In spite of the times of darkness and of urgency, I will always come like the evening Sun, to announce to the world the hour of its salvation.

I will be stronger and more intense than the oceans, because in them souls find peace.

I will be stronger than the wind, because through it, souls can feel the perpetual caress of My Love.

I will not abandon you when times are difficult. I will be there, amongst you, in the silence of the night, to listen to you and so that you hear to My advice.

The time that is approaching will be moving for everyone. Therefore, whoever joins with Me will not perish, they will find the long awaited relief and calm.

I only ask you one thing, that you persist and you sustain yourselves through My Faith, because Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will remain in courageous hearts.

Receive from me all the inner strength necessary to go through the end of times for My sake; thus, I will always offer you My Hands to lead you to the House of My Father, a place where a new stage will begin.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Third Series of Poems
Seventh Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Elevate my soul to Heaven, Lord,
so that it may unite to Yours
and thus commune of Your Divinity.

Make me simple and true
in daily tasks.

Deposit into my heart
the power of Your Trust
and make this life an instrument
in the Hands of God.

Allow me, Lord,
to live in the void and to witness
in each act of love
Your celestial Paradise.

Avail Yourself of my consciousness
so that the Universe
may descend to Earth
and everything, absolutely everything,
may be transformed.

Let me know
the deep meaning of Your Word, Lord.

Elevate my consciousness
as many times as necessary
so that I may be awake
before Your call.

Help me to vanquish arrogance
and spiritual pride so that,
free from any blindness,
I may receive Your blessing
to have awareness and discernment.

Keep me by Your side
and I will be able to keep in my inner world
the magnificence of what it means to be in You, Lord.

Make my life that which You so hope for.

The time has come for me to cross
the portal towards redemption,
thus I will be able to accompany You
as a servant of Yours
and as a disciple of Your Heart.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Series of Poems
Sixth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

may there be no time,
moment or preference
for me to want to look for You.

May I not exchange You, Lord, for anything or anyone.

I also ask You for this Grace,
because I know that You, beloved Lord,
know my weaknesses and uncertainties.

Fill me, Jesus,
with the most pure Source of Your truth and of Your transparency
so that some day I may learn to be so similar to You
in word, action and feeling.

Tear out from within me everything that may offend You
and, although it may hurt within,
do what You have to do, Lord,
and do not delay.

Take Your time
to project within me
Your most sacred designs.

Help me in the hours of great inner tempest.

Enlighten me in the moments of great tribulation.

Because I know, dear Jesus,
that in everything You are present
and that You will never abandon us,
in both the hardest moments of the desert
and the coldest tests of the inner winter.

Ignite in my chest, beloved Jesus,
the sacred flame of Your invincible Love
so that in the hour of the great inner battle
I may have absolute and full confidence
that You, Lord, will win.

Participate more and more
in this imperfect life.

Show me with clarity
and without self-illusions
what it is that I still have to change.

May I not drown within my own indifference.

On the contrary, Lord,
make me worthy of the atonement of Your Grace
so that I may transform everything
according to Your projects.


I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Second Message

It is the love of My friends that makes Me come to the world many times and I do not tire of doing it, because in them I will be able to find the reason to accomplish My Work in humanity, and in all nations.

While I was in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Lord revealed to Me the wonders that would happen after My Ascension, until this moment, in which we find ourselves today.

He revealed to Me the prodigies and the works that My followers would carry out, and although it would be difficult to accomplish, and to carry forward, they would never be lacking the impetus of the Divine Spirit in order to concretize them.

After so many sufferings lived during the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night of Holy Thursday, after Our Father showed Me all that would happen, not only with My Consciousness, but also with humanity and its generations, an angel of the Lord presented itself to give Me encouragement and joy, to give Me strength and motivation to keep drinking the Chalice, that the Father was offering to Me, for the redemption of all sinners, for the salvation of humanity and for the conversion of the whole Earth and of all of its races.

The angel of the Lord showed Me what would happen after I had been on Earth and ascended to the Heavens.

No one could imagine how many prodigies God can accomplish through the souls that follow Me and live Me.

I am not here for the ungrateful, I am here for those who are consistent with Me and make an effort to be so in each stage of life, at each moment of living a greater sacrifice for My Heart and for My Consciousness, in each opportunity of just saying “yes” to Me.

This “yes” of all of My servers and followers, I use it in order to come to the world and announce the Word of God, which will resonate in the faithful hearts, which will arise as a wellspring in the humble hearts, which will transform those who have not been redeemed yet, nor imagined they could be redeemed by My Presence.

Today I bring you this reality and this revelation.

In that time, the angel of the Lord came to console Me, just as I come today to console you, and all who listen to Me.

Because love is the great key that dissolves all evil.

Love is this powerful current that transforms all, and that vivifies the souls.

The Spirit of the Love of God is invincible and eternal, just as your love for My Heart and for My Consciousness can be eternal. This is what will allow Me to come to the world; it is your faithfulness that will allow Me, through you, to fulfill the Plan that the Father gave Me for this cycle, such an acute and suffering cycle in humanity.

Thus, I invite you in this afternoon to see the positive side of things, to see the fulfillment of the Plan by means of the difficulties and tests. Because what I most hope for is that you can grow internally, that you can give testimony of My Presence and of My arrival in the world in these critical times.

Those who do not respond to Me, or have ceased to respond to Me, I will take care of; because what God has delivered as purpose for these souls cannot be interfered with, nor altered. Thus, everything will have a judgment, not only within humankind, but also in the whole Earth.

I come to pour on you My Mercy, and My Grace, so that everything may purify and sublimate. 

There is still time to save and redeem yourselves, but the first rule I ask of you is your rendition.

Who does not surrender will not be able to follow Me, and in this moment you are already seeing examples.

Rendition breaks and tears resistance.

Rendition breaks the hardest rock of consciousness and the most impossible obstacle of the being.

Love will win together with the rendition of the souls who surrender in faithfulness to My Heart, so that I can build the new in each one of them.

My testimony is to tell you the Truth, because the Truth is love and it is transparency.

Transparency must be the stamp engraved in your hearts, so that you can endure the times that will come without deceptions, nor interferences.

I still need you to work on this, even if it costs you, even if you do not know how to live it, even if you have not incarnated it in yourselves yet.

Live in My inner Transparency and you will always find the Truth, and the heart of your beings will not be lonely, it will be filled by My Spirit and My Grace, in order to be renewed, from time to time.

In this afternoon I encourage you to contemplate the greatness that the angel of the Lord revealed to Me, through the last witnesses that would pronounce My Name to the world and would say that I am already returning, to definitely change this humanity.

Thus, be brave and follow the Star of the Confraternity of My Heart, which will be the emblem that will guide you when I am no longer present, and only My Words will be the testimony of My Love for you and for humanity, so you can remember that in each message delivered, I left you an important key, in order to change.

My Heart feels bliss for those who correspond to Me.

My Heart feels plenitude for those who participate in My Work and make it theirs in their lives, at each moment of prayer, at each moment of service for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature, at each moment in which you say “yes” to the Lord.

Thus, let your hearts not be mistaken, because if I am still here it is because I need something from you, and you have to give it to Me for the Plan to be fulfilled.

There is nothing more important, companions, than the Kingdom of God being fulfilled on Earth, and the souls being participants in My Celestial Church, in the confines of the world and in each inner being.

Yesterday I gave you the revelation of My pain for those who offend Me; today I give you the revelation of My joy, the joy that the angel of the Lord gave Me for those who accept Me in an unconditional and true way.

I do not need you to be perfect, I need you to be transparent and very crystalline, as the water that runs in the rivers and which encompasses great oceans.

Submerge in this potency of My living and resplendent Heart, and evil will not find you or confound you there. 

Because who is true to My Heart, will be able to be true with their brother or sister, will be able to say “yes” to Me and to their neighbor. Even when you believe you will not manage, even when you think you will not be able to donate yourselves, you will be able to do it, when you confirm your “yes” to My Heart.

The pain may be deep in the Heart of the Master, but the joy that is given to Me, from those who serve Me, is eternal and invincible.

