Sunday, July 31 of 2016

Daily messages

To all the youth gathered for the first time at the Youth Festival for Peace:

Praised be Christ, dear children!

After the last months of preparation and of having faced tests and challenges, finally My request is fulfilled and a new phase in the planetary rescue will be fulfilled through the integration of the youngest ones within My Campaign for Peace.

I would like, My children, to thank the unconditional support of the Association of Mary for having opened the doors to the youth and, mainly, because some of the consecrated ones motivated themselves to fraternally collaborate in the awakening and in the maturation of the consciousness of the young founders of this spiritual impulse that is being born concretely today for everyone.

Many of the youngsters present today in Florianópolis, as well as the youngsters from different Communities of Light will be able to create this link of fraternity and of service with the Higher Plan of the Celestial Father.

So it is, dear children, that this first meeting is the redeemed seed of light that is just sprouting and showing all its potential.

On this day on which there has to be joy, love among brothers and sisters and enthusiasm to comply, I invite you to give the best of yourselves and a little more, so that with the disposition of knowledge, you will come know your inner virtues and discover that everything is possible by willing and serving.

This first Festival of Youth for Peace has been considered by the Hierarchy as a preparation and at the same time as a spiritual and material decoupling of all the human ties that My adversary creates among the good souls.

This first impulse of the Festival in Florianópolis promises to be the incipient cycle in which new doors will open for the youth that wants to assume its mission for the end of times.

Therefore, you must sustain this first impulse of the Festival until the next six months are complied, when in the month of January of 2017, the second Festival of Youth for peace will bring twice as many people as there are present today.

I invite all the founding youth to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy does it, in a cyclic and paused form, so that the real fruits will be able to emerge and consolidate through the task.

The next six months will be, among prayer, service and diffusion, the preparation for the second Festival of Youth for Peace, the one that will have more social and public importance since its spirit is, through music, art and elevation of consciousness by means of service to the Kingdoms of Nature, to distance from the addictions all the youngsters who are submerged in them.

Know that in the present meeting My Heart will be with each youngster, hoping that the seeds of love and peace sprout in each being who is present there.

I thank you for responding to My call!

United to each young heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace