Thursday, January 17 of 2019

Daily Messages

Behold, from Heaven descends the blessing of God to Earth, as water and life to wash and nourish all the Kingdoms of Nature.

When the hearts truly plea to God, the doors of His Kingdom open, not only in Heaven but also inside the beings. Then contemplate, child, this door that is between His Essence and your heart.

Today and always, the Lord sends Me, as His Servant and Companion, to awaken the souls to the truth about themselves, about their evolution and about life. Therefore, search My words for the keys that open your consciousness to this truth and dispose of your being to live it.

Do not want to be this way or that way, do not want to experience this or that thing. Only remain before your own heart, knowing that it is a door for the Divine Consciousness, for the Heavenly Universe, and say to the Lord: "Here I am, Father. Here I am to know who I am. Here I am to know about You, about Your Plan, about Your Will, about Your Love and Your Essence."

Tell the Father that you aspire to fulfill His Will, that you want to be a living witness of His promises and that this is the only reason for your existence, that this is the essence of your life.

Contemplate the Creator as a Divine Source in the center of the Universe, that knows you and accompanies you: an inextinguishable Source of Love from where all the creatures emerged and that deeply knows each one of them.

Speak, child, with the One who sees you transparent, the One before which there are no masks or illusions. Speak to God and let His transparency and sincerity transform, purify, calm and release your heart, taking from you the fragility of mistakes and illusions and substituting them with the strength of union with the Creator, the strength of being in the Truth and in the Divine Will.

Deepen into your spiritual life, because this is the most necessary thing at this time. Without this sincere union with God, you will only be human fragility.

The times that will come will need to find you firm and full, not of yourself, but of God.

Therefore go and knock on the door of your chest. Speak to your God and Lord and He will listen to you and respond to your pleas.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph