Monday, January 13 of 2020

Daily Messages
Daily message transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus in the Laguna de los Cuervos, Department of Lavalleja, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

There are certain pains of the past of the indigenous consciousness that can only be healed with love and forgiveness.

Thus, these wounds, which are still open and that nobody has yet healed, begin to close when there are praying souls on the surface of the Earth willing to collaborate in the total liberation of these traumatic events which happened throughout the history of the planet. The silent, chaste and pure nature is a witness to these events that marked the evolution of the human race.

But for the planet to enter into a new dimension of consciousness, humanity and all those who were linked to these events must free themselves from these chains and errors. In this way, the wound of the indigenous and ancestral consciousness of the planet will be able to continue on pilgrimage towards the life of the spirit, and its devotion and reverence to that which is sacred will not be lost, but rather will give impulse to the ascension of them all and to those who committed brutal extermination throughout the history of this world.

Thus, Mercy will act and forgive the mistakes committed.

I thank you for keeping my worlds in the heart!

Who blesses you, your Master and Lord,

Christ Jesus