Sunday, April 24 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children,

I am the Eagle of Light that overflies the Universes and the spaces of this world to rekindle the Christic flame in each heart.

I am that sacred presence of the Universe that visits you and welcomes you in the warmth of the Heart of God.

I am the Aurora, I am the One who brings the Light of the infinite to pour it into the abysses of the Earth and so that the portal of liberation can be established.

Dear children, I am not only Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I am that Great Mirror of the Universe that reflects the Consciousness of God so that the creatures awaken to the call of the Creator.

I am the humble emanation of the Love of the Father for the cosmos and for all the stars.

I am that infinite path you can take courage to travel through the prayer of the heart.

I am Your Eternal Mother, I am the Solar Consciousness that comes from the Celestial Universe and Who grants inexplicable Graces to hearts that are open.

I am the Mother of the New Aurora (Dawn) for all Uruguay.

May My beloved children hear Me today, may you keep in your hearts the Words of God, because the time has come to take the big leap into the unknown, into the greater commitment.

If today I gather you in this oratory of peace, it is because you are prepared to respond to Me. Therefore, My children of the Sun, open the ears of your heart to hear the cry of the Mother of Heaven.

My children, I need everyone to join Me in May in Aurora, where the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be present to grant new Graces to the hearts who most need them.

Uruguay cannot lose its divine consciousness; the Aurora cannot stop dawning in the spiritual life of each being. You, who already have received so much from that sacred healing center, now cannot turn your back on it. Aurora calls you to complete the cycle of the great collaboration.

Attention! My children, the sacred treasures of the Universe are still present there. Because of this, respond!, respond soon!, not only for yourselves but also for all of Uruguay. I am calling on everyone to be present in Aurora in May so that together we may rebuild Our House and protect the treasures that the Father deposited there.

Those who pray, devotees, servers, collaborators, builders, donors, carpenters, architects, and those who are consecrated are called to donate their skills and work on the physical reemergence of Aurora.

When everything is about to happen, you will have a place to go. Your Communities still need you; it will be through your unwavering collaboration that they will be able support themselves at the most critical moments.

Called to serve in Aurora, activate your missionary spirit and serve during May so that the universal healing that is still present there can continue helping humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who pleads for the existence of the Communities of Light,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace