Wednesday, December 13 of 2017

Daily messages

To the Brave Ones

Dear children,

Today your Heavenly Mother dedicates this message of peace and of consolation to those who disappeared, almost one month ago, in the Atlantic Ocean.

I would like all My children, especially those from Argentina, to know that the 44 brave ones are in My Bosom of Mother, as well as their families, who have been spiritually consoled by My Immaculate Heart.

In these definitive times, in which the whole planetary life is at stake, certain groups of souls in this world offer themselves to the Creator so that many more souls may learn to perceive that the times and the events change unexpectedly.

The souls that offer their lives and their families so that millions more may learn that it is urgent to step out of the hypnotism and awaken to the life of the spirit, do so in inner sacrifice in order to generate a very great change in humanity.

The 44 brave ones came to this world to teach humanity about the imperious need to seek the superior Life in these times and to unite in the Trust of God.

They left for everyone the memory that life does not end here on this material plane, but that it continues forward through the soul of each being.

With their surrender, they taught that God has the Truth, and that in the critical moments and in extreme situations, it will be enough to go within to be able to find God and unify in His Divine Will.

In this time, in which unknown situations present themselves in the life of people, it is important, dear children, to perceive that if in truth you are not united in obedience to all that comes from on High and which is true Law, you will not be able to be in justice and in equity with your fellow beings.

Today I ask you to remember the message that the brave ones left, the message of a profound and mysterious silence at the bottom of the sea.

This message represents, despite the events, the opportunity to become silent and to seek a true response within, so that, from there, everything may be clarified with Wisdom and Greater Love.

The Universe closes an inner cycle with this event, which will always call and convene consciousnesses about the need that every day you reformulate your lives and that you know, above all things, that you have to be in the Sacred Hands of God to live and move through what in many cases is inexplicable and is not within the reach of humanity itself.

With all of this, dear children, on this day I invite you to love the unknown, that which has no concrete answer and that some souls offer themselves to live for many more, so that the majority of hearts may someday recognize that existence and life is not only material, that everything parts from what is infinite, immaterial, what comes from the Creative Source, and that for the majority of beings is a great mystery.

Loving what you do not know, living what the Universe presents to you day by day, children, you will learn to live Redemption, the path toward inner unity and communion with the Divine Existence, thus approaching true reality and abandoning what is materialistic and satisfies the ego.

I invite you, like the 44 brave ones, to penetrate the mystery of the unknown, which since the Beginning exists in this Creation and comes from God.

I invite you to experience union with Universal Life.

I thank all those present for being here today, for having responded to My call and for having prayed from the heart for the famiillies of the 44 brave ones.

Who loves you and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace