Thursday, June 7 of 2012

Daily messages

Today rest in My arms as Jesus did so that enveloped by My mantle of maternity you will find rest and encouragement to follow the victorious path of My Son. Life to be consecrated, must be confirmed in the Lord. For this reason hearts face trials, to confirm the path to the One God of the Universe.

But there I am, in each step that each of My children take, as a Pilgrim of the Creator. I seek to comfort the hearts so that the souls grow as sacred spirits of the Lord. Those who live in the Lord walk through a single path that is towards My Son; in this path many steps must be taken to reach the consecration of life before the Throne of God.

Through this path, dear children, today My Heart wants to bring you. Through a path of faith and love so that your lives, through prayer, may recognize the humility that will protect you and free you of all temptation.

The world is a path without direction towards God; for this My children, pray, pray, pray with the heart so that the divine verb of your hearts strengthens you and leads you to the meeting with Jesus.

Much is still left to be done in this world, which in its majority does not hear the call that comes from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. For this is a good cause, that you could repair the many insults to the Heart of My Son.

In this way the prayer of each of you will allow the Fountain of Divine Mercy to help all the souls of the world.

Go towards the meeting with Christ, He awaits you so that you may pray with the heart because the world of today needs it.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.