Cling to the living Attributes of My Heart, so that I can keep working in the world, and you will see in a short time, and what I tell you is not symbolic, you will see in a short time, many more who will come, in an unthinkable way, to the Work of your Master and Lord.

May unity be established in the heart of those who want to follow My Path.

I will not stop Myself for those who deny Me.

I will not move away from those who follow Me.

I will not detain My steps for those who turn their back on Me, because My Heart will triumph, just as the Living Heart of God triumphed on the Cross, in His Son.

But now, I will not shed My Blood to demonstrate to you that God died on the Cross for you, to forgive you for your offenses and ingratitude.

Now I will demonstrate the current of My Grace and My Mercy, which will illuminate the hearts of the world, forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Equality among Peoples

Dear children,

My goal in coming to Switzerland, in the name of My Son, is to ask the representatives of this country for an act of equality among the richest nations and the poorest nations.

For this reason, I come to donate My Mirror-Heart so that in Switzerland may be reflected the Will of God and not the excessive use of power and superstition of the proud.

I come to ask for a true spirit of charity and of equality, in order to be able to save these people from the path it treads for excessive wealth and the material disorder of life.

Here, and inside this nation, there are souls that have the duty of promoting equality without conditions and a balance for those who do not even have a home to take refuge. 

I come as Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt to ask for consideration and attention to My words, before the time comes when no stone will be left upon another stone, just as My Beloved Son has said.

I want to awaken in Switzerland the spirit of self-forgetfulness, so that the souls may learn to see and to contemplate the needs in their fellow beings, in the poorest among the poor.

I wish to leave Switzerland with a hope in My Heart capable of having faith that My children will make the necessary effort to step out of the perverted convenience and comfort.

I need you, children of Switzerland, to make use of the spirit of poverty and of selflessness that the Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt offers you, so that beyond your people and your “own world”, you can contemplate the suffering, the hunger and the need of millions of souls in the world, as it happens in Africa and in the Americas.

I know that it will not be born from the leaders, this necessary feeling to perceive and recognize that the Law of God is not being lived here, and even less what My Son taught you.

For this reason, before everything is unleashed, within and outside your consciousnesses, I invite you to live a life of prayer and of dialog with God, so that you can step out of the prevailing illusion of these times, and perceive that it is urgent to change, first stepping out of yourselves to give space and place in your hearts to those who suffer the most, and have nothing.

With this message I call you to reflection, as there is still a little time left to transform what the Universe needs to transform from your people.

I give you thanks for listening to Me, because, as Mother, I love you and I wish the good and the equality for all My children.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstatt

Monthly Messages

First Message

May My Words resprout in the hearts of the simple and of those who have decided to follow Me unconditionally.

I am glad to know that some have understood what I say about My Work and that have allowed Me to fulfill My Purpose in this place, at this Marian Center in the Kingdom of Aurora.

Because, even though indifference is still in the minds of many men, there are hearts that manage to follow My Path; and it is through those hearts that I fulfill My designs to be able to sustain this planet and this humanity.

A great mission still awaits us in Europe in the months of June and July, something that the Father is delicately thinking of being able to accomplish through the efforts of those who are willing to serve Me; and this includes everyone, without exceptions.

Each one must fulfill their part at this moment of the Plan; all the pieces must be positioned in their correct places so that the Project can work and move forward. No one can exclude themselves at this moment from what they came to accomplish in this life, no one.

Each one of you has a key with which you will open a door so that a new opportunity may take place, and that goes beyond your personality, even from your own spirit.

It is necessary for souls to understand that the Work is an engine in dynamism; it is a constant flow of Laws and of principles that, from cycle to cycle, descend to Earth to save humanity.
I do not need you to fulfill My designs in a perfect way, but rather in a true way; this will bring transparency to your lives and your paths; this will make you true to one another, and will also make you true before Me.

I only need that you truly serve Me, so that the projects that the Father has given to Me can be fulfilled by means of the souls that serve Me, from time to time.

Today I come for an Uruguay that has decided to close the doors to God, in many ways.

And why do I say this? Because you will see it in their examples, in their actions and decisions.

In truth you can already see it in everything that has been decided in this time and that is out of the balance of the Plan and of Justice.

The Father, the Universe and the Hierarchies do not desire the condemnation of the country, but rather its salvation.

The awakening of very few will allow the salvation of many, but not as everyone expects it.

It is important to become responsible for the decisions made, of which the majority of souls do not have consciousness about what has been decided. This causes great debts for those who have made the decisions, on a spiritual and material level.

But with the last part of Mercy that I come to pour, I come to save the last ones, those who truly want to repent and live the path of Love and of Justice.

The nations are compromising the awakening and the evolution of the souls; and this is something that will be more evident at the end of times.

For this reason, the art of prayer allows to block those projects that are not of God, but of men.

We are entering the cycle of the last impulses that Uruguay will receive, so that at least the minority may do something for their land, just as the other nations of the world, which will be called to declare before the Father in the end of times.

I would like to speak to you about the wonders the Kingdom of the Father has, the Kingdom that is in Heaven, and how much the souls could live within it, if they truly offered themselves to God; but first I must tell you about the world and its humanity because there is a part that it must resolve by itself; and this will begin with the sincerity of the heart and of life.

It urges Me to know that there are companions within My Work who still do not understand what is happening at this moment, because they do not dare to see the truth, the need that emerges in these times to be attended to, leaving behind the personal life of each being to attend to humanity and, above all, the planet that is its home.

You must understand, companions, that at this time there must exist a place in the world where you can set your feet, and that it may be a safe place, without conflicts nor disturbances; without wars and without tribulations; a place where a little peace and hope reigns.

If My servants place their attention in what is external and not internal, how will they perceive the reality of these times?

Before your eyes a suffering world is shown, it is time to help it; it is time to be aware that a purpose must be fulfilled and that it has not finished; that it is neither transient nor static.

The awakening of humanity continues; the redemption of humanity continues, and it is necessary to perceive this reality without entering into indifference or omission.
Because, more efforts will live those who have separated from My Path than those who are already with Me, within My Path.

Everything that I have given you will never be wasted. All that I have given you will someday be witnessed before the Universe.

For this reason, those who are confused, or believe to be confused, reconsider.

I do not come to speak to you of something practical or material, but of something deeply internal, which begins and ends in you, and that affects the spirit through its decisions and actions; through its feelings and also through its thoughts.

You must not overshadow your original essence, its purity. It must be immaculate and at the sight of the Light of God, so that it remains in contact and in communion with the Divine Spirit.

Look within yourselves for the answer and you will realize that what I tell you is true.

Let those who have not understood the Plan at this time seek the answer within themselves, so that they have the opportunity to be led back towards the path of the Brotherhood.
Today I come to show to Mine, for the first time, a feeling of bitterness for those who disappoint Me, for those who do not join Me after everything received, after everything lived and shared.

Offer this Marathon so that the Plan can be fulfilled as it is written and not be modified by the decisions of My companions, or of those who are no longer on My Path and still have their commitment signed on High; an indelible commitment, impossible to alter.

Each one will have the opportunity to live the moment of their definition, and that will be between the soul and God. The tools and means were given for you to prepare for this moment.

Who is with some obstacle to be by My side is because they have not done things well, and have not been attentive and vigilant to the events that are approaching more each day, and that bring the changes of the human consciousness.

I promised to always tell you the truth and today I bring you My Truth; the Truth that I see of the world and of humanity; the Truth of those I see; of those who are by My side and hesitate.

It is time to stand before the Throne of the Father and ask oneself: What am I doing?

Not to blame yourselves or to be frightened, but to see reality with neutrality and improve it with a renewing spirit and joy.

I do not need from you sorrows or uncertainties, worries or afflictions; I already receive enough of the world every day and I hope that more, more hearts will relieve Me, without bringing more worries or afflictions to My Heart.

Relive My Passion as the symbol of My Love for you, throughout the times and generations. From there draw out the internal forces to be able to carry on, just as I did, at the worst moment of My Life, in the greatest loneliness, at the great moment of My surrender for humanity.

Be brave and do not be discouraged. Face your transformation as part of My Celestial Victory and do not give your brothers more work with your insignificant life complications. Take responsibility for what you are not doing and you will truly grow, without illusions.

You know to who I am talking. Let each one assume their part, with maturity and without comments.

Because those who should be here sustaining the Plan with Me, are distracted, in themselves, as is humanity.

The planet, as a consciousness, is agonizing and needs souls in eternal service to God. Many more souls in eternal service to God, much more than the sufferings that humanity generates, day by day. That will balance the times and the events, and it will not be necessary to live neither the pain nor the anguish that millions of souls in the world live due to their spiritual blindness.

Open your heart even more so that My Words may work deeply and not remain in the superficial.

At this time, I am bringing all the Rays of My Consciousness for you to know and identify them. This will remove what is obstructed in the consciousness, it will heal wounds and elevate the souls to the Purpose of God.

I thank you for accompanying Me with truth and without lukewarmness in the heart.

I bless you and encourage you to loyalty.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My Words are heard by those with an open heart and they echo in the inner worlds.

My Words are not wasted, but they enrich the spirit that adopts them as part of itself.

My Words are unchangeable and remain alive throughout times; they build the new and make of each soul the best present for God. Because when the vibration of My Words is experienced, a great transformation occurs in the consciousness.

My Words make you relive the commitment all the time; they penetrate in the depths of the consciousness that takes them as part of itself. And all of this performs great miracles, because My Word is considered a Source of salvation and redemption for the souls; it is the permanent guide for all hearts willing to represent My Message on Earth.

It is in this way that My Divine Word never fails, with It the whole spirit sublimates and is able to consecrate itself.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master Jesus Christ


May My Words echo in the hearts that listen, because now these are the last ones before the end of time.

For this reason, with ardor and love in the heart, receive My Message as if it were the last part of the flame of the burning candle, where everything will end and then everything will be unleashed.

Most will realize what they will no longer have available as living spiritual nourishment when your Master and Lord is completely withdrawn from the scene of the horrors, of the end of times.

Some will later mourn and with their hands they will beat on their chest, saying: "My God!" and nothing and nobody will respond, because everything will have already been said.

Blessed and graced will be those who drink from my Words, as the birds that drink from the spring and the rivers, because they will be prepared to face any situation or event when their Master is no longer present.

I assure you that those who have drank from My Fountain, whatever happens, will not feel thirsty and will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

I leave these lines for My disciples because, from My Words, they will be able to gain the inner strength to defend themselves from the wolves that, dressed and disguised as sheep, will attack and shake My last flocks.

Apply, as soon as possible, the Law of Silence and do it truly, because it will serve you as a great defense for when two or more may be accused for having used My Name.

In spite of the oppression, do not allow fear and uncertainty, which are weapons of My enemy, to disturb or confuse you.

Keep purity of heart, mind and word and you will be safe, because they will not be able to point you out as usurpers and liars; your oppressors will not be able to call you "wolves dressed up as sheep".

Live My Message and apply it in life.

It is no longer enough to be before Me each time I present Myself to the world and be moved for a moment.

You will not fight with swords, blasphemies or coarse words; your defense will be in the invincible power of the inner prayer that I have taught you; because prayer itself will keep you from the danger of My great enemies and at the same time, it will expel, far away, those who do not truly live Me, just as it has already been done with your fellow beings, those who were by My side before.

Many think that My Presence is momentary and that My ardent requests and desires can wait or be forgotten and in truth, I tell you that no one, so far in this humanity, is conscious of what it means to be before the Beloved Son of God; they will only know when they pass on into the other world.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

While the Messengers of God are giving the first signs of Their withdrawal, Their servers, spread throughout the Earth, should now be putting into practice the knowledge they have received because the time for assuming responsibilities has come.

These first signs indicate the moment in which everything will be tested inside and outside of beings.

These signs of the withdrawal of the Messengers of God signals the moment for knowing how to go through the end of times with wisdom and discernment, leaving behind the impulsive actions that have always led humanity to make many mistakes.

With this I want to tell you, My children, that it is up to you, with what you have received during these years, to know how to guide the Work of Love of the Divine Messengers, having as a guiding basis all that has been dictated in recent times to be able to carry forward this Redeeming Project of Christ.

When the Divine Messengers withdraw, you must find the guidance in Our Messages, knowing how to differentiate between what you must do and what you must not do.

With all of this, I want to lovingly tell you that, as adults in the spiritual life, you will not be able to depend on what Heaven would previously smoothly give you.

The time has come, children, to live the apostleship just as the first Christians lived it in the purest faith, after their Master and Lord ascended to the Heavens.

I tell you this so that, from now on, you prepare and dare to assume responsibilities and results, regardless of what the Hierarchy may or may not say.

The Plan is fulfilled as each one takes up their position, without waiting to be called.

I thank you for understanding me!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

First Message

With My Light Blue Ray of Grace, I radiate to the world and I await an answer from it.

Even in the patience of My Spirit, I wait for an answer.

And I would like from My companions that, after everything that has been received during the last days, discords, doubts or contradictions among Mine and among the fellow beings do not exist.

Because what I have given you during the last days cannot be lost; it will be your responsibility to preserve it and to have this bear fruit in the future.

It is not time to think about yourselves, but about what the world and its humanity need, because you were always rewarded with the treasures of Heaven, more than many souls in the world. 

I need bonds and deep alliances among the consciousnesses that can bear what will come and that do not fear My Fire, which purifies everything and transcends everything.

But I will not be able to penetrate in those spaces of consciousness where I am not allowed. I will not be able to have more time to wait for you, as I have done it many times before.

It is time to assume what has been received and not waste it.

The Instruction that I come to leave for the world is an Instruction for the future humanity and that begins from now on, within you, with the certainty of doing good and not destroying it for anything.

The conviction to fulfill My Laws and to carry them forward in this final time must arise in you. In this way, My Light Blue Ray of Grace will be able to continue descending to the world, because I will have depository souls of My Light in this humanity.

Although everything happens and everything is unleashed, I will continue working for the world and its humanity.

I will ask the Rays of the Universe to continue descending upon the souls so that all times and all forms, structures and resistances may be unblocked.

There is still a lot to do and there is no time. This is something that many have not understood yet, but the majority have not accepted it although it has been said many times.

I do not come to the world to speak to you through theories or philosophies but rather through concrete words that announce what will happen. That is why you are in a preparation that you cannot stop living every day, at every moment, at every instant.

My Words cannot be kept in the unconscious of this world and by no means of its humanity.

My Words must be a reflection of a Work that can be realized from time to time and through the instruments that I am calling by their names.

It may seem difficult to do everything that I ask you, but if you really learn to be in Me, everything will be possible, although it does not seem so.

That is why your relationship with your brothers must be impeccable, free of conflicts, free of value judgments.

It must be a healthy relationship in the spirit so that this may reflect in the consciousness and your consciousnesses may be able to cover many more things that they still do not do.

You must reach the level that I ask you, and that is achieved with constancy and determination, with a ravishing faith; and, in this way, you will not leave behind all the needs that the Universe presents to you from time to time.

The legacy that I came to give you in this last Sacred Week is a legacy that will not be repeated. As much as it has seemed the same, I have delivered different things, new impulses, unknown currents of the Universe.

So that you can understand the Science in which I work, which is not from this Earth, you must love My Words one by one, even if you do not understand them or if you cannot make them part of yourselves in this time.

Love is what allows the Purpose to be radiated and to be literally fulfilled.

In love, things do not become distant nor unattainable.

In love, everything is understood and accepted.

There is nothing that love cannot bear; on the contrary, love, because it is alive and elevated, covers everything.

If there are discords and conflicts among My companions it is because My Love has not worked in you, at all.

You must learn to endure the fire of transformation that I bring you, because it is for a greater good that you will still get to know.

The unity among you will allow My opponents not to approach, not even to know what you are doing or what you are fulfilling in My Name.

I am not saying that you will be free from battles or from challenges, because you are learning to overcome the duality of these times, as humanity and as a planet.

But you cannot lose the Teachings that I give you, you cannot stop looking for them not even for a moment, because there is the way to be in true good and in true peace.

I need you assuming the Plan for the end of times, the Plan of God, which is this part of the Purpose that must still be fulfilled on this planet and with this humanity.

Being eight days with Me is no coincidence nor a mystery, it is a reality that you must learn to accept. 

The Father Who is All-embracing, Omnipresent and Omnipotent, still respects the freedom of His children, because He knows that they must learn in this school that the planet offers them day by day.

But you will not be able to go to My Kingdom with pending subjects in the school of spirituality and of service, of brotherhood and of good, of mercy. 

You must live that experience of redemption even in the greatest limits or even in the greatest tests.

You and many more in the world, in the name of all humanity, must witness through your own experience of redemption and forgiveness, that it is possible to realize this Project, even after the Resurrection of Christ.

You must affirm that the genetic of this humanity can be changed, transformed, transmuted and sublimated, that it is possible for Christic Love to overcome and, thus, the Plan triumphs over the forces of chaos.

But as long as duality exists in this world, which is something that will be defined in the next time, there will still be great internal and external battles and you will have to seek help in My Heart and in My Words, remembering and reliving the legacy that I gave you with an immeasurable Love, which still many have not understood.

I must be clear, precise, fair and true. I tell you again that there is no time.

While everything happens rapidly in the world and within the consciousnesses, it is necessary to learn to grow with speed, at an unknown speed that even matter cannot accompany, but the spirit and even more the disposition of the soul can.

New Laws are beginning to act on the planet for this final time, in order to define all the things that need to be resolved.

But if this does not begin first within you, it will not be able to happen in the world.

That is why the apostles of the last times are apostles who are different from those of the past, because we are facing a reality that can no longer be hidden, not even by the media and the news.

What is written is being fulfilled step by step.

For this reason, it is necessary to define yourselves with caution and surrender to a greater disposition, knowing that your imperfections will go with you until the end of your days, until the inner prison is finally opened so that the spirit may reach its freedom and may be united to the Source with all the experience lived on this planet.

We are working for a redemption that is gradual, that takes place step by step and not with great advances.

It is necessary to understand that the genetic of humanity has become imperfect because of its errors and deviations.

After 2018 years, I come, at the request of the Father, to correct humanity, so that it may learn to be free of itself and of its own illusions, as well as of its own fantasies.

And that change will be painful, nothing will be light. Remove the roots of authority, power and inertia will be painful; but I bring an inner balm in My Heart that no one has, to pour it out over those who truly accept it. It is the balm of My Mercy, which release all faults and all sufferings when you only trust in Me.

It is not time to get lost in superficial things, it is time to look on the inside and find oneself, not with pride or selfishness, but with a spirit of humility, simplicity and love, asking yourselves every day: "Lord, what else should I do to serve you?"

And so your miseries or disturbances will be small, because you will be busy in universal service, in the constant love of giving yourselves a little more every day, to make My Kingdom triumph on this planet. 

All souls will live their tests, no one will be free of them.

But have hope in what I promise you, because after this difficult time a better time will come, where it will no longer be necessary to experience pain nor suffering, nor will there exist a feeling of guilt for not being able to achieve everything.

On the contrary, you will have already learned to overcome duality, which will no longer prevail in the world nor in the consciousnesses. You will learn, through Me, to be free.

May this Marathon represent a deep reflection on everything that has been received, a constant confirmation of your spirits for My Works of peace in the world.

I would like this Marathon to be the moment for each being to find its purpose, which descends from Heaven and from the Universe to awaken souls in their mission.

I do not want you to take My Words as punishment, but rather as an opportunity of transcendence, to advance in the Light and to defeat evil.

May My greatest aspirations to see, in a short time, New Christs accomplishing their mission in humanity be fulfilled in you.

Offer this Marathon for those who are asleep, for those who are distracted, for those who have not had the Grace to be in My Presence yet, as in these last days many had.

Offer each moment to your Master and Lord as a gift of love to the King of the Universe, be it in the action of the day-to-day, in the prayer, in the Communion, as in the unity with the neighbor, so that My Spirit of Peace may always prevail in you. 

May the Lord bless you for this new cycle of awakening and of assuming with responsibility My Designs, so that they may materialize on the surface of this planet.

