The ardent wish of God is that there be in Cuenca a Community-of-Light, guided and accompanied by a monastery of the Order founded by My Son.

In order for this to be possible, I come to ask the union and integration of My children of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to carry forward this intimate wish of the Creator.

Right after this, I want to found a Marian Center in Cuenca, which will have the patronage of Mary, Mother of the Mountains.

There I wish to establish a center of prayer for the Andes and for all the peoples of the Andean region, in order to draw from Heaven, the Gifts of God that, by means of the community and the life of service and of prayer, must be established.

I wish from Ecuador a consecrated land together with Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, as a new Eden, where humanity can be regenerated in the upcoming times.

Next, I want to found another community in the region of Guatavita, in Colombia and also a Marian Center which will have the patronage of Mary, Queen of Cultures.

If My children, in time, carry forward these purposes, I promise to protect and to support the emergence of a new humanity in this region.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear child:

When you see winds coming that are contrary to the life of the spirit, it is a sign that something grand is about to transcend. Keep your faith and your trust in the Father, because He already knows your exiles, your deserts, and all the voids of your soul.

Certain tests, at this time, reach the life of the apostles to confirm them on the path of Christification and of inner transformation.

Do not fear to see yourself naked, and to find yourself before the greatest miseries of your human life. My Son has taught you to persevere in love and in unity with the Kingdom of the Heavens.

The innumerable battles and disagreements with the inner part of your being no longer matter; now it is primordial to continue struggling every day to learn to overcome yourself, and so to show the Universe that the new and peacemaker Christs are on their way.

Be strong in your trust in God. His Love will help you even if everything is too difficult.

God bless you now and always!

Who follows you in soul and heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the strength of the love of the heart never end, because it will give you the inner strength to carry forward the Plans of God.

May the strength of the love of the heart make you peaceful, so that in these times you may accept and understand the most difficult and complex situations.

May the strength of the love of the heart gather you together and unite you as brothers and sisters, because in this way you will awaken the gifts and the virtues of the new apostles of Christ.

May the strength of the love of the heart guide you and illuminate your paths, so that the truth and the transparency between consciousnesses always reign.

May the strength of the love of the heart assemble you, so that in these times you may celebrate communion with Christ, the unique re-encounter with the Mercy of God.

May the strength of the love of the heart unify you, so that the Consciousness of Christ may accompany you till the end.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My beloved children from Brazil and from the whole world:

Today My arms open and My Mantle expands over the Americas, announcing that the triumph of My Heart is near.

Today I thank you and, with joy in My Gaze, I ask you to keep working with Me for the awakening of souls and for the redemption of hearts.

My children, since the beginning, the Creator entrusted each soul of the Earth to Me, as the most precious thing He had as a project and creation. From Heaven He pointed Me this world and asked Me, with love, that I took care and supported each of His children; that I did not look at their faults with sorrow, but rather with compassion and hope; that My Faith in His creatures were that which would eternally support their opportunities of taking steps and of rehabilitating them in the path that leads to God. And so I did it, children, since the beginning of this world.

When I came to Earth as the Mother of Jesus and the wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, it was to consummate My surrender and maternity. It was to materialize, along with My Son and the Most Chaste Joseph, the deep Love of God for humankind. It was for all to come to know and recognize the maternity of your beloved Celestial Mother, because in this way, beloved children, you would be able to find the path that brings you to My Heart, you would be able to feel that My Mantle is near and always open to welcome you.

Not all recognized My Divine Maternity, but it does not mean that I am not the Mother of those who deny Me and of those who do not know Me. I am the Mother of all. I am the Mother of those who proclaim Me and the Mother of those who ignore Me. I am the Mother of those who love Me and know Me and the Mother of those who are indifferent with Me.

Children, I do not love more or any less those who respond to My Call or those who do not help Me to manifest this Plan. The love of My Heart comes from God, comes from the Source. It is a love that descends from the Truth and that recognizes the Truth in the hearts; that is why it loves you all equally.

I do not see, My children, the indifference of humankind, because I know your essences. My great sorrow is that you do not recognize the Truth and believe that you are your imperfections and indifferences, without ever knowing your own essence.


My beloved children,

While the world agonizes and My adversary tries to write a different future for the Earth through the wounds set in the hearts and spirits of the children and youths that live through wars, My maternal Spirit of love tries to bring you into balance and into the reparation of the human heart.

Children, the deep wounds that are being spiritually stamped in the children and youths of today causes hatred and resentment, the eagerness to start new wars, and vengeance to grow in the hearts of My little ones, and extinguishes inside of them the fear of God, the possibility of loving, of finding peace, of expressing harmony, beauty, fraternity, purity, and compassion.

The youths and the children who suffer today due to wars, and who even actively participate in them — forced or led by the resentment in their hearts – are souls that have come to the world to render a service, to express a divine attribute, and to take to the Universe a learning of love and unity.

So that this Plan of the Creator is not lost and is not modified by the hands of the adversary, I call on you to balance, to generate unity, peace, harmony, and fraternity. I call on you to disseminate love, and the possibility of experiencing on Earth a healthy life that is full of God. I call on all the youth of the planet to collaborate in the redemption, not only of their own being, but also to be caretakers of the future of the whole of humanity; caretakers of the divine project whose manifestation will be their responsibility in the coming time.

My Children, the Youth Festival for Peace is not only a meeting of fun for youths, as are so many festivals that take place throughout the world. The Youth Festival for Peace is the seed of a new life that I am planting in the consciousness of those who must carry forward the Plans of the Most High; of those who must transcend themselves and all of the mundane influences and superficialities to express a divine archetype, based on love, on unity, and on fraternity.

Today I call all the youths of the world to unite in heart and in spirit with the Youth Festival for Peace, where they will express themselves through art, song, creativity, spirit, and will speak the language of the heart through the prayer that is found in all these things.


When Mary came, She showed me an image of the Universe, and in a way which I do not know how to explain, I saw the Consciousness of God. He was withdrawing into a profound silence that, in spite of being silence, resounded across the whole cosmos and was causing the inner being of all creatures in Heaven to shudder. God held within Himself that first Thought that He had when creating the human project. He concentrated on the perfection of His Original Idea for humankind, and thus meditated.

Mary showed us that many councils gathered together, but not knowing how to assist humanity; just observing so that, in the unpredictability of the human heart, some possibilities of guiding humankind to the fulfillment of the Plans of God could emerge. Our Lady said that for all of the universe, in this moment, the destiny of the Earth is unforeseeable. She said that only God knew what would happen, but He stayed silent and concentrated all of His Love toward the essence of each human being.

It was as if, in that moment, God was not using any intermediary, for He Himself, in His silence, was attempting to reach the essence of all human beings to reveal His Mystery directly to those hearts that might perceive His Presence.

Mary explained to us that in the midst of all of the chaos and the evil in the world, the Creator Himself began to take action on Earth, trying to show the human heart the greatness of His Plan for humanity, the unique possibility that the human being holds for uniting with Him, perfectly and absolutely; the one love that is found latent within of all of us. All of this God is trying to show to us.

Then Mary invited us so that, by ourselves and in silence, we might enter into our own hearts in order to try to feel God, to search for Him inside of ourselves, and to discover what He wants to reveal to us in His silence.


Dear children,

While the world agonizes, the Heart of the Most High God goes silent, and the Creator concentrates His Divine Spirit on the true purpose of His Creation.

In these times, when humanity is at the peak of their deviation from the reason for their existence as part of a Divine Project, the Lord is trying to keep alive within Himself that divine aspiration that one day left His Consciousness to renew all of the Universe.


 Most dear pilgrims of mine,

For the first time in the history of My inner Encounters with you My Heart is pleased to open new doors of Light and of Peace for more souls.

For this in joy and gratefulness the Son of God will be present praying with you, for you and for the whole world so that most of the world may reach the state of My Divine Mercy.

The Lord of the Universe has especially sent Me to Londrina so that the original groups of prayer, those that were born in the Community of Figueira many years ago, may be able to renovate themselves and to enter into the path of the heart because in this time all that you do must be done through the true love of the serving heart.

I want you to contemplate the sincere expression of this love through the faithful example of work, of dedication and of absolute surrender to the Plan of God that occurred through the groups of prayer of San Jose do Rio Preto and of the region of San Paulo.  Then you will be able to see that the souls can be helped and receive the Graces of Heaven when the servers of the Hierarchy open doors in the correct way.  This, in this time, will determine the fulfillment of the Plan of Rescue.   

Heaven, through My Heart, wants to show you that there exists one only path to traverse.  A path that is called love of donation and of dedication.  Love that many of you have once radiated towards My Heart even though in other times I may not have been so present in your lives as I Am now.

But all that has been learned by the spiritual instruction of the past has generated the possibility that now Heaven is giving you the fruit of faith and of peace for your sincere efforts.  You know that the whole world is full of emergencies and of needs to respond to.  For this the universe, in its infinite science and intelligence, has conjugated the different groups of souls so that through affinity and attunement they can serve the Greater Plan. 

Now it is up to each server and person of prayer person to fulfill a part of the mission so that at the end of this whole journey may be fulfilled the important purpose of God.

Londrina was a city chosen by God so that the groups of prayer is this region could be able to retreat and meditate and pray, two important exercises to strengthen service.


The forgiveness of the heart will take you back to the origin of My Divine Mercy.

For this today I ask you: return to the inner forgiveness because it will give you the opportunity of merging yourselves with the wise love of My Heart.  Trace now the path towards forgiveness because in this trail you shall discover the keys to the conversion and the redemption of matter.   

May the good brethren of the path be united and be never separated from the source of My Love, that which unites you totally.  I want that you be able to recognize the truth in this time, it will reveal to you the path towards the encounter with God.

Live now and always in the flame of the spirit of faith.  In this way you will be able to cross the dark thresholds that may separate you from My Heart.  I Am the Fire that never goes out, that illuminates the path for your essences and lives.  Whoever is with Me will be able to follow the trail that I indicate for this cycle.

Live in the unwavering faith of the heart.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus


Your essences are like very beautiful flowers in the garden of My Infinite Heart.  All of the flowers are born through Me and I Am reborn through the flowers.  Within this metaphor there does not exist separation because the essences are always united to the rhythm and to the beating of My Heart.

I want that on this day will shine the essential beauty that God has given to each one of you from the birth of your most little lives.  In this way you will be uniting your beings to the Creator Source of God.  In Heaven as on Earth exists the Sacred Unity, a promise that you must reach by means of your walk towards My Heart of Love.

Today I find Myself before the different beginnings and stars.  Today I see Myself before the magnitude of the essences of My Father.  Imagine for a moment that there are as many essences as stars in the cosmos.

Who will guide them?

Wither will they go after this trajectory upon the Earth?

My original Hope is to carry you to Paradise, towards the ocean where Love and Supreme Unity are merged and recreate forms of sublime life for all of the universe.  I wish today that you aspire to seek this Immaterial Source that is not from this world, but that belongs to the Universe of My Merciful Heart.

I will guide you and I will make known to you these wise mysteries.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Until the end of time My Heart will unite the rings that I carry between My hands and that represent the unity among the hearts.

I still contemplate the great necessity of brotherhood that exists between the children of My Father. For this, day and night I come to the world to save it and to help it to merge itself in the essence of My Love.

True love supports and renounces.

True love forgives and is not separated by words.

The true love of God dissolves and removes all evil among the servers so that the love for the Divine Will may prevail.

In this time many souls are separated as are the stones in a river that runs rapidly and swiftly.

Whither will these precious stones go?

In which ocean will they end up?

Only My Ocean of Mercy will allow you to wash your wounds and heal your own evils. I come in the time of Mercy to unite you to Me and so that nothing that has to do with your understanding may separate you from Me.

Trust in My Mercy, pray to Me each day more and with the heart. Try to be in peace so that in this way you may overcome the mental barriers. Be heralds of My Love and distribute My Light to wherever you may go. Never fear to transform yourselves because in transformation is found the liberation of oneself.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with love!

Christ Jesus, Your Saviour


This Third Marathon of Mercy has awakened a special joy in My Sacred Heart because from the beginning I wanted to demonstrate to all of My disciples that it is possible to do greater things than those that I realized in other times.

In truth today I thank you because this offer of your prayers has spiritually helped in the following points, those that I want to share with all:

First, the Marathon in Argentina has congregated souls that are thirsty for Me and this helped all of them to find the path of faith and of renovation.

Second, this merciful prayer collaborated so that all of the celestial plans in Argentina would be guided by the light of God and not by the will of men and women.

Third, My primary gratefulness is for your fraternal and ecumenical union with the Holy Father Francis. I assure you that Argentina, on the 13th day of October of this year will be the first nation consecrated in Heaven to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I invite you to discover the results of each marathon in your hearts. My Shepherd Hope is to unite you each day more until you may be finally one among the others and one with Me. It will be necessary that the law be accomplished in all of humanity but it will always be your faith in My Infinite Mercy that which will allow you to see the light in the horizon of life in each inner situation.

Dear sheep of My new flock,

I want to have near Me those who have separated themselves from My Love. For this I will receive day and night the simple offer of your hearts so that My Redeeming Plan may be able to be fulfilled.

This Third Marathon managed to unite the essences with the Sacred Kingdom of My Father. Serious problems will be solved, confusing matters in your lives will be dissipated, because you have trusted in My Mercy.

As good apostles I ask you to pray for those who never listen to My Voice of Love so that on the day of tomorrow these children of My Father may find a path of light and of hope.

I would like to return to Argentina if you allow Me because My Purpose is to consecrate the nation to My Sacred Heart. If it were like this, in the same way as Uruguay and Brazil, these three nations would work as shelter and protection for souls of other nations when they come to the time of confirmation.


And there will come the awaited day in which My followers in the whole world will be united as one through My Heart, and religion will be one, because all will be merged in the Great Spirit of My Lord, and in this way you will recognize His only and true face.

For this, day and night I call My apostles to share the missions that in this time you must accomplish, the mission of love through the heart that trusts.

In this time, My Sacerdotal Spirit intends to unite in the same Christic fire all those who follow My steps; it will be necessary that all the servers are one, so that the world can support the moment of its great, awaited universal judgment.

Now, that you are in time to mature and to obey as good disciples, never lose union with Me, no matter how large a task or material action that there may be; if you lose union, you will be subtly cutting off the links of love that unite you to My Heart.

Seek, work and act for a life of holiness before the safe of the world, that guards the great sins, may be opened by the ideas of the enemy. Be brave and walk through My Mercy; that your eyes may seek only the sacred glance of My Heart.

That nothing may distract you, cultivate an ardent attention so that you may be in an operative tension. The time of the clock sets the hour of revealing the secrets of the universe.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to the words of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


On this day of Mercy My Heart irradiates the Graces upon the souls that most need them , principally upon those who have been distanced  from Me.

In this way I gather the essences for the great moment, so that all of them return to unite as one and represent the new redeemed flock, a flock on which I will count for the important hour of My Return to the world.

But now it is necessary to cultivate the seed of inner pacification because this sublime light of peace must serve as an incandescent focus that relieves the perturbation of many inner beings in the world.

By merciful prayer the world will reach peace and the victory of the Kingdom of the Father will be possible by the effort of the little beings who serve the Plan of God.  In this time I call you to inner unity, I call you to the accomplishment of the Divine Purpose in each being, and for the Greater Good of the world.

Now, in this path of prayer that the pilgrims traverse, I call you to proceed through the safe path of faith and love, because in this way many more will imitate your Christic example of evolution. Above all things, remember that now and always you will be in My Heart of Love.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My message through the love of the heart!

The Merciful Christ Jesus


My Merciful Heart, at three in the afternoon, generates an explosion of Light and of Graces over the hearts that await My Divine Mercy with faith and trust.

But My Powers also are poured over the hearts that are blind in spirit and that cannot see the greatness of My Humble Presence.  I need all of the flocks.  For this, in this era, My Heart will make use of the brave ones to be able to reach the essences that are most distant from the path of the spiritual redemption.

Now has arrived the moment to revert the evils that the world awakens and which humanity, asleep in its majority, embraces as if they were sheep without a shepherd.

For this My Mercy comes to restore the deep spaces of consciousness. My Heart is approaching with the intention of alleviating the great despair of many souls, those which lack peace because they lack the prayer of the heart.

My divine wish is that all may be able to glimpse that the Great Lord. He who belongs to them from the beginning is returning, but this time to give testimony to the true presence of God and to the Greater Life. 

For this the good flocks must unite themselves as only one in order to help Me, removing from the critical thoughts indifferences, opinions and judgments, because it will cost the soul that may not be willing to be empty of itself a double effort to find peace.

It is time to die to oneself and it is time to see the reality that anguishes the great number of hearts that are lonely, as in a spacious desert of loneliness and thirst. The Source of Life that represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus comes to quench your spiritual thirst and It wants for humanity to repair the Blessed Heart from the very serious offenses that hurt the Heart of the All Powerful.

If there is a true and permanent response on the part of the people who pray, humanity will receive the Grace of Forgiveness, and it will have some time more of peace if it establishes the devotion towards the Merciful Heart of Jesus.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with attention!

