When you make a little more effort than what you truly can do, you will be making My Plan of Love triumph.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will be entering My Heart twice.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will be granting to the world a grace and an undeserved atonement, and somewhere some situation will be benefitted.

When you make a little more effort than what you truly can do, you will be bringing My Divine Mercy to Earth, because there will be someone who, through their sacrifice, will be loving, which I always ask for with all My Heart.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will be allowing the Law of Divine Grace to act and work within souls that perhaps would deserve to go directly to purgatory for having rejected God.

When you make a little more effort than what you can do, you will allow Me to reach ever deeper spaces of your being and forever remove everything that separates you from Me.

Love effort so that someday you may learn to love sacrifice, a sacrifice that will liberate you.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

This is the key that I give you today: if only all the beings on this planet offered one day of fasting, in truth I tell you that wars would cease, conflicts would disappear, diseases would be healed and there would not be any interior or exterior cause left unsolved.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain spiritual forces would be dismissed from their earthly powers and more than a thousand swords would be defeated.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain unexplainable situations would not be manifested and no one would lose their awakening and evolution.

If in truth the majority offered a day of fasting, certain earthly forces would not act because they would not have a place nor way to proceed.

Imprisoned souls would be liberated, more sinners would be forgiven and the planet would be relieved of the serious outrages it receives every day.

If in truth a day of fasting was offered, the innocent souls that were aborted would be taken to limbo and, above all, the soldiers of Christ who became lost by their own will would not go to purgatory to pay for their debts.

Fasting is the second spiritual weapon against the enemy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Feast of Saint John the Baptist

Dear children,

May humanity renew on this day its spiritual baptism, and not its habits.

On the Feast of Saint John, may souls remember the message of this holy man, cousin of Jesus.

May all return to the Kingdom of God, which is much forgotten.

May the majority of souls unite again with God and not with all that is lived and fostered on the surface of this world.

On this festive day of Saint John, may the consciousnesses of this planet celebrate the Sacrament that Saint John brought to the world: the possibility of being renewed by the Father, by the Son, and by the Holy Spirit.

On this day may you not only remember your baptism, bestowed by the priest through water, but also remember the spiritual blessing bestowed by the Holy Spirit.

In truth, the purpose of the feast of Saint John, as of the other saints, was distorted by My adversary; he was able to draw the attention of all souls toward something external, mediocre, and superficial.

Instead, on this day, Saint John brings the message that, at each new year, souls may be renewed in faith, remembering the Sacrament of their baptism and confirming themselves before God and before His Divine Will.

Baptism is the blessing that the soul receives directly from the Source of Grace and of Mercy that allows it to be liberated from stains and all sins.

The purpose of the Feast of Saint John was that souls that communed on this day could renew their baptism through an act of faith and of union with Christ.

Nowadays, this intention is far from the attention of souls, and many of them, instead of renewing themselves, condemn themselves to Purgatory without even realizing it.

Thus, your Mother, the Queen of Peace, on a 24th of June in 1981, descended to Medjugorje at the Feast of Saint John, to try to reverse this human custom that, up to today and after 35 years of Apparitions, continues to carry many souls to the precipice.

The choice is in the hands of each soul.

Your Mother, the Queen of Peace, came to Medjugorje to unite again a people that had been destroyed and separated by war.

My Son asked that on the Feast of His cousin Saint John, His Heavenly Mother appear to remind the world of the time that it still has for returning to the Heart of God and cease offending Him.

After 35 years in Medjugorje and almost 10 years being present in South America, the Mother of God comes to warn Her children that it is urgent to convert and to surrender as soon as possible to the Love of God, in order to not lose inner peace when the world is violently purified.

Thus, today the Queen of Peace descends to confirm one more year of Her maternal and loving Presence among Her children who love Her and that invoke Her.

The Celestial Father hopes that, as soon as possible, all may look within themselves to perceive how urgent it is that there be a change in humanity, before the definite door to Holy and Divine Justice opens.

Today, on the Feast of Saint John, your Celestial Mother comes to awaken many hearts from the earthly dream and from a hypnotism, who are far from the Kingdom of God and walk towards suffering.

Through the work of Grace, the Queen of Peace invites all Her children to renew today their baptism and that they also do it for those that no longer remember this spiritual blessing.

On this day of prayer for peace in the nations, let us remember the coming of Mary, Queen of Peace, to Medjugorje, so that the human consciousness may be elevated and purified.

