Tuesday, January 14 of 2014

Monthly messages


Dear children,

Between swords and prayers, fight every day for a new world, fight so that the Mercy of My Son may reach the hearts that live in adversity.

Dear children, fight so that the hands of those who donated themselves to God in faith may continue working without tiring, and fight so that the souls that today are confused and live in illusion may be able to perceive the difference of being near and far from God.  Fight so that the hearts who have committed themselves to live fraternity may carry on living it, without fearing great changes.

I Am with you day and night, from Heaven I observe you and I accompany you so that you may make the decision to live the Will of the Lord in this time.

Beloved children, once again I extend My hands towards you to help you and to encourage you to build a better world.  In the face of great mistakes that are committed day by day, I call you to seek inner truth by means of prayer.  The truth that reigns and lives in the Heavens, the truth of Paradise and of the Christic love that will always fill you so that your souls may be filled by the Spirit of God, the Spirit of the Truth and of the Supreme Life.

Beloved children, as the Mother of the good hearts I observe and guide the sufferings that the Lord sends to you.  There will be no sanctification of the life, of the cells, of the consciousness and of the spirit without before living suffering as a surrender and as a sacrifice to God.  My Son has already lived it for all of you and you now must live the desert to get to know the great loneliness that many souls cause the Heart of Your Eternal Father.

Do not fear surrendering all that which seems to be bad to you.  First your pride and vanity must die through suffering, this will be the way to help to liberate the ego of humanity.

My Heart always accompanies you in this trajectory of transformation and of surrender.  For the many graces received, the good souls must give the best to God.  I will help them so that they may be encouraged to surrender themselves more each day.  I want to conduct you through the path of the inner Calvary as one part of humanity that in the end of this time has offered itself to God to be able to balance the grave mistakes of the world.  

Remember that you will never be alone, My Love will bring you hope and joy so that in these critical times you may be able to face changes and tests, those that will strengthen you in the path of consecration.

I gather all in the Cenacle of My Heart to announce to you that the moment of living the apostolate has already come, the apostolate of sacrifice, of renunciation and of love to the Plan of the One and Only, for all those who do not live it and for those who turn their backs to the life of spirit.

My call is a call for Peace but to achieve Peace you must not only come to My Heart but also you must fight as servers of God so that this Peace may be established.  The mediating prayer will be the safe path, that which will repair the souls in this end of time.

Before darkness descends the hearts must be strengthened in Christ.

Who loves you and protects you always,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of the Perpetual Help