Christ Jesus.


The greatest comfort that My Merciful Heart radiates is the Source of Piety and of relief. For this I come all of the days to dry the tears of your faces and to see a smile, redeemed and reflected like a resplendent sun.

I am here, returning little by little to prepare first the inner spirit of each child that must be strengthened in Faith and in My Mercy. I come to demonstrate to you that after the long sacrifice that you may offer to My Heart there will exist an immovable treasure from Paradise, from the Kingdom of Peace and of the Love of God where the angels rejoice themselves for being in God Eternally.

I come to call and to remind you of the commitment that many have with Me and I come for those who still have a task with Me and who have distanced themselves out of fear of what people will say. I reunite all in My Compassionate Heart of Love.


The goal until the end is for all, but now is moment for all to drink from the Source of My Unity. It will be through the victorious unity that all will live in peace. The lack of unity gestates the absence of fraternity.

Day by day I come to strengthen you a little more in the Love and in the Forgiveness of God. Heaven expects that Its children give all, the maximum that they can give so that the doors that are closed for many may be able to be open in mercy again.

Feel today the warmth of My Voice; the unbreakable force of My Spirit is radiated to you without delay and without time.  It is time to raise the flags of confirmation to the plans of God. It is time to act through the true love that may heal and aid those who most need My unfathomable and peaceful Mercy.

I guard you in the silence of My Heart, enter into the universe of My Serenity.  Seek always My Eternal Peace.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening with attention to My words!

Christ Jesus, Your Shepherd of Love.


Unexpectedly, before the presence of the Virgin Mary, descended in Glory from the Heavens the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who visited us to transmit His daily message together with the message of Our Lady for the Vigil of Prayer.

The Blessed Virgin Mary tells us:

Dear children, now My Blessed and Beloved Son Jesus will proceed, communicating to you the celestial words:

My Beloved ones,

On this day of Maternal Graces, as My Mother has said, the Lord sends to you, as a result of all of the spiritual goods that have been received by you during the Meeting of Prayer, an impulse of materialization of His Will for your lives.

For this My companions, it will be necessary that through the daily prayer of the heart you recognize the call that Heaven proclaims in face of the absolute necessity for the faithful Marian and Christic servers for this planetary cycle.

In face of all that happens in the world Heaven has given you all that It guards, waiting thus for an immediate answer for you to decide to live a constant life of prayer.

This is how it was,  and for this purpose the universe has prepared, it has been six years, this sacred space of the Marian Center of Aurora so that the souls of the world, especially all of the hearts of the Americas, would have a place of reference where they could  be able to realize the spiritual path.

Such as it has been in your history as humanity, Heaven chooses the immature and simple consciousnesses and It also chooses the forgotten and distant places so that the Father may be able to pour through the Celestial Messengers all of His gifts of love, of healing and of reparation.

For those people who pray and that follow My daily Messages I tell you that you are being participants in a unique moment for your souls, it is something that will remain guarded in the highest spirit of each being for, it after all, to follow the steps to Heaven.

For this I ask you that in prayer you be attentive to the moment in which you live as souls and as brothers and sisters in the various groups of prayer because if you are attentive you will know how to take the steps correctly and you will avoid mistakes.


The parable of the good disciple and the good master.

Once upon a time, in a distant land, there was a master who used to teach his duties to a disciple, he who recently had been sent to learn about the spiritual path.

In this story the master was being initiated in his first inner retreat in order for him to get rid of his expectations and of his own powers, to surrender himself to the eternal infinite. In the plans of the retreat of the master the arrival of this last disciple had not been predicted, who was sent later than expected. The master had already instructed other disciples before beginning his hermit retreat even though for the master the learning was to give himself to all, above all things.

The disciple was not very skilled in the tasks that the master would entrust him with. The apprentice disciple, who in spite of being very dedicated, as he humbly followed word by word whatever the master would dictate to him, one day saw himself lost, as without compass. This happened from lack of attention to trying to understand the reasons for each intention that the master indicated to him.

The master rarely felt uncomfortable because the task of his consciousness was to love and to see each disciple as they were, beyond their mistakes. But on this day, the universe of the Father was going to confirm if the master would be able to achieve a greater expression of love in face of the great difference that existed between the request of the master and what the disciple did. The result of this could have changed the destiny of the two of them.

On this day the disciple needed to confirm his trust in the one who guided him, beyond the differences.

        What is the lesson of all this experience?

That the master, if He has no disciples, will never be able to see with wisdom all that which still must be banished and that, out of love, he must always have the mission as his purpose. And the disciple, on his path, must always count on the company of the master so that he may indicate to him the steps that he must take from consciousness, avoiding thus the loss of his mission by the election of other paths.


Brothers and sisters,

Remember that I Am your King of Peace and that through My Peace you will encounter the path of harmony that you so much seek.

Today I invite you to be constant and patient for the path of surrender and of emptiness of oneself that you have decided to live with Me. As good disciples I reunite you to remind you that every day you must forgive and work so that this loving forgiveness is radiated to the entire world because it will be through you that I will manage to realize My Plans.

I remind you of the importance of also working for the deep unity between your hearts. In this way you will allow that the new celestial designs be manifested in those who need a warm word of comfort.

I intend to prepare you as simple mediators of prayer and of charity. There are many souls that need the same daily impulse that I deposit in you to be able to take the steps towards the Temple of My Sacred Heart.

For this I also remind you to live every day in the essence of humility so that the proud and vain life may be dispelled as the mist at dawn. I ask you to be one with Me because only through Me will you be able to be one with your peers. Only encourage yourselves to be corrected and to the live transformation of your hearts because you have already said yes to Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Humility will be what will move the souls away from darkness.

For this My dears, cultivate by means of the constancy in prayer a humble and meek spirit, because in this way your spirits will be brought towards the liberation of the capital sins of humanity.

To those who persevere day by day in the hour of mercy at three in the afternoon, I promise that at the hour of their death they will not be judged by Me, but they will be liberated from the weight of the past and the will begin to glimpse the light of eternal life.

Before the great time try to live through the spirit of humility because it is in one’s own emptiness of oneself that the soul will find meekness for its consciousness and thus it will be able heal itself from all that it may need, by means of the wise and loving forgiveness of God the Father.

Be meek and when you do not manage to be so, strive to be as humble as you can, seeking an act of reconciliation and silence towards your brothers and sisters because this will strengthen the necessary unity that in these times must exist between My Sheep. Do not occupy your time with whatever may still not be solved but try to detach yourselves and to give to Me all that is not good for your hearts.

Whenever a soul surrenders itself to My Heart, the joy of My Consciousness is infinite because this simple action opens a door for the unexpected conversion of other creatures.

I am with you in good and in error because as Father of the essences and Son of God I know that you are still learning to walk amongst the thorns and the stones that in the past have marked your lives. But always see in the horizon the unfathomable Mercy of My Heart, see the rays of peace and of transfiguration that come to your hearts.

Believe in My Eternal Hope: that when you elevate the eyes towards the High, may your being shine out of joy for being in God the Father. Encourage yourselves to live redemption and to entirely transform yourselves in My Mercy.

Always I encourage you to carry on.

Under the Infinite Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, who will save you and redeem you through the Power of the Love of God.


In the face of the circumstances and tests of life I beg and I implore My Followers to not lose My Peace, My Light and My Mercy for anything because we are near the times of changes and of purification for the consciousnesses.

For this you must be with Me present all the time. Now it is not enough only to pray to My Heart at some hour of your lives but you must remain all the time in My Heart of Light.

The currents will come to encounter humanity and My most available and least fearful Disciples will be the ones who will give testimony of My Presence and of My Upcoming Return. In this way I train, by means of merciful prayer, the soldier apostles of the Redeemer Christ so that surrendered to My Divine Fire and donated to My Law of Love, they may reach the most suffering corners of the Earth where is needed a true word and the action of love and of peace.

In this way I will raise My Promised Church so that through My Spirit all of My Followers of peace may unite themselves in the mission of the Great Fraternity.

Dears, raise the flags so that those who constantly shipwreck in the ocean of loneliness and of despair may enter into My Ocean of unfathomable Mercy and Piety.

I return to overthrow with My Light the idols that have created sinuous paths for the souls. I come in Glory and Justice to liberate the doors of hell so that those who still do not see My Precious Light may be fed by the love of My Creator Father.

I unite you and I do not want that you separate yourselves. I love you and I ask you that you truly love each other because the time will come to confirm the fruit of the talents that I have left for humanity.

Believe in the power of My Infinite Mercy for these times. Believe in the strength of My Redeemer Love. I love you and I bless you always.

Under the love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.