Wednesday, May 13 of 2020

Daily messages

A soul that always sought the truth within, was sometimes turned more toward Heaven, and sometimes more immersed in the world. When becoming immersed in the things of the world, it would lose itself in the depths of the waters and, when it managed to return to the Light and breathe, it felt that it was difficult to return to the truth, that it became confused and no longer knew what was true.

So one day, speaking with God within, it asked Him a question: "Lord, a second of feeling Your Presence strengthens my spirit upon Your Path, but the second that I am distracted from You, I no longer manage to find You, and I become lost and I drown in the seas of the things of the world. God, what do I do to grow in You and no longer be immersed in the world?"

And the Lord answered it, also with a question, saying: "Do you see the suffering of souls? Do you see what they endure in wars and conflicts? Do you see how those who have no hope suffer? Do you see how those who walk in darkness cannot find themselves? Does this move your little heart?

So then close your eyes and contemplate My Presence within you. Imagine, little soul, that I am within you. Remember everything I built since the beginning of life: the dimensions, the stars, the sublime realities and the entire Earth. Do you feel how small you are? Do you feel how small your woe is?

When you see the suffering of the world or when you see the greatness of Heaven, there you will find the strength to not fall into the same errors and to not complain about your small difficulties.

Will your effort to bring relief to the world not have value? Will your renunciation to intercede for a soul not have value? Would your striving so that My Plan may be fulfilled not have value? Would your renunciation so that the world may know true life not have value?

And even though you give your life, small soul, so that others may have knowledge of My Kingdom on Earth, know that indeed each renunciation has value, each effort has value, each overcoming has value, each time you chose Me rather than the world, it has value.

For this reason, when you heart is distressed and you feel that you prefer the world over following your path of return to My Heart, think of those who suffer, think of those who endure, and then contemplate Infinity, life, the universe, and think of how all this makes you small and also makes your problems small. May they be dissolved by My Breath."

May this story inspire you to move beyond yourself each day, contemplating that which suffers, contemplating all life.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph