Thursday, June 4 of 2020

Daily messages

A soul that aspired to live and express the purity of the heart, but felt this attribute to be corrupted within it, prayed to God, asking Him for the purity to re-emerge, and asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, I know that the attribute of purity is within me, because I know that when You created me, you placed this purity within me, but throughout this lifetime, I believe that I have lost it and I am unable to find it. How do I recover the purity within my heart? How do I love it and express it more than all the capital energies that surround our beings?"

And with love, the Lord responded:  "Little soul, yes, from the beginning of life, purity has dwelled within your being; a purity that comes from the Immaculate Womb that created you in the infinite universe of My Creation. This purity is not lost, but it is indeed hidden by all the human experiences that do not allow it to be expressed within the hearts of My children.

So that it may re-emerge and gain space throughout all of your consciousness, what must be transformed within you is your concept of love and the love itself within your heart; that is to say, little soul, you must love Me, My Plan and My Kingdom, more than humankind and the things of the world. But this love must be real, genuine and unconditional. There must be no condition that you set for loving Me, and soon this love will let you see life and each being with different eyes.

It is the love for God that transforms creatures. My Love in you changes your thoughts and feelings, changes your way of acting, changes your needs and aspirations, washes your eyes and the stains within your hearts, causing them to recover their purity.

And thus, beloved soul, you need not seek to defeat the energies of the world to express this purity, for if it were that way, you would be in a constant battle and would not know peace. Rather, strive only to love Me, in truth and wholeness, and let My Love grow within you. In this way, you will find the purity within you."

May this dialogue, children, teach you that all the celestial mysteries and the pure expressions of beings are only held in the Love of God.  Just love the Creator with all your being, in truth and unconditionally.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph