Monday, October 12 of 2015

Daily messages

Blessed are those who will keep in themselves the Kingdom of God and make of their own consciousness the tabernacle for the new seeds of the sacred humanity.

My dears, once more I ask you that, in the unity of the human consciousness, you offer your efforts and sacrifices, your conquests and transformations for the whole planet.

Today, your Mother Mary touches the ground of a very sore nation and that is hurt by the eagerness of the human power.  In the levels of the spirit, Colombia still suffers the mistakes committed in the past and many souls live without peace, for the consequences of all the evil that the first colonizers caused to the original peoples.

This, My beloved ones, is the reality of the great majority of the nations of the world, that – by the lack of light and forgiveness – continues to suffer the evil actions that have been submitting the souls for centuries, without them being able to understand what they live.  For this, it so important that the Divine Messengers can reach the largest number of nations possible, mostly in America, that needs to be liberated from the past, so that they may live the new future.

Today I tell you this because, as companions and servants of God in this world, you must be knowledgeable of these realities and know that not only the Middle East suffers by the cunning of the adversary, but many other nations live situations of deplorable darkness, without the human eyes realizing the seriousness of the situation in which the souls are found.

Know that the world suffers much more than the social crisis.  You are transiting through a definitive spiritual crisis in which you have all the help of God so that Light will establish itself in the world and defeat the terror of chaos.  You just have to be more conscious and know that the most important thing today is to pray and to work so that the Plan of God will manifest itself.  To work for that, My dear ones, is to constantly transform yourselves, letting the old human in order to discover the true human archetype and, thus, be what God expects from His creation in this world.

I love you and I make you conscious of the planetary reality, in order that you will serve more and better every day of your lives.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph