I bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is in the silence of the inner worlds and in the stillness of the souls where the Mysteries of God can be revealed and shown. This part of the Mysteries that are held in the great consciousness of the planet, in the soul of the planet, throughout the entire orbit of this humanity.

That is where I want to take you today, to share with you this part of the mysteries that God knows and is aware of, concerning the whole human existence.

In previous days, we spoke to you about the sacred civilizations of the Earth that inhabited this planet and that coexisted, in harmony and peace, with all of nature, achieving high levels of contact and consciousness with the Divine, Cosmic and Inner Universe, as well as with a very pure and profound union with each of the Kingdoms of Nature.

And it is on this path that I want to take you today, as a preparation for this next Marathon of Divine Mercy in which, as a group of souls, as a group of essences, as My apostles, you must continue to pray with all the conviction of your hearts, just as you have done until now, to attract toward humanity the Divine Attributes that are kept in the Sacred Books of God, and that are reflected toward the inner worlds of the great consciousness of humanity.

It is for this reason, companions, that today I hold in My Hands the Sacred Book of God, one of the many books that hold the records of the history of this humanity, bringing continuity to sacred knowledge and revelations that you need, at this time, to be able to take the steps toward the Heart of God. This is why today I bring you these impulses so that your hearts may ignite even more in the Love of God and His Divine Presence.

It is in this recollection where the Truth is shown, it is where your consciousnesses can be enriched by the knowledge that comes from the Universe, but that also comes from the planet, from ancient times, from very ancient moments, when humanity experienced such a true and profound moment in its process of contact with Creation, something that does not happen in this time, but that has only taken place in a minority of this humanity incarnated upon the surface of the Earth.

This impulse, like the previous impulses, comes to place every being of this planet, everyone who prays and every consciousness that trusts in Me, upon the path of return to the sacred Creator Project of the Celestial Father.

I bring you the opportunity to find the way back to your origins, not only to the place from where you once emerged from the Sacred Lakes of the Universe, where your essences prevailed and showed the truth of the original purity and of the original love that God conceived in you as consciousnesses before you departed to the schools of the Universe and to these schools of life on Earth.

In this book, which today I hold in My Hands, can be found the origin of a civilization, of a sacred people that inhabited this region of Canada. Very close to the Arctic Circle, they were in the greatest solitude, finding deep union with God, listening to the Word of God that came through His Messengers of the Cosmos and consciously receiving the impulses that opened up the space and path so that the humanity before, long before the people of Israel existed, could experience contact with that which is higher, cosmic and Divine.

In this way, companions, you will be able to understand what I am talking about at this time, and, from where this sacred information comes, which emerged spontaneously upon this planet, long after Adam and Eve; that civilization, which was in North America, found the path spontaneously and naturally to live this permanent encounter with the Universe and Creation.

It was this people of North America, prior to the great indigenous civilization, who inhabited the far lands of Canada. This people lived the Project of God, fulfilled it, carried it out, step by step, following the guidance that came directly from the Universe through the Messengers of the Cosmos.

In this process, they evolved and achieved the seventh degree of evolution of consciousness.

In this way, understand that which happened in that time and how humanity today has not been aware of this history, but, the Eternal Father, since the beginning, has known everything.

These consciousnesses, which evolved naturally because of their inner and spiritual condition, opened in those times a great doorway so that the following generations of humanity, the next peoples and civilizations, would also have the opportunity and the Grace to become aware of the invisible and superior reality that surrounds them.

And so, the Father entrusted one of His Archangels to closely follow that people and that civilization. The Archangel Uriel sent one of his sublime and eternal aspects to the material dimension of the planet.

In a state of spiritual, soul and divine consciousness, He approached this people to bring a message and a revelation, since this people was not fully aware of all that existed beyond its material universe.

The governors of the different civilizations, of the different peoples, always existed to guide all toward the path of realization of the Plan of God, and, in this case, in this people of North America, who lived and remained close to the Arctic Polar Circle, there was a special governor, a wise but also humble man, uninterested in power, in authority or in conquest, because these energies did not exist in him, nor in his people.

The protection of that people was their union with nature and with the Universe, although they did not know everything.

Their sensitivity awakened high degrees of love and allowed them to expand their consciousness in reciprocal and compassionate service among brothers and sisters.

It was a people that witnessed the coming of this great Celestial Messenger, the Archangel Uriel. In this people, and in its future generations, He cultivated the fundamental principle for inner worlds, which is the fortitude of spirit. This people achieved fortitude of spirit and learned how to sustain this inner fortitude through a great and unique key, which was faith. By this faith, the people awakened trust in the unknown and they were not afraid to open up to discover, to know and to understand what was beyond the limits of their material consciousness.

This governor was a consciousness who was present with this people, but who in spirit had come from the Universe. One of the important Masters who still accompanies humanity to this day, and who guided that people, in the likeness to a patriarch.

In reality, the lineage of the patriarch began at that moment for humanity so that later the following patriarchs could come to this world to guide it and govern it with loyalty and without human power.

In that people as well as in this great patriarch of the civilization of North America, in the Arctic Polar Circle, there was no interference, there were no limits, there were no obstacles, impediments, because the purity that came from their hearts was so simple and so profound, that it made them humble in the Eyes of God.

That people was one of the main reasons why the Father and all that is under Him, within His Law of Hierarchy, could trust in His creatures, in His children, and continue with the Project that failed in Adam and Eve.

And, thus, miraculously and without explanation, that people had no temptation, deceit nor deviation, and so the group of souls of that people lived their first experience on this planet as human beings.

 They emerged from sacred lakes and came to the Earth in a very high original condition of purity, similar to that which Mary, My Mother, incarnated.

The great archangels, in ancient times on Earth, accompanied the project of humanity, because they knew the value and the importance of its meaning.

In this current time, the archangels will approach humanity to be able to protect and take care of a part of the Project of the Eternal Father, even though humanity has deviated completely from the path and the Law.

But today, to all those who listen:

Beyond your spiritual, inner or material condition, beyond your purification, your mistakes or your tests, beyond everything, beyond any condition or situation that may seem unachievable for you, and, through this Marathon of Divine Mercy, with this impulse for your consciousnesses, hearts and lives, I come to have you recognize and value that which you truly are so that the obstacles, interference or the deviations may dissolve into the powerful energy of Love-Wisdom, coming from My Christic Consciousness.

I bring you this history, that you had not known, and through which today you can awaken to elevate your consciousnesses in ardent aspiration, an aspiration for someday finding this path, for living this purity and this very perfect union with the Creator, just as this people lived it in the past.

It is in this way, through this history and this revelation, that today I mirror and reflect the same principles that this sacred people of North America lived, for the entire group life of the Light-Communities, for all those who are participants and followers of the redemptive Work of your Lord, Jesus Christ.

Let your hearts be tabernacles of the sacred knowledge which once existed on Earth, because not everything was error or evil on Earth.

Opening your hearts to this knowledge, commune of the Holy Spirit and the Source of Its Gifts so that, renewed by the Grace that comes from the Universe and from the Source, you may stand and continue onward, just as I did for you up to the Cross, up to the last breath, until I closed My Eyes, for each one of you, and surrendered My Spirit into the Hands of God; just as I give your spirits and lives into the Hands of the Father.

Reaffirm this commitment with faith.

Express this same faith that this sacred people had, and bring continuity to this history, which must be re-written for the redemption and transformation of your lives and for all of humanity, so that more consciousnesses and souls may be participants on the path of redemption and Mercy.

Receive the balm of this sacred knowledge and be blessed by it so that within you may awaken this same impulse that awakened in that people, in the simplicity of spirit and the purity of soul.

Let the Love of God govern within you.

Let the Love of God make you participants in Divine Life, and, in Divine Life, may the doors open to Universal Truth, in which all beings will find not only their origins but also the synthesis of their existences and the reason for having come here, to this planet, to experience this school of forgiveness.

