Thursday, May 21 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children of the Americas, of Central America, and of the United States,

I thank you for the essential union made between your hearts in order to materialize My much waited arrival to Colombia and to the United States of America.

Since the first day that you began your exercise of group prayer for such important cause, My Heart was filled with bliss and with hope by seeing from Heaven the motivation and the effort of your souls in wanting to materialize My sacred designs.

On this extraordinary day, in which your Heavenly Mother visits you from Heaven in order to renew you in faith and in the trust in God, I wish that you might get to know and respond to a especial task, a task that, from this day on, My Immaculate Heart will entrust to you, as a means of help and intercession to make possible the visit of the Divine Messengers to South America and to North America.

Dear children, I ask you, on this day of blessing and of Grace, to continue to pray together for the plans of your Most Holy Mother.  For all to be possible, I invite you to realize a campaign for Peace, so that in this way the plans of the Virgin Mary may be fulfilled in this part of the world.

Children, as your Mother of the homes and of all the families of the world, I wish that each group of prayer may carry out a fundraising campaign that may be the most convenient and simple to them, with the divine goal of manifesting the necessary funds that will permit the materialization of the next pilgrimage of Mary to Colombia and to the United States.

Children, a loving means for this campaign will be the canticles of Mercy Mary, of the Crystal Mother, which can be offered at will in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.  Also in the United States, they can be offered to My children, to those who migrated to this country in search of a better life and survival expectance.

I keep all of them in My Heart and in My prayers so that one day they may return to their nations without the need of being separated from their families and from their lands of origin.

Children, you can realize in each of these nations a campaign that may respond to the way of life and to the culture of each people, that which knows and lives Our Lady.  Congregate in the United States all of the Latin Americans that live there, so that the ones who are moved by faith, may collaborate with the plans of the Heavenly Mother.

Each group in each country will be able to exercise its creativity and, in this way, find the means in order to raise the basic funds for the pilgrimages of the Celestial Messengers.  Your Mother of Heaven wishes to motivate you to work in cooperation with the Evolutionary Plan, and above all, that you may experience the love and the fraternity between the languages and the sister nations.

Remember, children, to summon the brothers and sisters of Mexico for this task, because the Spirit of your Lady of Guadalupe will spiritually unify the purpose of this mission to Colombia and to the United States.

Dear children, I reveal to you that the Sacred Family, in Its Humility and Love used to live on simple jobs, but abnegated, in order to fulfill the purpose of God.

Good work and good fraternal cooperation to all!

Who blesses you and unites you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace