The sacrifice for love of Saint Joseph

Dear children,

My Holy Husband Joseph lived a full life in the Lord; this did not exempt Him from all the tests and human renunciations that he had to overcome, because behind the loving sacrifice of Saint Joseph, the Chaste Heart was transmuting and transcending the human condition of that period.

In this way, My children, from an early age the Most Chaste Joseph professed His fait hin God, and from that time Joseph gradually came to know Himself as a man and then as divine consciousness.

The Most Chaste Joseph had to overcome the fear, the temptation, and the loneliness of those who surrounded Him from the time of His early years until His youth.

When Saint Joseph made the vow of chastity, He knew that He was offering a chaste union with the Universe, so that in this way He could separate those experiencing it from illusion and spiritual loss.

His silence and stillness helped Joseph to prepare Himself for the great task of being the father and the guardian of Jesus.

His reverence and love for those most in need caused the poor Chaste Heart to become an example of holiness for many.

In His silence, Joseph had to bear with discrimination, blasphemies, and indifference because, in His greater and deep inward withdrawal, He had chosen to live eternally for God. These moral and verbal attacks were wiles of the adversary, which from the first moment saw itself defeated in the face of the powerful and simple love emanated by Saint Joseph through charitable works.

Saint Joseph never denied or omitted anything that He received; from the beginning He saw that everything He experienced was part of His redemption and purification.

But without knowing it, Saint Joseph was already a man fully holy; His humble and meek Heart never wanted the best for Himself and always gave everything so that His fellow beings could profit well from all the Graces He received. In this hidden aspect, all the spiritual good received by the Most Chaste Joseph from the Eternal Father, He poured out through His service and love for the poor.

In this way, Saint Joseph prepared Himself to be the father chosen by God who would care for and attend the coming of the Messiah.