Monday, May 8 of 2017

Daily messages

To the servers of the Plan of Love of Porto and of the whole Portugal

As My Beloved Son has said, we have come here in behalf of an Europe split by indifference, by resistance and by the material life.

We have come to reinforce faith in the hearts and to demonstrate that the whole Work of God must continue to be gestated in your lives; otherwise it might not manifest itself.

Today, your Heavenly Mother dedicates this message to the groups and to those responsible for the groups that every once in a while welcome the call of the Celestial Messengers and which, in these recent times, wanted to give up the path for different reasons and situations.

At the moment of greatest planetary crisis, the old resistances of the consciousnesses are arising again. I at once tell you, My children, that there is no other cause or other reason where to find the root of the group problems.

You must only be aware what you are being part of, because your commitment is with the Universe and its Divine Hierarchies, rather than with humanity itself.

I ask the groups of Porto and their brothers and sisters responsible for these groups of souls not to be deceived, to open their eyes to the need that the Hierarchy is showing and which needs to be met, no matter what.

In order for you, children of the city of Porto, who already walk beside the Divine Mother, to correspond to all that the Universe lovingly asks you, you must take the great step towards unity among the consciousnesses so that you may at last leave your resistances, which have only brought you to the point of detaining and of not being able to take your steps.

My Son came here to renew you and for you to accompany Him in the mission of broadly propagating His Message in this part of the world.

If all the time your actions are small, the results of the Work will be small and you will not be able to open, in the right way, the doors to the souls that wait for help.

You must run the risk, at last, of giving a little more, until you can perceive, through your own internal means, that you will not be losing absolutely anything.

Your Heavenly Mother calls you, as the group of Porto, to the service for God, to place your hand in the heart and to ask yourselves, with clear voice:

What am I doing today?

Asking this question with wisdom, you may have the clear answer that it is necessary to correct attitudes and to expand still more the field of service along with the Hierarchy.

The Universe observes the effort of each one, but it is not sufficient. It is urgent that you, as a group of souls gathered by the Will of God, respond to the need of helping liberate your Europe from the weight of its faults and from all their consequences, through your service, prayer and surrender.

At one of the worst planetary moments, Christ calls you not to abandon Him and neither to leave aside the mission and the responsibility that God has entrusted you with.

For this, I ask you to sacrifice yourselves a little more for your Heavenly Mother, so that you may understand, through the heart, that the work that is incumbent to you to fulfill must be protected and not abandoned due to its difficulties.

You have all the tools and all the means to live fraternity and to express it. The Universe expects that now you take a greater step in the consciousness. The Celestial Brotherhood will be attentive to the positive response from within you.

A plan of redemption waits to be fulfilled and you are inside this summoning.

Ahead! Move ahead in faith!

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace