Tuesday, August 23 of 2016

Daily Messages


The importance of elevated music in the end of times

Dear children choir singers and participants in the Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity,

Just as in Heavens the angelic melodies uplift and recreate the Plan of God in Its Infinite manifestation, the Divine Plan must be recreated on the surface of the planet through elevated music.

Each inner composition that is then expressed as a musical or instrumental piece must be impregnated with divine and angelic energy; this will help the planetary consciousness that always vibrates in low dimensions, to have the opportunity of awakening and feeling that the heavenly and supra-universal songs that are attracted for example by each instrument, will cause all of human consciousness to be a constant emanation of love.

This monthly meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity is a vital commitment of all the choirs of the Communities of Light and of the choirs associated with this meeting.

Because of this, as from this new cycle, a musical piece prepared by each Community of Light will be presented in the Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity.

This means, dear children, that every month each Community of Light and each regional choir belonging to the Planetary Network of Light will send an offering, some music that will be prepared, sung, recorded, and filmed by each group.

In this way, Music for the Healing and the Upliftment of Humanity, as a program of Mercy Mary TV, will receive all the offerings that will be sent so that they can be presented later on the 23rd of each month.

It will be a loving opportunity for both each choir of the Communities of Light and the regional choirs of the Network of Light to contribute with an evolutionary musical piece that expresses love for the Kingdoms of Nature, love for the Cosmos, love for the three Sacred Hearts, and especially, love for the Creator Father.

In this way, the preparation of these monthly meetings will not fall only on the same group of servers that makes pilgrimages month by month with the Divine Mother, but instead, each choir will have the Grace of showing its work of upliftment of consciousness, as well as of union and fraternity among brothers and sisters, to the world.

All will have the opportunity of helping to uplift the chaotic consciousness of humanity through the offerings they will be able to make to the Celestial Universe.

What is important, dear children, is that you offer everything wholeheartedly and with a lot of love. I would like to see in the monthly presentations of this meeting My children of the Network of Light who have never yet participated in these meetings; this will strengthen the fulfillment of the Purpose of the Hierarchy between humanity and the Universe.

On this 23rd of August, My children choir singers in Aurora will work with the consciousness of the planet, attracting in this way the essence of forgiveness and mercy.

On this day, may the meeting of music penetrate human suffering and may the Law of Divine Mercy take action and dissolve all the pain that is generated.

As on every 23rd day of each month, I will be accompanying you with My Maternal Heart.

May you experience a good offering to the Heavenly Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who sings with the voice of the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace