Friday, August 24 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Awakening to the call of peace, today I ask you to open your hearts so that more light from My Immaculate Heart can enter your lives. My Maternal Light takes you to the eternal redeeming light of Christ. My prayer congregates you as souls so that together we pray for peace.

The world changes fast and it is necessary to create pillars of prayer that can harmonize humanity’s consciousness during the changes that it brings forth by its own actions.

Dear children, the life of prayer will keep you prepared for the times of change. The important thing is for your hearts to be participants in the life of the Spirit of God so that you can transmit the love of the Father to all those who need it.

All My praying children are called to the time of the reparation of the soul and the heart through continuous prayer. Your groups of prayer must represent the Heart of the Living Christ for this humanity and this heart, which is formed by your prayers, must expand the great love to the entire world.

I invite you to be carriers of My Peace; believe in this because the Peace of the Lord is necessary for all humanity in these moments.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.