Your Heavenly Mother returns to Barcelona, because there exists here an open path to begin to live this change that Gods so expects to see manifested in humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, renewing the Sacrament of Baptism,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life.

Dear children,

After having been on pilgrimage throughout the United States of America, crossing the nation from one end to the other, your Heavenly Mother, by request of the Father, finishes Her pilgrimage in Orlando, a place where illusion and fantasy are the main content of the life of many souls, which we call entertainment.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life.

The Father has sent Me to bring a little more consciousness, and, in this way, be able to remove from deceit millions of souls that are submerged in this plane, and, most of all, who confirm it and believe in it.

Children are the main object of the elaboration of gruesome plans, coated with beautiful artistic fantasies that cause all attention to be placed upon that which is superficial, leaving consciousnesses very hypnotized for quite some time, without reasoning abilities or logic, and with a lack of discernment.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life.

The Plan of My adversary was well made, because, through entertainment, people forget they have a soul that is capable of evolving and growing spiritually.

In this way, the inner senses of the consciousness are blocked and replaced by external stimuli, filled with fanaticism, desires and ambition. All these effects have an impact on the spiritual plane of the soul, especially when a life of prayer does not exist nor is it practiced.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life.

The games that the world offers at this present time encourage constant competition and separation amongst people, leaving great gaps in the space of the consciousness, which are used to inseminate codes opposed to love and truth, for example, codes of power, ownership and excessive consumption, generating an imbalance in all planes of consciousness.

Entertainment was a complete deviation from the Purpose because it was an energy that from the beginning attracted other false needs, capable of controlling and manipulating the lives of people through systems created for this purpose.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life.

In this sense, entertainment generates, throughout all the bodies, an illusion of mental rest and a supposed joy that pleases the plane of emotions.

If all this is observed with maturity and wisdom, it can be perceived that there is absolutely nothing spiritual or evolutionary that exists there. The lives of souls that are always submerged in this lower field of consciousness are within this roulette wheel game, from where, afterward, it is very difficult to come out of.

Determination and discernment also become discouraged within human beings, to the point of leaving the consciousness highly dependent on something that is purely artificial and fictional.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life. 

If at this time souls are still submerged in these realities, such as entertainment, and allow themselves be constantly abducted by the codes that My adversary radiates through the systems of entertainment and leisure, humanity will remain in a subliminal state of hypnotism and profound indifference, since their inner senses will be deactivated and disconnected from consciousness.

Those who awaken to higher life, and still do not know it, must make the greatest effort in the name of humanity in order to be able to balance, before the Universe, what millions of souls live all the time in opposition to the true essence and true evolution.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life. 

In this incarnation, souls lose the chance of living self-knowledge and of penetrating the universe of spirit. Only when the soul abandons the material bodies does it become slowly aware of the deep illusion that it was living, and then it is taken to another plane, to another school of learning, known to souls as Purgatory, where they can learn how to settle and balance what was not learned during incarnated life.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life. 

Because of this, at this hour, it will be important for all to know that humanity resists learning about higher life because it is constantly immersed in the ambiguity and restlessness that is generated by the living of material desires, which have no inner meaning, and, even less, a spiritual one.

Many souls will become aware of their degree of illusion when it is too late. In this way, the Mother of Love approaches one of the cities in the United States that rules a large part of the planetary consciousness, making it dependent on entertainment and upon fun.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life. 

In an extraordinary and inexplicable way, your Heavenly Mother has received a higher permission to descend over a city, such as the city of Orlando, to leave certain seeds of light sown in the depths of inner beings, which in the future will bear fruit for the new times of the planet.

It will depend on each soul and on each being to decide to abandon this illusion, which is already part of a dimension where souls live a personal hell, created through the results of games and entertainment.

Even those capital energies will be purified during the acute cycle of humanity. The time has come for the soldiers who are awake to offer their prayers for this whole reality that causes the planetary consciousness to descend toward the lower planes, and, in this way, leads the subconscious to depend on totally artificial and lifeless recreations.

I hope that the most awake may work double on behalf of those who are sleeping and those who do not have the inner resources to break away from this.

Close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life. 

The closing of this pilgrimage in Orlando will try to leave, sown in the consciousnesses, an awakening capable of making it possible to rethink the forms in which millions of people live in the world.

It is for this reason, dear children, that every day I invite you to close your eyes to superficial life and open your consciousness to immaterial life.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who loves you and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am present, dear children, in the places where the greatest suffering for the planet existed.

I am present where the different cultures and peoples have forgotten that, despite the similarities or differences, all were siblings and children of the same Creator.

For this reason I came to this place, now My beloved Sanctuary of Guadalupe, to make both the conqueror and the indigenous understand that all came from a same God and from one single consciousness.

It was thus that I asked for the construction of a temple in My honor, to prevent the human race from losing control of itself and causing all future generations to become a humanity compromised with evil.

That is why, today, after more than five hundred years, your Heavenly Mother comes to close this cycle in human history, unforgettable and sad for the consciousness of the planet.

I have come here totally present and I will continue doing it from a higher plane, because My children of all cultures and of all peoples will still need My divine and maternal intercession.

Now, being here among you, I have opened the doors to liberate from the terrestrial purgatory all the conquerors, the indigenous, and the religious that at that time, with little consciousness and wisdom, were involved in the Guadalupan events.

It is thus that in this hour, dear children, I have asked you to come to this historical Sanctuary so that a cycle would be definitely closed through a moment of simple prayer, in which My angels removed the pain lived in the spaces of this nation and the planet.

Therefore, in the face of the mistakes experienced between the indigenous consciousness and the white man, through an act of pity and mercy, I invite you to transmute for Me. Just as I do with you every day and so that I am able to keep coming to bring peace and reconciliation between cultures.

Thank you for having reciprocated to something spiritual and internal.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Doubt is an energy opposite to trust and when it emerges, My adversary takes advantage to sow it in the consciousness of one with a weak faith.

Doubt is more harmful when it is transmitted to other consciousnesses that should not be infected by it.

When the energy of doubt is placed in other hearts without judgment or control, the consciousness instantly becomes an instrument of the adversary, because My enemy likes to feed, without having to work hard, on all that the doubtful emanate.

The energy of doubt appears in the depths of the consciousness when the latter constantly remembers their past, and reveals this to other hearts. It is at that moment, by opening an uncertain door to the past, the consciousness that doubts is cunningly placed by My adversary in a place and space of consciousness where they should no longer be, and this is more jeopardizing for one who already walks the path of My Son.

It is like taking many steps backward and not being able to get out of this space.

After the doubt, other aspects appear that are part of the human condition, which the consciousness itself must transform and transcend.

It is not appropriate for a disciple of Christ to be satisfied with their life through constantly remembering the past, and see those events as something wonderful.

Doubt is sowed when the consciousness has great difficulty in loving obedience to God and their fellow beings, as well as living it.

Doubt settles into the consciousness when words split apart what takes such an effort to build and when unelevated comments come out of the mouth of the disciple.

All the roots of the human condition are transmuted with determination. One who follows My Son cannot come and go on two paths, because one day they will face their reality in an unknown way.

Transparency, humility and silence stop certain aspects from keeping the consciousness tied to all the destructive aspect that My adversary radiates.

When this reality of the consciousness is not treated with seriousness and transparency, by the Law of Hierarchy, the Divinity can only observe and pray, as It does with the majority of humanity.

Each disciple of Christ must be clear about not being a magnet that through their actions attracts the chaos of the world. All are called to purify themselves through truth and without lies, because when the consciousness reaches another plane of consciousness, after having passed through this one, they will realize they are not where they always believed they were.

It is thus that today, thousands of consciousnesses are in purgatory, after having become aware of their actions.

All we need to do is pray and be silent.

I thank you for responding with awareness to My call!

Who helps you to inwardly grow,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Powerful Celestial Church of Christ

Dear children:

The Celestial Church of Christ, that many angels venerate, manifests itself in the seventh heaven of the spiritual Universe. It is a space that gathers the gifts and the true dogmas of faith through the experience of the spiritual sacraments.

In the Celestial Church of Christ states of profound ceremony, religiosity and priesthood among the souls already sanctified and Christ are lived. It is a principle already established as a law of permanent communion with the sublime Divinity of Jesus Christ.

In the Celestial Church of Christ, the three main aspects of Christ are venerated.

The first aspect venerated is the Sacred Heart of Jesus that is the main live symbol of the Love of God expressed to all Creation.

The second aspect venerated is the Soul of Christ that is the supreme manifestation which allows the union among the creatures and God.

The third aspect venerated is the Divinity of Christ that is the state that reached the total realization of the redemptive work of humanity.

In the Celestial Church of Christ, the angelical consciousness participates and promotes for the blessed souls the constant plenitude to remain in Christ eternally.