Under the Light of this Greater Center,

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Time to confirm the Commitment – Part II

It is time to confirm the commitment for the planet, for the civilization and for the future of the New Humanity.

In these critical times, the confirmation of the commitment to the Plan of God will be the master key that will open other doors for inexplicable opportunities to present themselves, but it will also be the master key for other events not to happen.

The time of confirmation of the commitment has come for all, because humanity is in a phase where everything is allowed, for the souls to define themselves and to choose, from their intimate freedom, the Kingdom of God or other paths.

The time of confirmation of the commitment has come, because this confirmation will bring you more consciousness and, from now on, souls will know the repercussion of the consequences of each decision in the life of every being.

Nothing will be kept hidden any longer, the choice will be determinant because one’s own consciousness will delineate its next step, depending on the confirmation of the commitment before the Plan of the Creator.

In this phase of the planet, the confirmation of the commitment will bring with it many more events and humanity will be immersed within two realities. First, the reality of those who will confirm themselves and will go forward, and second, the reality of those who will condemn themselves and will not realize it because they will not have placed interest and love in the Word of the Hierarchy.

For this reason, the time of confirmation of each being and for the life of each being will mark a before and an afterwards. This will generate great movements in the inner consciousness of the creatures.

The time of confirmation will generate a response, but, at the same time, a sign that will remain imprinted in the consciousness.

The time of confirmation will delimitate the cycles, the times and the events on the planet; for this reason, it is important that, at the time of living the confirmation before God, there be a discernment and that hurried decisions, empty of wisdom may not be taken.

This time of confirmation will promise important changes in the planetary consciousness, thus also the degree of its importance at the spiritual level, since this time of confirmation will define the next steps of the present humanity.

This time of confirmation will gather self-summoned, will strengthen servers and may build in the consciousnesses the true spirit of unity, to be able to leave behind the division and the mean competition of centuries.

In truth, the time of confirmation will develop new principles, will conceive new understandings, and those who will confirm themselves to the Plan of God for life, will have the inner Grace of understanding it all someday.

For this reason, when time comes for the inner confirmation before the Plan of God, you must be attentive not to be distracted, but rather receive the help of the Gift of Wisdom. Because you will be defining your lives for the next stages of the future spiritual life, which will not be like the present moment of the human race, and will be impregnated by Christic codes and expressed by new degrees of love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Words will remain, but time will pass

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and the moment will come in which all the divine knowledge of the Sacred Hearts will be the guiding star, when we are no longer among you.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and in that hour you must have been confirmed in unity and in faith so as to know what to do and where to be.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and for the majority it will be too late to become aware that all that was said by the Voice of Our Sacred Hearts is essential for the transformation and the redemption of humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and everything will be happening, inside and outside of creatures. Inexplicable things will be shown and the majority will know who they really are.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and some will remember the sacred keys of instruction that we have brought for the great change within the human consciousness.

My words will remain, but time will pass, and many will not be able to return to the previous moment because they will not have taken the step in trust and obedience to the Higher Law.

My Words will remain in the consciousness of the peoples and the nations, but time will pass; each impulse given is decisive and definite and will never again be repeated.

My simple Words will remain in humanity, but material time will pass and everything will be shown inside and outside of human beings.

Merciful and compassionate hearts that can withstand the fire of imperfections will be essential, because there will come a time in which souls will be able to be free themselves, for the last time, from their prisons and chains of yore.

This will be the moment in which your Heavenly Mother will come from Heaven to open the last Seal of the Armageddon, and everything will be unleashed in order to define the emergence of a new and purified humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and only those who dare to lose control of their lives, the power and pride of their actions, will experience overnight the great inner changes.

For this reason, My Words will remain so that all may remember them, but the time of the world will pass and the Source of Graces will unexpectedly close. In this hour, your hearts must have alraedy truly repented and have become reconciled with fellow beings. This will be the only way in which the beast, who will come out of its abyss, will not find you divided, distracted or indifferent.

My Words will be strength for the simple, a shield for the peacemakers, encouragement for the humble, and victory for the divested of self.

My Words are now the last, and they will remain to guide those who want to be guided by the Mother of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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