Dear families of the whole world,

May the sacred and blessed Presence of My Son be upon you.

With the drawing near of the coming Birth of Christ within your hearts, may the families, as a primary cell of the Project of God upon the surface of the Earth, gather again in the spirit of the Birth of Jesus.

Dear families, in this sorrowful year that is ending for the world, may families renew their inner vows among their loved ones. May they avail themselves of these times of isolation to pray together, to love and recognize one another more, to revere the inner Christ that each family member carries within them, so that they can recover peace, so that peace may be present within the world.

Dear families, during the prayer of the Rosary at Christmas, pray for the divided families, pray for the impoverished families, pray for the refugee families so that, throughout all of humanity, the consciousness may awaken that family is a sacred Project of God and not an object of conflicts or disharmonies.

Dear families, I invite you to feel this call within your hearts, because the unity in the family needs to be recovered so that the great manipulator, My adversary, may be ousted and expelled from the heart of the families, which was converted into the center of the suffering of humanity.

I ask you, dear families, that your gaze and your heart may be in this inner work of reconciliation and rebuilding the family so that the Light of the Holy Spirit may be present among you.

May the Birth of Jesus in every human heart lead every member of the family to assume and live what God so expects, that it be a family of love, on the path toward inner consecration.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Since the birth of your Lord, up to His ascension to Heaven, as it was the moment for manifesting His Redeeming Work and awakening souls to love and truth, the Creator sent all those consciousnesses to the world that needed to learn with His Son.

And so it was that, year after year, souls shared with Christ His life on Earth.

Some experiences were quicker, others longer; some found Him only once, others many times, because God Himself, profound knower of the souls He created, was Who knew the real need of each being.

And so it was that, since the childhood of Christ, there were souls that shared in his fragility, the awakening and the manifestation of His childhood purity, the growth of His humanity and the expansion of His Divinity within that fragile body.

Each being learned something with God through His Son; something that the Creator, with His own Hands, built within souls, through Christ.

There were those souls that needed to live the glory of Christ, the revelation of the Kingdom of God in His miracles, in His Words, in His Presence. Others needed to awaken a deep, fertile and eternal love through His Passion, to carry to the world the legacy of His Love, not only in that time, but through the centuries to come. Other souls, in spite of not having looked into the Eyes of Christ, experienced His spiritual Presence and, in the silence, they were able to find Him within themselves.

I tell you this because this is the moment for turning inward and remembering.

Remembering the Child full of God that awakened purity within your hearts.

Remembering the silent and humble Youth that learned with His father in a carpentry shop while teaching him about the transformation of souls.

Remembering the Prophet of Nazareth, the one called the Nazarene, Who walked upon the hills and, with the same simplicity, did so on the waters, revealing the mysteries of God held within His Heart, as well as in the heart of each being.

The moment has come to remember the Gaze that redeemed you, the Hands that reached out toward you, to lead you into a new life, a new human being, with a simple phrase: follow Me.

To remember He who called you to leave the ship of human desires and aspirations in the sea in order to go with Him to rescue souls.

To remember He who forgave your sins and, seeing the truth within you, called you by name so that you never again turn away from His Love.

To remember each drop of Blood that spilled from His Face and His Gaze always fixed on God.

To remember His Heart, elevated above the suffering, pleading for humanity and for each being with the same love.

To remember the empty sepulcher.

To remember His Words and His Face in resplendent vestments.

To remember His body rising up among the incandescent brilliance of the clouds and, in the light, the power of His Voice promising you He would bring the Kingdom of God to the world.

To see the promises of Christ fulfilled, you need to remember; and to remember, you need to enter into yourself and lovingly contemplate what He left in your hearts, because His impulses are eternal.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Series - Divine Revelations of these times

From the humble cave of Bethlehem to the Temple of the Circumcision - Part II

After the physical, internal and universal events that took place in the simple cave of Bethlehem, after a few days, Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother prepared to present the Child God in the Temple.

This was now the second mystery that would be revealed to men, during that time, concerning what would spiritually signify the coming of the Messiah to the Earth.

At that time, the cave of Bethlehem was permeated and filled with Christic light and within each place that the Child King passed by divine attributes and codes were deposited, not only as teraphims, but also for all those who, in some way or another, participated in and knew about the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem; they received spiritual impulses that would bring them to a transformation of consciousness.

Days after the sacred Child of Israel was born, Saint Joseph had already made the preparations and finished the prayers so that He would also go through, within the Temple, the process of so-called purification.

Saint Joseph arrived in the Temple together with the Most Holy Mary and the Little Child in Her arms but during the process of the circumcision of the Little Child, as the Law of Moses requires, an unexpected fact was revealed through a humble priest called Simon.

This wise and contacted being was one of the many people on Earth that waited for the coming of the Messiah and for the fulfilling of the prophecies of the Prophets.

In this instance of the Presentation of the Little Child in the Temple and after the circumcision, Simon, inspired by the Divine Fire of the Holy Spirit, shared and announced a prophecy to the Mother of God, telling Her that a sword of pain would pierce Her Heart. And, immediately, He recited one of the prophecies about the advent of Christ on Earth.

The Temple of the Circumcision was the place that not only determined the complete consecration of the Child King to the Plan of God but where the spiritual sacrifice that His Heavenly Mother would live by offering the Little Child as spiritual reparation and atonement for all the errors committed in humanity.

It was from that moment, of Jesus being in the Temple, that the fall of the evil empire, which in that time subjected and punished the Earth, oppressing the continuity of the sacred People of Israel, would begin.

The arrival of the Little Jesus to the Temple and the company of Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother represented that, at that very same hour, the great divine intervention would develop, the one that would bring to an end the decadence of men and of all the human degeneration, through the presence of Christ on Earth, as well as all the unconditional life that this very Child, later a Man, would give for love for all His brothers and sisters.

The act of purification in the Temple meant the passage to another stage of that perfect but silent Plan, that God Himself was carrying forward through His Beloved Son.

It was through the presentation of the Child King in the Temple that the angelic and archangelic intervention began to directly occur within all of the souls of humanity, of that time, since it was necessary for all of humankind to move away from its process of self-destruction and its ambitious power.

For that reason, since the time that Jesus had incarnated on Earth, the angelic and archangelic beings, at the request of the Mother of God, made use of the highest spiritual instruments and the purest Immaterial Rays so that the spirits on Earth may live the first steps of redemption.

In order for all of this to be possible, the Child King, still being a newborn, applied certain divine Laws that modified the spiritual condition of the Earth, but that, at the same time, opened the portals of contact and spiritual communication among the Greater Source and the inner worlds, places where the essences are.

All of the universal movements carried out, by the presence of the Sacred Family and the angelic intervention, stopped the advance of the evil powers over human consciousness, which was more primitive in that time.

All of these contrary currents, as a punishment, had to present the entire victory that was generated from the Birth of Jesus until the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

In this way, the planet and humanity were converted and redeemed by the potent voltage of Love-Wisdom.

The alliance that was achieved between Heaven and Earth defeated and overcame the projects of the adversary. But now, in this current time, and before the second Coming of Christ, humanity is in a moment so similar to that of the Birth of Jesus, a moment in which each human being will have the Grace of overcoming in love and of surpassing and transcending indifference so that Christ may triumph again in all hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, for a moment, focus your attention and inwardly contemplate the mysterious but revealing Star of Bethlehem.

Concentrate your gaze and your prayer upon this ancient star of the Cosmos, which announced the arrival of the Divine Incarnation of the Firstborn Son.

Concentrate your ardent love upon the occult significance and on the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem, as well as on all the impulses of light, of peace, and of love that this star of the Cosmos brought to the human race.

Concentrate your mind and your heart upon this physical mystery of the Universe and upon all that it fostered and generated during the three preparatory days, before the arrival of the Redeemer.

Concentrate your devotion upon the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem and upon all the movement that it brought to Earth in that time, so as to bring order and reposition it within the universal Purpose.

Concentrate your attention on the rays of the Star of Bethlehem and upon all that it awakened in the depths of the inner levels of human beings, as well as upon all that it continues to awaken throughout time and the generations.

Concentrate your attention and your love upon the immovable Star of Bethlehem because, although it is no longer visible in space as it was two thousand years ago, the power of this star of the Cosmos represents the doorway of revelation for humanity.

May you find an inner guide in the Star of Bethlehem, just as the Kings of the East did by contemplating the sacred Star of Bethlehem.

I thank you for keeping the Mysteries of God in your heart!

Who blesses you

Your Master, Christ Jesus


When God, the Almighty and Powerful, made Himself small and fragile within the Womb of the Most Holy Mary, He was not only paving the way to seal a new and eternal covenant with humanity, the Creator was revealing a mystery and making Truth alive, which had always been spiritual and that, at that moment, manifested as something physical and palpable for humanity.

God was revealing His presence within humanity. He was revealing that, through His Spirit, He could awaken within beings a new human being, which renews and revives humanity, which had died, even though it was alive. God was revealing the possibility of a second birth, a spiritual birth, in which those who are aware of the presence of His Spirit allow Him to manifest Himself.

Through the Birth of Jesus, the Creator awakened, revealed and gave humanity the possibility of experiencing Truth. Those who are pure of heart, humble and willing to be instruments of God, willing to fulfill His Will, above all things, are worthy of expressing within themselves the presence of the Holy Spirit and, this way, they may little by little reach the true potential of humankind.

The Creator did not create you to express what you live on Earth today. This life is the faithful mirror of the ignorance of human beings, but those who open themselves to Truth and are willing to be reborn in spirit, expressing in life the perfection of the Spirit of God, will be able to receive and live the revelation of the Truth about themselves, even if they never know for sure what it is that lives within them. 

Children, open to rebirth in the Spirit of God, that you may be reborn in Him, and He, as a divine response, may awaken within you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In ancient times, prior to the Birth of My Son, Jesus, there were great sages, scattered throughout various points of the East and the Far East, beings who also brought to humanity the expression of Love-Wisdom.

During those ancient times, the oldest human civilization took the first steps when it discovered within itself that there lies a universe or essence that is capable of allowing us to connect with the Source of Creation.

The first spiritual beings emerged from allegories or mythologies; in fact, they were born in this world and within humanity to attract wisdom as experience.

It was thus that Hindus, Persians, the Chinese and Buddhists provided humanity with knowledge of their myths or legends which, in truth, were drawn through the experience of deeply knowing the inner universe and knowing how it manifests itself.

Today I talk about the ancient sages of the planet or of mythologies because they were the means or bridges by which the human race, throughout time, could know that within the wisdom of things lies the explanation of everything.

In those times, the sages of former times prepared humanity before to the time of Jesus so that it could receive the powerful Christic energy which came to free the world and teach it the path of forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Forgive Betrayal, Love Your Enemies

Dear children,

This Christmas, with the Light of Jesus having been born within your hearts, may your lives and consciousnesses take a new step in order to finish yet another stage in the learning of love and forgiveness that the planet offers you.

Love your enemies so that someday you can forgive their betrayals.

Children, may this same inner fortitude of love be built within you, that which My Son lived and experienced upon this planet, knowing that He was born in this humanity in order to redeem it and save it from all its evils.

For this reason, love your enemies, and you will be able to forgive their betrayals.

Jesus, knowing that He incarnated to die for all His brothers and sisters who would betray Him, time and time again, did not cease to love His enemies, just as the Father had asked of Him.

Love your enemies and someday you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

It is a big step, during this Christmas, to transcend the pain of having been betrayed or subjected to something for some reason.

It is a Christic and conscious step, to live a Higher Love above all that has taken place.

Love your enemies and you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

Each soul of this Earth is called upon to submerge into the Ocean of the Love of God to banish within themselves their own Judas that tries to compromise the spiritual life of the disciples of Christ.

The sure and full step is to surrender to love, to trust, and to let yourselves be guided by the Light of the Divine Messengers at each new step.

Thus, each soul on this Earth, in due time, will learn to love more and be able to forgive all betrayals that their own inner Judas may have managed to make or commit.

Love your enemies, and someday you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

We live this Christmas of the Lord to confirm to the Universe our next steps in this journey of learning how to love what we could never love and to learn to forgive what we could never forgive.

It is an important and Christic step in the spiritual life to love our enemies, so that someday you may learn to forgive them, like Christ forgave after all He lived until the Cross.

Thus, the times have changed, and the doors of the Universe of the Love of God will open to offer the disciples of Christ to love their enemies more in order to be able to forgive all their betrayals and actions.

At this Nativity of the Lord, may humanity grow in the living experience of the School of Love, but now, transcending all offenses, betrayals and deceptions that a fellow being, or a brother or sister, may have caused us, so that, in trust and in faith, the disciples of Christ may enter through the greater door to the school of learning to love their enemies so that the Father, Who is merciful, may forgive them for their betrayals.

The time has come to live the Parable of the Prodigal Son, imitating the Father of Divine Justice and Mercy, deciding to go through new Christic experiences on the path of love and of an unconditional spirit.

May this Sacred Christmas of the Lord inspire us and give impulse to the inner Christs who were born to live Higher Love for their enemies so that, as you were, they may be forgiven of all betrayals.

These are the patterns of life for a new humanity which must first be spiritually constituted and formed.

I encourage you, as Jesus was, to love your enemies so that someday they may receive an opportunity, as you received directly from Christ.

Be willing to take steps in the Christic life of Love and Wisdom.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I Am the Mother of the Americas, as of the whole world.

I Am the One who shelters the children of God in Her Arms, because since I gestated the Redeemer in My Womb, the Creator conceded the power to Me to be the Mother and Guardian of all souls that come from His Sacred and Glorious Heart, from His Creator Source of Peace.

Children, My motherhood is silent and hidden to many, but My Heart is always attentive to the needs of this world.

My spiritual mission is to accomplish, on Earth as in Heaven, the Will of God, and just as I sustained and sheltered My Son from His birth until the Cross, I must also shelter and sustain all beings, all nations, all of humanity, from their emergence until the fulfillment of their spiritual mission.

Just as souls do, the nations have a spiritual purpose to accomplish; something that builds the path for the descent of the Kingdom of God on to Earth, so that the new and awaited Spiritual Jerusalem may be established in the life of the planet, as part of the Divine Promise for this world. And it is so that nations awaken and for this purpose to be safeguarded that I Am here and I guide you.

Beloved children, since I was with My Son Jesus and My Chaste Spouse Joseph among humankind, God gave Me the mission of safeguarding the companions of Christ, of keeping alive the promise of His Return, of preparing His path and of not allowing it to be lost from the human consciousness, all the legacy of Love that He left on Earth, since His birth in Bethlehem.

Thus, children, I Am the Guardian of Love, of the Love that was born in the Heart of Christ, and also of the Love that must awaken and grow in the hearts of all My children. Because today I tell you that it is this Love that will awaken in you, that will resound like a celestial tuning fork, and will cause all the codes that My Son left in the depths of this planet to awaken.

It is through the awakening of Love in your hearts, that you will cause all the spiritual treasure that God stored on Earth to emerge, which you will need to move through the times and the tests that will come.

It is the awakening of Love in your hearts that will open the doors to a spiritual and divine legacy, hidden and unknown for humanity until today.

It is for this reason that I come from nation to nation, with the simple purpose of teaching you to Love.

The Plan of God is kept in simplicity and its mystery dwells there: from being so simple, human beings do not seek it and do not find it.

I come today to awaken the note of Love in your hearts, and that your voices resound like a great universal and divine tuning fork, so that this Love may expand and find the hearts of those that most need to learn to Love. In this way, you will heal the planet, like a secret, like a mystery that is hidden in the power of prayer.

May the nations elevate their voices in a true prayer, and may this cry light the flame of your spirits and dissipate darkness. This is why I Am here with you.

My children, when you pray from the heart, you are never alone; My Rosary beads move together with yours, My Word elevates your voices to the Celestial Altars, and when you think that no one hears them, I make them come to God.

So that the Purpose and the Will of the Father be fulfilled, only trust in My Words, pray and love with the depths of the heart.

I bless you and I bless all the nations that today open the doors to Me, so that the Graces I bring from Heaven may spread beyond Argentina and reach the whole world.

May Love convert the fear, resentment, and pain of human hearts. May the frontiers give way to Unity, and the New Spiritual Jerusalem find its space among humankind.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Most Blessed among all women was proclaimed the Servant of God! Mother of all creatures, Mother of all life, because She gestated, within Her womb, The One that represents all things.

Beloved children, the memory of the birth of Jesus must be renewed in each heart, in each consciousness, because, in truth, every year, when you are before this sacred day, you are faced with the opportunity of moving deeper into the greatest mystery of Creation: when God became life in His creatures, crossing the celestial dimensions and all universal existence, to reach that which is most dense, of all that was created. 

You are faced with the opportunity of renewing this divine creation and to perceive that the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was not only a historical and universal fact, in reality, My children, it was a symbol sent by God so that, from that moment on, He could be alive in all humankind.

The Creator came to awaken in the human heart the perfect resemblance to His Most Sacred and Blessed Heart, because His perfection could not remain hidden in the hearts of His children while they were becoming lost and self-degenerating, due to them not knowing this, due to them not discovering this within themselves.

My Beloved Son is still alive, and, at each Christmas, He renews the mystery of the divine presence in the hearts of human beings.

God the Father, from the Center of Creation, observes humanity in silence and allows His Son to go through the homes, the streets, the abysses, the churches, the basements… wherever there is a human heart, there will He be, in omnipresence, waiting for one of His companions to remember, with sincerity, His birth, and to ardently aspire to see Him return.

The Creator, dear children, gives humankind infinite gifts and the possibilities of evolving and reaching perfection, but His children are distracted, and, in everything, they become involved with matter, forgetting to look toward Heaven.

On this day of Glory and rejoicing, few are those who truly thank God for having made Himself flesh among humankind; for having made of Himself a Son, when He is the Father of all life.

Where are the humble mangers so that Christ may be reborn? Did anyone remember to prepare it within their own spirits?

My Son awaits you, He waits so that you may understand that He will not arrive at the inns of Bethlehem, where comfort and ambition reign. He will want to withdraw from the world, to retreat into silence, in a simple and humble place, where unity with all Kingdoms of Nature lives.

Search for this space, beloved children, within yourselves. Ask the Star of Bethlehem to guide you and show you the path, because the Light is ready to return to the world. Within you and in the consciousness of the planet, the contractions of the purification for a universal birth have already begun, in which the old will give way to the new human being.

Cry out to Christ, that He may make you reborn, and cry out for His birth within each one of you. Aspire to let the old human being end its cycle within you so that the Gifts of the Spirit of God may awaken, those that will make you similar to Him.

Christ is reborn today in the hearts that say yes to Him, and He will be reborn every day in those who open the doors of their inner beings to Him, because, in Eternity, where time does not exist, every day is a day for a new Christ to be born.

I love you and I bless you, with My Son in My arms, so that through Him I may embrace all creatures. 

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The Shooting Star of Bethlehem

In those days, when the inner preparation to receive the Baby Jesus into My arms was being anticipated, the sacred star of Bethlehem, the symbol of the Great Brotherhood of Heaven, revealed Itself to the three kings that, because of having pure hearts, could come to our gathering in the humble stable of Bethlehem.

The great star of Bethlehem shone during several days and was sent by God to accompany and, at the same time, to announce the arrival of the Son of God in the world.

It was in this way that this sacred star, that only appeared during those days, began to reveal, at first in dreams and in signs, to some consciousnesses that by the Will of God, should become aware of the arrival of the Messiah.

In those days previous to the arrival of Jesus, Saint Joseph, although still being in Nazareth, heard from the angels of Heaven the announcement and the exact time in which the Most Holy Spouse should be in Bethlehem in order to give birth to the Divine Son.

It was in this way that the sacred star of Bethlehem also showed the place and the path which the Sacred Family was to travel.

In those days in which the whole Universe gathered to accompany and at the same time to witness the birth of Jesus, the star of Bethlehem, from Nazareth, had the simplest consciousness among the simple ones come to the manger, souls that were called by the Most High to lovingly accompany the arrival of the Messiah.

The star of Bethlehem was that powerful bright star that in that time worked upon the spiritual and the material plane of the planetary consciousness, so that it could receive the extremely potent love-wisdom, the Ray that would change the events overnight.

This sacred star of Bethlehem has marked a before and an after. It was radiating certain universal currents that, before the coming of Christ, physically modified all the human mistakes that made of the race a civilization compromised by evil.

During the nine months of the gestation of Jesus, the Sacred Family was prepared by the angels themselves, so that this important event of the coming of Jesus could be experienced in all planes of consciousness, in order that this divine event could be recorded on the planet and in the solar system.

The star of Bethlehem was the guardian of the birth of Christ, and at the same time, it was the cosmic bridge that united humanity’s time with celestial time.

It was in this way that the Holy Mother of God, moments before the birth of Jesus and after having been in silence during nine days, received the divine impulse of all these revelations that the sacred star was fulfilling.

The Most Holy Mary knew that the birth of the Son of God would, in that moment, bring to the world the liberation of age-old errors, and at the same time, the redeeming light that should, no matter what, shine on this planet.

The star of Bethlehem was that cosmic beacon that drew a spiritual awakening of consciousness to the human race. That sacred star was what generated the maturity of many souls for future times; it was the great star of Bethlehem that announced in all the inner worlds the arrival of the powerful Christic energy of redemption and of love.

In those days in which the planet was prepared for the coming of Jesus, and was also purged of the codes of perdition of the world, the holy angels, the same ones that were at the manger of Bethlehem during the divine birth of Christ, also supported the awakening of inner love in humanity, especially in the simplest hearts. If that love gestated by the holy angels had not been born in humanity, the coming of Jesus would have necessitated other spiritual requirements.

In the star of Bethlehem was reflected the presence of the Love of the Most High, as well as the Grace that was being granted through the birth of Christ.

Bethlehem was the scene chosen by the Father so that this event, guided by the Archangels, could be carried out under the divine perfection of love and of ceremony.

The coming of the Messiah and the Great Liberator of the peoples was beautifully guided by the angels, who at the same time, worked on the unconscious of humanity, in order to be able to redeem it as from this blessed moment.

The great star of Bethlehem brought to the world the opportunity of elevating and of purifying the consciousness through elevated and not rudimentary thought by means of determination.

This precious star of Bethlehem showed itself to the world in that time to gradually disintegrate the patterns of self-destruction and of a commitment to all that is mundane in the human race.

The star of Bethlehem brought the awareness that we are spirits in service to a Greater Purpose, capable of giving us the impulse to a fulfillment of the Divine Work. 

It is that very same star of Bethlehem that in that time tried to reflect and shine in the consciousness of human beings, so that they might perceive within themselves that a unique opportunity was being given through the birth of Christ.

