My children,

Since the beginning of your lives, during the manifestation of your essences in the Universe, the Purpose of God and His perfect Thought have been drawn for each one of you.

Each being of this Earth, and even beyond it, has a unique mission designed by God so that through their fulfillments not only the Plan of their Creator may be fulfilled, but His vast Creation, from cycle to cycle, can be recreated and renewed, based upon new and greater degrees of Love.

Each essence bears within itself a unique gift of the Spirit of God, a virtue that makes it unique in Creation and special for God, with its place kept in His Sacred Heart.

This virtue is like a musical note within a great celestial melody. Without it, the melody would not be complete. This note is in the chord that corresponds to it, with other notes that complement it; this note is in the perfect melody, in the perfect tempo so that, upon sounding its tone, a new door may open to Life.

I say this to you, My children, so that you may understand that nothing ends. Cycles do not mean an end, but a new step of an infinite evolutionary scale, which has been manifesting in your lives since the beginning of your creation, from the beginning of the creation of Life itself.

The evolution of beings is built, step by step, since the creation of their consciousnesses and, although their mission is the same, it deepens and is perfected so that through it something greater may be constructed.

Each consciousness, as it is created, receives a lineage to express and, life after life, on Earth or beyond it, this lineage is fulfilled and manifests more or less intensely, according to the awakening of the consciousness.

The beings that you know as visionaries manifest this lineage since the beginning of their existence, because their mission is to see beyond the dimensions and to communicate the perceived Will of God to all creatures.

There are different expressions of this spiritual lineage, which does not mean that they are better or worse than one another, but just that they are in different degrees of development, according to the Will of God and the mission of each consciousness.

From their universal and cosmic life, to their experience on Earth, a visionary has been deepening not only into their capability to perceive the dimensions, but above all to love them, to love what they perceive, to love what they transmit and to whom they transmit, and to do it each day more deeply and truly.

Each stage of the evolution of a visionary invites them to deepen not only into their perception, but also into their degrees of love and humility. And oftentimes a cycle that closes means a new and deeper cycle begins.

When the Divine Messengers begin a stage of retreat, this not only means, My children, that the visionary must begin to deepen into their mission and enter subtler and more unknown spheres, which are revealed in the solitude of their hearts. It also means that all those who share what is transmitted by God must begin a cycle of deepening and inner synthesis.

A note by itself cannot contain an entire melody within a song. The whole song collects the notes and deepens into its silence so that the note can then intensify during a later moment of this great melody.

In this way, I explain to you that this is a cycle of revelations, which must not only be heard, but also deepened into.

After this cycle, while we begin to retreat, a great silence will come, a moment when Our Voices must echo within each one of you.

This echo must enter into your consciousnesses, into your cells and atoms, echoing, within each one, the experience of superior Laws, the experience and living all that We have said throughout the years. Because it is through the depths of this silence that the fortitude will be built in you, which will make you worthy, not only of sustaining this planet, but also of re-building it from the Sacred Enclaves that, little by little, are revealed to you.

Live each cycle with your spirit filled with gratitude, with the heart ready for an even greater new step. Thus, My children, Our silence will not be a reason for you to weaken, but rather to elevate.

I take this time for you to understand that evolution is an eternal ascension, and that this Law is fulfilled beyond the appearances and the small human understanding.

Live each stage always looking toward the Heights, and there will be the Purpose of God, guiding your lives.

I love you and I am with you at each instant.

My Heart, from the birth of Christ to the Cross, My children, always remained silent, and I nonetheless did not cease to feel and live each instant of the life of Christ. I shared with Him each experience, each learning, each leap into the unknown, each challenge that was overcome, and this is what I am doing today, with each one of you.

Therefore, trust in My word of love and, furthermore, trust in My mysterious and consoling silence, because in it I will sustain your cross.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today, may the spheres of light, that will be generated by instruments and voices, reach the depths of the Earth so that the hells, which corrode and contaminate lost souls, may be freed forever.

On this day of elevation of consciousness and of healing for humanity, may music, as an instrument that conducts higher Vibrations of God, penetrate these hellish spaces where suffering and war from past times and from past generations continue to be experienced.

It will be important, My children, that each space that will be offered to the Heavenly Hierarchy may be so that these sacred operations can carry forward with the support and spiritual adherence of all those who will offer, through music, to alleviate this humanity.

Today, the Divine Hierarchy will concentrate on this task and the pillar of Light that will be built between Heaven and Earth and, by means of the voices of all, will help a most potent spiritual vortex to open, to liberate and expel hells from the abysses of the Earth, for all those who have suffered persecution and spiritual suffering for ages.

This is the time, dear children, for all servers and non-servers of Christ to be more aware that the work with music and its sacred melodies are direct bridges, not only for the elevation of consciousness, but also as an opportunity to completely eliminate many primitive principles and states that keep leading humanity to hypnotism, to error, and causing it to lose its essential purity.


It is for this reason that the Meeting of Music, as from next year, will undergo important changes as, through the servers, this work must be assumed with responsibility and seriousness so that, not only those who participate, but also this part of humanity may learn to be sustained  by means of ferverous devotion and a serving voice.

Up until now, everything has been a preparation.

I wish everyone a deep and heart-felt offering for this gala night where Heaven will again be able to descend to Earth.

I thank you, My children, for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Dear children,

With maternal joy, today I am again with you so that from Heaven and from the Earth we may come into spiritual communion with the Eternal Father.

May today this communion with the Divine Purpose be experienced and fulfilled in each one of My children so that the great chain of Peace may be established in the world.

With this in mind, My children, the offering that your lives and your consciousnesses will make will attend the planetary need and will help dissolve, from the ethers of the Earth, the currents opposed to the Love and to the Light of God.

It is in this way, dear children, that the singers and instrumentalists of peace unite again to be able to heal and elevate the subconscious consciousness of humanity.

But today’s meeting will also have repercussions in the consciousness of music, which has been perverted by humanity and has contaminated millions of souls on Earth with music tendencies and styles that do not unite with God.

This Meeting of Music will work in these states of consciousness, but at the same time will place healing, love and peace in the hearts that have lost their filiation with the Most High.

Dear children, in recent times, the Meetings of Music have represented the possibility for the spiritual Hierarchy to more broadly work in the consciousness of humanity.

When the Meetings of Music for Healing are carried out live, a spiritual contact is established between humanity and the Hierarchy, between Earth and the Cosmos. It is a celestial door that opens each time My singing children gather, strive and carry forward each meeting.

All striving, sacrifices and efforts that are made to realize the Meetings of Music generate in every way the great opportunity that the spiritual Hierarchy has to help all of humanity. But at the same time, all these efforts grant to the world periods of peace and dissolution of armed, nuclear and technological conflicts.

The Meetings of Music have changed cycle and you, My children, are called to change your cycle with the Hierarchy so that the assistance that humanity and the planet must have in this time can prevail.

May the meeting of today mirror more attributes to humanity so that hatred, wrath and lack of love may be replaced by the Divine Principles.

Wishing and aspiring for a luminous work of music for all of My singing children, I bless you and thank you for responding to the call of God


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The healing of humanity will take place through the renovation that youth can bring through the strength of prayer, the expression of an evolutionary art and the feeling of elevated music.

The foundations of the new cycle of the planet lie in the union of each youth with the different Attributes of God and in their capacity to express them in order to generate in humanity the transcendence of human suffering and pain.

The youth have a fundamental mission, as, through the impulse of their spiritual awakening, they will be able to renew the awakening of servers and of all the collaborators of the Plan.

The spiritual awakening of the youth of these times is united to everything that represents, within themselves, the communion with the essence of universal life.

Through the Youth Festival for Peace, this foundation is spiritually built so that, through youth, the Spiritual Hierarchy is able to give the impulse to the renewal of human consciousness, with the goal of detaching itself from errors in order to achieve the so awaited healing.

This inner need of reconnecting with the Plan of the Hierarchy must awaken in the youth of today, knowing that each activity offered through music, art and universal prayer creates the necessary conditions for humanity and the planet to be liberated from suffering.

For this edition of the Youth Festival for Peace in the city of Sao Paulo, and in the face of the destiny that all the youth of Brazil have to build, in spite of the oscillations of nations, the attribute is love, which must always act first so that adversity and duality may be defeated by the love that each youth can express in this cycle.

This is the reason why the Youth Festival for Peace reaches Sao Paulo in a new edition, offered, in each detail, with the mission that love may act first.

From the Spiritual Universe, I send an impulse of love and light to each young heart, knowing that this spirit of service and of incalculable love to the sacred Kingdoms of Nature must awaken in each one.

In communion with universal life, once again, dear youth of Peace, I thank you for building this spirit of renovation!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the World


The House of the Child King

Dear children,

It is with joy, bliss and rejoicing that your Celestial Mother arrives today at the Marian Center of the Child King to consecrate the House of Prayer that will be especially dedicated in honor, healing and reparation of all the children of the world.

It is for this reason that this Marian Center was consecrated to the Child Jesus since the beginning, so that all the children who arrive here may enter into communion with the Heights and thus heal their deepest wounds.

I still feel that this Marian Center, which today conceives in its main core the new House of Prayer, represents for the universe an Island of Salvation and a new Ark of the Divine Covenant between souls and God.

The House of Prayer of the Child King can undertake the task for which it was created at this time; a task that will be to pray and to offer to God each encounter, just as each monthly liturgy of the Marian Center, for the salvation of the little and most helpless ones throughout the world.

I will use each liturgy of this new House of Prayer to prevent the exploitation, the trafficking and the selling of the little ones so that, through it, I can save their essences, which are now lost, as well as rescue, with My own hands, all the children and youth who are being taken along the same path.

The manifestation of this new House of Prayer, at the Marian Center of the Child King, will try to justify before the Eternal Father the faults, outrages and omissions that a great part of the adult humanity commits against the little ones of the world.

That is why today I come to ask that this Marian Center and, especially the new House of Prayer, dedicates a special liturgy daily for the salvation, protection and repair of the children of the world, as well as a monthly meeting at the same Marian Center, where the little ones can, through prayer, art and music, offer to God their little hearts as a reparation for the great imbalance caused in this world.

If these requests are fulfilled, as the recent manifestation of the House of Prayer was, I promise, as the Mother of all, to remove from the hands of the adversary and their oppressors on Earth all the children who are victims of exploitation and abuse. I promise to disarm and expose everything that is hidden and unfair regarding this. I promise to take care and help, one by one, the souls of the most helpless children.

I have been waiting for so long for this new House of Prayer, that in the meeting that we will have in these next days, your Mother and Queen of the children of the world will arrive accompanied by the Child King so that He, in His infinite Glory, blesses you, and may this mission, which from today on you will undertake, be always filled with many Graces.

But, if in this House of Prayer you bring Me the children most in need of help and if they are baptized at the feet of the holy image of Mary, I promise to withdraw them from the profound and unfair pain that affects them. I also promise, in the name of the Child King, to return the joy of living and the spiritual feeling of their lives.

It is the mission of all collaborators and volunteers of the state of Rio de Janeiro to take on this task that I entrust you with today for the salvation and the rescue of the children of the world.

Lastly, I wish for, inside the House of Prayer, a mural with faces of the children of the world, of all peoples and all races, so that whoever enters this House may feel called to pray for the little ones.

May your hearts rejoice on this day because the Mother of God will be among you offering each prayer, each song and each gesture of love to God for the salvation of the children.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A youth of peace... 

A youth of peace is that spirit who brings, from the Universe, the principle of reconciliation, and it is who, through their renewal, transforms things, living within themselves the first rule among all rules: love.

A youth of peace is the one who unifies forms and the one who rearranges ideas, bringing, through their inner impulses, the possibility, from cycle to cycle, for everything to be renewed.

A youth of peace represents a new cell of light for these times, based on states of fraternity, on the principle of loving one's neighbor and on the opening to the inner steps that service can provide for them.

A youth of peace is the one who opens, unconditionally, to discover, within themselves, their own origin and their own mission.

They do not fear to know who they were and what the Universe expects them to be.

A youth of peace aspires to be able to recognize within themselves the goodness, the love, the service that they can express for the planet, for the Kingdoms of Nature and for its humanity.

A youth of peace recognizes on their path the Great and Only inner Master.

Above all their material and concrete life, the youth of peace know they will need light in order to take their steps.

A youth of peace has nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

The youth of peace represents, in these times, the expression of a new consciousness that will be corrected through good acts and good actions of all of the youth of humanity.

A youth of peace needs to feel full in their actions and free in their decisions, but they know that they will always need divine discernment and sacred wisdom to make the right decisions.

A youth of peace is like a guardian of the Kingdoms of Nature. They can feel within themselves the expression of each kingdom and, making it part of themselves, a youth of peace can feel the suffering of the planet, of Mother Earth, and does the impossible in order to relieve it.

A youth of peace builds the new bridges and elevates the consciousnesses through their acts of love, mercy and charity.

A youth of peace works, in these times, to learn to build and to take care of the divine Work of the Universe; and as much as they do not know it, because of its greatness and depth, the youth of peace never loses the hope of knowing that they will help to pave the way for the advent of Love-Wisdom.

A youth of peace is that soul and that being that gathers, under the spirit of Unity, their fellow beings, other young people, and tries, above all things, for everyone to feel that, in these times, it is important to respond to the divine call which emerges from within each inner world.

The youth of peace is that pure and simple heart who will unite East and West, who will make the syntheses of the expressed spiritual knowledge and will be who expands, inside of themselves, the borders of the human consciousness so that finally the new, the renewed and the irrefutable may be expressed.

A youth of peace knows that, through their love for the Kingdoms of Nature and their healthy actions, they will be able to follow the path of redemption, leaving behind all that could harm their inner world, and seeking, through universal prayer, the only path for the elevation of their consciousness.

A youth of peace is who, through art, music, service and prayer, will be able to attract to the world the states of regeneration and of healing that humanity needs in order to reach reconciliation.

A youth of peace believes, within themselves, that there is something infinite and greater than what this planet is.

They seek to awaken to what is invisible and to all that comes from the Only Source because in this way they will feel part of something greater.

A youth of peace is who works without borders and who loves, unconditionally, all their brothers and sisters.

A youth of peace knows that they are the ploughman or ploughwoman who, in these times, prepares the Earth and all of its consciousness to meet again, one day, the Master of Wisdom and of Love, Who will give them the keys so that the young apostle may open the doors to forgiveness, to healing and to reconciliation.

A youth of peace is who never gets tired of being infinite light in the world.

This third Youth Festival for Peace represents the closure of a cycle of preparation and of strengthening of inner bases, which has made it possible, in this time, that the Festival itself might acquire a new consciousness, and that this new consciousness might generate the condition to embrace other regions of the planet and to include more youths.

I thank you for responding to the call of attracting peace to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother Earth


The art of singing...

Dear children,

We have reached the closing of a cycle, a cycle that from the beginning helped the consciousness of humanity by means of music, of the voices and of the instruments.

In this cycle that closes today, you had to learn to tune your patience, to uplift raise more and each time more the love of your hearts in each new music encounter, and to work the surrender of your lives for the unity and the fraternity among all the participants.

From now I tell you, that all My singing children were placed, throughout the last times, in the test of the constant self-improvement in order to be able to free the human race from everything that conditions its evolution and its awakening.

Thus, through the encounters of music, you were facing the own human condition, which is a determining factor in humanity, which hinders the free walking of the soldiers of the Plan.

In truth I say, to all My singing children, that in these encounters of music, love was never lacking although it might not have been apparently present in everyone. The love offered during all the meetings helped gestate the necessary conditions so that your Celestial Mother could work with humanity and with the planet.

To all this, to My dear singing children of the group in pilgrimage, the last challenge has come on this day: to give all for all, placing themselves in the school of sacrifice, of effort and of renunciation, so that on this afternoon the music can give the necessary fruits that will prepare you to begin a new cycle of these encounters.

I affirm that it is difficult to gather to sing such different consciousnesses form one another, it is a true miracle that in times of planetary crisis, the encounters of music have been realized victoriously.

In this way, for all this to be possible, you never lacked the help from Heaven and from the angels, so that the essence of the encounters of music and its purpose could be fulfilled.

Today I also dedicate this message to a little child of Mine, the one that has been for your Celestial Mother the testimony of perseverance and of effort, at the moment of dealing and working with the souls in this audacious mission of gathering to sing for the healing of humanity.

I send to this little child of Mine, all the Love of the Mother of God and from now I give thanks that the planet has been so, but so helped by the gatherings of music held, and that this has avoided the activation of wars.

In the closure of this cycle of encounters of music, I will ask each singer, instrumentalist and composer to reflect about everything that has happened and that, placing your hand over the heart, you confirm to your Celestial Mother how you can help better, so that these impulses continue reaching humanity.

With more consciousness about the true events that move the encounters of music, your lives will be more fraternal, selfless and available to fulfill the designs of My Immaculate Heart.

For last, remember that these encounters of music dissolved the earthly hell and placated the planetary chaos.

I leave you this reflection, waiting that in the next encounter of music, in six months, the consciousnesses will have elevated themselves in fraternity to the divine Purpose.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you in love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

May the song of healing and of planetary redemption be intoned, so that the uncertain doors may be closed in the human consciousness.

May no singer desist from serving the Kingdom of God with their simple voice.

May the notes and musical melodies, on this day, be activated so that the souls of the world hear the Great Call within themselves.

May the choirs of the Earth, formed by the great armies of souls in service to the Plan of God, unite in communion with the potent angelic choirs, so that in the whole of this Universe, the sacred key of peace and of reconciliation may be emitted.

With each piece that will be presented today, may the sublime Universes descend to the planet so that the human consciousness may continue to be worked upon, and in this way, the creatures may find again the meaning of their spiritual life.

May each singer that will emit the melody of harmony, place the nations of the world in their heart, so that some time of peace may be established where it no longer exists.

May the hands of the choir members unite among themselves to draw to the Earth a unity between humankind and God, that nothing be separated anymore;may sacred brotherhood reign so that each soul fulfills its precious mission.

May each instrument radiate the note of healing that many souls lack, and in this way, each heart may receive the inner impulse that it needs.

May this meeting of music endure throughout time, and through the offerings may all the choirs never cease to embrace the call of the celestial choirs, because I assure you that you will be participants in the announcement of the second Coming of Christ.

May your hearts rejoice and may the foundations of this meeting of music be strengthened by the love of all for the Greater Divine Purpose.

May the doors of this meeting of music be kept open so that new singers may come, and in this way, the brotherhood expand beyond the nations, the peoples, and the races.

May My children of the world keep in mind that I still wait for the souls that will offer themselves to form part of the sacred production of this celestial event.

I wait for you.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Strength of Love in the Voice

Dear singers of My Heart,

Today, under the Grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the timbre of your voices will again resound, this time as a single group consciousness, which month by month offers itself to the Most High, so that the powers of Redemption and of divine Mercy, which are celestial principles, may descend.

On this day and in a new meeting of music, I ardently wish, beloved children, that you may dedicate this work with the inner strength of love through your voices, so that in this way, each musical piece that will be offered may have a potent planetary repercussion.

It is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother finally returns to this Marian Center to give you, on the inner planes and through this meeting, the impulse for the elevation of consciousness.

On this day of the meeting, dear children, I want you to understand that this work with music is not only to generate spiritual healing and the upliftment of humanity, but it is also dedicated to the salvation of souls and of the essential matrix of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Remember, children, that this work of today with music and in this critical time is to be gradually building the spiritual basis of the new humanity through musical impulses and the songs that attract important energies of restoration, of healing, and of Grace for the planet.

During the meetings of music, the hypnotized and sleeping consciousness of humanity is greatly assisted, with the goal that in a next cycle, after the culminating stage of the transition of the Earth, all human consciousnesses that wasted the opportunity of awakening may have, in another cycle, a true coming together with their inner and spiritual purpose.

Thus, with each meeting of music, a new state of consciousness is being built for the coming humanity.

Each effort made, as well as each musical work offered by the different choirs, unites and builds that state of consciousness which the Hierarchy avails Itself of for the benefit of all of the planet.

With this declaration, My children, I am once again inviting all the choirs, as well as each soul, that want to offer their voice and their song to God to do so, because they must know that they will be lovingly collaborating in the building of a new humanity.

I hope that after these spiritual impulses that are generated by music, new souls may offer themselves and that new hearts apply to become part of the team of production of the program of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity.

For this, your Heavenly Mother will give thanks for the selfless collaboration of editors, choir conductors, set designers, cameramen, etc., that are able to offer their support in this work that is already planetary.

With all the Love of My Heart, I give thanks for the mission that all are fulfilling.

Who loves you and accompanies you with the strength of the Love of the Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


An Anniversary of Graces for the Planet

Today, from the altars of Heaven, your Most Holy Mother offers at the Feet of the King and Creator all the works accomplished, all songs offered, each effort made in matter and in spirit for the divine realization for the elevation and healing of humanity.

In this way, My beloved children singers, the Universe celebrates and communes of today’s meeting, which will close a cycle of apprenticeship and challenges, to begin a new cycle in which music, instruments, and voices will become essential in the moment of the transition of the Earth.

The Mother of all choirs, in the bliss of Her Spirit, today celebrates all the fruits attained from the moment in which your consciousnesses said “yes” to My call for the elevation and healing of humanity.

On this sacred day, where the Holy Chalice of Christ spiritually shines at the very top of Mount Shasta, I ask you, dear children, to offer this meeting as the moment in which to make an inner synthesis, after all the steps you have taken in faith and in brotherhood.

Thus, on this day, My children, your Heavenly Mother makes this offering to God as the symbol of the union of souls with Him, as the Grace that has descended, month after month, and within which the planet and the consciousness of humanity have been freed from many evils and extremely serious events that would have been irreparable.

In this way, My beloved singers, the Universal Mother of elevated and eternal music joins with each one of your hearts so that, being renewed by My impulse of love, your lives may be offered for the rest of your days to sing to the Eternal Father as an act of reparation and absolute surrender to His Divine Heart.

The Source of all Graces, which comes from My Immaculate Heart, will be open so that through your song you may implore for the redemption of a sleeping humanity.

For this Christmas that approaches, dear children, the Sacred and Divine Family will be among you, in each heart as well as in each home, to renew you in love and mercy.

Lastly, I would like to tell all My dear prayerful ones of the whole world that, at this Christmas, just as Jesus offered Himself to be born and live among the most simple, I ask that you, My beloved ones, offer your immediate collaboration so that the Plans of the Divine Messengers come to their complete fulfillment within the United States, because afterward, there will not longer be an opportunity.

I will be grateful if each one of you, placing your hand on your hearts, may feel and believe that the arrival of the Divine Voices of Heaven to Oklahoma, Miami and Orlando will be imperative, as they are places that need the powerful Mercy of God.

United to each singer, united to each voice and to each server of the Plan of Love of Christ, I bless you, My beloved children, in the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for always corresponding to My Plan of Love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To all the choirs of the Meeting of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity:

My most favorite singers in the world,

United with you, let us today implore God for the pain of the world to be alleviated and for all the souls of Venezuela to find again the path toward unity, the good, and the Mercy of God.

Opening My arms and stretching out My humble hands towards you, Your Heavenly Mother pours out Her most intimate Graces of healing and of liberation over Her beloved children of Venezuela.

It is for this just cause that I have come today from the Greater Heaven to ask all the choirs to offer their song and their music to God, to implore inwardly that through the meeting of this day, the grimmest situations of My adversary be deactivated in the consciousness of that country.

With respect and love, I request that all the groups of prayer of the planet and especially of the Americas gather together every nine days so that united you may offer prayers and pleas, penitence and sacrifices, with the goal of repairing the offended Heart of God, upon seeing so much inequality and lack of humanitarian help in Venezuela.

I implore all the choirs of the Meeting of Music that today they offer their instruments and their voices as a task of redemption for Venezuela and the world.

My wish is that after this message, your hearts and lives feel motivated and prompted to intercede on behalf of all My children of Venezuela. The planetary crisis will gradually engulf some nations.

Because of this, with the necessary consciousness and with the whole spirit blazing in a profound love, let us get to work! It is time to help those who are most in need, both in prayer and in charity.

I thank all the choirs of the world for making an effort to respond to My call.

Who loves you and blesses you in piety for the whole Venezuela,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the choirs of the Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity:

Dear children,

May your voices never tire of proclaiming the truth of the Infinity of God.

May that constant quest for the upliftment of consciousness be each day more firm and sacred.

May the building of the bridges of light between Heaven and Earth become visible to all humanity.

Children, do not be afraid of proclaiming the truth of the Cosmos and of all Creation; the world must know that it has not been able to see the celestial reality for having been asleep for a long time.

Because of this, with your voices raised on High, lift up the offering of today to Heaven so that those who resist believing in this supreme truth may open their hearts through the music and thus find peace.

Through the last meetings of music, the planetary consciousness has been much helped. May this offering of attracting the Sublime Universes always be your objective, so that in this way, all the angels may help you transmute the mental consciousness of the planet, and that of all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Dear children, through the offering of today may all hearts grasp the message and the convocation of the Universe; may this inner call that your voices emit to all souls reverberate beyond your group, and may it touch the lost hearts and all the religions, so that at last all unite in a single brotherhood of love and unity.

The times are urgent; for this reason, the meeting of music must be considered as a unique monthly opportunity where all the choirs that I have summoned to help with this task on the 23rd of each month will be able, with the voice of the heart, to plead for the Plan of God on Earth, so that it may be accomplished beyond every religion or every belief.

My message for this day is that no one forget, and that all be aware that this meeting of music is a request of the Celestial Hierarchy to help to balance and to order what happens today in the world and in all of humanity.

This monthly meeting is an invitation for everyone to come into contact with the elevated music and with the universal peace that it produces, for example, through instruments.

May each heart, as well as each society or culture, also be able to express in this important meeting of music, the goal of which is to unifying hearts and bring fellowship to consciousnesses in the name of love and the common good.

Dear children, I leave you this invitation, that that every 23rd many souls be united with the divine impulse that this meeting of music brings to all.

For all the efforts that are made so that this is possible,

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who sings with the voice of the heart with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The importance of elevated music in the end of times

Dear children choir singers and participants in the Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity,

Just as in Heavens the angelic melodies uplift and recreate the Plan of God in Its Infinite manifestation, the Divine Plan must be recreated on the surface of the planet through elevated music.

Each inner composition that is then expressed as a musical or instrumental piece must be impregnated with divine and angelic energy; this will help the planetary consciousness that always vibrates in low dimensions, to have the opportunity of awakening and feeling that the heavenly and supra-universal songs that are attracted for example by each instrument, will cause all of human consciousness to be a constant emanation of love.

This monthly meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity is a vital commitment of all the choirs of the Communities of Light and of the choirs associated with this meeting.

Because of this, as from this new cycle, a musical piece prepared by each Community of Light will be presented in the Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity.

This means, dear children, that every month each Community of Light and each regional choir belonging to the Planetary Network of Light will send an offering, some music that will be prepared, sung, recorded, and filmed by each group.

In this way, Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity, as a program of Mercy Mary TV, will receive all the offerings that will be sent so that they can be presented later on the 23rd of each month.

It will be a loving opportunity for both each choir of the Communities of Light and the regional choirs of the Network of Light to contribute with an evolutionary musical piece that expresses love for the Kingdoms of Nature, love for the Cosmos, love for the three Sacred Hearts, and especially, love for the Creator Father.

In this way, the preparation of these monthly meetings will not fall only on the same group of servers that makes pilgrimages month by month with the Divine Mother, but instead, each choir will have the Grace of showing its work of upliftment of consciousness, as well as of union and fraternity among brothers and sisters, to the world.

All will have the opportunity of helping to uplift the chaotic consciousness of humanity through the offerings they will be able to make to the Celestial Universe.

What is important, dear children, is that you offer everything wholeheartedly and with a lot of love. I would like to see in the monthly presentations of this meeting My children of the Network of Light who have never yet participated in these meetings; this will strengthen the fulfillment of the Purpose of the Hierarchy between humanity and the Universe.

On this 23rd of August, My children choir singers in Aurora will work with the consciousness of the planet, attracting in this way the essence of forgiveness and mercy.

On this day, may the meeting of music penetrate human suffering and may the Law of Divine Mercy take action and dissolve all the pain that is generated.

As on every 23rd day of each month, I will be accompanying you with My Maternal Heart.

May you experience a good offering to the Heavenly Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who sings with the voice of the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To all the youth gathered for the first time at the Youth Festival for Peace:

Praised be Christ, dear children!

After the last months of preparation and of having faced tests and challenges, finally, My request is fulfilled and a new phase in the planetary rescue will be accomplished through the integration of the youngest ones within My Campaign for Peace.

I would like, My children, to thank the unconditional support of Association Mary for having opened the doors to the youth and, mainly because some consecrated ones offered to fraternally collaborate in the awakening and in the maturation of the consciousness of the young founders of this spiritual impulse that is being born concretely today for everyone.

Many of the youth present today in Florianópolis, as well as the youths from different Light-Communities, will be able to create this bond of fraternity and service with the Higher Plan of the Celestial Father.

Thus, dear children, this first meeting is the redeemed seed of light that is just sprouting and showing all its potential.

On this day on which there must be joy, love among brothers and sisters and enthusiasm for complying, I invite you to give the best of yourselves and a little more, so that, willing to learn, you may come to know your inner virtues and discover that everything is possible by willing and serving.

This first Youth Festival for Peace has been considered by the Hierarchy as preparation and, at the same time, as a spiritual and material decoupling of all the human ties that My adversary creates among good souls.

This first impulse of the Festival in Florianópolis promises to be the incipient cycle in which new doors will open for the youth that wants to assume its mission for the end of times.

Therefore, you must sustain this first impulse of the Festival until the next six months come to an end, when in the month of January of 2017, the second Youth Festival for peace will bring twice as many people as there are present today.

I invite all the founding youth to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy does, in a cyclic and paused form, so that the true fruits may be able to emerge and mature through the task.

The next six months will be, among prayer, service and diffusion, the preparation for the second Youth Festival for Peace, which will have more social and public importance,as its spirit is, through music, art and the elevation of consciousness through service to the Kingdoms of Nature, to separate from vices all the youths who are submerged in them.

Be aware that, in the meeting of today, My Heart will be with each youth, hoping that the seeds of love and peace may sprout in each being that is present there.

I thank you for responding to My call!

United to each young heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the choir members and musicians of the groups of prayer of Europe

My dear children,

On the eve of the great youth meeting in Cracow, Poland, today I ardently hope that your hearts will join this important Jubilee of the Mercy of God so that from here, in the city of Porto, the first spiritual impulse of awoken humanity may emerge, which will implore with all its heart for the Mercy of God.

My wish is that in this meeting that will take place here today, on the eve of the awaited World Youth Day in Poland and of the first Youth Festival for Peace in Brazil, the inner invocation from each choir member should be sent forth, asking for peace and the Mercy of God.

Dear children, I have very closely followed the whole of your preparation and enthusiasm for giving of your best in honor of the Celestial Father.

On this spiritual gala night, where My angels from Heaven will witness this meeting, I wish that each of My children of Europe should ask for forgiveness and mercy on behalf of all Europeans and for all the acts committed since the colonization and moral, human, natural, and spiritual plundering of the whole of the Americas.

I hope, dear children choir members from Europe, that from your voices blossoms this profound request for pity, so that My angels may have the joy of presenting to the Celestial Father the musical and instrumental offering that today you will offer the whole of humanity.

Children, each one of your spirits has God at its core, so with full trust in the Mercy of God and for the two youth meetings that will take place in Poland and in Brazil, join hands and invoke the power of this infinite Grace that grants, redeems, and heals all.

May the meeting of music tonight serve to expand out from Europe the very powerful flow of the Mercy of My Son.

From the whole Iberian Peninsula may the doors of redemption open for all the consciousnesses that must move through them in this hour.

Dear children, from the Kingdom of the Heavens I will be with each one of you, accompanying this spiritual and divine impulse that will be given today for Portugal and the whole of Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united with the song of the holy angels and of My children of Europe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To My beloved youths

My dear children,

It is a victorious joy for My Immaculate Heart that today you gather together to take the first steps in the Youth Campaign for Peace.

It is at this critical time of the planet that the young people will have the doors of the universes open, so that God may welcome into His Heart the prayers of all His children.

Thus, dear children, for today's meeting, your Heavenly Mother will be inspiring you spiritually, so that the new apostles of Christ may begin to work for peace.

On this day, when the Mercy of God descends to humanity, dear children, open your hearts to receive the Christic seed of redemption in your inner world.

It was also in this month, dear children, that I called you to be consecrated to My maternal Heart; today I also call on you to become part of the flocks of the apostolate that, through the youths, will proclaim the coming Return of Christ.

In today's meeting, My children, you will already be able to lay the foundations for the first Youth Festival for Peace, to be carried out in Florianópolis during the month of July.

Remember, My children, that the month of July is the month of young people over the whole world, when you will unite with the important impulse of pleading for the Mercy of God for the planet.

Through the first Youth Festival in July, the bases of the meeting will become clearer to everybody.

This festival will have the mission of alleviating the planetary consciousness through prayer, art and music.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

In order for the Campaign for Peace to be a true reality in the world, peace must first be present in your hearts.

The Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to have its birth in the city of Florianópolis, but the expectation is that this campaign will immediately be disseminated to the States of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, which together with the State of Santa Catarina, will be the epicenter of this campaign, that will later expand through the whole of Brazil, Latin America, and finally throughout the whole world.

As from the beginning of the Campaign for Peace with the Youth Festival for Peace, and when all the youths of Brazil congregate in Florianópolis for the first meeting, it will be the moment, My children, when it will be disseminated to the different regional universities of Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Rio Grande do Sul; from the student body will spring forth the first impulse that later will spread to the rest of the universities of Brazil.

This is how, dear children, that the first Youth Festival to be held in the month of July in the city of Florianópolis will have moments of service to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature; also moments of art and of music, sources of expression for the youth, which must express fraternity, harmony, and love for the planet.

When the first Youth Festival takes place, it being an ecumenical meeting that will be sponsored by companies that can contribute for the Youth Campaign for Peace, through the youths that will participate in these meetings, the universities of Brazil will be able to extend this invitation for peace to other universities in the world.

It will be in this way that the first Youth Festival for Peace will have its own recording label, so that all that is created by the youths may be disseminated to other places on the planet; this recording label will be the same that the Association Mary will found to support the musical art created.

This impulse of the Youth campaign for Peace expects to reach unbelieving hearts so that they may believe in God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in union with the spirit of the young,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to establish a biannual meeting in Florianopolis for all the youth. This spiritual impulse will try to lead the youth towards a praying state of upliftment and redemption.

This biannual meeting will be encompassed in an event of music, art and prayer; in this way, each young person who unites to this meeting and through Association Mary will be able to postulate to present with a group of youth a musical piece of elevation and harmony that they have prepared.

In the same way, young artists will present works they have made and will show everyone the messages of peace, hope and faith that they have originally painted with their own hands.

At the end of the meeting there will be an ecumenical communion officiated by priests and there will also be a moment of adoration to the Eucharistic Body of Christ.

This meeting will be integrated in the Campaign for Peace and will be called “The First Meeting of the Youth for Peace.”

In the time between each musical presentation as well as the contemplation of art performed by the young ones, there will be profound moments of prayers guided by the young people themselves.

This meeting will also offer universal prayers for the elevation of the planetary consciousness.

In this first stage Florianopolis will be, every six months, the headquarter of the Youth Meeting for Peace, and the Campaign for Peace will be the basis for this ecumenical movement.

This meeting will try to carry out a process of spiritual conversion and the young ones will have the opportunity of being instructed and guided in the search for the spiritual path.

This is an ecumenical meeting, which means that it will be open for those who truly search for peace and goodness, without drugs, without addictions or external interferences.

The spirit of this Meeting of the Youth for Peace will be to rescue and to lead everyone towards Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prepares you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Youth Campaign for Peace, which should be born in Florianópolis and later extend to the whole world, will give all My children the opportunity to rediscover the meaning of elevated spiritual life no longer through drugs, but rather in a life of altruistic service and prayer, safe sources that they will find for the elevation of their souls.

This Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to meet the needs of the young ones through Instruction about the true values of a worthy and spiritual life in this time.

This will be possible, dear children, because the Youth Campaign for Peace will attend to the request of the young ones about the understanding of spiritual life and of the Universe in its totality: of the macro cosmos.

The Youth Campaign for Peace intends to have as a base the source of expression through music that radiates peace, harmony, balance, and in some cases, states of union with Christ and with the Celestial Divinity.

For this, creativity through instruments will cause the young ones to feel motivated to create music that helps in the harmonization of the planet, just like some groups of young people will encourage themselves to express their union with Christ.

The art of the young ones within this Campaign for Peace will be expressed through images that appeal to the need of peace in the world, as well as in the expression of elevated messages of love, brotherhood and hope, searching to dissipate ideas of violence, mistreatment to the fellow beings and war.

It is for this reason that this Campaign supported by the Association Mary will allow to help the young ones to transmit to their fellow beings these values that they will learn, and in this way all the youth will one day perceive that it is not necessary “to search for God” through the influences that the adversary imparts.

A life of prayer will be born in a part of the youth, this will be the fundamental base for principles of redemption and healing to take place in humanity.

We will continue working on this project.

I thank you for responding to My call!

For the Campaign for Peace in the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to embrace, as an evolutionary proposal, all the young people from Brazil and from the world so that they may feel motivated to serve for the sake of humanity and for the end of war.

It is for this reason that the Youth Campaign for Peace, which will be supported by the Association Mary, will try to answer the demand of the young ones, of those who need to renew their lives and their habits through service, charity and the good.

At this moment the young people of Florianópolis are being called to diffuse and expand the work of the Heavenly Mother. Thus, through the Youth Campaign for Peace, the young ones will have a space to be able to express their moments of prayer, service and also of art and music as means for elevation and spiritual creativity, based on mutual respect, fraternity and union within the same purpose of peace.

For this, Association Mary should be the means that motivates and impulses the search for an ordered, peaceful life, of service and prayer for the planet.

Through art they will search to express the inner beauty of each soul, and prayer and the manifestation of music will be the place of encounter and peace with humanity.

The Youth Campaign for Peace will have its own website and at the same time will be the diffusor of the meetings of prayer for the young people, and also of all the moments of service and charity towards their fellow beings.

This campaign must aspire to live, as a base, the importance and urgency of having peace at these times and to radiate it to the whole world, so that in this way My Immaculate Heart may triumph.

This mission has the proposal to help all young people to find a spiritual meaning in their lives and their habitual environment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In Campaign for peace and salvation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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