Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The humanitarian missions, in this new cycle, need better legal and human support to be capable of encompassing the service needs of the planet.

For this reason, the manifestation of an institution and association will be essential to sustain all the work that the missionaries need to carry out and carry forward.

An association will be necessary that incorporates the entire planetary missionary network, from the head missionaries to the collaborators; this will help in responding more efficiently to all the needs and possible emergency plans.

The International Humanitarian Federation will continue to be the mother and the official of all the associations, including the association of the missionaries.

This work of expansion in the legal, social and humanitarian fields of the missionary life will allow it to be nationally and internationally supplied with resources and donations from other associations or governmental organizations that will collaborate so that the missionaries' association can fulfill, from cycle to cycle, the different humanitarian missions.

This association, which will be founded in Brazil, and over time in other places with the aspiration of encompassing the five continents, will be offered as a social, cultural and humanitarian instructor and educator in humanitarian emergency plans or for the Kingdoms of Nature. This will be the means through which human beings will learn to serve and to cooperate in the most critical times of the planet.

The headquarters of the association will be the epicenter of missionary life and, from that point, its expansion will be the means of its associations with other international organizations, through humanitarian missions and emergency missions.

The emergency missions will be those demands for humanitarian, social, psychological and medical assistance in regions of the planet or in places where a catastrophe or a dangerous situation is unfolding.

In this sense, the founding of this association, as well as those that already exist within Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation, will allow the humanitarian members, servers and collaborators to be kept safe, regardless of where that are. The embassies of the country of origin of each missionary will be able to fulfill their diplomatic and governmental protection of the citizens who will dedicate themselves to missionary life and service.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


"Humanitarian Colombia" is a mission that promotes peace and humanitarian service for those who are most in need. In this instance, for all who are exiled from their nation and take refuge in other countries, in search of a new life, far from the horror and conflicts that these certain nations live.

"Humanitarian Colombia" is one more hand that extends towards the humanity of the Earth, so that, as a bridge of service and fraternity, souls may reencounter the meaning and hope of being part of a new race.

This mission constitutes the synthesis of all the humanitarian missions that were done in the last times.

Given the important service intervention and social aid that Fraternidade performs through its body of original missionaries and of missionaries in training, this new mission will attend to the other part of one of the many social and humanitarian imbalances that exist.

Fraternidade, as a missionary essence of service of unconditional love for the one who suffers, is called by the Consciousness of the Spiritual and Instructing Hierarchy to reunite its humanitarian and spiritual efforts with the aim of relieving human and inner suffering.

The fraternal foundations that Fraternidade has already manifested, attending to the migratory crisis in Roraima, Brazil, opened the doors of consciousness so that the true missionary and selfless spirit could come, this time, to Colombia, so that this network of light, of service and, especially, of love among brothers and sisters, may reach those who wait and cry out for it.

For the new mission "Humanitarian Colombia" the Hierarchy will broaden the action of its planetary work and Fraternidade, which will be united to the UN through UNHCR and UNICEF, will try to rebuild the human and voluntary spirit through works of service and social assistance.

With the presence of the monastic Grace Mercy Order, the missionary life will count on the arm of spiritual assistance of union and contact with the Hierarchy, so that everything that will be removed and worked from the psyche, and the inner world of consciousnesses, may find a path where it can be led and released.

Fraternidade, by assuming the two fronts of planetary work through the mission "Humanitarian Roraima" and now through "Humanitarian Colombia", from the next cycle and in the course of the year 2019, will begin to embrace, with the missionary life and together with the Hierarchy, other humanitarian works in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The formation, actualization and training for emergency cases of the new volunteer missionaries will help in the future of a new consciousness, based on the protection and safety of the fellow being and of the one that suffers the most.

For this initial mission of "Humanitarian Colombia" the Youth Campaign for Peace and some of its members will be summoned to participate and establish the first foundations so as to relieve pain through love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Maternal Exhortation

My beloved and dear children, servers of Christ,

On this day, I descend from Heaven to give you a special petition, which will try to attend the migratory crisis that is happening in My beloved Colombia.

It is for this reason that, in the name of My Son, I come to ask for humanitarian aid on the border between Colombia and Venezuela by means of an extraordinary humanitarian mission, which I call "Humanitarian Colombia."

This mission must arrive as soon as possible with the aim of attending, at the other side of the Andes, to My poor and suffering children of Venezuela, who are going through a social and humanitarian crisis.

In Colombia, the Fraternidade will establish a permanent space, in the same way it did in the beginning in the State of Roraima, in Brazil.

For this special cause that today My Maternal Heart presents to you, I wish the Light-Network and brothers and sisters with medical, dental and psychological specialties to be summoned for this first mission.

Colombia, in a short time, has been converted into a scenario of the end of times and My purpose, as in Roraima, will be to contain the wave of spiritual energies that are starting to infiltrate, more and more, in South America.

I ask, especially, that the Fraternidade, through the ONU, presents itself before the authorities of Colombia to announce that in an honorary manner it will, out of love, provide this humanitarian service.

Thus, with the inner strength that I will give each missionary who self-summons themselves for this "Humanitarian Colombia" mission, you will help your Heavenly Mother to succor and relieve the grave suffering.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children:

Know that through the fraternal union of this Work with international organisms that provide humanitarian services of health and equity, Fraternidade will be considered one of the most noteworthy hands in the service of healing pain through love.

That will come about, first of all, through the spiritual formation acquired in the last thirty years. Secondly, through the integration and the experience of the community life and the group life in its different phases of work. Thirdly, through the inner and intuitive capacity of spiritually understanding the reality of the planet and of its humanity, principles given by the Spiritual Hierarchy in these times.

These three characteristics, which through the years have formed the Fraternidade -International Humanitarian Federation, are the future standards that international organisms will need, in the end of these times, to establish new humanitarian and social foundations that may help in the rebalancing of humanity through love, service, and equality towards those most in need.

The mission of the Fraternidade is to represent, on the surface of the Earth, a cultural, social, environmental, and global model that helps humanity to become aware about the importance of reversing certain worldwide factors that lead to the self-destruction of the race itself.

Disinterested and true service will be the spirit of peace of the Fraternidade, and it will seek no benefits, but rather world collaborators who sincerely support the causes and the needs of the different human groups that experience wars, hunger, exile and homelessness generated by the different nations in conflict.

Through a universal alliance with international organisms, the Fraternidade will be able to acquire a way of discharging the social and philosophical values given by the Hierarchy, seeking to teach and to establish the archetype of a new humanity.

It will be the constant exercising of unconditional service on the part of each server that will build an opportunity for each people, culture and society of this planet, for finding a path of hope to reverse the global imbalance and inequality among the different races and nations.

In this way, the humanitarian and philosophical contributions of the Fraternidade, without reference to a religion or creed, will help international organisms to eradicate the spiritual and physical poverty at a planetary level, and thus, the Spiritual Hierarchy may convey healing and relief to the millions of souls of humanity that are in inner and outer danger.

For that reason, the consciousness of this Work of love for the redemption of humanity must be very open in order to be able to accept work of a planetary scope, which will shift each server from their habitual setting, and will be called on to be an operative branch in the Inner Plan of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It is the Will of God, dear children, that the Work of Love and Redemption of the Divine Messengers reach, in an ecumenical, fraternal and serviceable way to the youngest ones in the world: to all the children.

After establishing the international agreement of cooperation between all the nations  with the different refugees of the world, and on the eve of the special meeting of Mercy, God is asking you to take one more step, as Work, and this step will now, be planetary.

It is thus that through your mission and humanitarian services, without religion or creed, but yes of a loving and open heart, your Heavenly Mother needs to reach through you, the most unprotected children in the world, those who suffer the wars, the conflicts between nations, poverty, illness and persecution.

Until now, the Planetary Missionary Network was in an ambit of training and preparation. From today, the Planetary Missionary Network will be integrated by the contribution and service of one part of the Work, which is the Planetary Light Network.

In that way, dear children, it is the Aspiration of God that, by means of union and brotherhood with the international organizations, this Work attend, on an international level, to the children of the world in situations of war, of conflicts and disintegration of their families, so that My Maternal and Immaculate Heart intervenes in the rescue of those essences.

From this new cycle, after the last 8th of August, the situation of the service and assistance to humanity by the Whole Work hás changed and has expanded on a world level.

I would like you to understood that, through your hands and your hearts, your Heavenly Mother will try to reach all those suffering souls, the ones that for different circumstances have lost contact with love and hope.

In this phase, the Order founded by My Beloved Son will also perform specific functions within this humanitarian service.

That is why you must be available, because through the international organizations you will be able to attend and serve, for Christ, in nations of the world never concurred or visited by your group, where situations of risk or malnutrition of innocent children unchain.

My Mission with you is that someday you learn to place the planet and its humanity in your hearts, since all the impulses given to you in the last thirty years, have been a preparation for this cycle of planetary emergency.   

Remember that these humanitarian services prepare the Second Coming of Christ.

I add, My children, that servant souls of different ages could present themselves that Will come to you moved by the impulse to help dissolve the conflicts in humanity.

Let us go forward!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

The official declaration is hereby made that the Work of Peace of the Divine Messengers, in an ecumenical, autonomous, and fraternal way, will provide its humanitarian services to the different peoples and nations of the world for the purpose of spiritually establishing a longer period of peace.

It is thus that the missionaries of Fraternidade and those consecrated from the Order of My Son, as from the impulse given by international organizations, are assembled, gathered together, and twinned in the two bases that will be permanently established in the north of Brazil.

This means, dear children, that for your Heavenly Mother, the permanent mission of Greece will be temporarily closed and will be taken over by the representatives and members of the Network-of-Light of Europe.

Regarding the mission of permanent service at the pheriphery of the Community-of-Light of Figueira, it will also be temporarily closed, and will be taken over under My call by the Light Network of Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

Therefore, under the Will of Our Father, all principal and in-formation missionaries will be transferred to the north of Brazil in order to respond to the request made by international organizations, which seek peace, justice, and equity among races and peoples.

In this sense, the Spiritual Hierarchy is calling all of the planetary Network-of-Light to undertake the humanitarian service, the objective of which is that the principal and consecrated servants who belong to the Communities-of-Light and reside in them be able to extensively develop a fraternal service in the quest for establishing healing, redemption, and love in the souls that, because of conflicts, wars, and disorder among nations, have lost the essence of faith and of love.

It is important to emphasize that the spiritual shield of protection of the missionaries and those consecrated who will undertake the operative phase of service in the international organizations under the principle of fraternity, will have as an inner foundation the presence of the Sacred Hearts. But under no circumstance or reason will some religious or spiritual principle be disseminated, since the cause of the current conflicts comes from the social and humanitarian misunderstandings among the religions.

In this new phase of taking up world tasks and of those of a universal order, the Fraternidade will only seek the good and the benefit for fellow human beings, so that values and human rights may be recovered.

We will be guiding this new phase step by step, which will have the consciousness of all those who serve sacrifice many things in their lives so that a worse situation than already exists may not be precipitated in South America.

I thank you for responding to this operation of world rescue for peace and the good of the world.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


An important Humanitarian Mission for Venezuela…

My most appreciated prayerful children of the world,

With the Voice of the Consciousness of God, I come on this day to ask for collaboration in an important humanitarian mission for Venezuela.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

I expect, dear children, that in the month of November My missionaries of Fraternidade will carry out this humanitarian mission together with the collaborators of the north of Brazil; this mission will have the purpose of receiving many brothers and sisters and of relieving the suffering that is generated in the nation of Venezuela.  

Once again, love must heal all pain…

With all your readiness and with the service to those in need, this humanitarian mission for Venezuela will be carried out in the State of Roraima, specifically with the refugees from Venezuela that are in the city of Boa Vista.

From this city, your Heavenly Mother is indicating to Brazil as a nation that it must open its doors to receive the refugees.

The souls of Venezuela will need the humanitarian mission at least during the whole month of November.

It is thus, dear children, that a first group of missionaries will participate together with those who feel they are to cooperate, in the relieving of suffering during the first fifteen days of the month of November. Then the second part of the mission will arrive with another group of servers in the last fifteen days of the month.

The initial base of preparation for this humanitarian mission will be the Community of Light of Figueira, in the houses of the missionaries of Fraternidade.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

Dear children, it is in this way that two great missions will be taking place during the month of November: the humanitarian mission for Venezuela, and the mission of the Divine Messengers to Central America and Mexico.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

So you will be able to understand, My beloved ones, that the Sacred Hearts are wanting to avoid an imbalance in the Americas, most especially in the nations of Central America and in Venezuela, which are already facing the first stages of the Armageddon.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

With your hearts full of joy and of mercy, I expect that in this humanitarian mission for Venezuela, My children of Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay will also participate. Embracing this divine task, as humanity, through this mission you will draw forward the opportunity of reversing the evil that Venezuela is facing today.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

Dear children, under the support and protection of all the angels, the city of Boa Vista, in the State of Roraima, will become a refugee camp; refugees that will, each time, come in greater numbers, expecting to relieve suffering and to cover basic human needs.

Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation will have the Grace of gathering servers from the different nations of the Americas that will participate in this sacred mission for the relieving of suffering of the brothers and sisters of Venezuela.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

I am grateful for the servers and missionaries who will support this plan of assistance and help for the nation of Venezuela.

Brazil must open the doors of its heart to receive such great human suffering.

Who accompanies you to serve for peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose and Missionary of Peace 


Spiritual and foundational minutes of the Community-of-Light “Fleur de Lys”

Dear children:

On the nineteenth day of the month of July of 2016, in the year of the Lord of Mercy, Your Mother and Advocate performs the first spiritual and institutional foundation of the awaited Community-of-Light, “Fleur de Lys”.

On this sacred day the Almighty God deposits His Love, His Piety and Mercy so that this sacred project that will work through prayer for the souls of all Europe, can have its awaited awakening.

On this path that is being built from this day, the Divinity sheds Its Gifts, so that the principles of the Sacred Center of Lys on the surface will flourish in the consciousnesses of those who integrate this project.

It is so that Your Holy Mother declares that, at this place, in which we gather today, there is the first seed for this Community-of-Light. Also the Marian Center of the Most Pure Virgin Mother is officially founded, a center that will be created by the hands of the Community, and that will have its maternal house in the future, as well as the Community, in the village of Dornes, at the margin of the lakes of the Sacred Center of Lys.

For this moment the seven first residents of this Community-of-Light will already be impelling a summoning for all Europe for the formation and expansion of the bases of this spiritual and Marian work.

Putting in writing the institution of this fifth Community-of-Light upon a Planetary Center, I invite everyone who is present, and the members of the Light-Network of Europe to sign these minutes, in order to register their adhesion to this call and as official witnesses that a sacred seed of light is growing again from Lys to all Europe.

Enriching your small spirits, dear children, I also put into writing the consecration of the first resident, of the first guardians and custodians of this initial project of love, peace and redemption, thanking the Father who is in the Heavens because all His Works are simple but true, full of Love and Mercy for the world.

It is for this reason that with the creation of this Community-of-Light on the nineteenth day of the month of July of 2016, I leave the written testimony that this project of the Nucleus of the Sacred Heart in the city of Fatima will be considered a Community-of-Light from today on, being an official part of the fifth hand of work of Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation, located on the Planetary Centers.

With songs of joy, dear children, I institute here two important spaces to be developed in a short time: the Community-of-Light of Lys and the Marian Center of the Most Pure Virgin Mother, for Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the luminous sign of the Holy Cross, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


After twenty-six years of preparation of the spiritual foundations for My long awaited Return, through the work and life of the Light-Communities of My Heart; today I come to announce a special Grace that in critical times will try, above all, to spiritually elevate the life of humanity through the sacred values that it must express to all universal Creation.

It is for this cause that My merciful, glorious and living Heart grants to the International Humanitarian Federation, in the name of My living Heart, the divine and autonomous permission to spread all the works of fraternity, service, healing, instruction and prayer that all My selfless volunteers carry out.

This will mean to your Master the unique opportunity that, through a space in the channel of communication Misericordia María TV, you companions, lead the world to know this Work of redemption, love and Mercy that has been carried out for twenty-six years with the Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human Kingdoms. 

In the name of the ultimate Creator who governs everything, I wish you to relieve My Heart outraged by the disasters and punishments that the Younger Kingdoms and also the Human Kingdom have received.

If the world knew the Work of service and rescue that is carried out through the union of all Associations of the Fraternity, this would widely help all the human beings, that are not interested in the Kingdoms of Nature, to find out the value, the reverence and the compassion that the younger brothers and sisters of nature deserve. 

After My last visit to northern Brazil to spiritually work in the Amazon, an atoning door was opened to this part of the world. That is why your Master, joining you in this mission to value life and Creation, lovingly requests that several spaces dedicated to the diffusion and knowledge of life and of creation on the planet, manifested in all the Kingdoms to be included from now on within the calendar of meetings with the Divine Messengers, in the schedule of Misericordia María TV.

I wish for humanity to come to know what a mineral is and how it lives spiritually. I wish every human being of the surface to know what a plant is and what an important mission it fulfills. I wish for you to love the Animal Kingdom as you love your own lives. For this, you must know why God created them and what they exist for.

I also wish the world to be motivated to serve their neighbor through the spirit of charity, so that the majority may step out of themelves and there be no longer borders or languages, only the profound language of your hearts.  

If in a short period of time My request were put into practice, the world could suffer less from purification. If millions of human beings placed their interest in the Kingdoms and made works of restoration of all evil that is done to them, there would be no third world war. I will give inner and humble powers to anyone who is willing to offer a great reparation to God. 

Companions, today, before the Creator and the celestial choirs, I open this door for you.

I wish the International Humanitarian Federation and the life in the Light-Communities, as well as the appreciation of the Kingdoms and the healing of all beings, to be known. This will placate the actions of evil in the world and My Sacred Heart will grant some more time of peace.

It is for this purpose that today a spiritual and material union is instituted among Misericordia María TV, the International Humanitarian Federation and all those who would lovingly like to be part of this diffusion of the creative life of the planet. 

From Heaven We expect humanity to deeply value and love what God has given you since the beginning.  

Under the glory and the Grace granted by all these things, be blessed.

Who always loves and supports you,

Your Master, the Glorified Christ Jesus

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