Because of this, children, after all these events that were planetary and universal, once again humanity is facing the test of Christmas, of being able to go through this sacred date remembering and placing their attention on all that the coming of Christ to the Earth meant.

The Eternal Father hopes to see Christ be born inside of you, so that a love greater than the one you experience today may awaken in the consciousness of humanity, which must fulfill and collaborate with this last part of the Divine Plan of Love.

I would wish My children to not be indifferent, but rather that they take advantage of this Christmas time to reaffirm their vows before the Celestial Hierarchy, because that confirmation will open the doors of consciousness to other souls in the world.

On this Christmas Eve, when the Sacred Family is in adoration at the foot of the manger of Bethlehem, may all My children prostrate themselves to revere within, the birth of the Child-King in their hearts.

At least do it as an offering and in devotion on behalf of those who today will become lost in banal celebrations.

For your consciousness and union with this moment, dear children, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who, under the sacred star of Bethlehem, blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The sacrifice for love of Saint Joseph

Dear children,

My Holy Husband Joseph lived a full life in the Lord; this did not exempt Him from all the tests and human renunciations that he had to overcome, because behind the loving sacrifice of Saint Joseph, the Chaste Heart was transmuting and transcending the human condition of that period.

In this way, My children, from an early age the Most Chaste Joseph professed His fait hin God, and from that time Joseph gradually came to know Himself as a man and then as divine consciousness.

The Most Chaste Joseph had to overcome the fear, the temptation, and the loneliness of those who surrounded Him from the time of His early years until His youth.

When Saint Joseph made the vow of chastity, He knew that He was offering a chaste union with the Universe, so that in this way He could separate those experiencing it from illusion and spiritual loss.

His silence and stillness helped Joseph to prepare Himself for the great task of being the father and the guardian of Jesus.

His reverence and love for those most in need caused the poor Chaste Heart to become an example of holiness for many.

In His silence, Joseph had to bear with discrimination, blasphemies, and indifference because, in His greater and deep inward withdrawal, He had chosen to live eternally for God. These moral and verbal attacks were wiles of the adversary, which from the first moment saw itself defeated in the face of the powerful and simple love emanated by Saint Joseph through charitable works.

Saint Joseph never denied or omitted anything that He received; from the beginning He saw that everything He experienced was part of His redemption and purification.

But without knowing it, Saint Joseph was already a man fully holy; His humble and meek Heart never wanted the best for Himself and always gave everything so that His fellow beings could profit well from all the Graces He received. In this hidden aspect, all the spiritual good received by the Most Chaste Joseph from the Eternal Father, He poured out through His service and love for the poor.

In this way, Saint Joseph prepared Himself to be the father chosen by God who would care for and attend the coming of the Messiah.

The humility and chastity of Joseph was such that on the day of the birth of Jesus, when the angels filled the grotto with their light, the poor Saint Joseph, humble worker, went out to look for hay to warm the place for Mary during the moment in which the little Child King was being born.

In His holy goodness, Joseph preferred to pray outside the grotto and leave the Holy Mother in the fullness of Her ecstasy, while the holy angels helped in the birth of Jesus; this act of detachment and renunciation of Saint Joseph, in that moment, lead Him into achieving the fulfillment of the Will of God.

Saint Joseph was a man free of Himself, Who transformed Himself day by day through the words spoken by the little Child, words that resounded in His Chaste Heart like a prayer of a father for his little son.

In everything Saint Joseph recognized the majesty of God in Jesus, and in Mary He found the reflection of motherhood, and the fatherhood of the Creator.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In union with the Chaste and Humble Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In this month of December that is beginning, your hearts must only seek to reestablish this inner and spiritual union with Christ, through the advent of the sacred Birth of Jesus.

It will be important during the days of December, before the 24th, when you celebrate the eve of the blessed Birth of My Son Jesus, that your consciousness be placed on the real need of bringing to the world the Spirit of Peace that no longer exists.

In truth, this Christmas that approaches will be different for the whole world, because humanity is facing a cycle of high resistance to change, a change that is so awaited by the whole universe.

December will be a month in which everything will strengthen, from the inside to the outside, and this can not be avoided; but if your hearts, through prayer, will prepare this path of purification and transcendence, it will allow the process of change to be a little lighter.

If hearts place their attention on the mystery of the Birth of Christ, in truth, they will open many doors towards the path that everyone needs to fulfill and carry forward. 

My children, when I say that this Christmas will be different, it is because, in truth, it is urgent that the consciousness of humanity adheres to experience a deep transformation that reflects the balance so necessary for this planet and the whole race.

Starting from December 8, the day dedicated to your Blessed Mother, divine intervention will be descending over the planet and will be pouring impulses into those hearts that will be in prayer and in tune with the Celestial Universe.

A form of amnesty will be granted as a Grace to those souls who in truth make a plea, an act of repentance and forgiveness.

Your Heavenly Mother will have a special mission on this day. Therefore, from today, with love and consciousness, prepare the path so that Christ may return to you on December 24, thus the planet will have a little more time of peace and serenity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, in preparation and prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Vigil of Prayer, received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, to the visionary Sister Lucía

On this day, go on pilgrimage on the long path of your consciousnesses, an inner path on which you will find some obstacles to be surmounted, some tests to be experienced, and some memories to be forgiven and forgotten.

Seek to walk through the inner world with profound peace and joy, and even though the encounter with some situations may cause you pain, try and move beyond them with the joy of the day.

Allow yourselves, My children, to be guided by the Star of Bethlehem to the most simple and pure place of your inner world; a place that for many is unknown, but that exists and is now ready to receive the Son of God.

Today, the Lord offers you a possibility for freeing and healing ancient sorrows, fears, blame, old errors and suffering. Today, the Lord makes known to many of His children that they must transform in this time. Because to experience an effective and resounding transformation, you need to know all that is to be changed in yourselves. However, trust in the Grace that is granted you, of being guided by the Faithful Servant of God, and do not be shocked by what you may see about yourselves.

Those who allow themselves to take a step on this day will find themselves faced with a past to be redeemed and all that they have hidden from themselves for so long.

My children, make of this day a day of Glory, and of this purification, the harbinger of the glorious coming of My Son Jesus. Because for Him you will be building an empty and pure space, where He will be able to freely dwell, and will be able to reign with the totality of His perfect Consciousness.

The greatness of this day will manifest in the consciousnesses of the world, according to the openness of each one to what is being offered to them. The depth with which God will work in your consciousnesses will occur according to the openness of your hearts. Thus, be willing to experience something new, unknown, which will revolutionize your inner world.

My children, make of the pilgrimage on this day a moment similar to that experienced by Joseph and Mary on the night of the Birth of Jesus.

Much was gradually revealed to Joseph and Mary as the Birth of the Messiah drew closer. They offered Themselves to know and heal the evil that lived in the humanity of that period. As the Birth of Christ drew closer through the pilgrimage of Joseph and Mary, the energies of lust, greed, vanity and pride, which were expressed in that period with great intensity in human beings, were gradually changed and transmuted.

Mary's birth pains became more intense than that which was normally felt. They experienced the desolation and the affliction of not being able to give Christ a safe place in which to be born, and this experience of purification culminated when they understood the Will of God and gave life to Jesus in a stable, experiencing the purest humility and joy, and thus discovered that everything was to be healed through humility, purity and faith in the Will of God and in His divine guidance.

Today, for the hearts of the world, it will not be different. If you allow it, the Lord will have you live a great experience, which will culminate in the discovery of an emptiness of self and surrender to a divine humility.

My beloveds, gladden your little hearts today, and walk with Me, for I will be your Star of Bethlehem, and through prayer, I will lead you to the birth of Christ in your essences.

I thank you for allowing Me to guide your lives.

I love you always.

Your Mother, Mary of Nazareth, Star of Bethlehem

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