transubstantiate it into the real spiritual and divine matter that nourishes your spirits and consciousnesses.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children, 

I am also de Lady of the Garden, who, among flowers, herbs and plants, meditates upon the sacred Passion of the Lord.

I am the Mother of the Garden, who, after the Passion of the Christ, went to the places where Her Son suffered and passed through.

I am the Lady of the Garden, and, with My hands, I gather the ripe fruits that are ready to be offered to God and I watch and take care of the fruits that are still ripening.

In the garden of My Heart, all varieties of flowers are kept, herbs and plants, created to show to the world the beauty of God.

I am the Lady of the Garden, who contemplates with a sweet gaze all that was created and its grand beauty.

I am the Lady of the Garden, I am the one who waters with Grace all flowers, herbs and plants so that, nourished by My Love, they can grow strong and fulfill their missions.

I am the Lady of the Garden and I am also the Mother of the Sun, who illuminates all Her children with rays of Mercy.

I am the Lady of the Garden, the one who prays in silence for the seeds to sprout and flourish in the beauty of God's gardens.

I am the Lady and Guardian of all the gardens, and I ask My Angels from Heaven to protect with their wings all the small flowers that are growing at this time, I also ask for them to prune and restore the older trees, for them to be purified and yield new fruits, in praise to the Creator God.

I am the Lady of the Garden, and through My humble prayer, I make that which was once dead flourish.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guards the garden of the souls that unite to God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Garden


Dear servants of Christ,

Today I come to beg the world to help the souls of the little ones, of the children that are on Earth and cannot find a reason for their life.

I ask you to serve the children, not only with a plate of food, but also in union with their souls, help them find the evolutive path.

The degeneration of the current human consciousness is building a youth empty of God, and as a result, the children are walking the same path.

For this reason, I beg the most aware in this planetary cycle that you worry less about your own inner processes, and help more so that the Plan of God may be accomplished and, in this way, you find in the children a cradle for the seeds of the New Humanity.

Today I will ask you to take one more step and that you not only educate your children and family with love, but that you make it possible for other forgotten and solitary children to also be educated, for the building of a new future.

Teach the little ones to love the Kingdoms of Nature, to take care of them and about the importance of helping them in their evolution. Teach them the importance of sharing with the neighbor that which they need, be it something material or even an inner attribute of consciousness, such as meekness, charity, intelligence, joy. Let the children know to help one another and dispel competition and pride from their consciousnesses.

Dear ones, teach the little ones to pray; teach them the power of prayer and the grace it grants to those most in need in the four corners of the Earth.

Make the children aware of the planetary reality, from an early age, not to frighten them, but rather so that they know that prayer, service, love and unity among all creatures are the infallible remedies for the evils of the world.

The planetary purification is accelerating and the correct seed should be planted within the children, so that a redeemed world may blossom.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, father of all the children of the world 




Beloved children,

It is in the silence of the heart that you will hear My unmistakable voice.

It is in the silence of the heart that you will feel the Presence of Christ in this time, a time of tests for a humanity that will be purified, as is the Will of God the Father, the Eternal.

It is in the silence of the heart that I will leave the seeds of My Purity, of My Love and of the Forgiveness of God for all peoples; so that there they may germinate, grow, blossom and bear the fruits that the New Humanity will express on the New Earth, the paradise promised to the just, the faithful, the pure of heart.

It is in the silence of the heart that creatures will find God, to revere Him, to reconcile their spirits with His loving Heart of Light, Mercy, Love and Pity.

It is in the silence of the heart where creatures will find the Will of the Father and will discover what their true paths are, the ones the loving God charted so that His children could travel them in peace and joy.

It is in the silence of the heart that the children of the Most High will learn the art of loving and serving their neighbor, where they will experience the school of compassion, a step that will take them to the love taught by Christ on the Cross.

It is in the silence of the heart that humanity will find the lost hope, the love God placed in each essence, an essence that today is drowning in a solid box of stone, closed with infinite keys, without air and without light.

It is in the silence of the heart that you will find Me, beloved children, because I have the key that opens all doors; the door to redemption, to healing, to reconciliation among peoples, the door to love that forgives everything and rebuilds everything, the door to pity that will come through the selflessness of a service rendered without personal interests.

It is in the silence of the heart, My beloved ones, that you will find the great Peace that I bring to the world and place in each of you, so that you may experience this peace in your lives. And if there is no silence in the heart, because unease reigns in your beings, pray with Me, so that the codes of light of the blessed prayer may reach your hearts, and, like a balm, that blessed prayer may take away the pain, like a fresh breeze that will bring ease, tranquility and harmony into your lives.

Children of Colombia and of the whole world, today I invite you, I call you to feel Me, to find Me in your hearts, where I came to sow My Peace, the Peace of Christ, the Peace of God for all.

Thank you for assembling and gathering together in My Heart. Thank you for being with Me today.

Who loves you and covers you with Celestial Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Mother of all the Peoples of God


Blessed are those who will keep in themselves the Kingdom of God and make of their own consciousness the tabernacle for the new seeds of the sacred humanity.

My dears, once more I ask you that, in the unity of the human consciousness, you offer your efforts and sacrifices, your conquests and transformations for the whole planet.

Today, your Mother Mary touches the ground of a very sore nation and that is hurt by the eagerness of the human power.  In the levels of the spirit, Colombia still suffers the mistakes committed in the past and many souls live without peace, for the consequences of all the evil that the first colonizers caused to the original peoples.

This, My beloved ones, is the reality of the great majority of the nations of the world, that – by the lack of light and forgiveness – continues to suffer the evil actions that have been submitting the souls for centuries, without them being able to understand what they live.  For this, it so important that the Divine Messengers can reach the largest number of nations possible, mostly in America, that needs to be liberated from the past, so that they may live the new future.

Today I tell you this because, as companions and servants of God in this world, you must be knowledgeable of these realities and know that not only the Middle East suffers by the cunning of the adversary, but many other nations live situations of deplorable darkness, without the human eyes realizing the seriousness of the situation in which the souls are found.

Know that the world suffers much more than the social crisis.  You are transiting through a definitive spiritual crisis in which you have all the help of God so that Light will establish itself in the world and defeat the terror of chaos.  You just have to be more conscious and know that the most important thing today is to pray and to work so that the Plan of God will manifest itself.  To work for that, My dear ones, is to constantly transform yourselves, letting the old human in order to discover the true human archetype and, thus, be what God expects from His creation in this world.

I love you and I make you conscious of the planetary reality, in order that you will serve more and better every day of your lives.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Many Graces from My Heart have been poured out into your lives during these last times.

You have been worthy of My Love and of My Grace because the joy of My Spirit has filled you with gifts, sowing the seeds of My Son in all essences. Now the fruits must be offered at the Feet of the Creator so that His highest Work may be fulfilled in the redeemed hearts.

You have seen the manifested Purpose in Heaven, and were participants in the Celestial Plan of God; thus you were guided towards the goal so that many souls could awaken to the path of redemption.

The Father has given you everything and will never cease to give you what you need so that you can fulfill the work of His Will.

You have been set free and many of internal situations were liberated from the eternal captivity. You have known peace and felt it; you took the Message of Heaven to those who listened to nothing; you helped to open closed hearts, and recovered the faith in those who had lost it.

Through the work of your Heavenly Mother, you were led to understand the reason for the call, were consistent with the Universe, and it never left you defenseless, not even in the most important moments of your lives. You have learned how to cross the abysses and overcome the tests through the Love of Christ; you have known the truth and became participants in it at the end of times.

You have received the greatest treasures that the Universe held and were called to be guardians of this legacy. The Word of the Divinity has always guided you and has never allowed any door to close in spite of circumstances.

The simplest ones have achieved the goal and followed the path of spirit and of simplicity. Others were lost because they wanted to search for their own answer to everything that was happening; but at the end of the last day, My Son will call you to witness the judgment of the whole world.

For this reason, all are prepared and no one will be able to say that Grace did not touch their heart. The Plan must be accomplished, the hour indicates a sincere decision; the Universe will always await you. The apostles must wake up and work.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Purpose of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

 Beloved children,

Today My Luminous Heart descends in Glory and Love over the souls that are thirsty of God.  Through the mission of peace, the doors of evil and perdition were closed during three weeks of mission and of prayer done by all My groups of prayer.

