Wednesday, December 13 of 2017

Daily messages

I Am the Mother of the Americas, as of the whole world.

I Am the One who shelters the children of God in Her Arms, because since I gestated the Redeemer in My Womb, the Creator conceded the power to Me to be the Mother and Guardian of all souls that come from His Sacred and Glorious Heart, from His Creator Source of Peace.

Children, My motherhood is silent and hidden to many, but My Heart is always attentive to the needs of this world.

My spiritual mission is to accomplish, on Earth as in Heaven, the Will of God, and just as I sustained and sheltered My Son from His birth until the Cross, I must also shelter and sustain all beings, all nations, all of humanity, from their emergence until the fulfillment of their spiritual mission.

Just as souls do, the nations have a spiritual purpose to accomplish; something that builds the path for the descent of the Kingdom of God on to Earth, so that the new and awaited Spiritual Jerusalem may be established in the life of the planet, as part of the Divine Promise for this world. And it is so that nations awaken and for this purpose to be safeguarded that I Am here and I guide you.

Beloved children, since I was with My Son Jesus and My Chaste Spouse Joseph among humankind, God gave Me the mission of safeguarding the companions of Christ, of keeping alive the promise of His Return, of preparing His path and of not allowing it to be lost from the human consciousness, all the legacy of Love that He left on Earth, since His birth in Bethlehem.

Thus, children, I Am the Guardian of Love, of the Love that was born in the Heart of Christ, and also of the Love that must awaken and grow in the hearts of all My children. Because today I tell you that it is this Love that will awaken in you, that will resound like a celestial tuning fork, and will cause all the codes that My Son left in the depths of this planet to awaken.

It is through the awakening of Love in your hearts, that you will cause all the spiritual treasure that God stored on Earth to emerge, which you will need to move through the times and the tests that will come.

It is the awakening of Love in your hearts that will open the doors to a spiritual and divine legacy, hidden and unknown for humanity until today.

It is for this reason that I come from nation to nation, with the simple purpose of teaching you to Love.

The Plan of God is kept in simplicity and its mystery dwells there: from being so simple, human beings do not seek it and do not find it.

I come today to awaken the note of Love in your hearts, and that your voices resound like a great universal and divine tuning fork, so that this Love may expand and find the hearts of those that most need to learn to Love. In this way, you will heal the planet, like a secret, like a mystery that is hidden in the power of prayer.

May the nations elevate their voices in a true prayer, and may this cry light the flame of your spirits and dissipate darkness. This is why I Am here with you.

My children, when you pray from the heart, you are never alone; My Rosary beads move together with yours, My Word elevates your voices to the Celestial Altars, and when you think that no one hears them, I make them come to God.

So that the Purpose and the Will of the Father be fulfilled, only trust in My Words, pray and love with the depths of the heart.

I bless you and I bless all the nations that today open the doors to Me, so that the Graces I bring from Heaven may spread beyond Argentina and reach the whole world.

May Love convert the fear, resentment, and pain of human hearts. May the frontiers give way to Unity, and the New Spiritual Jerusalem find its space among humankind.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace