Dear children, 

Throughout 2023, the trilogy of spiritual impulses will again take place, through My Son, Christ Jesus, the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph and your Heavenly Mother.

Thus, in this year of 2023, devoted and prayerful souls will be able to avail themselves of three spiritual and divine currents that can place consciousnesses on the fastest path of redemption and conversion.

For this special reason, My children, I invite you to be receptive, vigilant and attentive to the precious instructions that the Chaste Heart of St. Joseph will bring as the Water of Life to all His companions.

For this, dear children, the Three Sacred Hearts, through Their Words, will broaden the path for the transformation of the consciousness of human life. In this sense, each Divine Hierarchy, united as one Consciousness in God, will be able to help so that, in these critical times, open souls may receive more impulses from Our Eternal Legacy.

The Three Sacred Hearts of Christ Jesus, St. Joseph and your Blessed Mother, will contemplate the different internal needs in this cycle so that the praying, devoted and persevering souls of the Work of the Divine Messengers may feel cared for and accompanied.

Therefore, this year, St. Joseph will work every week through His weekly Messages, as well as through His monthly Apparitions. Thus, St. Joseph will be addressing different spiritual reflections that will allow souls to see and observe themselves on the path of transcendence and ascension.

Once again, the Three Sacred Hearts will be reaching out Their Hands in offering so that all who feel so, may be accompanied, just as they were accompanied since the beginning of the Apparitions in 2007.

Dear children, be truly open in this cycle in which the Divine Messengers will be closer, so that you may feel Our Support, Mercy and Love.

Let us celebrate the Grace of having St. Joseph again this year.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


My dear children,

Due to the delicate and crucial planetary situation, due to the growing situation of immigrants and refugees, due to the evident reasons of serious situations concerning climate effects, and due to peoples and nations that are in chaos and in spiritual disorder, and for many more reasons that couldn’t be reported in a single Message, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Maternal Heart of Mary, comes today to announce that:

From the first Friday of January 2023 onward, and through each Friday of 2023, the Most Chaste and Humble Heart of Saint Joseph will deliver His final weekly instructions so that souls may not only feel the closeness of the Chaste Paternal Heart of Saint Joseph, but also the human heart can be prepared to face the end of these times with courage and under the spirit of affiliation with Saint Joseph.

Through the final weekly Message series of Saint Joseph, which will conclude on the last Friday of 2023, the Hierarchy, united to the Supreme Will of the Father, will try to spiritually aid and assist those who need it most.

Thus, this Grace is offered by Saint Joseph himself, granted by the Eternal Father, and every week the souls devoted to Saint Joseph will receive the final Instructions that they will need for this last stage.

In this way, the Legacy of the Divine Messengers will be concluded, through the final Messages of Saint Joseph, as 2023 will indicate the beginning of the cycle's end from the last 15 years of Apparitions.

For this reason, My children, we invite you to avail yourselves of this final impulse so that as many souls as possible may come to God, the Eternal Father.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


My dear children,

Today your Heavenly Mother is already on pilgrimage to Brasilia in the Celestial Planes to accompany the Sacred Task that the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will carry out, and also in order to be very united to My Son for the most important spiritual and internal help that, through the souls of Brasilia, He will offer to all of Brazil.

Dear children, in the same way, your Heavenly Mother calls you so that, from wherever you are and through the Prayer for Peace in Brazil, you may also go internally on pilgrimage, accompanying all the Divinity in this next stage of pilgrimage.

Dear children, I also invite you to propagate Our loving call in as many places as possible so that more souls in need of light, love, and above all, hope, may come, approaching the warm and devoted Meetings of Prayer that will be offered in Brasilia.

As from now, your Most Holy Mother accompanies you and, in advance, I thank you for all that will be built.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


Dear children,

In times of battles and of definitions, may peace be with you, so that you may inwardly sow the seeds of change within your lives.

We are now coming to the final stage of My daily Messages, but I will accompany you, according to what was thought of for this time of transition of humanity.

Remain united to My Heart and I will protect you, I will lead you to be before My Son so that you may receive His Love and His Mercy.

Today I call you to the living practice of all that Saint Joseph and My Son have taught you throughout time.

This offer will prepare you for the next phase, and thus you will be able to represent My Son through the path of peace, of service to the fellow being and of prayer, because all of this will change the world, and the entire population of the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Now the time has come for the human hearts to become consecrated hearts, just like Saint Joseph managed to do. 

May the example of the simple carpenter of Nazareth motivate you to be able to find the transcendence of the human condition, accepting imperfection, but transforming it, day by day, just as Saint Joseph lived it.

May the example of His chastity and impersonality invite you to seek the same path, so that you may continue to go through the challenges of consecration and the aspirations of the soul.

Unite to Saint Joseph and be laborers of the Plan of Love. Build the foundations of the new and renewal will come.

