Sunday, February 28 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

The three Sacred Hearts, gathered for a greater purpose, promise peace for the hearts that disseminate the emblem of the Sacred Hearts; this will help them to live a good Christian life following the principles of the apostolate of Christ and of His Holy Celestial and Spiritual Church, the named dwelling place of the pure of heart.

My children, with the goal of disseminating the Graces of the three Sacred Hearts, I have come this day to renew and establish the devotion and veneration of the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Joseph, the Worker of God.

It is for this spiritual principle that Your Heavenly Mother asks all devotees to appeal to Them in order to live the actions of charity and of service through Saint Joseph.

It is for this reason that as from this year 2016, on the representative image that appears in the Portal of Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother where the veneration to the Most Sacred Hearts is revealed, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will be inside of the golden star together with the Hearts of Christ Jesus and of Mary.

In this spiritual renovation of devotion and of veneration, at this time souls will be able to come to know the paternal promises of Saint Joseph for those prayerful hearts that venerate Him in this trilogy.

The promises of Saint Joseph for those who venerate the three Sacred Hearts are:

1. The spiritual union of families so that they may quickly find the principle of the Sacred Family.

2. The permanent discovery of service to the poorest and of Christic charity in the human heart.

3. The living of a life spiritualized through confidence and faith in God.

4. The inner growth of the youngest, following the paternal model of Saint Joseph as a primary teaching for the fathers and mothers of this period.

5. The necessary maturity in the life of service and in the sacrificial giving of self to others.

6. Meeting Christ through the devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

7. The divine protection of boys and girls in the arms of the Beloved Father Saint Joseph.

8. The true experience of faith and of compassion by means of the intercession of Saint Joseph.

9. The expression of a chaste life for souls that awaken to a monastic vocation.

10. The realization of the Project of God in hearts receptive to the call of Heaven.

If the exercise of the veneration of the three Sacred Hearts is done in a spirit of faith and absolute confidence, this trilogy will be able to expand throughout the world and souls will find again the meaning of living in God.

Those who wish to disseminate devotion and veneration to the three Sacred Hearts must hold as principles: a daily life of prayer, faithfulness in service to others, and especially, the inner confidence that the Work of the Sacred Hearts has the power to triumph in all souls in these definitive times.

It will be thus that, in the spirit of renovation and veneration, today I will transmit the world prayer for the intercession of the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary, and of Saint Joseph, to be prayed each time you venerate the Sacred Hearts within the star of peace.

World prayer for the intercession of the Most Sacred Hearts

Beloved Father Saint Joseph,
accomplish, through my soul, Your prodigious
Work, concretize, through my hands,
Your Works of charity;
convert my heart into a
flame of eternal service.
Beloved Mother Mary,
carry out, through my spirit,
Your Marian apostolate;
concretize, through my hands and words,
Your eternal channel of prayer;
convert my whole being into a
great soldier of peace.
Beloved Master Jesus,
perform, through my consciousness,
Your Redemptive Work;
concretize, through my surrender,
Your Work of Mercy;
convert my whole being into
Your rays of Love and Peace.
Through the veneration of the Most Sacred
Hearts, may the whole world be consecrated
and may the New Humanity emerge.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees