Monday, October 24 of 2016

Daily Messages

An important Humanitarian Mission for Venezuela…

My most appreciated prayerful children of the world,

With the Voice of the Consciousness of God, I come on this day to ask for collaboration in an important humanitarian mission for Venezuela.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

I expect, dear children, that in the month of November My missionaries of Fraternidade will carry out this humanitarian mission together with the collaborators of the north of Brazil; this mission will have the purpose of receiving many brothers and sisters and of relieving the suffering that is generated in the nation of Venezuela.  

Once again, love must heal all pain…

With all your readiness and with the service to those in need, this humanitarian mission for Venezuela will be carried out in the State of Roraima, specifically with the refugees from Venezuela that are in the city of Boa Vista.

From this city, your Heavenly Mother is indicating to Brazil as a nation that it must open its doors to receive the refugees.

The souls of Venezuela will need the humanitarian mission at least during the whole month of November.

It is thus, dear children, that a first group of missionaries will participate together with those who feel they are to cooperate, in the relieving of suffering during the first fifteen days of the month of November. Then the second part of the mission will arrive with another group of servers in the last fifteen days of the month.

The initial base of preparation for this humanitarian mission will be the Community of Light of Figueira, in the houses of the missionaries of Fraternidade.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

Dear children, it is in this way that two great missions will be taking place during the month of November: the humanitarian mission for Venezuela, and the mission of the Divine Messengers to Central America and Mexico.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

So you will be able to understand, My beloved ones, that the Sacred Hearts are wanting to avoid an imbalance in the Americas, most especially in the nations of Central America and in Venezuela, which are already facing the first stages of the Armageddon.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

With your hearts full of joy and of mercy, I expect that in this humanitarian mission for Venezuela, My children of Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay will also participate. Embracing this divine task, as humanity, through this mission you will draw forward the opportunity of reversing the evil that Venezuela is facing today.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

Dear children, under the support and protection of all the angels, the city of Boa Vista, in the State of Roraima, will become a refugee camp; refugees that will, each time, come in greater numbers, expecting to relieve suffering and to cover basic human needs.

Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation will have the Grace of gathering servers from the different nations of the Americas that will participate in this sacred mission for the relieving of suffering of the brothers and sisters of Venezuela.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

I am grateful for the servers and missionaries who will support this plan of assistance and help for the nation of Venezuela.

Brazil must open the doors of its heart to receive such great human suffering.

Who accompanies you to serve for peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose and Missionary of Peace