Friday, June 14 of 2024

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I do not have eyes to see sinners, I have eyes to see souls, what is beyond that which you cannot see today. This is why, on this day of glory, I Am here to reaffirm what My Father created and manifested through you.

I come to ignite in you the treasures of My Father, spiritual and anonymous treasures that are kept within each being. I come to value all that which is immaterial and sacred so that souls may find it for themselves someday.

And this will manifest, companions, through a life of consecration and service to God. Because when the Eternal Father thought of the Creation, He thought about what would come after all that would be manifested, and He, in His eternal silence, was ready to see for Himself the consequences, not the errors, but rather the fulfillment of His Divine Will through the souls of those who, in this universe and in others, would live the experience of Love and Unity. For there lies the principle of His Will for all that was manifested and created, there lies the principle of Love and Unity in souls, principle which today, in this time, many souls do not live because they are entangled in material life and because they distance themselves from the Truth.

But the Eternal Father sends Me as part of His Divine Manifestation, to make all of you remember this principle, the principle of Love and Unity in beings, which is something that can renew the Source of Creation, which is something that can renew evolution.

Thus, I come to place you in another dimension of consciousness, in the face of the planetary situation of these times, which you already know. Thus, I come to remind you of what is essential, what today, in this time, many souls lose track of, due to involvement in that which is superficial and because they distance themselves from all that which is spiritual. This is the cause of the human reality and condition, but you must know and remember that the door to what is Divine and Cosmic is always open.

I come to open this door for you and your brothers and sisters in the world, because there is still some time left for all to cross this threshold to the existence of the unknown, where souls can find meaning for their lives, where spirits can find meaning in the Purpose of incarnation.

Thus, I come bringing to you the divine and inner reality, the true spiritual wealth that lives in each being and soul, not for your vainglory, but rather to make you ever more humble, resigned to the Plan of God, and available to live the Higher Will.

Thus, I come to take you away once again from what is superficial, so that, being in what is immaterial, universal and cosmic, you may see the planetary reality with the very eyes of the Hierarchy, from a constructive and evolutionary perspective, in which all beings of this planet, under any condition or situation, may have the immediate Grace of finding this true path toward true spiritual and immaterial life.

But be careful, I do not come to take you away from the reality that you must experience, from all that which you must learn and go through. I do not come to leave you in indifference, but rather in the unconditional and immediate disposition of attending to this world reality. Because many are the precious servers that I have, and I know that, through the Ruling Center of My Heart, the souls, in their different schools and learning stages, are placed in the different rings of My Redeeming Work.

It corresponds to some souls to be in the ring that I need, but to other souls it corresponds to perceive and recognize if they are in the correct ring, that is, if they are in the correct place. And this does not mean or represent moving away from the commitment that each heart of this Earth made to Me before incarnating on the planet.

Do you now understand, through My Wisdom and Love, the difference between being in the reality and not being in it? This should not generate a feeling or discouragement, it should rather place each heart that offers itself to Me, in the true dimension that reveals the reality of these times.

I say this, companions, because there is still much to do, there is still much to project and organize to concretize it in this matter. Because this is how humanity needs it, this is how souls need it, this is how hearts need it, as part of the Plan of Rescue of these times.

This is why I come today with My Christic aspect of Wisdom; that spiritual, divine and inner aspect that in other times intervened in humanity to teach it, and at the same time warn it, of the time of correction and alignment with the Divine Purpose.

Today I make a request to My Celestial Father again. Because all, under any condition or situation in this time, are living their own spiritual judgment, the first stage of this Universal Judgment that many beings will consciously live.

This must not be compared to condemnation nor to a value judgment. The spiritual judgment which humanity is entering, means a great moment of revision and reflection, to come to recognize the Graces and spiritual treasures that have been received.

So that you may see that this moment is possible, the Celestial Father, through His Beloved Son, grants the world and humanity this revelation, which many were waiting for, so that they may go through this moment in peace, but also in consciousness.

I come to give you what is most sacred in My Heart, so that you may feel, in this time, and so that you may also live, the bravery of serving God, just as He has foreseen through His Divine Thought and through His Sacred Spirit, the Sacred Spirit of God that descends today upon the world and humanity to bless, renew and awaken you to the Truth.

The Spiritual Hierarchy foresees new steps ahead in the end of these times. It is not time to dwell on situations that you do not want to change, not only on a planetary level, but also on a human level.

It is time to transform all this into Love, into this Love that is capable, in an unconditional manner, of sustaining any situation, however painful or difficult it may seem. Because after all, the soul of each being seeks freedom from the chains and prisons of human life. And this will be possible through the Grace that I can mercifully grant through My Will at the most opportune moment, when the soul will be able to receive this spiritual impulse.

Humanity is moving towards its hardest stage, and I believe, companions, that you realize this, not only through what is happening in you, but also on the planet. This is why it is time to raise the consciousness toward the immaterial reality, so that you may live the learning experiences, the last learnings that the world will live, with neutrality, love and patience.

I Am here to sustain those who want to walk by My side, just as I need. Because it is not a personal whim, I need you to understand that it is part of a Purpose that goes beyond Me. Thus, you will be able to understand that it is nothing personal; but My Love as Master and Guide wants to lead you as a Good Shepherd who takes care of all Their sheep, mainly those sheep that are lost or were not able to follow My Path.

Thus, with an honest perception, such as the one that I offer to you in loyalty, you will be able to observe and contemplate that there is no Justice about every human condition, there is rather an infinite flow of My Love to transform as many souls as possible.

Today, the Spiritual Hierarchy closes an important stage in North America. Through the United States and Canada, the seeds that it was necessary to sow were sown, now it is time to water them through the impulses that have been given, and through all that needs to be concretized little by little.

For this reason, this is the time to manifest the concretion of the Plan, not only through the existence of the Light-Nucleus in Mount Shasta, but also through the door that it was possible to open in Canada, to also manifest a Light-Nucleus, a group and evolutionary life that is more silent and anonymous and which can help, in the end of these times, through the Points of Light of the Hierarchy, to sustain the planet at this final stage.

So, see all that was possible to build in these almost fifty days, when many challenges were faced, but many sacred impulses were received through the last Pilgrimage for Peace in the United States and Canada. A door that will continue to open according to what was announced by the Hierarchy in the region of Alaska, where more inner and spiritual realities will be revealed someday, when each one of you will be able to become aware of the treasures that are kept on the planet, immaterial treasures of the Hierarchy.

I want to thank those who trust, I want to thank those who support this whole mission that has experienced its change in the last two years.

Yes, now the moment has come to sustain different regions and continents of the planet. Therefore, through your hearts and, above all, through your conscious responsibility, you will have to open the doors so that the fruits of the Hierarchy may multiply on the planet, as an inexhaustible source of Graces for the souls that need them.

I withdraw from here, permeating your consciousness with a ray of My Wisdom, so that you may invoke it when you need it, so that it may illuminate you and give you discernment, so that it may strengthen your faith and trust in loving what is unknown.

I give thanks to those who truly strive to follow My steps, barefoot and divested, so that we may be nothing once again, with all those who follow Me and accompany Me.

May the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit accompany you now and always. Amen.