This spiritual and divine church was the same that Jesus tried to institute in the Last Supper. He wanted humanity to be a mirror of consciousness that could attract from the Universe the values of the soul plane and the spiritual plane.

The science of this Celestial Church is based on true love that is part of the divine experience of all the blessed.

The Celestial Church of Christ is established in the inner enclosure of His Most Sacred Heart and expresses for all the adorers of His divine Spirit the gifts that come from His universal Patriarchy.

The Celestial Church of Christ is a center of devotion, plenitude and spirituality where the souls enrich their consciousnesses, thus they form and prepare themselves for new services to the Plan of the Creator.

In the seventh heaven of the spiritual Universe, the Celestial Church of Christ, is formed by a main entrance that illuminates the consciousness that goes through it. It is the portal that opens to the interior of the Divine Heart of Jesus.

The Church is supported by the columns of faith, devotion and burning love, its main dome or vault radiates light from the spiritual unity and its altar manifests the Presence of God in Its three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity that is established allows the blessed to be in eternal communion with the mystical Consciousness of Christ.

The main chorus of the Celestial Church is formed by seven angelical legions or greater chorus; they are angels that sing to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit in seven planes of consciousness. The sacred vibration of the angelical chorus permanently emitted helps the souls of the Purgatory and the souls of Hell so that every seven cycles and through the offering made by a blessed one, a soul may receive the liberation, and afterwards its consciousness may be elevated.

The seven angelic choirs of the Celestial Church of Christ protect the celestial treasures kept there, the angels are also wise custodians of the spiritual relics of the Celestial Church for the souls. These spiritual relics can be understood as acts of love and of mercy performed and reached by the blessed consciousnesses during their life on Earth.

In the Celestial Church of Christ lies an important moment for the souls, which is the inner confirmation before the rescue Plan of Christ, previous to His second coming.

The Spiritual Church of Jesus prepares a space in the celestial consciousness of the Universe to receive all those who in some moment of their lives will be elevated to Paradise.

For the spiritual presence of the Celestial Church of Christ, the Father concedes the total and free action of mercy and of pity for the blessed souls that live in this space of Paradise. These souls already illuminated by the Holy Spirit and formed by the bases of this Celestial Church are those that implore and pray for the souls on Earth that are lost and need redemption.

While a soul, still incarnated on Earth, creates a bridge towards God by means of the universe of prayer, the blessed soul collects the light of this prayer and presents it as a non-material offer at the altars of the Celestial Church of Christ; in this way a state of special Grace is established, and the Father grants an atonement or miracle when it is within the purpose of love and of the common good for the world.

Christ created the Celestial Church for the souls to find the meaning of living eternity, permanent service and, most of all, to be mediators of the humanity of surface.

Some of the blessed, already saints within the Celestial Church, act as mediators, and this allows the souls from Earth to count on the help of Christified and venerated consciousnesses throughout all humanity.

In this Celestial Church, the souls from Earth are impelled to live the apostleship and the mission when they are in tune with this principle of love and unity that is born in the interior of the Celestial Church of Christ.

This space of consciousness is amplified into seven planes of consciousness, and the principal of the church expands into seven wide arms to receive in its seven temples the souls that arrive and that leave to other schools of instruction.

In the Celestial Church of Christ the Father gathers His new apostles so that from the spiritual Universe they radiate the attributes of peace, unity and love towards other dimensions of consciousness.

Entering into the Celestial Church of Christ is possible when the one who prays adores the Sacred Heart of Jesus and, through this perfect union, is led to discover the inner communion with Christ. Each time that a soul communes of the Body and Blood of Christ, it enters into this state of initiation and formation for the spirit.

May this divine instruction motivate you to abandon common life and to be in contact with the richness of Christ, that arises and emanates from the deepest part of His Sacred Heart.

In union with all Argentineans.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Those who with joy pray to Me a mystery of the Holy Rosary by the Sacred Manger on the 24th of December and, in addition to that, ignite a candle of light, will be giving the universal permission of removing from eternal earthly suffering the souls that are the most desperate and that have condemned themselves to worldwide purgatory. 

For this the 24th of December will be something more than a simple manger.  If your hearts keep themselves united to My Precious Heart during this day, the Christic codes that are engraved in the Sacred Blood of Christ will also be deposited upon those hearts that may open to Me the inner door.

I wish during this day to reign among people and God because to the hearts that may receive Me humbly through the message of the manger, I will let them know My Sacred Gifts of Unity and of Redemption.

I invite you that, in truth, you prepare yourselves for this day.  God has given Me the permission to consecrate again the hearts that are most separated from Me for some reason.  On the 24th of December I will come to the world as a new star of the night, that which will shine in the inner firmament of each being.

Opening the doors of your inner dwellings, celebrate in God the Divine Mysteries of the birth of Christ.  I will be thankful to the devoted souls for uniting themselves for an instant to My Greater Task, in this way the world will again be relieved by the action of My Divine Mercy.

Guard your lives in the Sacred Manger of the Lord Jesus.

Under the Greater Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for celebrating with Me the birth of the Inner Christ!

Christ Jesus of Mercy


Prayer to be recited especially during the Christmas Eve of the Lord and at the end of the Holy Rosary of the 24th of December.

    Act of Consecration of the Sacred Family of Nazareth

Divine Rays descend from Heaven
       over the dear city of Bethlehem.

The Angels announce to the shepherds
       the Birth of the King of Humility.

Jesus is known by His Sacred Name,
       He is the Prince that was born from the family of King David
       but His identity does not belong to this world,
       His Wise Spirit comes from the Holy Spirit of God.

The Jesus Child has arrived to the world
       to liberate it from error.

He is the Savior of all the races,
       He is the Messiah of the Celestial Annunciation.

The Angel Gabriel has dictated His Sacred Name.

The Most Holy Virgin has sheltered in Her bosom the Creator Power
       from Her most pure womb has been born the Savior,
       from the Most Holy Mary has awakened the Redeemer Christ.

Before this great universal mystery
       our hearts consecrate themselves
       because the prophecies of the Patriarchs have been fulfilled
       and the Son of God has defeated death with His Divine Passion.

Every race has been renewed
       by the victorious coming of the Son of God.

From Bethlehem has emerged the Eternal Light for the dark world.

The Orient has been united to the Occident
       and nothing will ever more  be separated
       because we have received the Mercy of God.

We are sheep of the Great Shepherd Child.

We are redeemed stars upon the Earth.

May this Holy Birth of Christ impel us to continue walking.

Nothing shall detain us.

Nothing shall torment us.

Nothing shall separate us from God.

We are members of the Sacred Family.

We are children of the Most Hoy Virgin.

We are faithful companions of Saint Joseph.

In Christ we shall fulfill the Will of God
       as it was in the beginning,
       now and forever.



Have you noticed how many times My Redeeming Consciousness enters at three in the afternoon, in each place of Earth?

While, in each place of the world, it is three o’clock in the afternoon, My celestial permission expands as love and light and touches the essences most deprived of Mercy.

Between three and four p.m. each day, My Eucharistic Heart radiates towards the most distant spheres of the Earth, where a soul that is calling for My Mercy may be. I give everything so that it may be in My Arms, to console it and again give it life.

When a devout soul contemplates Me and adores Me by means of the Chaplet of Mercy, it not only opens the door of its heart so that I may enter but also, if it prays with love, My Shepherd Consciousness, with Its omnipresence, within seconds commands souls out from purgatory; in this way, it elevates them as close to My Kingdom as possible so that they may finish learning and, in the end, they may be a  part of My Glorious Eternity in Paradise.

The doors of Paradise are open at three p.m. This is a mission that the angels of Heaven accomplish to elevate all consciousnesses that may be disoriented upon the face of the Earth.

At three p.m. My Merciful Heart collects the appeals of all simple hearts and My Love radiates toward them, transforming them into roses of peace and glory for the Thrones of God.

Each time that you say: “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion…” from the crown of thorns, that I still carry to relieve the world and that is represented by the Chaplet, a thorn is liberated from My Head.

The crown of thorns that was once placed during My Passion was transmuted by the power of the Chaplet of My Mercy, which was given to the venerable apostle Faustina Kowalska.

All those who persist in faith and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will not cause Me pain as the world does, day by day, but at three p.m. your hands in prayer will be spiritually removing the thorns from My Heart and will heal My Spirit with your love for prayer.

My dear, do you see how big the mystery of the Love is, that I have for all of you, as while you nailed Me on the Cross, I poured Mercy instead of pouring pain; I poured Love and Water of Life from My Side instead of pouring justice upon the world.

Because I belong to you as a Heart and as a Master, I was born amongst you and, as I ascended to the Heavens, I will return to give testimony of My Glory and My Truth.

Under the Absolute Truth of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating upon My words with your hearts!

Christ Jesus, your Instructor. 


Dear children,

I hope that throughout this last year of Daily Messages you have accepted to live in the Grace of God. It is a merciful revelation that My Maternal Words have accompanied each one of you for all this time that passed, during which your hearts have had to grow and mature before the reality of the end of this time.

My children, this is why today I call you to deepen in your hearts the gratitude towards God, gratitude because through My Son and His loving intercession God has allowed Me to daily come to your encounter through the messages.

Dear children, you know that the world is suffering very much and that each new day innumerable souls are lost, condemning themselves to the path of purgatory.

Therefore I call you to live the prayer of the heart, because your prayer will be the only hope for the salvation of many hearts, above all, of those children who in the ignorance of their lives offend God.

Lovingly I ask you to pray under the Light of God and to commend to Him all souls possible, through the power of prayer. Those that still do not pray, do not do so because they lack Maternal Love and need to quench the thirst that their souls have felt for so long.

Dear children, this is a defining time, a time of changes. This is why I invite you to be conscious of your task of prayer so that more Light from the Universe of God may be able to help and save condemned souls.

My children, hold in your hands the prayer of the Rosary and may each new prayer that you realize be an offering and a supplication to the Mercy of Jesus.

In My Son is the path. In My Son your redemption and your forgiveness are to be found.

Be awake to prayer!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


As the Mother of the Eternal Graces I want, at the end of these times, to convert your hearts into hearts renewed by the Glorious Love of God, because My Immaculate Heart promises this.

Dear children, much suffering invades the purity of the hearts. To be able to restore them, today I ask you to pray, to pray with the love of your hearts so that God, the Creator may be able to listen to you as humanity. If souls do not pray for the souls most in need, the Inexhaustible Graces of My Heart will not be able to be poured over those children that urgently need them.

For this reason, My children, we are in the time of the purification of feelings and thoughts that do not correspond to the One and Only Law of Universal Love. As the accumulation of feelings increases in the entire world, I ask you to pray with the heart because in this way I will be able to place all creatures under the repairing and redeeming fount of the Divine Mercy of My Son.

The Rays of Pity and Mercy of Jesus are still among you and over all of humanity. But many forget how important these Graces are and the enemy succeeds in distancing them from the source of these Graces.

This is why, as the Guardian of the Hearts, today I invite you to revere the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In His hands of Light He holds the sword of Redemption, which will be able to cut off and liberate all evils.

You, dear children, will be able to be the servers and the instruments of God that may consciously intervene in prayer and with love for all souls.

Remember that fasting, as an offer, helps in the descent of a Special Grace for the souls in Purgatory.

Reality and Truth are approaching the life of all My children; the Law of the Love of God is available to those who, as Jesus, may want to learn to love like Christ loved on the cross.

Ignite My Hope in your hearts, for the salvation of all.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Little children,

Remember being as children so as to be in the Victorious Kingdom of the Lord. With your pure hearts you will find the doors to the Heavens. In the prayer of the Heart you will find a lovely refuge that I prepare for you inside My Immaculate Heart.

And if you are in My Son, the Master of Love, you will know the outpouring of His Grace and His Mercy for this new time that comes for humanity.

The harmony in your hearts together with the act of daily prayer helps to dissolve the great evils and sufferings that many souls live. So that the Light of Christ will be present in each life on Earth you must, in the prayer of the heart, give the permission so that mercy may act in the world.

The Fountain of Divine Mercy needs praying missionaries that can answer the call for peace that My Immaculate Heart pronounce to the world, an urgent call for the reparation of all people, believers and atheists, those who need the Grace of redemption to be able to be in the omnipotent reconciliation and mercy of God the Father.

For all this dear children, My Marian Voice calls you to live the time of true and constant prayer for the souls of this world and for the souls from purgatory.

Every creature of this age that was born from the Heart of God, but that has come by other paths to insurmountable trials and learnings, all of them must become able to be rescued and saved for this time.

My Maternal Heart invites you to convert yourselves into continuous prayer so that each of your lives represents a flame of prayer for this current humanity that must reach the Grace of conversion.

My Marian Spirit is with each one of your hearts that form the groups of prayer and also with those children who in solitude pray alone.

My Merciful Heart wants to touch with Its Light all creatures that are on the face of the Earth because I want to bring all to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you to all praying souls, for answering My maternal call.

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more