I wish, dear children, that you keep in mind the necessity of continuing working through the spirit of prayer, because in the Divine Word is found the exit and the path to the salvation of the souls.

Today I traverse the streets of the Congo and see the faces of forgetfulness, loneliness and sorrow.  The eyes of My children reflect the absence of paternity and dignity.  For this, children, may each moment of service be a true and profound expression of love, may your hands and fatherly hugs be able to ease the burden of denial of all the children of the Congo.  Through your charity, the Mercy of My Son promises to act until the last moments of your presence in the Congo.

Now My Heart indicates you to offer the prayer for the reparation of all the innocent souls, those who wait in solitude for a major help.

Your Lady of Kibeho opens the arms to receive and protect the childhood of all of the Congo.  For this, may your spirit of fraternity express the healing and the grace of receiving the Light of The Kingdom of God.

In these last days of mission for the inner planetary peace, your Heavenly Mother pours the codes of rehabilitation and mercy.

My children, the time has come to help all My children of the Congo to abandon the eternal captivity.  And that will begin to happen when you allow the doors to the Kingdom of Peace to be open.

An important mission is coming to an end; a cycle is being fulfilled in the life and in the existence of all My children of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

The seed of peace has been sown in the hearts impoverished of spirit.  The mission will become part of the memory of Heaven.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you under the Spirit of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace


In the history of humanity, will be written each detail of the days on which the Queen of Heaven extended Her reign over the world, and by means of Her infinite Love, conquered the hearts of Her children one by one; awakened them to their true celestial origin and guided them to the fulfillment of the Plans of God for each one of His creatures.

On the 31st of December of all the years of this world, the Love of God will descend once more over the world and over the consciousnesses of the creatures.  It will awaken the codes deposited by the Mother of Heaven, those which remained latent in the depth of many beings.

My children, in all these years that I have been among your little souls, the light of the Universe expanded itself, not only in your lives, but over all souls of the world, delivering to each one of them, the opportunity of being once participants of the Plans of the Lord and being able to become aware of their mission and the mission which this planet must accomplish before the whole universe.

My beloved, now that My Heart begins to retire to the depth of your beings, I want the world to understand the true motive of My Presence here on this Earth, which is not only to deliver a time of greater peace to humanity.  The peace that the world will live will be the result of the conversion and awakening of souls.

I have not come to the world only to teach you how to pray, but prayer is the basic principle that opened the doors of the inner universe of your beings, so that in this time you could express the truth of your consciousnesses.

All this time, as in all centuries that My Presence permeated the world, I have been preparing the hearts and making them faithful to God, so that in the final times they would not have fear of understanding a superior truth, which is far beyond from what humanity comprehends as superior life.

I want those who feel ready, to take a new step in consciousness and allow the true awakening to be a reality for their lives.

Time has come to forget the past and release all the roots that bonds you with the mistakes made by your own selves and by others, so that you may untie the knots that do not allow you to get out from this purely material reality, reality which is so far from what you truly are and from what you must truly manifest.

​Each 31st day of December will open a new cycle to humanity, through the impulses that My Immaculate Heart will send you.

You will discover year after year what really happened with your lives and with the planetary life while I was here in this world.

You will discover who I really Am and the greatness of the moments in which I gathered you around My universal mantle of light.

You will discover that in My words there were truths that you could have never comprehended, until you opened the heart and the consciousness to do so.

You will discover that you believed to already know what I dealt with in the world, because some already had a little bit more of knowledge about the superior life, but that only the living of the superior principles and of everything learned would allow you to be true knowers of My words and the words of the Divine Messengers.

You will discover that I Am more than the presence of the Virgin Mary of Nazareth and that, despite having been the same, you will comprehend that God was in Me, as in His Son, and with a different mission, He expressed Himself in His Servant.

You will discover that this world is sacred to the eyes of God and that the whole universe awaits the life thought by the Creator, that today is so distant from the human reality, to be manifested here.

You will discover that the seeds have grown and borne fruits, and then you will comprehend what you are, where you come from, what you must manifest and to where you will return when the time comes.

I love you and ask you that despite of yourselves you persist and put all the love in the fulfillment of what I tell you, because God speaks in the Word of His Servant and reveals His Will to the world.

Completely surrender yourselves to the Divine Will and allow the Mother of the World to gestate the Trinity in your consciousnesses.

I bless you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Monthly Message of the Virgin and Mother of Divine Mercy, the Most Holy Mary, transmitted in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

As Mother of Divine Mercy, I come to the world, with the Light of My Son, to heal and redeem all those who are so in need of forgiveness, redemption and peace, and who are on Earth, lost from God and forsaken of heart.

I am the Holy Mother of all peoples, of all races.

I am the same One who is hidden in the mountains, Caacupé, as the One who was found in the waters, Aparecida.

I am the One who delivers freedom to the 33, I am the One who comes to those who need to take a new step, and I give the world the fruits of a Figueira of love.

I am the One who brings to souls the Spirit of God and conceives the Divine Trinity in hearts.

I am the Queen of Peace, I am the Mother of the Divine Verb.

I am the Mother of the world, the universe and of all of you.

Those who decide to be under My Mantle recognize My Countenance in all the manifestations of the world and know I am the same one in Heaven as on Earth, and that I come to teach you that nothing should be separate, not in this world, nor in others.

My beloveds, I travel through the nations to unite the peoples, even if it be through their representatives. I come to build that network of light, which must light up the planet through prayer, when the sun no longer shines in the sky of this world.

I want to see in My children the light that illumines the paths of those who walk in darkness. I want to form you, so that the Holy Spirit may find a dwelling place in your consciousnesses, and others who did not have the Grace of being in My Presence may find Me in their hearts.

My dear children, blessed are they who take the risk of responding to the call of God. Now I ask you to allow that call to become a fertile seed in your essences, and little by little, be a life that testifies to conversion and faith for those who have forgotten God.

In the simplicity of your hearts, may the door be found through which My Son will return to the world. May your hearts be humble, so that they may became the cradle of the poor but blessed inner Bethlehem, which will receive the New Child, so that for the second and last time, He may remove the evil that torments the heart of humankind and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Beloved of My Heart, begin today through your little lives to prepare the path of the Lord. Once and for all, remove from your lives all that which does not belong in this humble manger of Bethlehem.

Once again, the Birth of Christ is announced to the world, and now, He will be born in many hearts, and others He will cause to be reborn in life, for redemption and the institution of Peace.

I am the bearer of Mercy, Who asks of you: be merciful, so that the Kingdom of God may descend to the world.

I bless you and thank you, because Divine Grace descended upon this place and your lives were filled by the divine presence.

I love you.

Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of Divine Mercy


Blessed shall they be called in the Kingdom of the Heavens  who on Earth cause the seeds of life they received to blossom.

Blessed are those proclaimed in the Kingdom of the Heavens who in life suffered the difficulties of the world and with joy, knew how to surpass the obstacles so as to cross the threshold to a new race.

Blessed shall they be known in the Kingdom of the Heavens who strove until the end of days to overcome material codes and institute divine codes in their being.

Blessed shall be those who today are self-summoned to serve in an army of peace, and untiringly, trust in the Woman Clothed in Sun, Who holds them in Her arms and in Her Mantle of Light.

Blessed shall be in My Kingdom those who are already blessed on Earth, for they have known the Word of Life, loved It, expanded It and pronounced It, so that It echoed in all the hearts of the world.

Blessed shall be those who are before My eyes, who recognize My Presence and the Divine Presence of My Son, without fearing the judgments of this Earth.

Blessed before God the Father will become those who today mature in silence the fruits of salvation and with valor, grow in faith and in love for the Plan of God.

My children, those who are imperfect today, if persistent in the Divine Purpose, will be My blessed of tomorrow. For they will accomplish the Plan of God without perceiving it, and even though it may many times be in the secrecy of their own inner world, they will cause a new race to blossom in the image and likeness of God, of His Divine Love and Unity.

All efforts made today will culminate in the glorious victory of tomorrow. For this reason, do not look to the past nor dwell on what you are today, but rather place all your faith and trust in the promises of the One Who is perfect and Who promised that, in those who give of themselves from the heart, He will carry out miracles of transformation and of eternal conversion.

Allow yourselves to see through My eyes and feel through My Heart; in this way, you will find the perfection that sleeps within each being, and with Me you will be able to see the birth of new suns, which will shine beyond this Earth.

My little ones, I come to the world to cause you to awaken and to give you all the opportunity to change and redeem the past, transforming it into a present of Glory in service to the Most High. For this reason, simply open your hearts and your consciousnesses and, in this way, the Messengers that descend from Heaven at the request of the Great Lord, will work in all the spaces of matter and of life on Earth.

You may not trust in what you know about yourselves and may find it hard to believe in the transformation of matter that is so corrupted; but your trust should not reside in yourselves, but rather in God and Those that come before you and Who descend from the Throne of the Creator with a Purpose sent by Him for His creatures.

God knows each one of you perfectly and knows the hidden potential that you must develop. Thus, simply say 'yes' daily, and like good children, allow yourselves to be led by your beloved Celestial Mother.

May the Child King, born into your essences, now grow without stopping, and mature the divine life that is born on Earth.

I love you and I lead you, causing the Power of the Spirit of God to grow in your hearts.

I thank you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


That My Peace may remain in your hearts!

Today, through My Peace and My Merciful Love for you, a new flower has blossomed, a flower that has emanated an aroma as that of a lovely fruit created by God.  And this aroma of Piety and Love has been radiated to all the world through all of those who said yes to the great challenges that My Father gave them out of love for your conversion.

And this flower that today has bloomed, is the flower of the Immaculate Heart, the one that was gestated in the essence of each one of the children of God.

To sow this new seed has meant several challenges for the consciousnesses; in the end after the trials, the transcendences and most important, after that donation, a part of the Plan of God has been accomplished.

And this flower gave good seeds, those that were expanded in many hearts that were closed to God, in hearts distant from God and in hearts that were not redeemed by the love of God.

Through the perseverance, the love, the faith and the service surrendered by the children of My Holy Mother, a new light for the world was born; after so many months, the Saving Portal of Christ and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was born.

Among confirmations, decisions and the overcoming on the part of the soldiers of the Virgin Mary, something very important was constructed among the consciousnesses: Love for the Divine Purpose of God. This love placed by each one of the children, was true and simple, this love touched in the deep of the Heart of God and He, one more time, poured His Grace and His Piety through the sacred presence at your side of the Universal Mother, of the Queen of the World for this world.

She in Her maternal sweetness and in silence, walked at the side of Her children, who without knowing why, said yes to Her blessed and important call.  And for these fruits of effort and love that the soldiers of the Most Holy Virgin have placed, other suns and other stars now shine in the universal firmament; new souls that were in the dark lit up again by only observing the light of the Great Immaculate Portal.

In all of this work that your Blessed Mother had, a great mystery was revealed before your eyes, the mystery of selfless and surrendered love, the same that I lived for you on the Cross.

For this today, may your hearts rejoice for having accomplished in faithfulness with the Purpose of God; your Immaculate Mother has accompanied you and will continue to accompany you so that the fruits of redemption may awaken in all the world.

See how important it is to transmit a message of peace through a portal consecrated to the Will of the Most High, where a soul that feels the words opens its heart, its consciousness is transformed and its heart redeemed; soon this soul donates itself, awakening to service and to charity and this little action redeems all of humanity.  In this way, the angels listen to the offer of this soul and they, out of love and mercy, open the Heavens and the Universal Piety descends upon the world.

This sublime energy activates the same purpose in other hearts, the world lives some more time of peace and the souls live their own conversion through prayer.

Understand in this way, My friends, how great is the Love of God for you; understand from the heart the result of the presence of this simple, but loving portal, consecrated to the three Blessed Hearts of Mary, Jesus and Most Chaste Joseph.

May My Profound Gratitude and Love reverberate in your consciousnesses today, because My Sheep are listening to the Voice of the Great Shepherd.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for accomplishing My Requests in humility and donation!

Christ Jesus, Your King


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Association Mary
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