My little children of Manaus and of the whole world,

As a faithful servant of God, I come to the world to light in the hearts the flame of Devotion, of Love and of Peace that day after day is being extinguished in the creatures of the Earth.

I come at the request of the Lord to remove from sleep those who are asleep and who do not accomplish the mission for which they are in this world.

My children, today I say to you that, for each creature of the Earth, God has a perfect plan, a learning to be realized and a mission to be accomplished.  And it is with the accomplishment of the mission of each being that the Plan of God for this Earth is constructed; only thus is manifested the new world, thought by the Lord.

My beloveds, today I also say to you that this world that humanity has constructed has only destroyed, over the centuries, the union that existed in the beginning among the creatures and their Creator.  Each day the hearts are seeing themselves more distant from the Divine and submerged in the endless illusion of the material prison that they have built for themselves.

And today I come to the world bringing between My arms Hope and, in My womb, a new race; a race that must arise from the rebirth of the souls that today live upon Earth, souls that must be renewed and redeemed before God so that, through His Holy Spirit, they may be born to a new life, a life that is the image and likeness of the Divine life.

My beloveds, I ask you to not fear to listen to My words, do not fear to follow My steps of pilgrimage, because in this time My voice echoes in the whole world, in search of the awakening of the souls, and I will not tire until the last of My children have listened to My voice.  I will not be able to walk in your shoes, if you do not want to follow Me, but to all I will show the path and will make the offer, so that they may have the opportunity of recognizing this awakening and electing where to follow.

My beloveds, there are no mysteries in My presence.  Those who open the heart, feel Me and I can dispel the doubts of their inner; those who open the path to Me, will see My acting in their lives and in their homes; those who permit Me, will see in themselves the miracle of My conversion; those who pray with Me, will see in the world the Power of My intercession.

Children of Mine, I will not ask you to repay anything, I will offer you all, I will give you sacrifice, but also Peace and the strength that will bring you to overcome all the trials that may come your way; I will show the path for the forgetfulness of yourself and I will fill all with Infinite Grace, Grace that is born from the donation to others, Grace that is born in service and in Jubilation, which is for the hearts to encounter  Christ in those most in need.

Feel today My Love in your spirits, My Mantle over your beings, My support, My help and, above all, My Peace.  Because for this I come to the world, to be with My children and to help them to cross the threshold of a new time.

I love you and I bless you today and always.

Your beloved Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace