Monday, May 8 of 2017

Daily messages

May the Mantle of the Mother of the Word cover and protect all Her creatures, under the infinite Grace of the Redeemer.

Today, a new cycle emerges in this Sacred Work that I am carrying out together with My Son, the Christ, and the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for the rescue of this planet and its humanity.

Today, together with My Celestial Kingdom on Earth, the Kingdom of Lys-Fatima, I celebrate with all of My children a new dawn, one that definitely prepares your spirits and souls to take the last great step in the consecration of your lives to the Will of God.

Many times, you have heard these words that seem to be repeated every now and then, and it is true. Each new step proposed by the Divinity for His servers, in this Plan of redemption and of rescue, is a cycle that ends and a new one that begins, full of challenges, of tests and of responsibilities.

This is the proposal for you, at the level where each one is in this school of love, forgiveness and redemption that is this planet and this humanity.

To each of My children present in the world, those who are part of the Celestial Church of My Son, those who follow Him from the heart and in truth, today I will give you a new goal, a deeper path to travel and on which to serve.

Those who are part of this Celestial Church only through affinity, I invite you to convert into effective collaborators of this Plan of redemption. To collaborate means taking action, means to be available to carry out the tasks that may be necessary to carry the Work forward.

To those who already collaborate, I invite you to carry the banner of the servers of Christ; those who are always ready, willing to help and assist the Divine Messengers when necessary.

To those who for a long time have been serving in this Plan of Love, I open the door of inner consecration, one that will lead you to live for and to serve My Son, Christ the Redeemer, and allow Him to prepare you to accompany Him in this end of times, on His Return.

To those who have already gone through the portal of consecration and walk on the path of apostleship, I place before your souls, spirits and essences, the great possibility of giving your life for Christ, with the joy of surrendering it, in unconditional service, for the total redemption of souls.

And for those who no longer fear giving their lives, who live with My Son in their hearts, who will be capable of following Him to the end, no matter what it may be, I invite you to walk with Me on the path of being nothing, only slaves of His Love and of those He loves as the Eternal Father loves.

Thus, this cycle is one of great renewal for each one of those listening to My voice.

For each creature that longs to in some way serve God and this Plan of Love, there exists and will always exist a place to do this service. A service that must be carried out with the greatest of efforts, as much as each one can give and a little more. For this is the time in which everything is about to happen, and the destiny of the planet and of humanity, which also means your own destiny, will depend on the effort of each one, 

From Fatima to the whole world, I am preparing to give a Grace to each one of My children, those who in a sincere way, from every place in the world, present their hearts to Me in this May of total renewal.

We prepare to give the Grace for recovering the codes of original Purity that are held on the inner planes of this Spiritual Kingdom, that original Purity that your essences lost so long ago through errors committed in the past.

I will be with My son Francisco, concelebrating the Ceremony of the Eucharist. Pray for his protection and for his task. He brings the renewal of faith for everyone in this time.

I love you and bless you.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the World and of all its creatures