With these words, I prepare you for merciful prayer so that, through this merciful prayer, you may receive the impulses of Light that comes through knowledge and from the Source.

Believe that nobody will cause you to lose this connection with what is superior, as long as you protect it from yourselves. Open your hearts and your consciousnesses will expand in the Universe, and, in this way, you will be filled with Peace.

Trust, because redemption is close at hand for those who open to live it inwardly; it will not be difficult to achieve it, it will not be an obstacle to be able to approach this redemption, it will be a Grace, an impulse, a blessing, an opportunity, which My Heart will bring for all when I return to the world.

I bless you and I give you the Light of this knowledge so that this current race of humanity may bring continuity to the Work of Christ upon the surface of the Earth, for the triumph of love, of peace and of unity among souls.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Contemplate the perfection of the human body, its sciences, its systems, organs, cells and atoms, still so unknown to the mind of humankind.

Simply observe the perfection with which life was designed and open your consciousness to penetrate this mystery of love and grace.

The Spirit of God, with Its Breath, manifested the perfection of the stars in the human composition, and just as the Creator has His living Body in the Cosmos and in the different dimensions, human beings also, in likeness to their Father and God, in the mystery of their life, hold not only creative power, but also the infinite Cosmos which is reflected in each small space of the expression of humankind.

To discover the hidden and divine life manifested within yourselves, you need to learn to be reverent with your own body, mind, feelings, soul and spirit, because the key of reverence is what will open the deepest doors for you to self-knowledge, for the science of one's own body, spirit and consciousness.

To be reverent with oneself is to know that you are facing a part of the Creator, to know that your bodies are a temple that guards your soul for the learning in this world, and that they are also a divine dwelling place, a dwelling place for the essence of love and of the Spirit of God.

You respect your bodies when you live in gratitude, nourish yourselves with gratitude and stay consistent with what you carry inside of yourself each day, not exposing your minds and feelings to retrograde stimuli, trying to keep your bodies always stimulated for your origin in God, and not allowing them to be more and more lost and distant from the truth each day.

In this time, everything you are must be elevated, because human genetics are reaching the correct point for its transformation, returning to its origin of purity and, with consciousness, those who awaken must walk toward this, placing your bodies before Truth and Love, placing your thought on Divine Thought, your cells on what is pure, your feelings on what leads you to the Love of God and thus, little by little, one by one, your cells awaken and ignite in the purpose for which they were created.

I know that today I am speaking to you about a mystery, but toward these mysteries you must begin to walk, to discover the science of your own consciousness, to return to the Time of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear child,

Every soul that surrenders to God in order to live the divine life, while still being on Earth, needs to learn to transcend inner duality.

It is like an unconscious and autonomous matrix that in many cases leads toward a spiritual condemnation for souls because duality is imbued with personal will.

This generates that the souls of the Earth, after some time, suffer the consequences of decisions made.

On the spiritual path, it is similar. But it is much more difficult to transcend duality within the human being, since overcoming the infinite aspects of duality is a victory for the soul that ventures into that mission because in reality the aspects of life that play against true love are defeated, and the spirit finds the freedom that God wants it to live: freedom that only the Universe can grant the soul that seeks union with the divine.

In this exercise of transcending duality, there are inner battles, crossroads and challenges that can only be overcome with determination and faith in the heart.

After all of this, the consciousness finds the inner paradise.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Come close to Me and I will take you to the Non-material Source of My Graces, a place in which you will wash your feet, your hands and your head to purify and re-consecrate yourself.

Stay in that Source so that your soul may be renewed and, as a result, all of humanity may be renewed because of your having achieved redemption.

Stay in My Non-material Source so that your being may be sublimated and find the sense of My Non-material Laws.

Stay in My Source so that everthing within may be healed, and what is most old and deep may be freed, so that the essence of the new being may be born.

Stay at My side after having purified yourself. Smile at life and you will experience a renewal.

Stay submerged within My Silence so that, finding within your being the Truth of God, you may participate in the communion with divine life, and also renew the path of apostolate and service to humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

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