Wednesday, April 11 of 2018

Daily messages

May My Words echo in the hearts that listen, because now these are the last ones before the end of time.

For this reason, with ardor and love in the heart, receive My Message as if it were the last part of the flame of the burning candle, where everything will end and then everything will be unleashed.

Most will realize what they will no longer have available as living spiritual nourishment when your Master and Lord is completely withdrawn from the scene of the horrors, of the end of times.

Some will later mourn and with their hands they will beat on their chest, saying: "My God!" and nothing and nobody will respond, because everything will have already been said.

Blessed and graced will be those who drink from my Words, as the birds that drink from the spring and the rivers, because they will be prepared to face any situation or event when their Master is no longer present.

I assure you that those who have drank from My Fountain, whatever happens, will not feel thirsty and will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

I leave these lines for My disciples because, from My Words, they will be able to gain the inner strength to defend themselves from the wolves that, dressed and disguised as sheep, will attack and shake My last flocks.

Apply, as soon as possible, the Law of Silence and do it truly, because it will serve you as a great defense for when two or more may be accused for having used My Name.

In spite of the oppression, do not allow fear and uncertainty, which are weapons of My enemy, to disturb or confuse you.

Keep purity of heart, mind and word and you will be safe, because they will not be able to point you out as usurpers and liars; your oppressors will not be able to call you "wolves dressed up as sheep".

Live My Message and apply it in life.

It is no longer enough to be before Me each time I present Myself to the world and be moved for a moment.

You will not fight with swords, blasphemies or coarse words; your defense will be in the invincible power of the inner prayer that I have taught you; because prayer itself will keep you from the danger of My great enemies and at the same time, it will expel, far away, those who do not truly live Me, just as it has already been done with your fellow beings, those who were by My side before.

Many think that My Presence is momentary and that My ardent requests and desires can wait or be forgotten and in truth, I tell you that no one, so far in this humanity, is conscious of what it means to be before the Beloved Son of God; they will only know when they pass on into the other world.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus