Monday, May 20 of 2019

Daily Messages
Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

When a soul is consecrated to God, it offers not only its heart, but its entire being in service to Divine Will. Little by little, this consecration deepens, and the whole consciousness, from the spirit to the cells, starts to understand and to experience its surrender.

When a consecrated soul prays, it must be aware that its whole being accompanies that prayer. When it serves, its whole being accompanies its service. When the consciousness carries out a spiritual and planetary task, each one of its cells participate in it.

I tell you all these things today because the time has come for making yourself aware of your whole being and for starting to understand the science of human existence.

To consecrate life is an inner act of offering one's being to fulfill the purpose of its existence through unconditional surrender to God. To expand your service for humanity and Creation, you must also expand your knowledge and deepen your surrender, being aware of each part of your being.

As the planetary transition approaches, it becomes necessary to know the science of bodies, to know where your consciousness reaches up unitl. Such wisdom is essentially present in the knowledge of the East, but now it must be deepened and be renewed according to the evolution of the human faculty of assimilating knowledge and deepening into it.

When serving, perceive how all that you are participates in that service. Seek, then, a way of restoring yourself and allow that inner and spiritual restoration to also reach the inside of the smallest nuclei of your body, your cells and atoms. Thus you will allow service to this planet to happen, without your material consciousness wearing out for that.

Pacify body, mind and heart to get to know who you are and how you must serve the world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph