Make of humiliations an opportunity for your consciousness to understand what really is meaningful and valuable in life.

You are not on Earth to be honored, elevated or glorified by the eyes of humankind; but rather you are on Earth to experience a love that transcends understanding and the senses, that transcends logic and limitations, that transcend all love reached within the world and beyond it.

For this reason, when you are humiliated, let any need for recognition for glory, for a human response for your efforts, for your love, be broken down within you. Allow your heart to be placed in what is real, in what is eternal, in the Love of God, which is not based on human merits, and remain there, in the experience of humility that each situation in life leads you to experience.

Through your example, let the world come to know the Love of God. Follow in the footsteps of your Lord, Who, as a response to the scourging and the Cross, poured out Blood and Water, forgiveness, redemption and Mercy, for all beings, without distinctions. That is your eternal example; do not want another.

Do not seek to be elevated like the saints in the eyes of humankind, because what brings about sanctity in beings is not the opinion of humankind, but rather the sacrifice, the love and the unity with God, many times experienced in anonymity, in the ignorance of the world.

Thus, take your cross, embrace that cross with love; pray and ask for the Grace of knowing how to be in the likeness of your Lord, each day. And when you are humiliated, do not look to the thrones of the world, attained by human glory. Look to the Throne of Heaven, upon which is seated He, Who was abused, misunderstood, humiliated, scourged and died on the Cross, but He rose, not because of what He received from beings, but from the unfathomable Love that emerged from His own Heart.

Christ returned to the Father, not because of what He received from the world, but because of what He knew how to give, for He gave everything, all of Himself, for love. This is your Way, your Truth and your Life.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-second Poem

Lady of Calvary,
alleviate the weight of our cross,
help us to live Your Son’s Mystery of Love.

Lady of Calvary,
may we contemplate and live the Agony of Jesus
as a moment to strengthen our faith
and trust in the Eternal Father.

May we contemplate the Flagellation of Jesus
as the deepest testimony
of His redeeming Love for each one of us.

May we contemplate the Crowning of Jesus
as the triumph of Divine Wisdom
over our ignorance,
as the moment in which our consciousnesses
expand through the knowledge of Love received.

May we contemplate the Path of Calvary
as the opportunity for us to live our cross
and make of our lives a victorious cross,
wining through love
and through the transformation of the human heart.

May we contemplate the Crucifixion of Christ
as the coming time of liberation
from our spiritual slavery,
a liberation given by Jesus
in the last moments upon the wood of the Cross,
a liberation granted through the work of Divine Mercy.

Lady of Calvary,
may we learn to imitate Your Son
on the path of unconditional service.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


May the Words of My Son reach the depths of your heart.

May His sorrowful acts of the Passion grant you the necessary transformation.

May each agony lived by Him impel you to bear the tests of these times.

May the solitude experienced by Him prepare you for crossing the desert in solitude.

May the precious Blood poured out by Him justify all errors you may have committed.

May the Water that emerged from His Side upon the Cross bring you the certainty that you can fulfill the Plan of God.

May the silence and humility expressed by My Son help you to hear and recognize the keys for the redemption of your consciousness.

May the flagellated Body of Christ heal the inner wounds of your suffering so that you may always be renewed by the Glory and the Victory that Christ continues to attain, throughout the ages, in the life of those who surrender to the Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Embrace the cross that God gives you, just as His Son embraced it on the path to Calvary.

Receive the flagellation of this time and stand up, again and again, in the spirit of strength and humility, offering any sacrifice, sorrow, adversity or difficulty to the hands of God and continue forward, as a reparation for this world.

In peace, live the humiliations of these times, and receive upon your face the thorns that remind you always that the only true reign is the one that comes from God and that all crowns and honors of this world are but thorns that wound, upon the faces of humans, their purity and their true face.

Let the calvary of this time guide you to an unknown Love, lead you to discover the real meaning of life, just as Christ discovered the true meaning of Love when He forgave everything on the Cross of His time.

Prepare your heart as Christ prepared His: with prayer and silence, in communion with His Father.

Because the calvary of these times are now before you. The trials that summon you to the overcoming in Love have already begun. Now, child, you must look to Heaven, to the Heart of your Father and Lord, to say to Him: "Father, my heart is ready."

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Through the meditation of the Sorrowful Mysteries, what does the agony of Jesus in the Garden mean to you? What does the flagellation of Jesus mean to you?

What does the sorrowful crowning of thorns mean to you?

What do the three falls of Jesus with the Cross mean to you?

What is the value of the crucifixion and death of Christ to you? And the moment in which the spear thrust His side and poured out Water and Blood?

Have you understood the greatness of these merits?

In some part of your being and of your consciousness, all these facts and true experiences of Christ may be resonating.

Why should they resonate?

Because in communion with these mysteries, you will be in perfect communion with Christ, and you will allow all the merits of the Redeemer to replace, in your consciousness, all that must someday be transformed.

Therefore, live the Sorrowful Mysteries as a triumph, at each step, and experience surrendered by Christ.

Live each Sorrowful Mystery as the deepest demonstration of the Love of God that forgives all and can do all.

This is the essence of the experience of Love of My Son: to leave His legacy to the world so that humanity may avail itself of this legacy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Cellular Christic Code

Dear children,

Today I reveal and teach you the importance of the cellular Christic Code, which was the sacred and greatest experience of the Love of Christ, seen by the whole universe.

The Christic Code is understood to be all the degrees of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy achieved by Jesus during His Passion and Death.

The living and sublime expression of this Christic Code spiritually manifested during the scourging and, from that point on, this Code of Love, which understands all and forgives all, gradually deepened in the human consciousness of Jesus.

In order to take this step, My Son had to incarnate in spiritual, cosmic and human conditions, greatly and specially prepared for that time period. This Christic Code gradually awakened in the spiritual essence of Jesus as the little Child grew in the heart of the Sacred Family.

This same Christic Code gradually manifested at a cellular level from the moment in which My little Son preached for the first time in the temple. It was in that very special event that the divine intervention of the Archangel Michael came forward until the holy prophecy announced by the prophets would be fulfilled.

The Christic Code incarnated in Jesus from the sublime spheres of consciousness in order to teach the world the true and unique Law of Love-Wisdom.

Throughout the history of earthly humanity, the planet as a mother consciousness was always assisted, and the Christic degrees of Love-Wisdom also greatly manifested from the moment Buddha's enlightenment.

In this way, through Divine Compassion, that is an aspect of the Ray of Love-Wisdom, humanity was able to understand that the errors made and all the debts incurred have a path of liberation which, through Compassion, leads the consciousness towards forgiveness.

The first spiritual impulse of Compassion was expressed by the Consciousness of Buddha, who, at that time, awakened deeply to a revelation of Divine Love that humanity had never known throughout it's history.

I would like to emphasize, children, that the holy Essenes had an important task on a spiritual level, and also in the continuation of this stream of Love-Wisdom and Compassion that humanity was in need of.

Where is the spiritual bridge that links the period of Buddha with the period of Jesus?

The true essence of both manifestations of Love lies in the Will of the Father and in His Divine Mercy, finding humanity in a constant attempt of spiritual, moral and human self-destruction. It was thus, dear children, that the intercession of the universe came forward in the human consciousness through the revelation of Compassion and the incarnation of the Firstborn Son.

The Christic Code slowly took shape as an awareness of Love in humanity as from the experience of Jesus on Earth.

I told you, in previous statements, that the Essenes were the consciousnesses who, in their inner worlds, united all experiences of Love-Wisdom in humanity.

They collected the essence of the Christic instruction manifested since the emergence of Buddha to the incarnation of Jesus. In this way, that source and that experience of Love were placed as offerings in the consciousness of the planet to prevent it from self-destructing.

That source remained active in humanity until Jesus began His public life, and with the divine approach of Archangel Michael, certain spiritual values were allowed to begin to be recovered in the terrestrial human consciousness.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of the universe accompanied all the events of the life of Jesus, and, in this way, the Plan was modified after the Resurrection of Christ.

The cellular Christic Code was cultivated by the essence of Love-Wisdom which the Master Himself radiated by His Presence.