Imitate Saint Joseph in His steps of humility. May your hearts be resigned, but empty hearts, full of service and of clarity, just as Saint Joseph has expressed it.

On this day, while the task of Saint Joseph is closing, may all His instructions be alive within you and, being blessed by the Chaste Saint Joseph, may your souls renew their vows with the Plan of Love of the Celestial Father.

But remember, Saint Joseph will continue to bless the world.

Now the time has come for each soul to live the same path that Saint Joseph lived. It is an inner invitation for those who may want to learn from the example of Saint Joseph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

The Most Chaste and Venerable Saint Joseph is preparing, in this month of July, to finalize His task with humanity.  But His teachings and words will resonate within those who throughout the years have known how to recognize the impulses that He left for the transcendence of humanity.

Children, I would like to announce to you that on July 19th, the day of the last apparition of Saint Joseph, the monthly Feast of the Heart of Saint Joseph will be instituted, in which every 19th of the month, from the Heavens, Saint Joseph will intercede for impossible causes and for the most difficult purifications of the human heart.

This Feast of Saint Joseph will not only be to remember His paternal presence in the life of His apprentices, but it will also be an opportunity for hearts to plead to Saint Joseph, for Him to grant the necessary Graces.

On that day, those who stand before the Sacred Reliquary of Saint Joseph will have the joy of being blessed by Saint Joseph, and they will be able to begin finding the path of humility.

This Feast of Saint Joseph will not only be for honoring the Holy Name of the intercessor for the human hearts, but it will also be a day in which the souls that are praying to Saint Joseph will be able to renew their vows, and the missionary lives will be safeguarded by the light of the Chaste Heart, month after month.

May the monthly Feast of Saint Joseph be for remembering the impulses of each one of His words and instructions.

Every 19th, each soul will be able to offer Saint Joseph not only their imperfect hearts but they will also be able to light a candle so that the Grace of conversion may transform the hearts of humankind and the healing of humanity may be granted.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


About the message:

During the ceremony of consecration of the Missionaries at the Marian Center of Figueira, there was a statue of Saint Joseph upon the altar, and at a certain point it began to shine very intensely. We watched that movement to understand what was happening, and when the Priests were approaching the altar to consecrate the Eucharist, many portals started to open above them in a rapid and intense way. At that moment, luminous as a sun, Saint Joseph appeared.

Behind Him there was a road to Africa, and He was surrounded by children, and He was also carrying an African child in His arms. He said He came so that we may understand the importance of the humanitarian missions for the Hierarchy.

With Him, He brought a Grace for each missionary being consecrated, something spiritual and inner, and He transmitted a special message. It was the first time that Saint Joseph appeared since the end of the cycle of His Apparitions, on last August 18th.

He told us:


I come in silence, by the Will of God and His Divine Love. I come because, for Me, as important as it is to welcome and serve the souls of Africa, so it is to welcome those who are being consecrated to the Plan of God and to the first mission of rescuing love in the hearts of beings, in the consciousness of all the Kingdoms of Nature.

I come to bless you, not because all the blessings you have already received were not enough, but because you must understand how important the mission that you are carrying out, and will continue to carry out in the four corners of the world, is for God.

The Creator accompanies your steps, just as I accompany you; albeit through inspiring your spirits, albeit it through observing your paths, I will always accompany you.

Today the Heavens open, as do your hearts, because in each offering that humanity makes, new merits are generated for the salvation and redemption of humanity.

Today I do not come only with a blessing; I come opening a path for your spirits so that you may come to My beloved Africa. I am there. In omnipresence and love, I indicate the direction to you where there is the greatest need. Come with Me to meet the transformation of your lives.

The humanitarian missions, children, as well is the different meetings of prayer that are carried out in the world, are the pillars of redemption for these times, they are the instruments which the Creator avails Himself of to keep His hope in the redemption and the transformation of humanity alive. This is why I am here.

I come with a Grace. I come with a door to a new step. I come as a confirmation for your souls and your lives. I come as your Father and Friend to tell you that I wait for you in silence, that Africa waits for you, and more than this, that the Africa that is within each being, waits for you, so that you may serve your fellow being as if it were your last chance to serve.

I am glad with your steps, just as God is glad, and renews His Love through your consecration.

Today and always, you have the Love of My Chaste Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions,

The mission accomplished up to today, in Argentina, meant for the Eternal Father an important spiritual and inner step that the hearts gave, in the continuous search of faith and love for God.

Today, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph closed a special and unique phase in the work of love and redemption of the Divine Messengers; and Saint Joseph himself opened a new cycle that will start appearing like a sun for all the servers of Christ.

Now, as more than two thousand years ago, today Saint Joseph fulfilled a new phase, which had the purpose of transmitting palpable instruction for souls, which prepared fertile ground for each heart to be able to cross the end of times.

In this sense, the instruction of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph opened a door, in this twenty-first century, for the entire humanity to never forget learning to be humble and austere in the life on the surface of the Earth.

Argentina was the scene chosen, by the Heavenly Father Himself, for the month so that in August it might be filled with the graces and the blessings of the Sacred Hearts.

Afterwards, the moment will come in which your Master and Lord will also withdraw and at last elevate our Most Holy Mother, once more, to the glory of God.

So when this happens, the last times will be unleashed and all that is in Heaven, as well as what in upon Earth, will be shown, and it will be in this hour that the soldiers of Christ must sustain, without hesitation, the torch of the triumph of Light.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus.


Series - Divine Revelations of these times

From the humble cave of Bethlehem to the Temple of the Circumcision - Part II

After the physical, internal and universal events that took place in the simple cave of Bethlehem, after a few days, Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother prepared to present the Child God in the Temple.

This was now the second mystery that would be revealed to men, during that time, concerning what would spiritually signify the coming of the Messiah to the Earth.

At that time, the cave of Bethlehem was permeated and filled with Christic light and within each place that the Child King passed by divine attributes and codes were deposited, not only as teraphims, but also for all those who, in some way or another, participated in and knew about the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem; they received spiritual impulses that would bring them to a transformation of consciousness.

Days after the sacred Child of Israel was born, Saint Joseph had already made the preparations and finished the prayers so that He would also go through, within the Temple, the process of so-called purification.

Saint Joseph arrived in the Temple together with the Most Holy Mary and the Little Child in Her arms but during the process of the circumcision of the Little Child, as the Law of Moses requires, an unexpected fact was revealed through a humble priest called Simon.

This wise and contacted being was one of the many people on Earth that waited for the coming of the Messiah and for the fulfilling of the prophecies of the Prophets.

In this instance of the Presentation of the Little Child in the Temple and after the circumcision, Simon, inspired by the Divine Fire of the Holy Spirit, shared and announced a prophecy to the Mother of God, telling Her that a sword of pain would pierce Her Heart. And, immediately, He recited one of the prophecies about the advent of Christ on Earth.

The Temple of the Circumcision was the place that not only determined the complete consecration of the Child King to the Plan of God but where the spiritual sacrifice that His Heavenly Mother would live by offering the Little Child as spiritual reparation and atonement for all the errors committed in humanity.

It was from that moment, of Jesus being in the Temple, that the fall of the evil empire, which in that time subjected and punished the Earth, oppressing the continuity of the sacred People of Israel, would begin.

The arrival of the Little Jesus to the Temple and the company of Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother represented that, at that very same hour, the great divine intervention would develop, the one that would bring to an end the decadence of men and of all the human degeneration, through the presence of Christ on Earth, as well as all the unconditional life that this very Child, later a Man, would give for love for all His brothers and sisters.

The act of purification in the Temple meant the passage to another stage of that perfect but silent Plan, that God Himself was carrying forward through His Beloved Son.

It was through the presentation of the Child King in the Temple that the angelic and archangelic intervention began to directly occur within all of the souls of humanity, of that time, since it was necessary for all of humankind to move away from its process of self-destruction and its ambitious power.

For that reason, since the time that Jesus had incarnated on Earth, the angelic and archangelic beings, at the request of the Mother of God, made use of the highest spiritual instruments and the purest Immaterial Rays so that the spirits on Earth may live the first steps of redemption.

In order for all of this to be possible, the Child King, still being a newborn, applied certain divine Laws that modified the spiritual condition of the Earth, but that, at the same time, opened the portals of contact and spiritual communication among the Greater Source and the inner worlds, places where the essences are.

All of the universal movements carried out, by the presence of the Sacred Family and the angelic intervention, stopped the advance of the evil powers over human consciousness, which was more primitive in that time.

All of these contrary currents, as a punishment, had to present the entire victory that was generated from the Birth of Jesus until the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

In this way, the planet and humanity were converted and redeemed by the potent voltage of Love-Wisdom.

The alliance that was achieved between Heaven and Earth defeated and overcame the projects of the adversary. But now, in this current time, and before the second Coming of Christ, humanity is in a moment so similar to that of the Birth of Jesus, a moment in which each human being will have the Grace of overcoming in love and of surpassing and transcending indifference so that Christ may triumph again in all hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today the lilies of Saint Joseph and the white roses of Christ open because the Paternal presence of the Chaste Instructor and the spiritual presence of Christ are celebrated on the day of the foundation of the Order.

Two important events are written in the Books of God, because Saint Joseph confirms His presence again within humble hearts and Christ becomes present again, as the Higher Priest, in the essence of the monastic Order founded by Him.

This is a reason for joy and jubilation, because the Father is again testifying the universal scope of His Grace in this world and in the most difficult times.

May today, in spirit, be celebrated the communion with the Lord and the wisdom of the Words of Saint Joseph, so that the world receives from Heaven many more Graces that can be poured out and placed in the hearts that must awaken to love and faith.

May the Sacred Instruction be revered and the Presence of Christ be adored in order to keep the doors of Mercy open in humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and virginal Wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

In the chaste presence of Saint Joseph the Laborer, we unite with the divine Original Purity present in the human heart, which in these times has lost the meaning of spirituality and supreme wisdom.

It is for this divine cause that today, the Sacred Hearts of Mary and of Saint Joseph present Themselves to humanity, for the purpose of it renewing its inner vows of service and of surrender to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Today, the Sacred Family, on this 19th of May, comes to your hearts and souls to remove them from the planetary inertia and indifference, so that in leaving this point in consciousness, your eyes may open to the infinite and supreme love of the heart, capable of transforming and of transmuting all things on the planet.

We come to humanity to let you know of the importance and the urgency of waking up inwardly to what you are; to finally manage to set aside world indifference.

Our aspiration is that through your simple and prayerful lives, you are able to reflect what the human race has lost, thus helping to restore the mind of humanity, permeating it with codes of love, of simplicity and of surrender.

God wishes Europe to have a more fraternal consciousness, that is able to rise above material life to the celestial designs that, through the Center of Love of Fatima, wait to descend from the universe and be revealed as a great inner treasure for your hearts.

In this time, when everything is allowed, the Sacred Hearts, the Celestial Messengers, come again to the world to remove it from the world hypnotism, for the planetary need is very great, from the spiritual levels to physical life.

It is for this reason that we invite you, just as some of the pilgrims present here are doing, to live the ministry of these times in Europe, without resistance and without fear. Because it will depend on the more conscious Europeans, on their spiritual path and their universal life, that all the Work of the Sacred Hearts is able to come, in a following stage, not only to Asia, but also to Africa, where My maternal promise of visiting some nations must be accomplished.

Your Messenger and Servant of God needs to reach the hearts of My beloved Africa, for I ardently desire that the Mercy and universal Healing of God reach each one of them.

That will be one of My last missions of peace on the planet, because after Asia and Africa, humanity will enter into its final stage, before the Return of My Son to humanity.

United, let us continue to fulfill the Designs of God, which are preventing the activation of nuclear wars and bombs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and once again thanks you for concretizing this mission.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and virginal Wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Messages

May the Mantle of the Mother of the Word cover and protect all Her creatures, under the infinite Grace of the Redeemer.

Today, a new cycle emerges in this Sacred Work that I am carrying out together with My Son, the Christ, and the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for the rescue of this planet and its humanity.

Today, together with My Celestial Kingdom on Earth, the Kingdom of Lys-Fatima, I celebrate with all of My children a new dawn, one that definitely prepares your spirits and souls to take the last great step in the consecration of your lives to the Will of God.

Many times, you have heard these words that seem to be repeated every now and then, and it is true. Each new step proposed by the Divinity for His servers, in this Plan of redemption and of rescue, is a cycle that ends and a new one that begins, full of challenges, of tests and of responsibilities.

This is the proposal for you, at the level where each one is in this school of love, forgiveness and redemption that is this planet and this humanity.

To each of My children present in the world, those who are part of the Celestial Church of My Son, those who follow Him from the heart and in truth, today I will give you a new goal, a deeper path to travel and on which to serve.

Those who are part of this Celestial Church only through affinity, I invite you to convert into effective collaborators of this Plan of redemption. To collaborate means taking action, means to be available to carry out the tasks that may be necessary to carry the Work forward.

To those who already collaborate, I invite you to carry the banner of the servers of Christ; those who are always ready, willing to help and assist the Divine Messengers when necessary.

To those who for a long time have been serving in this Plan of Love, I open the door of inner consecration, one that will lead you to live for and to serve My Son, Christ the Redeemer, and allow Him to prepare you to accompany Him in this end of times, on His Return.

To those who have already gone through the portal of consecration and walk on the path of apostleship, I place before your souls, spirits and essences, the great possibility of giving your life for Christ, with the joy of surrendering it, in unconditional service, for the total redemption of souls.

And for those who no longer fear giving their lives, who live with My Son in their hearts, who will be capable of following Him to the end, no matter what it may be, I invite you to walk with Me on the path of being nothing, only slaves of His Love and of those He loves as the Eternal Father loves.

Thus, this cycle is one of great renewal for each one of those listening to My voice.

For each creature that longs to in some way serve God and this Plan of Love, there exists and will always exist a place to do this service. A service that must be carried out with the greatest of efforts, as much as each one can give and a little more. For this is the time in which everything is about to happen, and the destiny of the planet and of humanity, which also means your own destiny, will depend on the effort of each one, 

From Fatima to the whole world, I am preparing to give a Grace to each one of My children, those who in a sincere way, from every place in the world, present their hearts to Me in this May of total renewal.

We prepare to give the Grace for recovering the codes of original Purity that are held on the inner planes of this Spiritual Kingdom, that original Purity that your essences lost so long ago through errors committed in the past.

I will be with My son Francisco, concelebrating the Ceremony of the Eucharist. Pray for his protection and for his task. He brings the renewal of faith for everyone in this time.

I love you and bless you.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the World and of all its creatures


The Shooting Star of Bethlehem

In those days, when the inner preparation to receive the Baby Jesus into My arms was being anticipated, the sacred star of Bethlehem, the symbol of the Great Brotherhood of Heaven, revealed Itself to the three kings that, because of having pure hearts, could come to our gathering in the humble stable of Bethlehem.

The great star of Bethlehem shone during several days and was sent by God to accompany and, at the same time, to announce the arrival of the Son of God in the world.

It was in this way that this sacred star, that only appeared during those days, began to reveal, at first in dreams and in signs, to some consciousnesses that by the Will of God, should become aware of the arrival of the Messiah.

In those days previous to the arrival of Jesus, Saint Joseph, although still being in Nazareth, heard from the angels of Heaven the announcement and the exact time in which the Most Holy Spouse should be in Bethlehem in order to give birth to the Divine Son.

It was in this way that the sacred star of Bethlehem also showed the place and the path which the Sacred Family was to travel.

In those days in which the whole Universe gathered to accompany and at the same time to witness the birth of Jesus, the star of Bethlehem, from Nazareth, had the simplest consciousness among the simple ones come to the manger, souls that were called by the Most High to lovingly accompany the arrival of the Messiah.

The star of Bethlehem was that powerful bright star that in that time worked upon the spiritual and the material plane of the planetary consciousness, so that it could receive the extremely potent love-wisdom, the Ray that would change the events overnight.

This sacred star of Bethlehem has marked a before and an after. It was radiating certain universal currents that, before the coming of Christ, physically modified all the human mistakes that made of the race a civilization compromised by evil.

During the nine months of the gestation of Jesus, the Sacred Family was prepared by the angels themselves, so that this important event of the coming of Jesus could be experienced in all planes of consciousness, in order that this divine event could be recorded on the planet and in the solar system.

The star of Bethlehem was the guardian of the birth of Christ, and at the same time, it was the cosmic bridge that united humanity’s time with celestial time.

It was in this way that the Holy Mother of God, moments before the birth of Jesus and after having been in silence during nine days, received the divine impulse of all these revelations that the sacred star was fulfilling.

The Most Holy Mary knew that the birth of the Son of God would, in that moment, bring to the world the liberation of age-old errors, and at the same time, the redeeming light that should, no matter what, shine on this planet.

The star of Bethlehem was that cosmic beacon that drew a spiritual awakening of consciousness to the human race. That sacred star was what generated the maturity of many souls for future times; it was the great star of Bethlehem that announced in all the inner worlds the arrival of the powerful Christic energy of redemption and of love.

In those days in which the planet was prepared for the coming of Jesus, and was also purged of the codes of perdition of the world, the holy angels, the same ones that were at the manger of Bethlehem during the divine birth of Christ, also supported the awakening of inner love in humanity, especially in the simplest hearts. If that love gestated by the holy angels had not been born in humanity, the coming of Jesus would have necessitated other spiritual requirements.

In the star of Bethlehem was reflected the presence of the Love of the Most High, as well as the Grace that was being granted through the birth of Christ.

Bethlehem was the scene chosen by the Father so that this event, guided by the Archangels, could be carried out under the divine perfection of love and of ceremony.

The coming of the Messiah and the Great Liberator of the peoples was beautifully guided by the angels, who at the same time, worked on the unconscious of humanity, in order to be able to redeem it as from this blessed moment.

The great star of Bethlehem brought to the world the opportunity of elevating and of purifying the consciousness through elevated and not rudimentary thought by means of determination.

This precious star of Bethlehem showed itself to the world in that time to gradually disintegrate the patterns of self-destruction and of a commitment to all that is mundane in the human race.

The star of Bethlehem brought the awareness that we are spirits in service to a Greater Purpose, capable of giving us the impulse to a fulfillment of the Divine Work. 

It is that very same star of Bethlehem that in that time tried to reflect and shine in the consciousness of human beings, so that they might perceive within themselves that a unique opportunity was being given through the birth of Christ.

Because of this, children, after all these events that were planetary and universal, once again humanity is facing the test of Christmas, of being able to go through this sacred date remembering and placing their attention on all that the coming of Christ to the Earth meant.

The Eternal Father hopes to see Christ be born inside of you, so that a love greater than the one you experience today may awaken in the consciousness of humanity, which must fulfill and collaborate with this last part of the Divine Plan of Love.

I would wish My children to not be indifferent, but rather that they take advantage of this Christmas time to reaffirm their vows before the Celestial Hierarchy, because that confirmation will open the doors of consciousness to other souls in the world.

On this Christmas Eve, when the Sacred Family is in adoration at the foot of the manger of Bethlehem, may all My children prostrate themselves to revere within, the birth of the Child-King in their hearts.

At least do it as an offering and in devotion on behalf of those who today will become lost in banal celebrations.

For your consciousness and union with this moment, dear children, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who, under the sacred star of Bethlehem, blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today My sacred spouse Saint Joseph places upon the chest of each one of you a lily of light and chastity, with the goal that you may humbly hold it within your essences as the sacred energy of the Instructor, so that your consciousnesses may transform into the redeeming model that Christ expects from each soul.

Because of this, children, with the strength of faith, your Heavenly Mother pleads with the Eternal Father so that His children of humanity may convert into what the divine Purpose established for this planet and for this humanity.

Saint Joseph, as a human heart, learned to love truth, the truth of being able to see his own difficulties and of transcending them, one by one, under the inner impulse of love.

It is for this reason that, in this hour, Saint Joseph comes into your lives so that you may open to the knowledge of humility, so that you may know Him as the Father of humility that offers Himself to work directly with the human condition.

In this cycle, Saint Joseph comes to the world as a Divine Messenger to remove hearts from ignorance and hypnotism, from all that leads the human being into being miserable in spirit and matter.

Saint Joseph, as the Guardian of hearts and protector of all souls, is eternally willing to help in knowing and in transcending the human condition that, as it is immature and imperfect, hinders the evolution of consciousnesses and a deep awakening.

Dear children, it is thus that, in this time, Saint Joseph offers himself to humanity, to teach it to overcome its difficulties so that souls may trust in the Grace of the Father and His Infinite Mercy.

Saint Joseph, as a server and missionary, tries in this cycle to withdraw consciousnesses from themselves so that they may embrace the cross and the victory of service, and, because of this, His Chaste Heart that is prodigious and humble may always inspire you to do what is correct, true and authentic, without entering into arrogance or human pride.

Just as Saint Joseph entrusts souls to My Immaculate Heart, today I entrust you all to the Chaste Heart so that you may learn to love the Divine Will of not being anything and not wanting anything for yourselves.

Your Heavenly Mother does not come here today to Mount Shasta to see your deepest miseries, but rather your Mother of Love comes to remind you every day of your essential purity.

Attaining this purity, the human condition will no longer take first place in the world, and, at last, the soul will rule planetary life, and the Plan will be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who is united to the responsible and to the simple,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The three Sacred Hearts, gathered for a greater purpose, promise peace for the hearts that disseminate the emblem of the Sacred Hearts; this will help them to live a good Christian life following the principles of the apostolate of Christ and of His Holy Celestial and Spiritual Church, the named dwelling place of the pure of heart.

My children, with the goal of disseminating the Graces of the three Sacred Hearts, I have come this day to renew and establish the devotion and veneration of the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Joseph, the Worker of God.

It is for this spiritual principle that Your Heavenly Mother asks all devotees to appeal to Them in order to live the actions of charity and of service through Saint Joseph.

It is for this reason that as from this year 2016, on the representative image that appears in the Portal of Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother where the veneration to the Most Sacred Hearts is revealed, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will be inside of the golden star together with the Hearts of Christ Jesus and of Mary.

In this spiritual renovation of devotion and of veneration, at this time souls will be able to come to know the paternal promises of Saint Joseph for those prayerful hearts that venerate Him in this trilogy.

The promises of Saint Joseph for those who venerate the three Sacred Hearts are:

1. The spiritual union of families so that they may quickly find the principle of the Sacred Family.

2. The permanent discovery of service to the poorest and of Christic charity in the human heart.

3. The living of a life spiritualized through confidence and faith in God.

4. The inner growth of the youngest, following the paternal model of Saint Joseph as a primary teaching for the fathers and mothers of this period.

5. The necessary maturity in the life of service and in the sacrificial giving of self to others.

6. Meeting Christ through the devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

7. The divine protection of boys and girls in the arms of the Beloved Father Saint Joseph.

8. The true experience of faith and of compassion by means of the intercession of Saint Joseph.

9. The expression of a chaste life for souls that awaken to a monastic vocation.

10. The realization of the Project of God in hearts receptive to the call of Heaven.

If the exercise of the veneration of the three Sacred Hearts is done in a spirit of faith and absolute confidence, this trilogy will be able to expand throughout the world and souls will find again the meaning of living in God.

Those who wish to disseminate devotion and veneration to the three Sacred Hearts must hold as principles: a daily life of prayer, faithfulness in service to others, and especially, the inner confidence that the Work of the Sacred Hearts has the power to triumph in all souls in these definitive times.

It will be thus that, in the spirit of renovation and veneration, today I will transmit the world prayer for the intercession of the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary, and of Saint Joseph, to be prayed each time you venerate the Sacred Hearts within the star of peace.

World prayer for the intercession of the Most Sacred Hearts

Beloved Father Saint Joseph,
accomplish, through my soul, Your prodigious Work,
concretize, through my hands, Your Works of charity;
convert my heart into a flame of eternal service.

Beloved Mother Mary,
carry out, through my spirit, Your Marian apostolate;
concretize, through my hands and words, Your eternal channel of prayer;
convert my whole being into a great soldier of peace.

Beloved Master Jesus,
perform, through my consciousness, Your Redemptive Work;
concretize, through my surrender, Your Work of Mercy;
convert my whole being into Your rays of Love and Peace.

Through the veneration of the Most Sacred Hearts,
may the whole world be consecrated
and may the New Humanity emerge.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

While the missions are broadly developing in the spiritual life of consciousnesses, your Heavenly Mother, together with the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, pray so that the fruits and the results of each humanitarian mission may motivate other consciousnesses to live the spirit of humanitarian service. It is in this way, My children, that your Most Holy Mother and Saint Joseph the Worker gradually form the souls who consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart as soldiers in the service of Christ.

Now, dear children, through these missions, must emerge in each one of you not only the strength to unite the groups of prayer, but also, must awaken the missionary soul in My children.

The missionary soul is a state which can feel the consciousness that lives the Plan of God , and who offers the self fully to the Universe to help, to serve unconditionally where necessary.

The missionary soul, My children, could transform the Earth, for it is the living principle of self-giving service in any place.

There may exist, dear children, a common missionary soul, where all consciousnesses unite in that inner level of the spirit to confirm and surrender themselves to fulfill the Will of God.

Among the groups of prayer and among the different missionaries, a positive state of missionary soul is being generated; a state in which many more consciousnesses far away from this Work will be drawn by this spirit of congregating to serve through prayer and selfless giving.

It is for this reason that the missionary soul is being formed spontaneously by all hearts which, independently of where they are, are united in mission through the call of the Celestial Messengers.

Dear children, the missionary soul is safeguarded by the Guardian Angels who take care of all that is expressed as service and prayer. 

This impulse of the missionary soul, formed by the servers, is spiritually reaching the consciousness of the nations, in this case, Argentina and Turkey.

For this reason, dear children, I invite you to protect and move forward in this spirit of fraternal unity that is being created by the prayer impulse of all groups of prayer, in support of humanitarian missions.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you in the Heart of the Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Today, together with the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, your Heavenly Mother has many rescued souls in Her lap, consciousnesses that suffered decapitation and the annihilation of their lives.

Today, Saint Joseph and Your Most Holy Mother cover with Their mantles those who through the actions of the world have been left abandoned and did not receive humanitarian assistance.

So I am asking My missionaries to continue to bear with the fire of this planetary hell that opens up to submerge poor souls in despair and continuous pain.

Your Mother is showing you this reality so that you may learn, dear missionaries and servers of the Plan, that the Celestial Divinity enters into the deepest abysses of the planet to close them and establish some more time of peace.

Peace will be a reality when each of My children, in each part of the planet, labors and cooperates with the works of service and of humanitarian aid; because it will be through the path of absolute surrender that the part of humanity that does not want war or conflict will be able to balance the physical and spiritual misalignments that are caused by the armed confrontations and the worldwide acts of persecution.

The current account of this humanity is unplayable; but, dear children, the humanitarian service, the forgetting of self in attending another, the letting go of comfort of those of Mine who pray in order to sacrifice and give of their self for humanity will allow, I assure you, the Law of Mercy to descend that is much needed by the whole world. 

It is for this reason, dear children, that the mission in Turkey was extended, so that the true alliance of love and of service among beliefs and cultures of East and West could spontaneously occur.

At this time, Your Mother has need of the continuing union of the groups of prayer so that, through the powerful fount of prayer, the missionaries can count on the necessary support and protection.

Dear children, I thank all who opened their hearts to help both missions.

It is urgent that the whole world learn to serve another. In this way, the roots of evil will be taken away from the planet, and the hells will be closed when there are hearts willing to carry out the Designs of the Celestial Messengers.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who uplifts you to the Consciousness of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees


Dear children,

It is with the joy that My Immaculate Heart feels after the positive answer and the confirmation of a longer stay of the missionaries of peace in the Middle East, that on this day My Plan of peace, rescue and service will expand itself over the Arab regions.

It is in this way, dear children, that your Heavenly Mother will be sending the servers to carry out the next humanitarian missions in Iraq, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, among other sister nations that need the presence of the Christic energy through the donation to voluntary service.

In the spiritual plans, Your Heavenly Mother is already working together with the angels to manifest this project, in order for the love and the service of the Divine Messengers to reach, through the humanitarian missions, many needy and completely forgotten souls.

The positive answer of the Turkish association of service to the refugees, throughout many years, has opened the doors so that the unpayable spiritual debts between the Middle East and the Americas were balanced by means of the selfless donation of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation with the Turkish association that takes care of the refugees.

The ecumenical exchange that was spontaneously created through service will allow, in the next cycle and in the new missions, to approach many souls to the Divine Spirit of Mercy, of peace and of love, which goes beyond the religious creeds. The true ecumenism happens as a result of the attention that one soul gives to another when the later is suffering from pain and neglect.

Dear children, your Heavenly Mother and Saint Joseph already find themselves preparing, in the inner plans, the next stages of service and selfless donation, which new consciousnesses belonging to this group of spiritual work will be called to live, directly by the inner call of the Divine Mother.

In this hour, in which the judgment is happening in the world and to all the souls on Earth, the Universe will be granting an extraordinary Grace so that, still in time, the seeds of love and mercy may be sown in the consciousness of humanity, seeds which – in this case, through the humanitarian missions – will be sown in the Arab nations of the Middle East.

What is happening between the different missions in the Americas and in the Middle East is extraordinary, since it is mobilizing the action of more elevated Laws of mercy and redemption to the world.

I leave this message as an opportunity, not only for the missionaries but also for all the servers, that there is still time to change the destiny of this humanity and of this beloved planet.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses and elevates you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children of Mine,

At the inner rising of the New Aurora, after a long time, today I gather all of the groups of prayer of Uruguay around My oratory of love. That is why, dear children, on this day I come from the Universe in order to establish a single group of work for the Plan of God in Uruguay; a unique opportunity that is granted to each one of you through the most potent spirit of the maternal Grace.

Dear children, I am giving to you an important mission: that of gestating within your hearts the spirit of fraternity and of service to the neighbor, something that has been a permanent attempt for a long time.

With the forthcoming existence of the House of Service requested by Saint Joseph, you will have once again the Grace of contributing with the Plan of God. In truth, the House of Service will be the reason for your temperaments and emotions to be worked on through voluntary and selfless service, as well as through the willing donation of your lives to the Plans of My beloved Son.

The House of Service that was entrusted with much love by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph will be able to fraternize with other houses and service organizations in Montevideo. This mission, which is now requested, will be supported by the International Humanitarian Federation, which is the mother consciousness for all of the planetary work.

Dear children, it will be right after you take your commitment to service before the Plan, that the Lord God, the Almighty Father, will then grant you the spirit of understanding and of wisdom so that you, My children of Uruguay, be able to understand in those moments, the importance of reversing the debts and the faults committed by the population of Uruguay.

This state of consciousness that I am talking to you about is not yet present in your beings, but it will be able to be so from the moment that you make an effort and that you love to be united above yourselves in order to materialize the Work of the Celestial Father, outside the well-known Church of My Son, because now the work is for all of the souls.

Dear children, the unification of your hearts and the absence of competition have been expected for a long time by the Universe. This unity through service and selfless love will place you in a position of assuming definitively, as Uruguayans, your task with Aurora. In this way, from this moment on, dear children, you will be prepared to accomplish, in these critical times, the materialization of the plan of healing of Aurora on the surface.

I lovingly dedicate this message to all of you today, because I know that you will need a celestial impulse in order to be able to continue on My Path.

Who loves you and accompanies you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, on a celestial mission


Dear children,

While this world suffers the consequences of a great human wickedness, today I come with Saint Joseph in order to elevate towards the Heavens the ones who suffered and died in the recent world developments.

I place My hope in all of the hearts that in the end of times will have in their hands the banner of peace.

The wrath of God is provoked by so much injustice that falls on the innocent and makes us believe that the one who have power stronger.

But this will not last.  In order to avert a catastrophe in the human life, and to prevent the degeneration of the entire race I ask you again to dedicate to Me at least one mystery of the Holy Rosary a day as to thus alleviate the bitterness that God feels when He sees His children hurting one another.

So that the Sacred Hearts will be able to dissipate the currents of evil that expand like poison in the heart of humans, I come to beg you, My beloved children, that you offer Me the most pure prayer of the heart so that I may transmute the arrogance and the power of humans.

I wish to ask of you, in the name of My Beloved Son, that you pray with Me during sixty days, so that in this cycle the Grace of God and the unfathomable power of Mercy will avert the beginning of a third worldwide war.  If this came to pass, the whole world would lose the little peace that exists, and the most innocent would pay the price of human cruelty.

So that the Love and the Justice of God will reign above all, I come to ask that you beseech the Almighty God, because humanity is deviating itself more each day from its true mental and emotional coherence.

Although My crying has not calmed down, I desire, children of Mine, that you will implore the Merciful Jesus for His divine intervention to be established in the bosom of this sick humanity.  If more than two praying people unite under this sacred purpose, tragedies will be avoided, and peace will reign for some more time.

I ask God that all of My children become seriously aware so that they will cross this Armageddon in peace and harmony.

I thank you for alleviating the weeping of the Sacred Hearts!

In the peace that the world needs, who prays for you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Note: The Mystery of the Rosary begins on the 19th of November of 2015 for 60 days.


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