Wednesday, June 3 of 2020

Daily Messages

A soul that felt disturbed by their out of control inner world, their sick body, their unbalanced mind, felt that their problems just did not have a solution, and asked God a question, saying: "Lord, I am a well of illnesses and miseries, a well of imperfections and difficulties. I feel there is no solution for me, I feel that I do not have a reason to live. Can You tell me what sense there is in continuing on this way?"

And after a long time in silence, the Lord responded to them: "Beloved soul, the solutions of Heaven are not the same as the Earth. Everything that you seem to suffer without end is already truly the response for balancing something within you that needed to be balanced. The illnesses that beings experience really have innumerable reasons and meanings, but all of them seek to awaken the sense of human frailty so that souls do not remain in self-sufficiency, but rather perceive that as soon as there is unity with all life, there will be healing

A body will only be in equilibrium when all its systems function in unity, and if the least of the cells should feel themselves to be self-sufficient and begin to build their own plans within the body, there will be imbalance and illness, and as minor as that cell may be, a being can come to death simply through its rebellion.

When a soul is ill, it needs to understand itself to be a part of an All. And to return into balance, to heal, it must be supported by the power of unity; it must let love and the help of a neighbor provide that which, on its own, the soul is not achieving; it must allow unity with life, with the universes, with God in order for Him to again reign within its heart. That soul must not feel itself to be alone, isolated or separate from a greater body.

Each being, little soul, is a cell within the Mystical Body of your Lord and God. For this reason, you must perceive the flow of the laws, the meaning of life, that is not one's own, but rather a universal meaning. Each cell has its function, but the purpose of a body is one. For this reason, beloved soul, do not seek a personal purpose; seek the purpose of the universe, seek your place in My Heart. Enter in consciousness into the space where you belong, within that infinite Body of Creation, and this is achieved with humility, allowing oneself to be helped, with peace and with profound yielding; the result of a heart that has learned to sincerely pray."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to always be in balance within the Mystical Body of your Creator.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph