Thursday, May 3 of 2018

Monthly messages

First Message

May My Words resprout in the hearts of the simple and of those who have decided to follow Me unconditionally.

I am glad to know that some have understood what I say about My Work and that have allowed Me to fulfill My Purpose in this place, at this Marian Center in the Kingdom of Aurora.

Because, even though indifference is still in the minds of many men, there are hearts that manage to follow My Path; and it is through those hearts that I fulfill My designs to be able to sustain this planet and this humanity.

A great mission still awaits us in Europe in the months of June and July, something that the Father is delicately thinking of being able to accomplish through the efforts of those who are willing to serve Me; and this includes everyone, without exceptions.

Each one must fulfill their part at this moment of the Plan; all the pieces must be positioned in their correct places so that the Project can work and move forward. No one can exclude themselves at this moment from what they came to accomplish in this life, no one.

Each one of you has a key with which you will open a door so that a new opportunity may take place, and that goes beyond your personality, even from your own spirit.

It is necessary for souls to understand that the Work is an engine in dynamism; it is a constant flow of Laws and of principles that, from cycle to cycle, descend to Earth to save humanity.
I do not need you to fulfill My designs in a perfect way, but rather in a true way; this will bring transparency to your lives and your paths; this will make you true to one another, and will also make you true before Me.

I only need that you truly serve Me, so that the projects that the Father has given to Me can be fulfilled by means of the souls that serve Me, from time to time.

Today I come for an Uruguay that has decided to close the doors to God, in many ways.

And why do I say this? Because you will see it in their examples, in their actions and decisions.

In truth you can already see it in everything that has been decided in this time and that is out of the balance of the Plan and of Justice.

The Father, the Universe and the Hierarchies do not desire the condemnation of the country, but rather its salvation.

The awakening of very few will allow the salvation of many, but not as everyone expects it.

It is important to become responsible for the decisions made, of which the majority of souls do not have consciousness about what has been decided. This causes great debts for those who have made the decisions, on a spiritual and material level.

But with the last part of Mercy that I come to pour, I come to save the last ones, those who truly want to repent and live the path of Love and of Justice.

The nations are compromising the awakening and the evolution of the souls; and this is something that will be more evident at the end of times.

For this reason, the art of prayer allows to block those projects that are not of God, but of men.

We are entering the cycle of the last impulses that Uruguay will receive, so that at least the minority may do something for their land, just as the other nations of the world, which will be called to declare before the Father in the end of times.

I would like to speak to you about the wonders the Kingdom of the Father has, the Kingdom that is in Heaven, and how much the souls could live within it, if they truly offered themselves to God; but first I must tell you about the world and its humanity because there is a part that it must resolve by itself; and this will begin with the sincerity of the heart and of life.

It urges Me to know that there are companions within My Work who still do not understand what is happening at this moment, because they do not dare to see the truth, the need that emerges in these times to be attended to, leaving behind the personal life of each being to attend to humanity and, above all, the planet that is its home.

You must understand, companions, that at this time there must exist a place in the world where you can set your feet, and that it may be a safe place, without conflicts nor disturbances; without wars and without tribulations; a place where a little peace and hope reigns.

If My servants place their attention in what is external and not internal, how will they perceive the reality of these times?

Before your eyes a suffering world is shown, it is time to help it; it is time to be aware that a purpose must be fulfilled and that it has not finished; that it is neither transient nor static.

The awakening of humanity continues; the redemption of humanity continues, and it is necessary to perceive this reality without entering into indifference or omission.
Because, more efforts will live those who have separated from My Path than those who are already with Me, within My Path.

Everything that I have given you will never be wasted. All that I have given you will someday be witnessed before the Universe.

For this reason, those who are confused, or believe to be confused, reconsider.

I do not come to speak to you of something practical or material, but of something deeply internal, which begins and ends in you, and that affects the spirit through its decisions and actions; through its feelings and also through its thoughts.

You must not overshadow your original essence, its purity. It must be immaculate and at the sight of the Light of God, so that it remains in contact and in communion with the Divine Spirit.

Look within yourselves for the answer and you will realize that what I tell you is true.

Let those who have not understood the Plan at this time seek the answer within themselves, so that they have the opportunity to be led back towards the path of the Brotherhood.
Today I come to show to Mine, for the first time, a feeling of bitterness for those who disappoint Me, for those who do not join Me after everything received, after everything lived and shared.

Offer this Marathon so that the Plan can be fulfilled as it is written and not be modified by the decisions of My companions, or of those who are no longer on My Path and still have their commitment signed on High; an indelible commitment, impossible to alter.

Each one will have the opportunity to live the moment of their definition, and that will be between the soul and God. The tools and means were given for you to prepare for this moment.

Who is with some obstacle to be by My side is because they have not done things well, and have not been attentive and vigilant to the events that are approaching more each day, and that bring the changes of the human consciousness.

I promised to always tell you the truth and today I bring you My Truth; the Truth that I see of the world and of humanity; the Truth of those I see; of those who are by My side and hesitate.

It is time to stand before the Throne of the Father and ask oneself: What am I doing?

Not to blame yourselves or to be frightened, but to see reality with neutrality and improve it with a renewing spirit and joy.

I do not need from you sorrows or uncertainties, worries or afflictions; I already receive enough of the world every day and I hope that more, more hearts will relieve Me, without bringing more worries or afflictions to My Heart.

Relive My Passion as the symbol of My Love for you, throughout the times and generations. From there draw out the internal forces to be able to carry on, just as I did, at the worst moment of My Life, in the greatest loneliness, at the great moment of My surrender for humanity.

Be brave and do not be discouraged. Face your transformation as part of My Celestial Victory and do not give your brothers more work with your insignificant life complications. Take responsibility for what you are not doing and you will truly grow, without illusions.

You know to who I am talking. Let each one assume their part, with maturity and without comments.

Because those who should be here sustaining the Plan with Me, are distracted, in themselves, as is humanity.

The planet, as a consciousness, is agonizing and needs souls in eternal service to God. Many more souls in eternal service to God, much more than the sufferings that humanity generates, day by day. That will balance the times and the events, and it will not be necessary to live neither the pain nor the anguish that millions of souls in the world live due to their spiritual blindness.

Open your heart even more so that My Words may work deeply and not remain in the superficial.

At this time, I am bringing all the Rays of My Consciousness for you to know and identify them. This will remove what is obstructed in the consciousness, it will heal wounds and elevate the souls to the Purpose of God.

I thank you for accompanying Me with truth and without lukewarmness in the heart.

I bless you and encourage you to loyalty.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.