Weekly Message received on December 4, 2021, in Fatima, Portugal, transmitted by the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

I ask that, as from today, your lives be roses in the hands of the Mother of God, so that I may be able to place them as an offering of consoling love at the foot of the Thrones of God.

Beloved children, to be a rose in the hands of the Heavenly Mother is to sanctify your lives every day through unconditional service and the prayer that emerges like a flame of love and devotion of the heart.

The roses of life are what I need, at this moment, to justify before the Divine Law all the errors and indifferences committed against the Heart of God.

Thus, through constant determination and true commitment, My beloveds, be roses in the hands of the Mother of God, so the Heavenly Mother may have the happiness of being able to intercede, save and rescue all those who endure and suffer at this moment.

If you are roses in My hands, you will be able to transform your life into a life worthy in the Lord.

When you offer Me roses upon My altars, I accept them, because I know that the flowers offered by My children to the Mother of God do not only have the purpose of honoring Me and of recognizing Me.

With that simple offering of bringing flowers to the Mother of God, I, as Servant and Slave, gather that tenderness of My children to pour out that love I receive over the dark abysses of the Earth. In this way, those condemned souls receive the Grace of freedom. Thus, all souls may be freed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Songs of Figueira - "At the Supper"

In this song, we enter into the temple of the heart and we withdraw during the night to pray with the Master.

The soul leaves behind miseries and fears to accompany the Master in the great ceremony of Communion.

In this song, the expression and the manifestation of the Communities-of-Light is prophesied and confirmed, these being guided by the Hand of the Great Shepherd who, gathering the People of God, celebrates with the self-summoned.

The preparation starts with a daily prayer to receive the Master of Love at the great conclave. He demonstrates His Love for all beings and withdraws, as Spirit, into the soul of each being.

When all are called, the room of the great encounter is revealed so that they may enter into communion with the Most High and thus souls may remain in the Lord.

He reveals the great moment of Communion, offering Himself to the Father, but also asking all to be vigilant and to pray always so as not to lose the way towards the Heart of God.

The Lord shows Himself to be loving and resplendent, and receives into His Kingdom all who have been called to serve Him, bringing them before the Throne of God so that they may receive the Graces from the Celestial Father, and thus revere Him forever and ever.

This song demonstrates the fidelity towards the Lord, a fidelity that we can live through daily prayer and thus find the path of return towards our origin.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

Today remain in the arms of Your Mother so that this act may represent, before the Throne of God, the response to the union of all souls with the Creator. This affiliation with the Celestial Father is what hearts should resume after having separated from God through the realities of life.

As your Heavenly Mother, I bring the possibility that hearts reconsider and find again the union with the celestial universe.

The lack of affiliation with God generates discord and darkness in the hearts. The Eternal Father is the Source that renews all things and grants the most special Graces to hearts that trust in Him.

Beloved children, it is thus that through the fervent bridge of prayer you will hold the doors of Light open for the world, and so that the most lost souls may reintegrate with the pathway that they have lost sight of.

My children, this affiliation with the Most High could regenerate planetary life and guide all souls to the fulfillment of the Universal Purpose.

I thank you for answering My call!

May Peace, which is My Peace, be amongst you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the 25th Marathon of Divine Mercy

Today I have come to the world for the second time in Glory so that you may know it, so that you may come to know the power of My Grace.

Before your hearts is the Throne of God, happy are those who enter It with humility in their heart.

Now listen to My Words.

Two years ago, in this simple place, I asked you to gather in My Holy Name, to pray the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy for two days.

The souls that followed Me and the ones that did not follow Me gradually gathered together as My new flock to respond thus to My Requests.

Over the course of these months, your lives have come to know the powers of prayer, have found the real meaning of life in faith, and transmitted this spiritual invitation of brotherhood to those who did not know Jesus or His unfathomable Mercy.

Then, you were called to participate in a perfect and repairing union through My Blood. You prayed each of the beads of the Chaplet by My side and placed your hope in the merciful ocean of My Heart.

Later, companions, you opened the doors of your hearts and your homes to make Me known, but perhaps you did not find great results nor deep changes. But know, My prayerful ones, that because of your faithfulness, I was among your own, and so My Heart began to shine in the consciousness of everybody. You came to know the true life of the spirit and, later on, became aware of each one of your debts.

In these moments, My Heart was among you to help you walk in the sacred confirmation of My Christic Path.

You fell and you stood up, abandoned Me and sought Me, again and again. You died many times through My redemption and rose from the tomb of this unfaithful world.

You became My disciples, became consecrated, and took Me to your families, to your work and friends; you called everybody so that they would return to My Heart. And in this way, through your merciful prayer, you humbly glorified Me.

Now that today you are again before your Guide and Shepherd of Love, have you seen the sacred results of this eternal fusion with My Love? Yes, many have seen them and will continue to see them. In this way, you will set aside your roots and will get out of this eternal captivity that physical life represents.

And so, children of My Father, now more awake, you are invited to meditate on your lives, you are called by Me to turn your hearts into temples worthy of the Lord, because the sign of My Return, for tomorrow, August 5 of this definitive year, will be present before your eyes.

I Am the risen Christ. I Am the ascended Christ. I Am the merciful Christ, and now I Am your glorified King, Who comes before everything happens, to remind you that you must not forget God in these times nor His Plans, which each one must accomplish in light of the Divine Universe.

Dear companions, extend your arms toward Me and take in My meek and peace-bringing Heart.

I come through this Marathon of prayer to reveal the power of My Glory to you, which is the next step after My Divine Mercy.

I leave you My Peace and I give you Peace.

I will not look at your debts, but rather at all you will be able to offer me during these next days.

Happy are those who will enter the Kingdom of God, for He will be open to all over this holy place.

Take up your missions and you will thus always please Me.

I summon you to joy and peace.

Be in Me during these days.

Under the Glory that comes from God, be blessed.

I thank you for having come here, to the meeting with My unfathomable Heart.

The Glorified Christ Jesus, before you and the whole world.


Blessed shall they be called in the Kingdom of the Heavens  who on Earth cause the seeds of life they received to blossom.

Blessed are those proclaimed in the Kingdom of the Heavens who in life suffered the difficulties of the world and with joy, knew how to surpass the obstacles so as to cross the threshold to a new race.

Blessed shall they be known in the Kingdom of the Heavens who strove until the end of days to overcome material codes and institute divine codes in their being.

Blessed shall be those who today are self-summoned to serve in an army of peace, and untiringly, trust in the Woman Clothed in Sun, Who holds them in Her arms and in Her Mantle of Light.

Blessed shall be in My Kingdom those who are already blessed on Earth, for they have known the Word of Life, loved It, expanded It and pronounced It, so that It echoed in all the hearts of the world.

Blessed shall be those who are before My eyes, who recognize My Presence and the Divine Presence of My Son, without fearing the judgments of this Earth.

Blessed before God the Father will become those who today mature in silence the fruits of salvation and with valor, grow in faith and in love for the Plan of God.

My children, those who are imperfect today, if persistent in the Divine Purpose, will be My blessed of tomorrow. For they will accomplish the Plan of God without perceiving it, and even though it may many times be in the secrecy of their own inner world, they will cause a new race to blossom in the image and likeness of God, of His Divine Love and Unity.

All efforts made today will culminate in the glorious victory of tomorrow. For this reason, do not look to the past nor dwell on what you are today, but rather place all your faith and trust in the promises of the One Who is perfect and Who promised that, in those who give of themselves from the heart, He will carry out miracles of transformation and of eternal conversion.

Allow yourselves to see through My eyes and feel through My Heart; in this way, you will find the perfection that sleeps within each being, and with Me you will be able to see the birth of new suns, which will shine beyond this Earth.

My little ones, I come to the world to cause you to awaken and to give you all the opportunity to change and redeem the past, transforming it into a present of Glory in service to the Most High. For this reason, simply open your hearts and your consciousnesses and, in this way, the Messengers that descend from Heaven at the request of the Great Lord, will work in all the spaces of matter and of life on Earth.

You may not trust in what you know about yourselves and may find it hard to believe in the transformation of matter that is so corrupted; but your trust should not reside in yourselves, but rather in God and Those that come before you and Who descend from the Throne of the Creator with a Purpose sent by Him for His creatures.

God knows each one of you perfectly and knows the hidden potential that you must develop. Thus, simply say 'yes' daily, and like good children, allow yourselves to be led by your beloved Celestial Mother.

May the Child King, born into your essences, now grow without stopping, and mature the divine life that is born on Earth.

I love you and I lead you, causing the Power of the Spirit of God to grow in your hearts.

I thank you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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