The Son of God brought to the world the possibility for the creatures of the Earth to recognize their worthiness before the Creator and, at the same time, for all to find the Way, the Truth and the Life that Christ Himself showed.

The Christic Code became even more latent from the moment of the Ascension of Jesus and, afterwards, it was poured out by the divine impulse of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. It was at that sacred moment that your Most Holy Mother instituted the ministry and the formation of the first Christian monastic orders, thus, opening the doors of evangelization through Christic Love.

After more than two thousand years of ministry and mission, in which surface humankind, through religion, used the maximum authority Christ had given them, the Heavenly Hierarchy presents Itself in this cycle to correct and restore the values of true Christianity.

It is for this reason that all are called to contemplate the immaculate heart of the Sacred Family, for there you will find the spiritual and human values that will also lead you towards redemption and forgiveness.

Every being that incarnated on the planet after the Ascension of Christ holds within themselves the cellular Christic Code, a Code that the adversary has separated from the interest of those who sleep so that they cannot evolve. This potential for Christic Love is necessary and vital in this planetary cycle in which chaos battles against the forces of evil to conquer the consciousness of humanity.

The process of purification, transformation and non-resistance will allow this precious cellular Christic Code to awaken and manifest for the redemption of the race. For this, acts of sacrifice, silence, charity, prayer, Communion and consecration to the Plan will encourage the emergence of the cellular Christic code within the human consciousness.

The possibilities are being given to all, all that is needed is determination and promptness so that every human being may, at this time, be an extension of the Love-Wisdom that was sown in the beginnings of this race. It will be that Love-Wisdom that will place humanity in a different, more evolutionary reality. Thus, I call upon My soldiers of prayer and service to reflect upon what I have told you. I will be grateful for your attention.

Who propels you towards the Love of God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace, Guardian of the Precious Codes of Christ

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My children,

On this day when we celebrate the victory of the Heart of Jesus over death and over all error, see how much My Son is doing for you during these holy days.

Preparing for the next Easter of Resurrection, let us continue walking beside the Lord in the profound silence of the soul and the heart, so as to be able to receive the precious Gifts that emanate from His Holy Heart for the world.

In an act of trust and of faith, renew your perpetual adherence to My Son and follow this sacred task of the redemption of humanity.

Appreciating all the mysteries lived by Christ during His Sacred Passion, dear children; adopt a posture of withdrawal and of prayer so that with your souls, you are able to perceive all that My Son is doing for you.

On this path of search for silence, you may be able to find the keys that will open the doors to the divine knowledge of the Love and Wisdom of the beloved Father through His blessed Son.

Christ is pouring out a stream of Light and of Grace upon all creatures.

Receive this call to peace, and through the Passion of My Son, take on forever your own cross for those who turn their backs on the great divine summoning.

I am with you, walking slowly toward Calvary; but before, I will show you the spiritual meaning of the scourging and the crown of thorns.

Let us continue with confidence; the Lord awaits us in vigil.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Walking with all for the Passion,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary


Who truly and without rush prays the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy will be able to receive the precious and glorified codes of light that My Consciousness achieved on the Mount of the Olives in My agony. It also achieved them during the flagellation and with the Blood poured during the painful crowning of thorns and when I carried your cross to the Calvary and also during My Crucifixion on the Cross.

All those codes will enter in the soul that at three in the afternoon may use correctly and with devotion to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, because at this hour it will not only pray with the heart but I will let it know the power of My Sublime Grace and in this way your hearts will get to know the passages of My Passion step by step such as I lived it.

Enter from this moment on in the science of My Mercy and be thankful for being able to understand in these times of chaos each one of the infinite mysteries that guards My Sacred Heart. If you accept, with consciousness, to learn to live the life of prayer your superior consciousness will be available to help in My Plan of Salvation and, consequently, your more earthly beings will count on the aid of the greater spirit of your true beings.

In this way I prepare hearts so that they may be workers of the Plan and consciousnesses that may be servers of My Eternal Father. Today I pour to you the wisdom that guards My Christified Consciousness so that you may understand that it is possible to be consecrated to My Lord when you simply say yes, because in this way your will will be surrendered so that may awaken in your hearts the Divine Will.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the spirit of the heart!

Christ Jesus.

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